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Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles with Maddox

Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles with Maddox

Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox make their way through LAX Airport after arriving on an inbound flight on Thursday afternoon (August 15) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress was in London for the past week where she was seen taking a helicopter flight in a polo field.

Maddox celebrated his 12 birthday earlier this month. He is getting so big!

Over the weekend, Angelina made a surprise appearance at the Disney D23 Expo to talk about her film Maleficent.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport with Maddox

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angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 01
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 02
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 03
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 04
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 05
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 06
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 07
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 08
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 09
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 10
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 11
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 12
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 13
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 14
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 15
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 16
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 17
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 18
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 19
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 20
angelina jolie lands in los angeles with maddox 21

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Jaye

    What a wonderfully inspiring woman.

  • Faith


  • asian woman

    @BRITTANY..american woman is fat ..come in asia ..jolie look is normal ..sorry for my english.

  • lol

    sick of that kid

  • media Wh@re MANiston

    Is about time we get a new thread. Thanks JJ.

  • Another Fan2

    Congrats to the JPs on their beautiful family and successful projects!

  • wfb

    Brittany you’re obese, stop being envious of people who’re naturally thin and exercise. And yeah, wishing karma on the wonderful Angelina will make her more beautiful, more famous, richer and all those wonderful things that make her awesome & the subject of your envy.

  • busted

    Ignore the fool..

    Gosh Maddox is so so big

  • tp

    Someone is pulling a Jennifer Aniston with the perky peek-a-boo breasts.

  • TheWhoreHasLanded


  • Isa

    Good to see Angie back on bussines and Mad so big!
    New chapter of the ff hope you like it

  • To a stupid one LOL


    Idiot, you don’t even know what karma means.

    Karma will catch up with one who persecutes an innocent woman and her innocent children through a foul drunk surrogate and vile blog commenters for years cause she knows the truth is a man left her like many others have left her because when his head cleared from the smoke of the weed they both smoked each and every day he realized he could not and did not love a vapid self centered woman who loved only herself and her dog and HE RAN FROM HER AS FAST AS HE COULD.

    Truth is the truth. That is all.

  • anorexic annie voight

    please forgive my appearance. and i’d get my gunt sucked flat but the doctors all agree it’s actually puffy inflamed organs causing the BULGE.

  • media Wh@re MANiston

    And the loonifers wonder why we always attack MANiston. Her fans are psycho and vile.

  • Silly one you mean Berlin


    No that overly made up person is in Germany is a dress that is for 20 something young women, not 44 year old middle aged women, promoting one of her identical semi-rom coms. She is wearing a belt that gives her a 3rd and 4th belly, he he he, with straw like extensions that are easily visible in pictures of her from the back.

    Living Proof is not helping her LOL Don’t buy that cr*p it does not work.

  • were the morons

    Gorgeous as always.

  • African Girl

    Beautiful woman AJ!!!
    Silly Brittany!

  • anorexic annie voight

    i asked them which organs, they said all of them.
    i’m diseased and barren it seems.
    i try to maintain my health with the poptarts and waffles zahara makes me for breakfast but i tend to purge them in the shower.
    to offset the bulge i got my boobs enlarged and nipples hardened.
    hope that helps clear up any confusion.

  • believe

    Love this woman and love her family. She is amazing. I hope the new legislation regarding photographing children of celebrities passes! I love the see the kids but hate what it must do to them having people scream at them for a picture.

  • an opinion

    So amazing how big Maddox is getting. I remember one of my favorite photoshoots of Angelina was her with Maddox.
    Can’t wait until Angelina does another photoshoot/interview
    Selfish of me but sometimes I wish she was like those other shallow, selfish insecure actresses and did photoshoot/interview just to sell themselves.

  • anorexic annie voight

    don’t worry, you’ll see the kids. we use our own photographer so brad and i will sign off on. hope that clears up any confusion.

  • BrittanyISChildish

    Some women are stalkers and are petty and malicious and jealous and will never grow, love to gossips and meddles in the personal lifes of celebrities that is none of their concern , nobody will really know what really happened between the 3 people, you people believed the tabloids and put the blame on the woman..

    Calling her homewreaker is a joke , where is the home??? A family is a home, where is the children in Brad Pitt marriage , where is the family? Brad Pitt and his ex-wife are once totally bind together legally and that is and over ages ago. Just a piece of paper more, many people are in committed relationship with a family and they are not married. Johnny Depp and Paradis was together for 14 years and have a family with 2 children and not married, so Amber heard is not a homewreaker because paradis and Johnny are not bind together legally for 14 years without that piece of paper? LOL And once again put the blame on the woman not Johnny? And you people will never know what really happened, it’s their personal life and nobody else business!

