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Beyonce Flaunts Longer Hair at Lunch with Jay Z & Blue Ivy!

Beyonce Flaunts Longer Hair at Lunch with Jay Z & Blue Ivy!

Beyonce shows off longer hair while having lunch with her husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy, 19 months, at Silvano restaurant on Thursday afternoon (August 15) in Miami, Fla.

The 31-year-old entertainer chopped off her hair last week and debuted a pixie cut on her Instagram page, but now it looks like she has added some extensions to make a blonde bob.

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The family is in town for the final show of Jay and Justin Timberlake‘s Legends of the Summer Tour, which is tomorrow night at Sun Life Stadium.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing the Carrie Hoffman Jewelry Pave Tbar necklace.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce and Jay Z having lunch with Blue Ivy

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beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 01
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 02
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 03
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 04
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 05
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 06
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 07
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 08
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 09
beyonce flaunts new haircut at lunch with jay z blue ivy 10

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  • DD

    LOL! She’s so insecure she can’t even follow through with her own “liberation” of chopping off her hair.

  • Erin

    What Beyonce is, is the Queen of Wigs… She and her stupid people made a big deal of her short buzz cut , when all they did was take one wig off and put another on.. And today she has the another wig, some God awful hipppy mess… And her husband is one ugly dude, damn.

  • Sean

    @Erin: #2

    he doesn’t care one bit what you think of his looks

  • Ava

    OK there JJ, how to you add extensions to a pixie cut LOL, the sillyness we (white people) have to deal with in this politically correct era… we have to pretend that celebrity hair of black women is their real hair, from models to entertainers , There all fake ,, wigs., weaves , even when they sporting Afro’s like Beyonce’s sister used to wear.. it’s a wig … And this is a wig , her pixie cut was a wig and when next week Beyonce’s back on tour she with have her long ,blond, burnt azz wigs back on .

  • allison

    Blue Ivy is a cutie. Beyonce I understand. Never know how you look until the cut is done. Put a weave in until it grows back.

  • Lauren

    @Ava: A lot of white people, celebrity and non, wear wigs, extensions, etc. Everyone does it but for some reason people only think black people do it.

  • Verity

    No extensions added, it grew into a bob over night.

  • sdf

    @Ava: I’m a stylist to the stars and honey, let me tell you white celebrities wear weaves and wigs just as much as black women. Also don’t be ignorant, not all black women wear wigs and weaves. That’s a generalization that BIGOTS make.

  • TurnipGreens

    Why does Jay Z look so angry all the time?

  • Lillian B

    Where is Beyonces wedding ring/band?

  • TurnipGreens

    @Lillian B: Maybe she’s wearing it on her head?

  • A

    @Ava: lol you wish that was true cvnt.
    No wonder white girls always want to touch my long NATURAL wavy hair to see if it’s real and then get disappointed when they find out it grows out of my scalp and is 100% real unlike their own ratty extensions.
    I’m not even a fan of Beyonce but I know she’s not bald underneath those weaves because you actually need hair to attach it to your head. Even Jessica frickin’ Simpson has her own wig/weave line and Kim K also wears sew ins, Selena Gomez etc ALL of them wear weaves, not even extensions, full on weaves or half wigs to get thicker fuller and shinier hair. So spare me b*tch.

  • S

    I love her headband, but JJ’s “Get the Look” option doesn’t feature where to get it! :(

  • Luce

    maybe she’s waiting to debut the official styling of the shortcut at the vma’s so she’s disguising it with a short wig until then lol. Blue ivy looks so cute peeking :p

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Gorg! Blue is aware of the cameras!!! Yes girl.

  • wiggie


  • Pretty Ka

    I hope she did not change her short hair just cuz a bunch of people disliked it; I would find that very disappointing. Plus, this style right here looks awful. I want to see her with short hair.


