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Adriana Lima: Family Lunch with Valentina & Sienna!

Adriana Lima: Family Lunch with Valentina & Sienna!

Adriana Lima is summer chic while grabbing lunch with some of her family members on Tuesday (August 13) in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old Brazilian supermodel was also accompanied by her two kids Valentina, 3, and 11-month-old baby Sienna.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

“Always show off your sparkle,” Adriana recently tweeted.

In case you missed it, check out Adriana keeping it sexy for the Miu Miu ad campaign for Fall/Winter 2013.

25+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima heading out to lunch with Sienna and Valentina in Miami…

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adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 01
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 02
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 03
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 04
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 05
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 06
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 07
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 08
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 09
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 10
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 11
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 12
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 13
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 14
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 15
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 16
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 17
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 18
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 19
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 20
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 21
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 22
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 23
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 24
adriana lima family lunch with valentina sienna 25

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  • Daleann

    The most relevant Angel

  • fitzy

    Please stop posting photos of children on your site, these children are not public figures or celebrities. You are profiting from the harassment of innocent kids being photographed by creepy men.

  • so funny

    Wanna bet that her fans are still going to claim that she doesn’t call the paps?

  • Jealous much

    @so funny: I’m not a fun and I don’t think she calls the paps. But I could bet I would read a comment like yours… Hilarious! Jealous much? If she calls the paps why we don’t see her pics every day? People would love it.

  • Ethan

    2 people arguing about whether she calls the paparazzi or not… I find that pretty humorous

  • @4

    She’s papped in Miami all the time. And Miami is where she invited the paps to watch her work out more than once.
    You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think that these pics are set ups. Miami isn’t NYC or LA. Paps aren’t hanging around on every corner. She called them. Plain as day.

  • hum

    @@4: i think that guy works for VS… i think i saw him with doutzen… and probably doutzen calls the paps because i always see her pics when she goes to miami.
    it’s funny that we only see her pics when she is working for vs… she could live in los angeles if she really liked paparazzi. she should do what miranda does… this is the first time the i see her daughter. if she really wanted to show her daughter she would do it a long time ago… why do you think she is doing it now?

  • Ju

    Lol, people who love calling paps don’t wait until their baby is a few week shy of turning one to call the paps. It’s just fate that they were caught today. Famewhore don’t wait that long. They just don’t have the patience. *looking at you Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio* aka modelings filthiest famewhores

  • 2013

    That’s not even the body ;language/behavior of a famewhore. An attention ho wouldn’t have given her baby who we’re seeing for the first time to someone to carry and then keep her distance.Oh no, attention whore would have held that baby close to her for more emphasis and strike poses while she’s at it. Evidently, that’s not the case here.

  • tallie

    Delusional fan girls.
    We know that she is a famewhore because she posted pcs of her children on her own. She invites paps to watch her work out. And there aren’t many paps in Miami, but they ‘just happened to catch her’? Unbelievable.
    And how can you possibly blame Doutzen when she isn’t even there? You’re a bunch of hypocrites for trying to call out other models while ignoring Adriana’s own flaws.
    BTW, the general public isn’t scrambling to get pics of the baby. She is not as famous to the general public as you seem to think she is, and her husband is a nobody. People scrambled to get pics of Flynn because he is Orlando’s baby, not because of Miranda. So it doesn’t matter who is holding him, because only fan girls were curious, or even gave the baby a second thought,
    Delusional Lima stans.

  • lololokoklololol

    Flynn. Oh your naiveness is almost palpable. No one was rushing to get pictures of him. He was just unfortunate to have a famewhore for a mother who thrusted him to the paps. I don’t remember him being a #1 target for the paps. Nobody even cares about Orlando now. He’s a desperate sad has-been who will take any flop movie script that comes his way. He has degraded himself to selling ice cream at Turkey. When was his last legit magazine covet? 20665 years ago? Lol this level of delusion.
    When Adriana gave birth she was all over the media. That says a lot more than your petty childish dislike for her. And the fact that no one saw this baby until now makes your argument about her being a famewhore void.

  • kook

    I remember how Miranda the famewhore was so anxious to start exploiting her baby that she posted a picture of her breast feeding him at twitter just hours after having him. That her fans are so blinded by their admiration for her they can’t see she’s an undisputed famewhore is beyond me. Some people really love their celebs for true.

  • jelly

    Lol you guys need to stop. Miranda and Alessandra are the most famous and in-demand models ever. That’s why we see paps ‘chasing’ them down 24/7 that’s also why we saw their infants almost right after they pushed them out BECAUSE PROPLE DEMAND TO SEE THEM.

