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Olivier Martinez: Halle Berry B-Day Cake Shopping with Nahla!

Olivier Martinez: Halle Berry B-Day Cake Shopping with Nahla!

Olivier Martinez carries his wife Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla as they step out for a shopping venture on Wednesday (August 14) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old French actor and Nahla, 5, carried out a big baguette and a box of cake for Halle, who celebrated her 47th birthday that same day – Happy Birthday Halle!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Earlier in the week, Olivier was spotted out solo while shopping for more of his favorite baguettes.

Earlier this month, Halle showed off her baby bump while heading to Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park with Nahla.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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  • Sayer

    Why does Nahla look so burnt/oddly colored in that pic?

  • Natasha

    Nahla doesn’t look happy.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier looking hot as ever, Nahla seems like she is bothered by the paparazzi and wants to be put down. Saw other pictures of them at DM and she seemed happy at first, her mother is right to go after the paparazzi’s photographing children. Happy Birthday Halle.

  • mattchew

    Leave the kids alone Jared!

  • Karen

    “Normal” parents that EXPLAIN the paps to the kids have well adjusted, happy kids who even play with the paps. BUT, CRAZY PARENTS who instill fear, and danger and paranoia into the children then have children who freak out when there’s paps. ANYONE NOTICE THAT THIS LITTLE KID IS EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH HER DAD PAPS OR NO PAPS. Nahla is only upset about paps when she’s CRAZY BERRY AND HER UGLY MAN.

  • stella

    Nobody cares about Gabriel’s broke behind, that’s why he doesn’t have as many paps following him like Halle does. How many times do you see him photographed? The only times they cared about him was during the custody battle. Can’t wait for this new law to take effect. Children should be off limits.

  • Gail

    @Karen:I guess you know these people- I think not!!! Do you know Halle- to say she crazy. No you don’t, just what the media that you are following. By the way just who are these so call Normal parents you are talking about? Because Jennifer G and many other parents have complained about the pap’s. The pap’s, they yell, and say very hateful things to the parent, and their children. Just to get their picture.

  • allison

    You should have called the thread Oliver at store doesn’t buy baguettes.

  • msirene


    I was thinking the same thing. This child looks miserable and she does not look like this when she’s with her father. Obviously, she seems very upset and annoyed about something. I wish that pappa Gabriel could have full custody of this child, because she always seems so happy when she’s with her real daddy! For anyone who wants to dispute this, look at the expressions on Nahla’s face……it’s not a happy face at all, as it should be with her mommy celebrating her birthday!

  • S

    Of course Nahla doesn’t look happy. She’s being hounded by a pack of men with cameras. I hope they pass the law banning paparazzi from talking photos of children. JJ – stop featuring pics with celeb kids!

  • Ginger

    Nahla had a really good summer. She’s got those dark summer tan!

  • Love The Shoes

    @msirene: You’re full of it and you know you are. Why lie? What is in it for you? You know dmn well there are PLENTY of pictures; recent photo’s of her and her step-father and she’s got a big old grin in every shot. If you’re going to lie……… and every other nut on here intent on doing so…………at least lie about something not provable because this one is extremely provable. Another thing while I’m at it. ALL the adults in this kids life that matter; her mom, her dad, her step-dad, have ALL gotten their shit together for this kids benefit and so get over your “she looks miserable with him and happy with daddy” bullshit.

  • stella

    Are you saying Halle should lose custody because she has more paps following her? That is clearly the reason Nahla gets upset. It should be illegal to take children’s picture without their parents’ consent.

  • RG

    There are millions of children with step-parents. So what is the problem with Halle’s daughter having a step-father who loves her? These witches on some HB hate agenda need to stop with the BS.

  • XxXxX

    @Sayer: In case you haven’t noticed, it is summer. And mixed kids with a skin complexion similar to Nahla’s tend to get that “burnt” tan (as you put it) because of the hot sun. It’s just a tan, don’t worry. A nice dark golden tan.

  • April

    The creepy paps are never going away so I hope Nahla and her little brother will be ok regardless. I just know Halle and Olivier will see to it somehow.

  • msirene

    @Love The Shoes:

    @Love the Shoes:

    What’s to lie about???? Look at Nahla’s facial expressions, a pic is worth a thousand words! Do you need eyeglasses to see her expressions. Perhaps you do. I have every right to express my opinion as much as you do, without being attacked by trash like you. I still say that if this child is being put through hell by going out with her mother or step-dad because of their celebrity status, perhaps she might be better off with her father. She doesn’t have these expressions when she’s with daddy. Like it or not, that’s my opinon.

