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Nicole Kidman - HFPA Installation Luncheon 2013

Nicole Kidman - HFPA Installation Luncheon 2013

Nicole Kidman looks beautiful while walking the red carpet at the 2013 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday afternoon (August 13) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress is wearing a Narciso Rodriguez dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, and a Bottega Veneta clutch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Nicole‘s next film to be released in theaters will be Grace of Monaco, based on the life of the late Hollywood star Grace Kelly. Check it out in limited release on November 27.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • anima

    What did she do to her face again?

  • Gemma

    Teal is one of my favourite colors. Nicole looks gorgeous!

  • rita

    She looks gorgeous! I love the dress and the colour. She always so classy.

  • Lillith

    Wow the colour looks amazing on her, she’s so beautiful.

  • ALG

    Why do women do that to their faces? My god. She looks awful.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    Niocole looks amazing

  • http://Comcast Patricia

    @anima. I think you need an enema (that’s a new name for you) it may help your eyes. Nicole is beautiful. You have about 50 more names to come up with, remember this is Nicole, the one you are sick with jealousy. Beautiful Nicole, handsome Keith Urban with two beautiful daughters.

  • Lillith

    @ALG: do what exactly you tramp?

  • Jennifer

    I don’t see anything wrong with her face. She looks lovely.

  • Oh dear

    Why isn’t Nicole “Keith goes on tour and we all go on the tour bus” on the tour bus???

  • lr

    Her face looks different.

  • rachel

    crazy face

  • Sue Digs Her Own Grave

    Oh good, Sue Raddatz has come up with new posting names. Another skeptic fail.

    Nicole looks lovely as always.

  • http://Comcast Patricia

    I was right, you started with all of your names, you sicko !!!!!

  • ?

    Imagine the horror Sunday and Faith feel when this crazy face comes leering towards them.

  • Carolyn

    Wow, Nicole looks beautiful and glamorous. That dress is just perfect.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @Oh dear:

    I believe Nicole is planning to accompany Keith on the tour with the children at some point. The movie in Oz, which was scheduled to start shooting next month, has been rescheduled at her request until the first of the year. This will give them a little together time with the girls before they both start 2014 with a busy schedule.
    BTW, she does look lovely in this dress. Teal is a redhead’s friend.

  • Oh dear

    Come on @Lizzie. Everyone knows she is not getting on the tour bus for any length of time and yes, teal does look good on a redhead but what is left of Nicole’s hair is gray and this is a wig.

  • 1234

    Something about her face reminds me of a bassett hound dog. Too many fillers.

  • Frozoid

    Hot damn!! What has she gone and done to her face this time? And her lips are truly frightening. Compare them to that early movie she did with Sam Neill about the boat… Just horrible, those fish lips.

  • Louise

    Nicole looks so lovely, but, yes, the lip fillers are a bit much. She is a classy woman. She looks great dressed up and dressed down. Don’t think she will spend much time on the tour bus. Keith works his butt off flying back and forth from his job to his family. He is a man to be given MUCHO credit for being a family man.

  • Maggs

    Nicole looks gorgeous! She and the girls started out the tour with Keith. Many people saw her. He’s on tour 6 months so no way they’ll be able to be on the road with Keith the whole time. Especially if Sunday is starting kindergarten.

  • Tiger Lily

    Nicole is one of my favorite actresses. I think she looks great. Why all the hate for such a nice lady? She and Keith are one of the cutest star couples. They seem so happy and have a beautiful family together.

  • Robocop

    Well, she looks good to me!

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    I wonder where Sunday will start school? Nashville? Los Angeles? Australia?

  • Alliana

    I’ve never understood the hatred for Nicole. She has always exhibited discretion and class. She is well liked and well respected among her peers. If she was truly awful then directors wouldn’t want to work with her and she would not get such glowing tributes from her fellow actors/actresses. The Cult has orchestrated a subtle campaign against her and unfortunately many who cannot think for themselves just believe anything negative inspite of facts that dispute their statements.


    At the HFPA event, Nicole was on hand to pick up a hefty check for The Film Foundation, a nonprofit organization established by Martin Scorsese in 1990, whose mission includes film preservation.

    “It’s $350,000, which is terrific,” she said. “It’s very, very hard to raise money now, especially for things like film preservation.”

    Nicole said she knows the work that The Film Foundation does is important.

    “I couldn’t imagine my life without the films that formed me,” she said.