    Tom cruise Nicole Kidman met when he is married to mimi roger, so Nicoole Kidman is a home wreaker too? The same goes for Tom Hank and Rita wilson, they met while he was in a earlier marriage. So these woman are all homewreckers??

    Double standard for Angelina Jolie where she got all the blame by malicious jealous women just because Jennifer Aniston is a popular actress, while paradis, mimi rogers and Tom Hanks ex-wife and many others were not ?? These women are much luckier than her as they are not victims of tabloids manipulation and exploitations. Men will never gets any attack and blames!!

    Jennifer Aniston not a homewrecker when Justin ended his 14 years commited relationship with Heidi Bivens to be with her?? 14 years is cheap to many Aniston fans and women just because Justin and Heidi are not bound together by a piece of paper??

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    Not a fan of any and definitely not narrow minded, tabloids have always been malicious and destroying Angelina Jolie over the years, she is the product of tabloids exploit.

    A SIMPLE FACT nobody knows what really happened in the personal lifes of celebrities!! It’s their life and nobody else business!

    Petty malicious women stalkers, you people are not their friends and family members, know where you stand as naive gossipy tabloids lovers..Brittany is just one of the many LOL

    BYE BYE~~~~~

  • http://iPad Susan

    Barren, a woman unable to have children, don’t think it is Angie, stop sniffing the mircle whip can.
    Those boobies are really getting to you, talking about them all the time.
    I don’t want to know how you’re trying to loose 200 pounds, puking was not working, because you binge afterwards.
    Now run along, oops you can’t move from the outhouse.

  • Dakota

    Angie is pure class. Chic & beautiful.

  • Angie and Brad beautiful love

    Hey, hey, hey…Let pass the Highness of All World….. The Magnificent Queen Angelina Jolie-Pitt, our wonderful and Beautiful Queen…
    - Mirror…Mirror…. there is Goddess more beautiful and lovely then our Queen Angelina ???

    - No, of course not…. Queen Angelina is the most beautiful and lovely and sexy and sweet and amazing and incredible and sexy and talent and brave and unique and fantastic and hot and intelligent and fearless and gorgeous and charming and classy and ….well … i don´t want to praised to much Angie but she is great …. really great …. she is he best… she is flawless … she is Angelina Jolie-Pitt, the beauty soul

    Love this woman. kiss

  • LooseLipz

    Same outfit she’s had on for weeks, maybe years.
    She really needs some nourishment. Those arms and legs are frightening….she is way too fragile…
    Maddox is going through puberty. He may not get very tall…

  • an opinion

    LOL Oprah is on Bravo’s Watch Whats Happening Live. She really is trying to promote her Oscar nomination umm The Butler.

  • Another Day

    Not wearing a bra around your teenage son is not classy, chic or beautiful.

  • lucy

    The Trolls love to biitch avout Brad leaving that dead-end, when everyone knows that merger was long over and there was no kids involved. One of my favorite couples of all time, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward would be crucified if their romance had started in the days of tabloids and celeb blogs. Paul was married with 2 toddler children when he met Joanne while performing Picnic on Broadway. They started out as friends, then it developed into an affair, carried on while Paul was still married, and amazingly while Paul was having an affair with Joanne, Paul’s wife became pregnant with their third child. Paul and Joanne still carried on their affair, with Paul moving in with Joanne after the birth of his baby daughter, his wife would NOT give him a divorce, so Paul and Joanne lived together for TWO YEARS openly with no consequences from the film industry .Finally Paul’s wife agreed to a divorce because by this time Joanne was about to give birth to her and Paul’s first child, So, Paul left his wife and 3 children under the age of 7 for Joanne Woodward, his soul-mate, and wife for 50 years. Can you imagine the kind of “pity party” Paul’s wife could have had in this day and age. And Ticky has whined for nearly NINE years about a measly 4 and a half year merger that was a disaster from day one.

  • anorexic annie voight

    but i am confused about one thing. if they make that photog law excluding children, will i be able to leave viv standing there alone and run up to someone else’s child to get a photo-op with him or her? that was fun. he didn’t know who i was but i thought he’d wanted my autograph. viv didn’t know who he was or why he cared. i hope his parents don’t care that all those photos were taken of him. it was my chance with a photo alone with my little fan. i paraded my kids in front of the cameras. i know we could have had them close together in a group and shielded by big men from the cameras but i don’t do things that way. hope that clears up any confusion.

  • hanging chin in the shoulder
  • lucy

    Isn’t it strange that the Trolls have all become prudes, just the idea that Angie has visible nipples has sent them into spasms of embarrassment, but Ticky with her exaggerated nips all these years was A-OK. lol

  • wfb

    Angelina is not supposed to wear a bra after a mastectomy stupid, its after 6 or so months before she can. Unless you don’t want her to go out at all. Educate yourself troll.