    This hair does not suit you

  • SunSHINE

    Blue is such a Cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    they all look so fly
    and QUEEN B looks Gorgeous as always

  • Jessica

    @Oh Yeah!!!: Well,her parents love the paps and the media attention,of course Blue would notice them too.They are probably teaching her to call and hire the paps when she’s older.Nothing incredible there.
    Beyawnce is back to her wigs again,that male haircut didn’t get the approval she wanted,so more wigs to hide her mistake.

  • Jessie

    Wow! She’s already regrets cutting her hair.

  • Carly

    @Lillian B: Her marriage with JayZ is a business arrangement,she doesn’t have to wear a wedding ring,it’s only business,not a real marriage of a couple who love each other.This marriage is as fake as her weaves/wigs.

  • Jessie

    The world knows Beyonce wore weaves and wigs. No her hair wasn’t as short as that pixie cut, saying she didn’t wear those things most of the time is stupid though. Nearly everyone in Hollywood has worn them at one time of another, some all the time; that’s black and white. I think lying about wearing them is stupid. It’s your head, your do. Own it.

  • April

    Sad jealous people hating on this gorgeous talented family. The Carters own you low-life trolls and even baby Blue is trying to figure out what’s up with the loonies. Hate on witches.

  • Paula

    OMG. Her hair grows so fast!

  • Ava

    Oh please shut stupid people, what white celebrity/ model has fake hair like every black model / celebrity. A non black women might add extensions to their existing hair for length /volume but it’s still 80% their hair, they don’t wear wigs or weaves unless it for a movie role… . All black celebrities if their not sporting their kinky hair , just straight like Michelle Obama is always wigs , especially the lace front wigs… No non black person wears those unless their going bald and old……Blacks chicks hair fake from their root to the tip… like this fat azz Beyonce , fake fakery But like Beyonce they like to pretend it’s real with the media playing along .. like the hair cut the media and Beyonce made a big deal of when it was just a pixie wig, instead of calling Beyonce out the media and the public played along . Even Oprah now on her media tour that big hair isn’t her’s it a wig.

  • Asme

    O my the kid looks like it’s father, poor dear. So I’m confused , was the pixie cut the wig or is this a wig and when she’s back to long hair is that a wig too, anyways she looks like shit here.

  • Tom

    Beyonce look like a hot mess and what the thing on her head , looks like a bad 70′s joke hair piece , their daughters a little fuggy thing.

  • Monae

    Oh my god can we stop with the 19 months. Just say she is almost two. -_-, “How old is your baby?” “O shes going to be 300 months soon.” Like stfu & just say she is almost two. & idk about Bey I think she is finally finding herself??….Idk but hey if she is happy then what ever

  • read a book

    I know plenty of women with weaves and wigs and they have very long hair. Curly hair takes long to maintain so wigs and weaves give women with curly hair a break but trust me, it does not mean they don’t have long hair. My best friend has hair to her back but it is so “puffy” that she hates blow drying it every morning so she wears weaves.

  • read a book

    Ava: In reading your post it is clear you know NOTHING about black women. Do yourself a favor and go to a black salon on a Saturday and watch the women do their hair (go to a nice one too). My best friend is black, my niece is half black and my “special” auntie (my mom’s friend is black. Black women wear weaves but they have a head full of hair! Very few women are actually bald – come on! If they are bald, it is usually because they damaged their hair with chemicals. I know so many black women with weaves and wigs and they have a head full of hair. Remember, super curly or “kinky” hair takes a long time to groom so wigs give women with curly hair freedom. I think it is really sad how little whites and non blacks know about black hair. How sad.

  • anonymous

    Why do celebs need a nanny all the time! It’s sad not being able to care of your child alone!

  • Vera

    I’m probably gonna get a lot of flack for saying this, but as much as I love B, I think she isn’t half as confident as Rihanna is. The haircut was daring but she doesn’t seem confident about it. Hence the wig. But you know whatever, no one is half as talented as B. So yeah.