  • riri

    #12 right? I didn’t even know it is possible for people to stan for something as transparent as Miranda’s attention seeking. Smh
    Moving on, have you guys seen Valentina? Wow! She’s gorgeous.

  • @ Lima loonies

    You guys just have no concept of reality, do you.
    No one wanted to see Flynn? Is that why paps were staked out in front of their house? Is that why the reports that Orlando was seen at the hospital were all over the news? Some outlets reporting the birth of a girl because they were in such a hurry to get the scoop. Orlando never has to work another day in his life, yet he is doing amazing work in indies and just wrapped The Hobbit ( a part written for him due to his popularity) and will soon be starring on Broadway. You idiots are just mad that Miranda is married to a successful man, and not a flop like Adriana’s husband.
    And btw, Flynn was several weeks old, maybe over a month before Miranda posted that picture. And unlike when Adriana posted a pic of her new baby, Miranda didn’t show Flynn’s face.
    You guys need to get over your delusions. Adriana is gorgeous, successful and amazing. Why you find the need to insult other models, or other people is beyond me. It smacks of insecurity, and just encourages people like me to set you straight. Ignore hatred and keep your posts about Adriana without attacking others, and you won’t have to make up lies to defend her.

  • AdriLimaFans

    These are the first photos of Sienna EVER. And she’s almost 1 year old. Adriana is really private, she doesn’t fcking call paps.

  • what a joke

    @jelly: “Miranda and Alessandra are the most famous and in-demand models ever.” Hahahahahhahaha. Best joke eva! No, Alessandra calls the paps. FACT. Miranda and Alessandra are the most famous what? The most famous famewhores? In-demand? Only in your world. You don’t know Kate Moss or Gisele Bündchen?

  • Tasha

    Ale and Miranda are in the 50th anniversary Pirelli.
    Why wasn’t Adriana invited

  • lol

    @Tasha: Stupid question! I bet Miranda fans are happy. They are thinking Miranda is the new Gisele. Miranda was invited… Wow! Congratulations…

  • danning

    @Tasha: Adriana Lima headlined the Calendar all by herself last year tho… She didn’t share it like Miranda and Alessandra are about to.

  • any

    What? paps were staked in front of their house? Lol. You are so openly demented I love it. And as an avid popular culture follower can you tell me which website reported the baby was a girl? It must have been the Australian press or some low rent American site. Sorry but the only time people acknowledged that Flynn existed was when she advertised him on twitter.
    Other than those Orlando projects you’ve mentioned, does he have any other movie offers lining up for him? Because those projects you have mentioned were deals signed last year. Because the Hobbit is basically a sequel of LOTR and no A lister treats a broadway show as their main project (just contact Scarlett Johansson). Also why in heavens do these couple never get consistent work in the US? I mean Miranda is fried now that VS isn’t on her side. Orlando has been in the bottom of the barrel of the Hollywood circuit.
    Flynn was no where around a month old when Mirabda decided to showcase him.
    The only reason you come in every
    Adriana thread is because you wish Miranda had her looks and wealth and can book high quality work effortlessly. You are so bitter that it has officially clouded your judgement forever. It’s because of crazy stans like you that won’t accept the black and white fact about Miranda and antagonize every model more successful than this famewhore that made people gradually grow a dislike for her. You don’t see Adriana fans hating on Gisele and Kate Moss because we have a sense of admiration for them and we wish Adriana had their careers. We know they are more successful. But psychotic creeps like you Miranda fans just won’t accept reality. Adriana is a more successful model than she is. But I’m not even surprised because you idiots once said
    Miranda is more relevant than Kate Upton.

  • Truthie

    The girls are pretty, considering her husband’s not so pretty features.

    They are better looking than Alessandra’s children. Yikes.

  • @19

    Miranda’s fans don’t think that she is the new Gisele, they are just defending her against the irrational attacks from Adriana’s fans. I still don’t understand why you guys feel the need to insult other models on every Adriana thread. If you would stop doing that, the fans of other models wouldn’t have to come here at all.
    Really? No other model was in the calendar at all? Sure thing.
    And you just proved that not all of the haters here are Adriana fans. You are obviously a Miranda/Orlando hater, since you are spouting off the same nonsensical garbage as you did on their last threads. There can’t be more than one or two people in the world who are stupid enpugh to think that starring on Broadway is a bad thing. You really do need aa hobby if you’ve resorted to posting on almost every thread on JJ.