  • Oh dear

    “I couldn’t imagine my life without the films that formed me,” she said.
    Obviously Nicole watched old box office bombs starring Joan Crawford, which succcessfully formed her into the modern day Queen of Box Office Bombs she now is!

  • Come Out, Come Out NK!!!

    Jan 2003 BLIND:
    Your career has gone off cruise control. You’re flying high and standing tall, The world thinks you’re to die for. But all the attention, money and perks come with a price: The world’s on red alert for you. People are watching. And when you act up, they start talking. So next time you’re cruising on the S.S. Sappho (cruising for women), it might be a good idea to do it somewhere less public than Lotus (lesbian club). The ladies are lovely there, that’s for sure, but the walls not only have ears, they have eyes and tongues. And lately, those tongues have been flapping over the things those eyes have seen you do.
    REVEAL: Nicole Kidman

  • Another box office flop

    Nicole‘s next film to be released in theaters will be Grace of Monaco.
    Check it out in limited release … NO THANKS!

  • @@

    Presenting HRH, Princess DisGrace of Botoxia! … but wait, where is her paid for consort, Lord Lionel from LA LA Land?

  • Harper1

    There’s already Oscar buzz for Nicole’s Movie about Grace Kelly. I will be looking forward to seeing it.

  • ^^^

    It is nice to know there will be at least one person in the cinema.

  • thele

    yikes, she used to look good…doesn´t she realize she´s making her looks worse instead of better?

  • Yen

    @Patricia: I can’t agree with you more :D

  • Randy

    What a bunch of jealous hags on this thread. Nicole outclassed them all scythe event and she looks magnificent in that colour.
    Can’t wait for Grace of Monaco!

  • hosta

    Did she get another boob job? Oscar buzz on Grace movie? When pigs fly!

  • bad lips and weave

    Enlarge the second picture on the bottom. Eeekkkk her lips! Nice weave gap on her right side of her head.

  • well of course

    A skeptic admitting to spending hours staring at photos of Nicole Kidman! Bahahahaha!

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Yes, Nicole has undoubtedly had breast augmentation. Having such thin and fair skin makes it noticeable. Audrey Hepburn was, and still is, considered the epitome of a classic beauty, and having a slim frame only added to her charm. I wish Nicole would copy Audrey’s style, it would be very becoming on her.

  • Psycho ward Sue says…

    Nicole has breast augmentation every two months. Bahahahaha!

  • @JoBeth

    It’s called a push-up bra and padding. Lol.

  • Karen D

    I’m totally baffled at the immature comments here about Nicole. She is one the true Hollywood stars and has never done anything to call attention to herself like the “reality based” celebrities now. She has always been quiet and classy even about her divorce with Tom Cruise. I don’t understand why someone on her level and with her obvious talent would receive such nasty comments. Maybe it’s the same person with a grudge? Who knows?

  • yolo

    It’s the same person over and over. A sad lonely woman who fantasizes about Keith Urban.

  • Karen D for Drongo

    In what universe is Kidman considered a true Hollywood Star? Once the bearding contract was terminated, she was paid handsomely to NEVER talk negatively about Cruise or the Scientology kids she left behind. Kidman continually promotes herself in the media and the woman is far from classy, just ask Kimmel.

  • SweetSarah

    @Karen D for Drongo — Nicole Kidman in considered a true Hollywood star in this universe. Everything else you said is just speculation. You have no idea what she was paid but I will agree Scientology probably has a tight rope around her and her children with Tom. I don’t see her “continually promoting herself” anymore than any other star. She promotes her movies and projects but aside from that, she’s not in the public eye much. I don’t need to ask anyone if she is classy. She always represents herself that way in my opinion. You sound a bit angry about the whole thing.

  • get a brain

    In what universe is Kidman considered a true Hollywood Star?

    The real world which you have obviously extricated yourself from. Kidman co-hosted this HFPA event. Do you think they’d ask some D-Lister?

    By the way, you really shouldn’t leave nearly identical posts here and your cuckoo board. Everyone can see how few of you there are that make crap up.

  • bahahaha

    A true Hollywood star who continually stars in box office flop, after box office flop, after box office flop!!!

  • So very sorry SweetSarah

    The only A list status Kidman is clinging onto is in name only and that status is a residual consequence from her time with Cruise. Acting ability, she is currently B list and slipping quickly. These are the facts and the wider community know it and will not pay money to see her act badly in movies.

  • tan

    Why nicole top lip look so crazy .