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Jennifer Garner Supports Paparazzi Law to Protect Children

Jennifer Garner Supports Paparazzi Law to Protect Children

Jennifer Garner stays close to her adorable daughter Violet while heading to a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday (August 14) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The day before, the 41-year-old actress joined Halle Berry in court to support a bill to protect children of celebrities from the paparazzi.

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“I chose a public life… [but] my three children are private citizens,” Jennifer stated in court. “I love my kids. They’re beautiful and sweet and innocent, and I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing, lawbreaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day every day to continue traumatizing my kids.” Watch the video below!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet dropping by a doctor’s office…

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  • http://jj anyone

    I am so happy celebs are finally taking steps to do this! How paparazzi stalk these people is horrible and wrong. Adults and kids but especially kids. I hope she is successful in getting laws to stop these crazies from stalking and photographing her kids- that would be great. I always feel so bad for them!

  • DillPickle

    Jennifer wouldn’t have all those cosmetic endorsements, or magazine cover shots if she had kept herself and her family out of the limelight. People see her with her kids and they’ve become interested in her and her family life. Same thing goes for Haley Berry. Many celebrities have been clever enough to keep their families out of the spotlight by moving out of the HOLLYWOOD scene, if it was privacy they treasured.

  • Matt

    Do you realize how ridiculous it looks to publish this story alongside paparazzi pictures of her kids?


    Too bad sites like Just Jared buy and post pics of celebs kids

  • Pippa


    I’m totally agree with this comment……there u have Megan Fox….Anyone has seen the face of her baby in almost 1 year?? THAT is keep your private life PRIVATE!!

  • CM

    Its too hard to feel sorry for these people when they choose to live in Los Angeles. Plenty of celebrities get by without having photographers stalk them by living somewhere else. It’s a big country. They chose to have children being famous people. Go see my movie and give me an Oscar, but please don’t be interested in my children?? Give me a break.

    Though I will say I wish the photographers wouldn’t speak to them or shout at the children.

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    She has no problem parading them around when it’s Award season and her hubby needs the good ‘family’ press..or any other season, She has the money to move to a small town in Idaho but no she stays in LA and does a crap job of shielding her kids from the papz, other more high profile celebs do a Much better job at it than her.

  • Nancy


    What? So because as she stated “she chose a public life, BUT HER KIDS DID NOT”. How much more simple does it have to be. Paparazzi, to me, are nothing but celebrity wannabe’s or sychophants, preying on others for a freakin photograph and to make a living at this? LOL. She has every right to PROTECT HER CHILDREN, just as I have every right to protect mine; celebrity with endorsements or not.

  • Suri=meal ticket

    Yeah right! Very funny!

  • dingus

    She chose the public life, as did Halle Berry and also chose to have children. They chose to bring them into this world knowing damn well what kind of environment they were getting them into. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves.

    Yes, the pap would get on my nerves as well if I was a celebrity, but that is a life you chose. Don’t want it? back out of it and get a regular job like regular folk where people don’t give a flying crap about who you are, what you do and how many kids you’ve got. But they will never do that, why? Because they want the money, sorry but it comes with the territory.

  • LemonHead

    @dingus: Spot on!

  • jd

    children of celebs will always be of interest to the public.
    before the net they were in magazines and tv.
    if you don’t want anyone interested in your life and kids, don’t be famous, simple as that.

  • SunnyAutumnn

    All I can say is you can’t have it both ways. They love to show off the kids when they have a film coming up, Jennifer and Halle, cheesing it up so hard, grinning from ear to ear.

  • Maddy

    I do feel bad for the children because they didn’t get a choice between a public and private life. But it comes with the territory, sorry. The parents chose a public life and they chose to bring children into that public life. So that’s where they make it hard for people to really feel bad for them. There’s a million other jobs these people could have had, and they chose this one. Either roll with it or MOVE! USA has plenty of cities with a lot of activities to be had and great homes, that don’t have paparazzi. These people have great lives and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to just show up places, I don’t see a lot of room for complaint.

  • Lilly

    @SunnyAutumnn: I agree. You don’t get to be famous AND make tons of money AND work only when you want to AND complain AND expect to have children with no interest to anyone. There’s just too many people out there who have real world problems like paying the bills when its due, putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads for THEIR children and family, not some paparazzi.