  • Sayer

    I thought her daughter was Nahla Aubrey. They look identical

  • 2013

    #23 you know exactly what she meant. Adriana headlined the Calendar all by herself. I And that’s the truth. No one said other models were not in the Calendar. Miranda however is going to share the headlining spot with all the others. Now who has the real star power between them.

  • steph

    Love her! She’s so gorgeous!
    But why all the hate on other models? I just don’t get why some of her fans do that.
    Adri is perfect. Attacking others just makes her entire fandom look bad.

  • @any

    I saw reports about Flynn being born on everything from TMZ to E!.
    It was all over the press, too.
    And I still can’t believe that you are pround to be stupid enough to claim that Broadway means nothing. So ridiculous, and really highlights your ignorance.
    And please point out where a Miranda fan ever said that she was better or more successful that Adriana. No one ever said that. It’s you idiots who refuse to admit that Miranda is successful in her own right.
    You can be a hater all you want, but at least ATTEMPT to stick to the truth.

  • @25

    Uhmmm, if there were other models, then Adriana DIDN’T “headline by herself”. By herself means all alone. She wasn’t. DOH!

  • ME

    My opinion that I am not a fan of either. As a model I think Adriana Lima is even more successful than Miranda. I think Miranda appears more as a celebrity, she knows how to promove herself very well, she is always groomed and to dress for the paparazzi, she sure wants to be a style icon and now that she left the VS must focus more on this. I also think she used a little Flynn to stay in the media, but if you ask me it is a strategy worthy and it working. Adriana clearly did not dress for the paparazzi, always with simple clothes and no makeup. Adriana has a potential to be a celebrity biggest , is almost unanimous that she is the most beautiful supermodel but she looks not worry about it, she could surely do as Miranda and promote herself more.

  • 2013

    #27 And Adriana wasn’t on TMZ, E!, JJ etc after she gave birth? Lol you’re slightly changing the subject and it’s not helping you’re argument. And can you direct me to a link where the other models headlined an article about the last Cakendar? I can direct you to at least 200 stories about the Calendar with Adriana being the only model’s name in the headlines. I’d love to see you try.
    #29 If Adriana starts promoting herself she’ll overshadow models like Miranda into obscurity.

  • fyi

    I was googling Adriana’s old articles now and I found it out, it sounds really awkard and it’s something that not everyone knows, so here it is:

    “The Friday afternoon, 25, will be a special date for Adriana Lima. That is when she got a certificade of graduation from the ‘University’ Teodinâmica from guru Teresa Ramarajara. Adriana, who attends this holistic treatment and therapy since January got cured from depression.

    She was not only cured of sadness, but also rediscovered and made peace with her father, Nelson, who she had not seen since the age of two, when he abandoned the family. ‘Adriana was depressed and very sad on arrival. She had broken up the relationship with the prince Wenzeslaus and had this problem with her father.’ said the Master Ramarajara to EGO.


    With the help of Past Life Therapy, Adriana learned about all her conflicts with her dad. ‘Adriana was transported to another life. She found out that she and her father were brothers and, in a sword fight, one killed each other.’ The discovery was enough for her to want to meet Nelson again. The meeting was amazing.

    Lima’s mom, Maria das Graças, had Nelson’s address and went to his home with her current husband. On the street, her current husband – who until then had never seen Nelson-recognized him! ‘We saw that there was a meeting of souls. They were brothers in another life, and along with Adriana, were part of the same family. In this present life, they are all rescuing karma together,’ explains the teacher.

    Today, peace owns Adriana and Nelson’s relation. The father, a carpenter, has been receiving financial help to his famous daughter and also attends the University. ‘It is the victory of God over human suffering,’ says Ramarajara.”

    I never had really paid attention to this history but it’s just awesome, awkard and awesome again at the same time. I mean, her mom’s current husband AND her dad were both her brothers.


  • @29

    Funny that you claim to not be a fan of either, then you let loose with every hater cliché in the book.

  • @30

    Do you always have such trouble with reading comprehension? Or are you just pretending to be stupid?
    No one ever said that Adriana wasn’t featured on those shows. They were just correcting the idiot who claimed that no one cared about Flynn’s birth.
    How hard was that?

  • @30

    And the only reason that Adriana was so heavily featured was because she was pregnant at the time of the shoot.
    She does that a lot. Oh, look at me trying to be sexy while pregnant. Oh, look at me work off the baby weight! I called paps just to make sure people see me boxing. Oh, look at me with my muffin top and twenty extra pounds walking in the VS show. Oh, look at me while they try to borrow the hook from The Apollo to drag me off stage so that they can get on with the show!
    Anyone who thinks that Adriana doesn’t court attention is too stupid to be believed.

