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Kristen Stewart Grabs Lunch at There's No Place Like Home

Kristen Stewart Grabs Lunch at There's No Place Like Home

Kristen Stewart wears a pair of sunglasses while leaving the restaurant There’s No Place Like Home after having lunch on Tuesday afternoon (August 13) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress has reportedly enrolled at UCLA to study English Literature.

“She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “It won’t be easy and it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours. But once she’s graduated, Kristen will be able to do almost anything she wants, in or out of Hollywood.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Slate.

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kristen stewart grabs lunch at theres no place like home 01
kristen stewart grabs lunch at theres no place like home 02
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kristen stewart grabs lunch at theres no place like home 04
kristen stewart grabs lunch at theres no place like home 05

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  • Truthie

    How did she get into UCLA?

    Probably good she’s securing her future, because now that Twilight is over, her paycheck will soon stop coming in.

  • lourense

    always looking good!

  • dude

    she can go to college but please don’t stop doing movies

  • Isabel

    @dude: She should definitely focus on college and stop doing movies.

  • Redd

    According to the report she’s taking a correspondent course in English Literature offered by UCLA. It didn’t mention that she was matriculated.

  • Jessie

    I didn’t know that getting an English Lit degree gave you the ability to do anything you wanted in or out of Hollywood. She’s taking a freaking on-line course for goodness sake.
    Securing her future? She won’t make near as much money with a Lit degree as she is making in Hollywood. She isn’t giving up that gravy train until they kick her out, no matter how much she pretends that she doesn’t like the attention.

  • Michelle

    So apparently you can now do anything you want if you get a English Lit degree? LOL Better start applying for some online courses asap

  • Cat

    Kristen looks beautiful.

  • W

    She looks gorgeous

  • Mikk

    aw yissss. she’s wanted to do that for a long time. I hope it’s true

  • LemonHead

    Smart move. Education broadens the mind, keeps you grounded and helps take the mind off of everyday annoying stresses.

  • John

    Hey! Beautiful!!

  • Mary

    She would definitely do well by herself to get an education, but a single correspondence course is not exactly setting the world on fire. Several big stars took time out to get an actual education, so hopefully she will follow that course soon.

    I also take issue with the source’s suggestion that KS is a reader — she has never struck me as someone who reads anything at all. Her vocabulary is terribly limited and when interviewed she has almost nothing to say.

  • Asdfg

    Good for her but she still looks dirty. Every time she is photographed she looks like a homeless who just crawled out of a dumpster. I feel dirty just looking at her.

  • crizomar

    baby you look lovely, perfect as always and im soglad you let the english go,life will best for you i promess he belong on the gaga line of people ,besides he lies like a dog go to italy have fun meet new people forget why your life got all messed up because of him hapyness will come back to your life baby God bless you always

  • Wow

    Kristen looks flawless.

  • Dan

    You ROCK!!! KRISTEN!!!!!

  • anon

    This beautiful girl is a lot smarter than the other teeny boppers on this site, and certainly not ditzy or superficial.

  • J

    Looks great. Good for her.

  • ace11

    She’s delicious

    She should have no problem getting another man

  • T

    @Truthie: Quit with the bashing, talk about bullying, I’m pretty sure she has enough money to last her lifetime. You don’t see her wasting it out partying and shopping. Applaud her for wanting to further her education. What have you done lately?.

  • Mine

    She’s beautiful!

  • cristina

    OMG! I knew that she is in the best route, I’m proud for being so true to herself, it is super smart, I’m sure that will take another leap in your career!! Beautiful as ever, I’m proud for she being who she is!

  • asdf

    “have fun meet new people forget why your life got all messed up because of him” LOL because its his fault that she cheated on him with a married man? Are you kidding me?

  • hmmm

    ok when stars enroll in school they virtually get a free pass…because you actually think she’s going to “study”? and write a paper LOL..UCLA will graduate her with honors, regardless if she reads a single paragraph in a book, just to have her name associated with the university ..even if it is an online course.