  • XxXxX

    This is downright R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S ! She says it herself, she chose this life. I’m sorry but she knew what she was getting into when she did. I mean… POOR THING. Oh, poor famous little rich woman. How hard it must be to lead a luxury life with many people interested enough to want to have your pics. You know what? I’d be SO happy if the paparazzis granted them their wish and would completely stop following them to get pics. Then, there would be no pictures of them on tabloids and they’d (Her and Berry) realize how much they need the papparazzos to be there “all day everyday” (as she puts it). Without the papparazzis they are NOTHING. Let’s be honest here, Jennifer Garner?? She did what? Elektra? I don’t know any other movie she was in. Well, no other that was remarkable enough. Halle Berry? Maybe she’ll still be someone but UGH. How annoying they are to whine about the people who keep them in the spotlight. I bet you anything that if the paparazzi’s ever stop following them, THEY would be the ones BEGGING for attention and wanting them to be at their doors everytime they open them. But really, I hope the paparazzis stop so that some sense will come into those celebrities. Only thing they can do is complain –’

  • .i


    I do not feel one ounce of sorrow for that fool. WHY does she have to live there? She hardly works and Ben can commute in when he’s working. Demi raised her kids in Idaho for goodness sakes and her and Bruce were successful during that period.

    No laws should be changed. You want to stay there, you deal with it.

  • Rea

    You all are way to spiteful. Celebrities have also a right to get children, like every other human has. You dont need to talk so mean about them, just because they are rich and in the public.The Papz are since years wayyyyy out of her line. Calling Suri a bitch was just one of many times where they broke boundaries. This Papz are no professionals. And enough of them only move to LA to make a living by stalking celebs day and night and taking pics of them and their kids. No need to defend this rats and their behaviours just because for you all its somehow celebs fair share of hell.

  • dylan

    If it’s so dangerous for their kids, why don’t they move. If you’re so worried about your kids, you’d be a negligent parent not to put your kids’ safety first and get out of Dodge. They could live anywhere.

    Instead, they KEEP their kids in this purported traumatic environment.

    Both women had children after they were famous and after the internet exploded – they knew the life they were handing their kids yet didn’t do anything to protect them like move or be low profie. They expect the world to conform to their demands. Other celebs live in LA and are low key because they don’t trot their kids out for family pap shots when it serves them, and then whine about it when it doesn’t.

    They are probably just mad that the paps will know their secrets like if they have a fake marriage, etc. And that the paps will make money off the photos. Pretending you’re concerned about your kids is an easy way to get public sympathy.

    The pols who wasted taxpayer time on this should be RECALLED. There are a lot of urgent serious issues taking down California and this is completely frivolous.

  • idiots

    Why can’t they move to Ben’s hometown – Boston? Or even move down to San Diego or something. I highly doubt paparazzi will stalk them in those locales. I do not support this new bill and hope it gets shot down. It’s a slippery slope when you start messing with our privacy laws. ANYONE in public can be photographed and it should remain that way. These celebs are quite annoying.

  • sarah

    She has no problem parading them around when it’s Award season and her hubby needs the good ‘family’ press..or any other season, She has the money to move to a small town in Idaho but no she stays in LA and does a crap job of shielding her kids from the papz, other more high profile celebs do a Much better job at it than her
    Like who? And don’t say Angie and Brad because they’re constantly out of the country and many nannies or Matt because his wife isn’t as famous.
    They have lived the same way since they have gotten married .It’s just now more people are paying attention to everything they do.

  • test

    Jolie and Pitt are a good example. They live in LA most of the year. The difference is that Jolie an Pitt avoid places where the paparazzi are and do everything to not be photographed. The paparazzi have said it’s hard to catch Jolie and Pitt even when they wait for them outside their house because Jolie and Pitt use decoy cars and other diversions to fool them.
    Jolie and Pitt have 4 nannies. Garner has 2.
    It would be easy for Garner not to be photographed or not let the kids be photographed. All she had to do is not take them to the same places every single day. They are photographed because they want. She can let the kids at home when she goes to starbucks get her coffee. Maybe she could get a good coffee machine?