  • joffrey

    So Adriana’s fans are now attacking the husbands of other models, as well as the models themselves? Even when those husbands are much more successful than Adriana’s husband? What’s next? Are you lowlifes going to start attacking their children too? I wouldn’t put it past you.

  • realist

    Her babies are so darn adorable.

  • Tammy

    these children are not being harassed and let me tell you all something. tell these celebs to stop calling the paps! The paps continue to keep their career going! If they didn’t follow Halle Berry after her people calls their agency…well…nevermind….her career has failed. Has been!

  • 2013

    @@30: Lol. Oh go on… Your deranged mind is always open to imaginary reality it seems. You can call her a famehore all you want, but Miranda is the one that’s made every model follower look at her as an attention whore fisrt and foremost not Adriana. Sorry but no amount of made up tales are going to make you sound any less of a joke.
    Adriana shot something for Fox Sports last week which will air on TV in probably a few weeks and she’s been doing a lot of photo shoots a lot. Not to mention she’s been on AD campaigns for new beverage company Amazon Power that has her pictures plastered on buses and billboards in the US. That’s how people with star power behave, they don’t rely on their paps buddies and PR team to makes things happen. Some people’s are meant to shine brighter than others. It’s time to deal with the reality of the situation.

  • @39

    Again, no one here is denying that Adriana is highly successful. But you can’t claim on other threads that Miranda’s Asian campaigns mean nothing, or that taking over Mango after Kate left is bottom of the barrel, then brag about a freaking beverage deal.
    Not to mention claiming that other models rely on pr and paps for publicity when Adriana called them to watch her work out.
    That is blatant hypocrisy, and makes you look ridiculous.

  • Pilar Palabunda

    Both Alessandra’s and Adriana’s kids look like gremlins. At least with Alessandra it could be expected because she’s not exactly pretty looking, but Adriana’s kids, wow, you’d think they’d look at least a bit like her, but both seem to look like their dad…unfortunately. The baby is seriously fugly. I think all supermodels with the exception of a few, end up having plain or ugly children.

    I don’t care much for any of these models, but Alessandra and Miranda are so desperate for attention and to the need to be papped every second, that it’s become embarrassing. Those two remind me of the kartrashians with all the shots of them doing mundane crap morning, noon, and night. At least with Adriana, we aren’t bombarded with pics of her EVERY DAY as is the case with the other two.

  • Pilar Palabunda

    *most supermodels

  • @Pilar

    Hi ‘Elena’, how ya doin’?
    Insulting innocent children AND bringing up that idiotic Kardashian comparison? Why even try hiding behind a sockpuppet?
    Only you could be low enough to attack children. You’re a disgusting human being.

  • Pilar Palabunda

    @42 uhhh paranoid much? I’m not Elena, whoever that is. Like I said, I don’t give a damn about any model, Adriana or otherwise, but unlike the idiots on here who are frothing at the mouth trying to defend “their” model, I’m just making simple obervations.

    Fact -Alessandra and Miranda are fame whores just like the kardashians.
    Fact-Adriana’s kids are NOT attractive, but at least she doesn’t get papped every day.

  • any

    @joffrey: Lol how is spilling the hard truth “attacking”? It’s the truth that’s being said about Orlando. Seems to me like you’re still living in 2003: Orlando’s glory days.

    And a beverage deal in the US is miles better than a detergent deal in Asia.

  • hum

    adriana fans are attacking other models? who? doutzen? i was trying to say she doesn’t call the paps. i like doutzen. you don’t know what i mean? miranda fans are always attacking adriana and other models..

  • @44

    Opininions are not facts, nor are they the truth.
    And the fact that you think that starring on Broadway means nothing proves that you are too stupid for any of your opinions to be taken seriously.

  • @46

    I think that both fandoms attack each other. Which is ridiculous.
    But you can’t play the injured party and pretend to be innocent. Adriana fans always attack Miranda on all of her threads.

  • any

    Welp since this is not your first time trying to twist people’s words I’m not surprised because it seems to be a natural thing for you. Your denial about Orlando is tragic. And I didn’t say broadway isn’t a good gig… I’m just saying it’s a side project for actors. Like if they had to choose between starring in a movie and broadway, they will undoubtably take the latter.
    Also, sorry but supermodels don’t endorse detergent . They just don’t. There are standards….

  • ?

    Does JJ not allow positive posts anymore? Does he only let in the hate filled lies?
    Well, OK then