  • msirene


    I enjoy seeing happy children and when this little girl is photographed with her mother or stepdad, she always looks stressed out. If the child can be happier with her daddy without the stress of the paps, then perhaps that’s who she needs to be with for a “normal” life. I agree that the paps shouldn’t get to close to children of celebs or harass them. That’s plain wrong. Again, I say that if the child can have a more peaceful, normal life with daddy, then perhaps that’s where she needs to be, since everyone wants to take her mom & stepdad’s pics (why, I still don’t understand that). There are thousands of other stars out there that don’t seem to have all of these problems. Or, at least you don’t read about it everyday….. It’s funny how someone can worry about their kid’s s pic getting snapped, but can have a boyfriend beat the pulp out of the child’s daddy and we don’t hear much about that….. Gee, I wonder how that was explained to the kid? This whole situation seems “beat up.” I could care less about them, but I do feel sorry for the little girl, because she obviously loves her daddy.. . I’m not taking what I said back because I have an opinion just as you do, and could care less as to whether you and I agree or not, since I don’t know you, nor do I want to know you. (smiles).

    Have a nice day!

  • Loves gossip

    How many loaves of bread can a man possibly buy? Every time we see pictures of Olivier the chances are great that a loaf of bread will also make an appearance. I guess the family must survive on sandwiches!

  • Shelbethegreat

    That so called good daddy some of you guys are still gushing/lusting on although he is gay/bi and wouldn’t have any of you, jumped the little girl’s stepfather per the police report and got his butt whooped. The court was right not to give primary custody to that violent thug, cause when his dander’s up he will come out swinging. Halle and Oliver are doing a fantastic job with Nahla, to take her away to live with that lazy father of her’s just when the baby she’s been wishing for will finally arrive would be cruel, and it will never happen.

  • Because he loves

    @Loves gossip: because it’s obvious he loves “buns.” LOL. Couldn’t resist.

  • kel

    JJ on baguette watch!

  • vivi

    poor little girl!!

  • Wurry

    Halle keeps trying to arrange these loving father Olivier photos but this dear child DOES NOT WANT.
    Seen other ones as well where Halle is telling her to smile with Olivier. (I do completely agree though that kids under 13 should have their faces blotted out, but Halle is certainly not the spokesperson for this. She has an intimate relationship with TMZ. She just threw tantrums when people could see through her monthly onslaught of accusations.)

  • Wurry

    Her Dad never asked for full custody. He always just wanted shared. He wasn’t the party dragging somone to court every few months.

  • mimi

    Olivier is Nahla’s step father…. it’s rude and convoluted to refer to him as “his wife Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla”… In all the photos I’ve seen of him with his step daughter she’s looked as though she’s comfortable with him. So, in one photo she’s acting as if she’d like to be put down? How many parents have experienced that with their growing kids many times? Everyone.

    I’m getting sick and tired of celebrity children being fodder for papz cameras and speculation and comments. It’s not right to stalk children.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Wurry, Olivier is her stepfather, that’s the way it is. Nahla loves him as millions of other children have learned to love their stepparents. It’s a good thing. Nothing wrong with having 2 daddies.

  • British Latin American

    @Shelbethegreat: Can’t you at least stay on topic? Wurry said nothing about Nahla’s relationship with her stepfather. She only commented that Gabriel did not want full custody of Nahla.

    Some confused self-loathing gay black men don’t know what they are saying.

  • Leediaz25

    @Love The Shoes: Yeah I might be crazy. Certified crazy by the Ontario Tribunal Government of Canada. That’s right certified, …. Just like AAA Grade certified. So what is your point? We can’t say nothing?
    Following Halle’s adventures in romance is funny, and good cheap therapy. So choke on that. Bet you laugh first doe. J doe.

  • just saying

    put the child down you are not her father

  • Leediaz25

    @British Latin American: Oh No! You did not go there? Are you finally coming to terms & willing to accept your sexual preferences? Are you acknowledging that you are a”confused self-loathing gay coloured self?” Are you experiencing black envy?? Is your Short B L American?

  • Tara

    @Leediaz25 for once I agree with what your saying, your right about @British Latin America, obviously some projection is going on here. He must really want Gabriel something fierce.

  • British Latin American

    Shelbe, that was a nice try, but I know it’s you. I’m not you the pathetic one. Learn how to spell and come up with a decent argument, self-loathing fat black gay man hitting on pretty white boys and getting rejected. Get over it.

  • British Latin American

    @just saying: He is still her stepfather and her parent. Get over it.

  • just saying

    put the child down she can walk and by the way her real father is Gabriel not some stage stepfather Olivier

  • vivi

    00000000 a

  • Shelbethegreat

    What a great dad he is.

  • birthday greetings with chocol

    ‘Halle keeps trying to arrange these loving father Olivier photos but this dear child DOES NOT WANT.’ What he want?

  • kayla

    She’s cute! I think this time Halle has found her soul mate and all is going to be okay! Good for her:)