  • sarah

    Why can’t they move to Ben’s hometown – Boston? Or even move down to San Diego or something. I highly doubt paparazzi will stalk them in those locales. I do not support this new bill and hope it gets shot down. It’s a slippery slope when you start messing with our privacy laws. ANYONE in public can be photographed and it should remain that way. These celebs are quite annoying.


    He has tried .They almost moved to San Francisco.But at the last moment they didn’t for whatever reason.They are American citizens ALSO have a right to live in peace and safely with their family without having to be harassed when they go out .

    I do not feel one ounce of sorrow for that fool. WHY does she have to live there? She hardly works and Ben can commute in when he’s working. Demi raised her kids in Idaho for goodness sakes and her and Bruce were successful during that period.
    No laws should be changed. You want to stay there, you deal with it.
    Yeah great examples!But where are they now. They ‘re divorced .Demi is a has-been actress,and mostly known for being a cougar and Bruce is still trying live his glory days as action star married to a model 24 yrs younger than him .And their children are a complete mess.

  • tammy

    Jenifer Garner and Halle Berry are two damn hypocrites.Plain and simple!

  • kelly

    @test: or maybe she should get a better pr people like the Angelina.It’s worked wonders for her right?;)

  • Janna

    If Jennifer is so concerned for her children, they why does she take them to the paparazzi infested Brentwood Country Mart day after day after day? If you don’t like the apples, don’t shake the tree.

  • reap what you sow

    Jennifer cry me a river boohoo. She got what she deserves, she wanted to be seen as the “mother of the year” so she played that role to the hilt. There is no one but herself to blame for dragging her kids to paparazzi infested places…she knew it so now she has to deal with it Those crocodile tears “ain’t ” fooling no one Lmao. Oh maybe this could be another Jennifer stunt to get the paparazzi to follow her even more. As for Halle Berry she need to stop her crazy $$$$ period and they will stop following her crazy @$$.

  • Bennifer

    Bigger stars and more talented ones manage to shield their children from prying eyes. These women loved the paparazzi but now that the children have become conscious and don’t like it they have realized that it is not worth it. Unfortunately for the kids! the moms.. especially Jennifer Garner who paraded her kids every single day w/o any discretion is seeing the results of her poor judgement. She loved the paps she smiled for them she coo and kissed her kids so that the paps could get that picture of the “loving hands on mom” she played the “mom of the year” to no ends. Well Jennifer you played the role, you got the mom of the year award thanks to the paparazzi now you want to give the award back?. This is so hilarious to me she is so pompous.

  • mattchew

    This is long overdue. This is a national disgrace the way it is now.

  • seriously!

    I really don’t get the outrage that “so called fans ” are saying , if you were in that position what would you do ? …. if you think about it they don’t care about those idiots taking their photos , they don’t like it but they adjust but put yourself in the mind of a child being followed , harrassed and the things they say are usually vile and disgusting . Children get spooked from anything they don’t understand so imagine these celebrities kids multiply by 10 in the eyes of a child that is scary , because they don’t know why … just because their parents are famous ?? that is not a good reason , i can understand their concern they are the famous ones not their kids , i believe all they want is to have their children safe and be as normal as possible , i don’t see nothing wrong with that . If you want to use your children for fame then you really do not deserve to be a parent . And all that sh!t about they chose this life .. blah .. blah.. that’s utter rubbish . I don’t want to see these children in paps and gossip rags i’m only interested in the actor’s work . I hope they do something about it because these mofos think they can do whatever they want with no consequences , it’s about time they are held accountable for being a$$holes !!!!

  • raquel

    Who wants too see her children anyways?? they are ugly like her…

  • Oh, please girl. Your family isn’t the best looking, or the most interesting, so why are there daily apps of YOU and your kids? Because you swing both ways. Call em when you need them and get annoyed when you don’t want them around. Choose one. Cause you can’t have both.

