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Stephenie Meyer on 'Twilight': 'I Am So Over It'

Stephenie Meyer on 'Twilight': 'I Am So Over It'

Stephenie Meyer has voiced her thoughts on her blockbuster book series Twilight!

The 39-year-old author shared to Variety about making a possible return to Twilight, “I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.”

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“Not completely. What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-Earth,” Stephenie added about closing the Twilight chapter in her life.

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  • NYC

    I’ve been over it since it started.

  • betduke

    And America is over her books too. Just a load of crap. Glittering vampires in the sun? Her Mormon parents didn’t let her read Anne Rice books. True classics,

  • Marissa

    From Hollywood, another ungrateful little b!tch.

  • niagirl

    Collectively, we are over you. The Host bombed and so will Austenwhateva. I hate when celebrities get rich on a project then shit all over it once the check clears. November box set will come and go. Let’s see how over it you are with a less than expected check. You ungrateful cow.

  • Juliet

    Stay away from middle earth.

  • http://- Kate

    Did not see this coming at all! Is she basically saying she hates her work/regrets the whole thing? LOL!

  • Becka

    I know money and success isn’t everything, but Twilight has basically set her up for life, its made her very successful, quite influential in the novel world, its opened up countless doors for her and will probably continue to drive her through the rest of her working life.

    I’m not a huge fan myself, so these comments don’t faze me, but she’s basically just destroyed it for billions of Twilight fans out there with this statement. As if the several members of the cast haven’t helped ruin the magic already over the years, the person who created the Twilight world has now come out and said she wasn’t nothing to do with it anymore and would gladly make a list of characters she’d enjoy killing if she could actually be bothered to be bothered with it anymore.

    Everyone has opinions and if we don’t have the right to comment on our own work who does? But seriously, there’s a way of doing it and sometimes it’s just best to keep your mouth shut and eat humble pie. For the sake of the fans if nothing else.

  • Question

    Where and what is Middle-Earth? It is news to her that America didn’t buy into Twilight? It didn’t seem to be news to America.

  • Joanna

    Stay away from middle earth. +1

  • JOsh

    I love it. She’s a horrible writer who wrote sexist drivel about a woman giving her life for a man…Yet she acts like she is above it and completely disrespects her rapid fan base? JK Rowling, who wrote and sold more Harry Potter books than her and who has had her whole life scrutinized because of it, has never once said, “I’m over it…” She’s also respectful to the fans, giving them things like Pottermore and talking about their future, and never saying never about her books series. She always says it will have a special place in her heart…Yet Meyer, who’s three main characters combined had less personality than even the most minor Harry Potter character, has the gall to say something like that?

  • Sammy

    Don’t you just love when people turn on the thing that made them successful in the first place? #ungrateful.

  • Amanda

    @Question: Thank you. I have no idea what she was talking about.

  • Nina

    @Question: I know Middle-Earth as in Lord of the Rings, I still have no idea what this ignorant woman is talking about or why does she want to tarnish Tolkian’s name by mentioning this

  • Truthie

    @Amanda: Middle Earth is the world in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • elisblack



  • louis

    the “twilight” aka toilet movies will forever be seen as some of the worst films of all time

  • AndiG

    So… is she saying she hates her work? Well, it’s not important to her, that’s for sure. She’s famous and rich. So, whatever.

  • Lia

    Well I wish she hadn’t started Midnight Sun, shared it, and is now never going to finish it. That’s like people who write amazing fanfiction and then drop off the edge of the earth and leave you shouting ‘what happened next?!’ it’s super aggravating.

  • Camden

    Riiiggght. Of course she’s over it. After she’s milked every cent out of the franchise with 5 movies, plus the “Host” and everyone has come to the realisation she’s actually quite a mediocre writer…I too would say “I’m over it”

  • aquarius64

    I think Meyer, Pattinson, Stewart, Lautner and the rest of the Twilight cast are over it because of how the saga ended. Twilight had an ignoble ended with Kristen’s cheating scandal and the fallout from that, including Rob and Kristen’s break up. Truth be hold Twilight had always been riffed with scandal and innuendo from the beginning; the Mini-Cooper mess just too much and ruined it. Even years from now, with a 10-year or 20-year anniversary the “momentary indiscretion” will always be part of the history because of the lead actors’ relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some resentment among some of the players because of one actor’s bad judgment. That time was spent on damage control PR and put everyone involved in awkward positions. That overshadowed the last installment which should have been a time for reflection and talk about good times over the years (more than what was shown). It should have had a happy ending but it didn’t and I think that’s why everyone couldn’t wait to get away from this.