  • Bf

    Perfect as always..

  • Pink

    Good for her. I love her outfit.

  • ck

    She will attend classes and do not want to drop your profession, I’ve read that it will be difficult to reconcile but she will attend the course!! Yes, she will take the best advantage of it, if I know Kristen!!

  • Umm

    Can any KS fan explain to me what is likeable about this girl? On top of the disgustingly cruel and selfish act of cheating on her boyfriend with a married father, she also acts like an immature spoiled brat throwing fits like a toddler. She’s extremely inarticulate and painful to watch in interviews, yet she takes herself SO seriously like she is too cool for everything. Her snot nosed attitude is just so unlikeable. I don’t understand the appeal at all. Can anyone enlighten me?

  • Envy

    She’s the best!

  • X

    Love that girl.

  • Jessica

    I love her. If the rumors about the UCLA are true, good for her, she’s doing the right thing.

  • jen

    For those of you who don’t follow her career…she wants to be a writer someday, either movies or a book.
    I think it is a very healthy step in the right direction after every thing she has been put through (by those who NEVER make mistakes)

  • Rose

    Wow a whole class… I have my Bachelors in Fine Arts and an English Lit minor… When she can go a whole four years at 15-18 credits a semester and come out with a degree, then I’ll be moderately impressed. UCLA is also a sub-par university. I mean if Natalie Portman can go to Harvard and still act, that’s amazing. KStew can’t even act. It’s like chewing gum and patting your head at the same time for her… I can’t even!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    @Umm: Well for one she is NOT a 24/7 tabloid actress with the latest and greatest….
    She is a serious actress. When she is working she is working , when she is not working it is her life(not ours)
    Everyone like to bash her for the rupert thing, but I think he was older and more responsible for the steps that were taken. And to be honest, a strong marriage is hard to break up, so I think there was instability.
    She claims to be nervous in public and she is still young. For all the attention..
    I believe she made the mood on the twilight movies.

  • Sam

    She looks stunning

  • Angie

    My baby!!!!!!! Beautiful girl!!!

  • Umm

    @jen: She does take her projects seriously, I’ll give you that. And I’ll give you the fact that she says she’s nervous in public cuz that’s understandable. But please don’t try and defend her cheating by saying it was his fault since he’s older and his marriage must’ve been rocky already. COME ON! Don’t try to justify infidelity. Cheating is just wrong, no matter what, period.
    As you said, she is young, so hopefully she can grow and learn to become a better person and get rid of that nasty snotty attitude.

  • Snow

    Kristen looks sexy.

  • C

    Looking good here, Kristen. And cute puppy :-)


    Kristen reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend in the above pix.

  • Sim

    Umm -Kristen is a great actress, does not need a ton of makeup, clothes and the first class is just great, they made a mistake, everyone makes them, and us, it is human to forgive, but people are heartless and meretricious, I love Kristen Stewart,

  • shelia

    Kstew is one of the biggest fakers in HL. Amazing her brain dead fans are so quick to forget how she always preaching about honesty, being real etc while having an affair with a married father of two. Now of course she’s desperate to repair her public image.. Disgusting..

  • May

    So flawless and Pretty!!

  • Sim

    Shelia The one and only disgusting you are here, do not know how it was, Oh, please shut up, if you have problems go solve them somewhere else, or seek help, no one curious about you, Kristen is a great actress, so made a mistake, everyone does, and so do you

  • ss

    She is a beauty .

  • paparazzireform

    he is hot.but paparazzi are idiots

  • Zen

    Beautiful human being.

  • Poli

    Kristen Wish you the best and much happiness in your future endeavors.

  • OTR

    Hilarious to see people go crazy every time there is news about Kristen…people claim to hate her..yet they spceculate and speculate about what she’s wearing, who she’s with, what tattoo she got, the fact she reads, the fact she is going to study further, the fact her indie movies aren’t making enough money….when most indies don’t….. Sigh. People get over it. Live your life. Kristen will live hers. Just be happy. There is already too much hate in this world.