  • Oh

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for Ben and Jen because they have a net worth of around $100 million. I repeat $100 million. With that kind of money, I’m sure their family can find ways to live a full healthy life with discretion and privacy. There are people in this country living in utter poverty lining up at food kitchens all across this country. They have no idea what its like to stretch as little as $40 to $60 for living expenses week after week and they NEVER will. It’s hard to do and it teaches you to be very HUMBLE. There are many parents working two part-time jobs struggling to put food on the table and this woman is CONCERNED about her children being photographed. Maybe she and Ben should START CARING about all the poor people right here in this country who are struggling to make ends meet. I’m sorry that I’m hard pressed to have sympathy for a couple who is worth millions and millions of dollars. She sounds anything but grateful. She sounds very ENTITLED. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a PERFECT world, where everyone is nice to each other? But the reality is we don’t and we ALL have to take measures to protect ourselves, especially if you’re a parent that goes double and triple if you’re a celebrity.

  • Oh

    I would love to see how Ben and Jen would feel if they had to live just one week in poverty. Imagine them each being handed $40 for spending money to last them a week after all the bills were paid. THAT’S IT. Nothing more….Then let’s hear them REALLY CRY A RIVER!

  • April

    They are not speaking only for their children but all the children of famous parents. Right now, there are quite a number of kids being followed and you all know that. Follow the celebs but leave them alone when they are with their kids.

    Todays celebs are more likely to be papped than those of years ago before the internet and really the truth of the matter is if parents really wanted to have their children’s photos available to the public they do not need the paps for that.

    Have you ever seen pics of Jennifer Garner and/or Halle Berry’s kids featured on instragram? If you are complaining just because you don’t like Halle or Jen, I see you point but be real, …No celebs needs to use the paps for exposure of them or their children.

    Bottom line, is most kids are afraid of the men and women with cameras running them down and should not have to put up with it.

    Think about the children and maybe you won’t be so quick to suggest that people move far away from their jobs sites. Nobody is asking you to relocate and/or trying to force you to give up your chosen profession. This is a free country and those who don’t stand up for what they believe and fight for it will fall for anything.

    Get some peace in your lives and stop complaining about something that does not concern you personally. Peace out!

  • wiggie

    @April:April be real there are a lot of famous parents who do not tolerate their kids being harassed on a daily basis. Number one Jennifer Garner was very receptive to the paparazzi because she liked the attention, unfortunately it caught up with her because she let them cross that line a long time ago. 2. She is the only celebrity who goes on coffee runs daily with her children knowing paps are there. 3. Of course they don’t need instagram the paparazzi has tons of pictures of their kids. Mother Bear has provided the opportunity for the paps to take those pictures. It is so sad that she did not protect them sooner but her main priority was to stay in the limelight…sad but true.

  • Lena

    Acxtually they moved to Boston when Ben was shooting GBG and the Town and there were shots of them EVERY day! There are photographers in every city and they will take pics of popular stars whereever they are. There is NO REASON children of celebrities need to be potographed. I support her wholheartedly – other countries blur the picutres of minor children of celebrities – we can too! there is no reason for the public to see these chidlren.

  • move away

    move to WVA with your family

  • Lena

    No Angelina is still seen by most (except those Brangeloonies on Celebitchy) as a homewrecker no matter how many trips she takes to Africa (and she’s constantly going oveseas) She does NOT live in LA most of the time. Most of the time she’s in the air that’s why we don’t see her much

  • Tom

    Hollywood = paparazzi. Surely they knew that when they decided to raise a family there.

    It’s like living in the mountains and complaining you don’t like snow.

  • Shamrock

    I’m torn to pieces regarding this subject matter when it pertains to Jennifer Garner. She married Ben, knowing his tabloid history with the other Jennifer from the Gigli days, and the writing was on the wall, this was not a path to the future for them as a couple.
    My belief, with all her power and love for her family, she would and could avoid the media/papz to a certain degree like so many famous people in the industry. Why is the Affleck/Garner family hounded and hunted on a daily basis? Something clearly does not add up here.

    Most importantly, I agree with Jennifer regarding the protection of her children’s privacy and wanting the most normal life for her beautiful children. They did not sign up for this circus and should be respected and given peace from this moment, going forward.
    If it’s Ben or Jen, green light for the papz as they committed to this profession and the coverage should pertain to their projects.

    It’s a balancing act, respect should be enforced and the children need to be protected by the family and borders go up for the media to STOP making the little hearts of our future feel troubled and confused about a world of chaos.


    Happy Birthday Mr. Director-Benjamino:)

  • April

    @Lena: Brangelina lives a completely different life style than the other LA celebs. Her children never see the light of day until she and Brad have something to promote. Stop trying to compare them to other *normal familys* like Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Jen and Ben and other kids whose parents try to let them blend in with other kids whose parents are not celebs.

