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Ian Somerhalder Gets Dirty for 'Conde Nast Traveler' Feature

Ian Somerhalder Gets Dirty for 'Conde Nast Traveler' Feature

Ian Somerhalder gets dirty while washing an ATV in this new feature for Conde Nast Traveler‘s September 2013 issue.

The 34-year-old actor was chosen as one of the mag’s visionaries for his work with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and for founding Ryot​.org, a news site that allows users to click and take action on every article.

“We have what governments have been searching for high and low: voice and access,” Ian said. “This is the age of social media. People are tired of having their environment poisoned. Policymakers are going to have to listen. We are the policymakers now.”

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Photos: Nick Onken/Conde Nast Traveler
Posted to: Ian Somerhalder, Magazine

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  • Me

    Sooooo proud of him! He looks gorgeous ;)

  • Love this

    Well deserved! I love this. So proud of him! You go, Ian! I totally believe he will change our world. He changed me and made me more aware. So thank you! Wish you all the best for your future! xo

  • Vera

    Congrats to Ian! well deserved! that is huge! I am really proud of him right now! I think he can make a difference in this world, for the environment and the animals!

  • Dani

    This is really really awesome, I’m so proud of him. Congrats Mister Somerhalder, well deserved <3

  • Maya

    Well done Ian, you rock XD Big Congrats!!!!!!!

    @Vera: I believe that too. He’s one of the few Celebrity’s I really look up to. He’s amazing in every way possible. So proud of him.

  • peter

    Congrats ian really proud of you , well deserved

  • Rachel

    Well I guess he’s got no significant work lined up other than VD so good for him…

  • Nana

    @Rachel: Why u say that?

  • Nana

    Awesome Congrats to him. It is really nice to see a celeb who uses his status to try to help the environment and put any extra help even if it is little to fix some world problems. Very proud of him. I mean he really is aware of things that happen to the world problems and perhaps he does not like just to sit and do nothing. I bet having a covnersation with Ian may be very fulfilling as the conversation is not abotu material or shallow thingst it is about world issues unlike other celebs who are snobs stuck up stars that only care about themselves because they believe they are the only ones important.

    He wants to cooperate in any way he can. He should run for mayor or governor of Louisiana, hahah!! Go Ian!!

  • Nana


  • http://yahoo Laurie Klassen

    I don’t know if anyone has ever read this before, when I commented, but, Ian Somerhalder looks exactly like Rob Lowe did at his age. It is uncanny!

  • Nana

    @Laurie Klassen: Yes I think he resembles Rob Lowe when Rob was about Ian age now

  • Bourbon Fan

    @Rachel: He just filmed a movie and has a project coming up for James Cameron. I’d say that’s pretty significant. What have you done in your life that’s anywhere near this significant? Stop posting comments like this and do something with your life.

  • Gia

    I love and respect him for the work that he does. Congratulations, Ian!

  • evelin egalo

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  • allthebestian

    @Poor Rachel…haahha so much jealosy ..Why ???

    Well Done Ian .. you are really doing well …Good man ..Congratulations ..

  • evelin egalo

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  • AMY


  • Katya 1

    Beautiful and good man

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    ian is so sexy ^.^

  • Nana

    I just read that Nina received some flowers to the set, unexpected gift but there is no name on the flowers and the media is already wondering if the flowers come from Ian and not by a friend perhaps or a fan.

    I dislike how the media still want to attach those 2 together, is like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with Jennifer Aniston. The media still like to dish about Jen and brad like they are still a couple and continue to attach them the 2 of them together for anything. Geez they are a divorced couple and each one has moved on with their lives. Stop it already.

    Is like Ian and Nina, just because they were a couple and work together in the series and now they have broken up as we all believe it happened, the media continue to talk about them as if they were a couple, like if Ian still going after Nina or if Nina and Ian will get back together or things like that. I mean if they are no longer a couple live it like that and stop associating one to the other one, and try to reconcile them.

  • Ian Fan

    CONGRATS IAN, awwwww so proud of you my dear! Well deserved <333

  • DeRosset

    If you’re unsure of your sexual orientation, looking at this picture could really help you figure it out.

  • Nana

    @DeRosset: In what way?