  • lucy

    @wfb: You can wear one, but it’s uncomfortable, I still don’t wear one, it’s not like I’m going to droop.

  • an opinion

    @hanging chin in the shoulder: Angelina does look great in the photo. Shiny healthy hair, Classic beauty. She can wear any shape sunglass and look amazing. Yep Angelina does not even try that hard and she looks Gorgeous.

  • creepy old manny

    troll is in so much pain- FAT tick old manny humiliates herself AGAIN and troll spews lies about the sweet and talented JPs. Troll keeps stalking the JPs and attacking their fans year after year, day after day for thousands upon thousands of hours, all resulting in epic failure – manny is still a desperate nasty liar that cries over Greg hair and the JPs are even more blissed out and successful than ever.

  • anorexic annie voight

    i love that my loons, excuse me, FANS, try to ignore that all of a sudden i have my nipples showing. i could wear black tape over them like i used to for sex pictures but then my nipples wouldn’t show thru my flimsy cami. my loons, excuse me, my fans think my ex boyfriend’s ex wife shows too much nipple. but remember what i said my loons, excuse me, my FANS, about my nipples on the cradle of life poster. ….” Jolie says, “I still can’t get over that they airbrushed my nipples out of the posters for Lara. Look at that. No nipples. I think it’s rather strange and odd. Nipples are lovely.”
    so shut up my loons, nipples are lovely. you just hate my ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife. you can hate her, but love her nipples loons, excuse me, fans. i hope that clears up any confusion.

  • Angie and Brad beautiful love

    Thanks Angie for give us another glimpse of your amazing sexy and hot body.

    Take a look to that face, her skin is simple flawless, smooth and silky.

    Look that lips, the perfect mouth wit the most gorgeous and tasty lips ever.

    Look that straight and small beautiful nose, the symmetry is amazing.

    Look that head, a Queen head and the gorgeous hair always clean, free and simple.

    Look that big and incredible beautiful and expressive green eyes.

    Look that small and perfect chin in total proportion with her face.

    Look that hot and sexy body. The long and toned legs finish in the firm and round butt. The haters can say all the lies but Angie have a Top-Model sexy and hot body.

    And look that wonderful boobs. Angie have said with true that the final work in the breast surgery can be really beautiful. We can see why. Her boobs are really perfect and gorgeous. Brad must be a happy man.

    The haters can scream lies and provoked with old and boring URBAN-MYTHS that ANGIE IS SKINNY but the true it´s in he pictures. Angie always was like this.

    Angie is a Top-Model with a sexy and hot body and the most beautiful face of all human kind. Kiss

    - Maddox is looking very stylish and he grow up very fast. He is tall as Angie and he looks in a great shape. At least it´s not a fat kid like many in USA. It´s a great parent work Angie and Brad must be proud of him. He looks a good boy. Kiss

  • creepy old manny

    GREY hair. Fat tick old manny cries over gray hair.

  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • hanging chin in the shoulder

    @an opinion: yes that’s right she’s so beautiful & flawless.. but I hope she wear other that black :)

  • hanging chin in the shoulder

    @Gun: wow she’s so sexy & sexy back sexy back! thanks GUN!

  • lucy

    @an opinion: Angie has gorgeous healthy hair, and odds are she does NOT use Ticky’s “magical” shampoo.
    The roll of arm fat on Ticky was beyond anything I’ve seen except on maybe Kirstie Alley. The old girl is getting dangerously close to obese, and no one can tell me that woman eats healthy or exercises, because if she does, she needs to see a Doctor immediately, something is not right.

  • media Wh@re MANiston


    Here is your short little man

  • media Wh@re MANiston
  • anorexic annie voight

    lefsetz and i are sitting in the shower doing anagrams.
    ‘angie and brad beautiful love’
    anagrams to
    ‘unlovable, brain-dead fatigue.’
    lefsetz is laughing his pointed ass off.
    he has me.
    lefsetz is where it’s at.

  • Carol

    So talented and gorgeous. I love and respect Angie. She is a true example of a women with class.

  • anorexic annie voight

    lefsetz is so good at this.
    anagrams to
    ‘I join anal glee.’
    get out the rubber sheets!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Dakota: Yes she is. Just classy, elegant and regal. I think I recall Brad calling her elegant one time. He didn’t lie.

  • anorexic annie voight

    lefsetz can be a real bastard.
    he’s laughing his pointed ass off while i cry in the shower.
    anagrams to
    ‘Fine in torn jeans.’