    The paps take advantage of celebs who live like the average Joe from Jessica Alba, Alesandria Amrosio,, and many others who are not as popular but who kids we see on a regular basis. Just because it is so easy to stalk them is the reason.

    Jen has always followed her routine since even before she had kids, she always went the country mart and farmers market. She was not harassed like this before celebrities babies were tossed into the picture selling arena by stars when both parents like (brad and angie) and the like who famously sold pics, (money going to charities or not) the whole profits from celebrity babies were launched and got out of hand when the paps cashed in on it.

    To her credit she has always been very cordial and worked to see that her kids were not affected overmuch by the paps. I think her efforts to protect not only her children but all children in the same and/or similar condition is something to be applauded. I don’t see any changes however, such a law would be almost impossible to enforce.

    I like Angie, but to compare her way of parenting to Jen Garner’s is madness. Totally different in all aspects. We see Jen taking her kids to the doctors, school, karate lessons, ballet lesson, obviously the Jolie-Pitt kids live on a different planet (even when in LA), those kids are hidden away like kids of the president or something. @wiggie: wiggie, I am a huge fan of Jen and have followed her since her Alias and she has always been (even though see a lot of paps of her and her family) and to this days remains a very private person. Her kids are her most cherished part of her life and I believe she would never do anything to harm them in any way.

    When she complained about the paps intrusion, she was labeled a b!tch and when she is cordial, she is accused of being a famewh0re. I know a lot not all are angry because she married Affleck. It’s her life her choice. Get over it.

  • Diedre

    Personally, I think it should be legal to taser the paparazzi….or even run them over if they’re all ganged up on your car.
    They’re nothing but a bunch of sub human vermin. Some ‘celebrities’ court their attention and they should be prosecuted, along with the paps.
    I don’t think it is ethical to terrorize children just for a picture that can be sold to the highest bidder.
    This is exactly why the majority of the world hates the U.S….because we’re a bunch of self involved morons.

  • S

    If I were a celebrity, I’d never want my kids being stalked by the paps, so I get what the big deal is over this issue, but …

    Halle Berry has drawn a ton of attention from the media by making a huge stink about barring her daughter’s biological father from Nahla’s life. What the hell does she expect by being such a damn drama queen?! Of course the paps are going to be all over her and her daughter like flies on crap.

    And Jennifer “Goody Two Shoes Who Doesn’t Have the Balls to Kick Her Cheating Husband to the Curb” Garner actually works with the paps to arrange convenient “happy, giggly playtime” photo-ops on a regular effin’ basis.

    These women are hypocritical and stupid. Plenty of high-profile celebs manage to keep their kids away from the paps’ intruding lenses. Berry and Garner should take note. stop whining, and tone down their fame-whoring ways if they really want to protect their kids. Like another poster said, there are plenty of bigger issues California needs to work out right now. This one is irrelevant in comparison and these dumbass celebs need to take a backseat already.

  • British Latin American

    God, all the spiteful and insensitive Jane Does and Joe Blows in this thread.

  • Diana

    I cannot stand to hear about how stressed out celebrities are about their public personal lives, or their pictures being taken. Listen, you don’t have to sweat a lot of things that MOST other people do in their everyday lives. STOP complaining. Everybody has problems, and stresses. My kid stresses out about things too. It’s called life. You chose the career, fame, and let’s not forget MONEY. I don’t feel sorry for you.

  • Lori Carlson

    Maybe they should also ask for laws against other celebrities charging large sums of money to publish pics of their new babies. You can not have it both ways.

  • SuesH

    Suck it up, Jen and Ben. You chose this lifestyle, knowing you would have kids. It won’t kill them to have their picture taken.

  • DeeDee

    I lived in Los Angeles for five years and saw many celebrities. However, I never saw papparazzi, which makes me think these pictures are at least somewhat staged.

    Furthermore, as others have mentioned, if this bothers her so much, why doesn’t she move out of Los Angeles? She has enough money to live off of for the rest of her life without having to work. She could return to her beloved West Virginia.

    She has seemed like a phony to me for a long time.

  • gracia

    She is right. We need protect childreen