  • Educate yourself

    you really need to shut it. its gone beyond ignorance and stupidity. Educate yourself!!

  • Donte

    Why cut your hair then wear a wig, I don’t get it!

  • Educate yourself

    Ava; you really need to shut it. its gone beyond ignorance and stupidity. Educate yourself!!

  • NipItInTheBud

    @anonymous: “The family is in town for the final show of Jay and Justin Timberlake‘s Legends of the Summer Tour”, which is probably why they have a nanny with them.

  • Comical


    You are straight up ignorant …. no one has to pretend that a woman’s (ANY woman’s) weave/wig is real…people make that choice on their own.
    IMO the reason they, as you say, “pretend” is because they either can’t tell it’s a weave/wig or feel uncomfortable to ask in the first place.

    As @read a book: says …go to a good hair salon and get yourself educated because now you just “read” a fool.

  • Saffron

    While I don’t think the pixie cut did her any favors, it’s obvious that she lacks the confidence to just go with along with her natural color which is obviously not blond. If you are going to Instagram your “liberating” short cut then you need to own it…otherwise don’t bother.

  • Oh Yeah!!!


    Jealous Troll

  • traycee

    Beyonce should have bought sperm from a hot black guy. She put on weight too

  • Miami Beach


    This is the correct name of this restaurant.

  • Leah

    Blue Ivy is SUCH a pretty little girl.

  • Kitty

    @Ava: Not all black entertainers wear wigs or weaves. From Lana Turner in imitation of life to Britney Spears..white women have always worn wigs/weaves from all that blonde & red dye you all use. Google Beyonce as a child & teen and you will see her head full of long real hair..she dyes it blonde like a fool & now she’s bald like you all too. From Chaka Khan to Angela Davis we all grew up around long beautiful full big Afros which ppl like you (whites) have made it so that it can’t be worn in the work place etc…it’s who we are. Our hair is living not dead like yours so we can’t do what you all do but we do it anyway & end up bald. I am natural and my hair is very long & thick..I don’t use chemicals ever..we also have to use products that are edible for our eggs,fruits etc. I’m tired of corny neantherthals like you being ignorant then passing it off like you’re forced to be PC…PC would be that you all don’t understand and never ever will…so mind your business.

  • starzonmarz

    @Ava: actually i think the pixie cut is her own hair, surprisingly. and i’m with you. fake hair is raceless and we can correctly assume that 99 percent of celebrities are adding to whatever God gave them…-from a black woman.

  • starzonmarz

    @Ava actually after that second post of yours, i realize you are coming from a place of true ignorance. I maintain my response but you’re clearly show-casing some racist/prejudice-like qualities. a lot of black women wear weaves. that’s true. however, it also is true that a lot of asian women, hispanic women, middle eastern women, european women and (shocker) plain US of good ol’ A white women wear “hair extensions” of varied sorts. get off your white pedestal and realize that vanity/insecurity/curiosity/and the general desire to present a “better” or different version of oneself isn’t limited to any group of people. -from a non-mixed black woman with 100% mid-back length wavy, undyed dark brown hair, who sometimes wears ear-length afro wigs because i wish someone told my genes like they told @Ava that all black women have “short kinky black hair” but didn’t. oh the shame…. *rolls eyes*

  • sandra

    White people,white people. Beyonce didn’t have any hair to began with,she permed it out years ago,just like Janet Jackson did( she also posted a picture with short hair saying she got a haircut). Black hair is very fragile and where as you have some black women who where wigs and weaves because they have severely damaged their hair(i.e. Beyouce,Janet Jackson,etc.) you also have the black women who have beautiful heads of hair but choose to wear wigs and weaves to keep from putting chemicals in their hair,like me, Sherri from The View,Brandy, just to name a few. I would venture to say at this point white women are wearing more extensions than anyone, have you watched Big Brother this season. Eve Julie Chen that is not all her hair. We black women are starting to take care of our virgin hair by not putting chemicals in it and keeping it covered.