  • Nana

    There is one just thing that I dont like about Ian. I heard he smokes. That is a bit of a turn off dont u think? I mean he is an environment advocate what is the message he is sendign to the younger generation he wants so much to get his message accross? That smokes is ok? I hope he quits

  • Rebel

    @Nana: In case you failed to notice, you were the only one talking about the Nina/Ian breakup in here. The media won’t stop pushing for stories like this until fans stop talking about it. You want these kind of rumours to stop, then quit talking about them. The change needs to start with you.

  • Ericka

    @Nana: He used to smoke occasionally when stressed out. Then he quit for a while. He didn’t even smoke on set of his new movie, just those fake cigars. But yes, recently he’s stress smoking again. Should we judge him for it? I think not. He’s not encouraging his fans to smoke, nor is he even flaunting that he smokes or promoting it. He doesn’t blow smoke into everyone’s faces. He smokes in the back area lot of the set, in private. Other cast members smoke. I’ve seen Nina smoke. I’ve seen Zach smoke. I’ve seen Paul smoke (he quit). Didn’t make me think any less of them. I haven’t taken up smoking because I’ve seen them smoke, nor do I think that it’s cool because they’re smokers. I love them anyway, especially Ian. Do I want him to quit smoking? Yes. But smoking doesn’t diminish any respect I have for him.

  • Nana

    So just because other cast members smoke that means it is good to smoke? Just saying it may be a turn off and I know he does not encourage his fans to smoke but he knows better that what he does is bad and in the long run it may backfire at him. I wish he can quit for sure. Smoking is not an In thing that justt cause other people do it ohh I have to do it too,. My humble opinion.

    I have never tried a cigarrette in my life not in high schoo or college, not even for curiosity.

  • Nana

    I remember well and interview he did on Jay Leno where Ian said he does n ot liek female who smokes beause they taste like asthrays. So hello my dear you are doing the same. Guys who smokes also smell like ashtrays so if u do not like ladies who smoke or feel a bit unattracted to them is the same for him. Unless he likes the taste of an asthray in his mouth haha Gross!!!

  • Sara

    @Nana: We get it. You hate Ian/smoking/smokers. I can’t tell if you if you really are a fan of Ian or if you even like him. If you are, then stop judging him. He could use the love and support of his fan right now. If you’re not, then please take your judgment some place else. This is an article about Ian being honored as a visionary, this is hardly a place for your negativity. Just congratulate him, be happy for him, and move on.

  • Nana

    @Sara: I like his work on TVD and i know he is a talented actor and im very proud of him for the work he does to the environment I applaud him on that but just beacuse Im a fan does not mean I have to like or be attracted to an actors vice if they have one. Is like saying if the actor is on drugs to put an example “Ohh so you have to support him cause you are his fan” . Two different things.

    One thing is to follow the actor career and entrepeneur life and other thing is to like a vice or a bad habit this celebrity has cause “you are a fan”, and you have to support him Is not the way I see it. I see it from a different perspective cause he does not ffollow what he preaches .to people. I dont have to like his bad habit period just becaue im his fan I do like everythign else about him not that bad habit. My humble opinion. Ok I stop now.

  • cherie
  • cherie

    @Rachel: Ian has been working nonstop all Sommer, on photoshoots, high profile comercials, magazine layouts, and is back working hard on TVD Set. he has 2 Movies coming out in 2014, also staring in a Showtime Mini Series, a big James Cameron Production, with on all Star Cast, Matt Damon, Ian Somerhalder, Arnold schwarzeneger, Harrison Ford, Michael C Hall to name a Few,that is also coming out in 2014, so I would say He has quit a lot going on.

  • lucy

    congrats ian! a totally well deserved award. hope you win more……..

  • http://evelinegalo evelin egalo

    i have haie when johnny styhl picur , schordy

  • http://evelinegalo evelin egalo

    johnny deep

  • Deea

    so proud of him! well deserved Ian! we admire you.

  • Ninoska

    What do u think of the latest comment made by Ian when asked about the new upcoming show “The Originals”? Some say Ian response sounded very egotistical, vain and shallow and the fame is starting to get into his head and that is not the Ian most fans start to fall in love with.

  • Bex

    So proud of you, Ian! Also the photoshoot is beautiful, he looks more handsome than ever