  • aquarius64

    @aquarius64: “truth be told”

  • Saba

    I guess she was over it when the checks stopped coming in?

  • Mikk


  • monde

    The 2 lead star RUINED the legacy (if there is really) of TW as those two esp KChoo whos talentless, tabloid fodder, ungrateful, insidious, immoral, s-e-x hungry & despicable B*TCH!

  • moresy

    The 2 lead star RUINED the legacy (if there is really) of TW as those two esp ‘KChoo’ whos talentless, tabloid fodder, ungrateful, insidious, immoral, s-e-x hungry & despicable B*TCH!

  • misti

    Appears she is just as ungreatful as the other 3 main people. Never will I waste another penny of anything she does or the others. I guess they forgot the saying about karma. Very sad for all the fans who invested so much in this mess throughout the years.

  • daniel

    aquarius64 you’re an immature idiot scandal and failure are in your little head brainless and / or if you do not know BD2 has over 830 worldwide so MILLONS my poor stupid and you’re really far away from account. counsel grown a bit and will see the world we are in FIN 2013. life ahead of you but what do you do besides derierre stuck a microphone spouting crap like you??
    in fact they never broke, they are still ensemble.cela just a person who is realistic and has long understood this word mean “TABLOID”

  • aquarius64

    @daniel: Judging from your raving I drew blood with my comment. It’s an opinion geez.

  • Ro

    Can u at least publish SOMETHING!!!!! Anything! It’s been YEARS dude, come on. At least finish the host trilogy, something u kept hinting, we are alllllll waiting (ur fans). Just effing write and publish something.

  • Amanda

    @Truthie: Thank you for explaining. :)

  • Peeve

    I’ll never understand why Twilight was such a commercial success. Maybe because I grew up on A Wrinkle in Time and other far better written books with stronger heroines.

  • Luka

    @Becka: I completely agree with you. These books have made her into who she is. They gave her basically everything she has even before the movie came out. I think it is very disrespectful to the fans (like me), who love the book series, who, while still being in my teens, waited for the books to be published in my native language, or waiting for the books to arrive to me. I apologize Stephanie but I think you just made a lot of fans very very angry and unhappy. I don’t know it just makes me feel very upset. Twilight is cheesy and makes you smile sarcastically sometimes but I love the books and I always will and to hear that the author says a thing like this is beyond rude to the fans.
    And Stephanie, I don’t think you should even go to the Middle-Earth place. Please.

  • Sean

    Terrible person. A major case of biting the hand that feeds you. Ungrateful to the fans who gave you all that money you are sitting on comfortably.

  • Pauline

    Lol ! I was a major TWILIGHT FAN ! And I think that’s pretty funny how they all seemed ” over” the movie/book that made them successful .
    I gotta say that I still love the first two books but daaaamn this is so tiring . And after thinking about it , ridiculous . I do think that in the end , all twilight members die .As if they could live forever .

  • Nathalie

    Of course… She earned a loot of money thanks for “Twilight” and “The Host” and she’s just “over it”?! o.O I don’t believe that. Nowadays people become dumber every day. I’ve never liked her and now I’m sure, I’m never going to like her -_- She’s shallow.

  • Jessie

    I fail to see how Twilight was sexist, dumb Bella is the one who wanted to be a vampire because she didn’t fit in her real life. As I recall Edward tried to talk her out of it and even went away.
    I tried to read one of the books and it’s as poorly written as Fifty Shades of Grey. But fans took to the books and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I only wanted to see what the hoopla was about. You can’t critique a book or movie if you haven’t read or seen it. Otherwise, it’s taking out of your a$$ or repeating what you’ve heard or read somewhere.
    She loves to write and hopefully will get better at it, not that I’m holding my breath. but, NO MORE TWILIGHT. Good luck to her, but she needs to leave Middle Earth alone. I think Lord of the rings and the Hobbit series are covering that quite well. Can you see her doing better? hahahaaa!. No.

  • Kyle Brittain

    I see nothing wrong with her saying it. Basically she’s said she wants to work on other projects, and she might make a list of what happens to which characters if the fans want it! With all the attention and pressure and ridicule, it’s obviously hard to write for that world and those characters now. It’s not an insult to her fans, she probably just wants to move on.

    She obviously has other ideas and projects she would like to do without having such high expectations.

  • maggie


    Don’t blame Rob. He, more than anyone, got totally screwed over by Kristen. I’m sure he didn’t want the series to end with everyone knowing “Bella” was messing around with a married man behind his back. There’s ONE person who tainted the final film, and that’s Kristen.