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Kim Kardashian to Katie Couric: 'I Hate Fake Media Friends'

Kim Kardashian to Katie Couric: 'I Hate Fake Media Friends'

Kim Kardashian has just posted a picture on her Instagram account with a picture of a Baby North West congratulations card from Katie Couric, captioned with a warning message to not “talk sh*t”.

Katie was quoted as saying to InTouch (via Radar) about the Kardashian family: “I don’t understand – why are they so famous? I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested.”

As a comeback, Kim posted the pic of Katie‘s gift card to her and beau Kanye West, along with the caption, “I hate fake media friends may I humbly suggest you not send gifts then talk sh*t.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kim Kardashian’s warning???

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  • Sensitive Much

    Katie obviously has no ill will toward her, but let’s face it, we’ve all wondered about why they are famous. It was a fair thing to ponder regardless of how she feels about KK personally.

    I think thin skinned Kardahfdaihiadhsfklahf jumped on that one too fast.

  • Ginger

    Anyone can send a gift with SOMEONE ELSE’S name the card. It’s probably not Katie at all. Cause Katie is not edumacated. lol. She knows how to spell and complete her sentences, I’m sure, so she would have written a better note than that. And besides, the Kardashians are only famous because Kim had a sex tape and true, “if Katie did say it”, that mostly teens and young adults look up to that family…

  • Lindsey

    Really? The truth is it is difficult to understand why the Kardashians are so famous. It is not as if they have displayed any significant or discernible talent and certainly exhibit little by way of graciousness as Kim’s tweet demonstrates. What value is there in displaying this on social media. It seems incredibly school girlish and immature.

  • Curt347

    Katie Couric fake? Give me a break, Kim Kardashian got’s to be the most disingenuous person alive!

  • Amanda

    I don’t see a thing wrong with Katie’s question….she only said out loud what most people are thinking. And as for Kim calling Katie fake, well that’s just flat-out funny.

  • agent 38

    talent or no talent if you are in the hollywood cesspool you are mostly polluted and very fake ! But being a celeb without doing anything other than preying on teenagers by taking all their money really is a crime

  • aquarius64

    If Kim was hoping to get tea and sympathy via Twitter from this flap she was dead wrong. Looking on different blogs, the majority of comments (80-90%) is Team Katie. The public’s contempt for this family is widespread.

  • Jane

    Kim is HILARIOUS. She doesn’t like people being fake???
    Her whole life is fake!! Everything she does is for the cameras. Everything is made up!!
    TEAM COURiC !!!!

  • Dee

    Katie, no one, not even teenage girls give a crap about this talentless, useless, skank ho & her family. They are shoved down our throats by the E network in order to make that network money, since they can control it all, & the real stars don’t want to have anything to do with that sad excuse for an entertainment network.

    So I wouldn’t be concerned. I would have posted back- Yeah, well I hate fake celebrities, I was only throwing you a bone you pathetic excuse for a reality star.

    Who else thinks that K & K tried to get the magazines to pay big bucks for a pic of their horribly named baby? LOL at the fact that there was no takers! no one cares!

  • svenghooli

    Katie didn’t send the gift you dumb shits…her “people” did…wtf? are you as stupid as that cum dumpster?

  • Kut the Krap, Kim

    Living up to the KarTRASHian name. No one is faker than you, girl.

  • jeannifer

    i hate this fatty bitch each day. who does she think she is. i bet that once she’s not in her famous day anymore, she will release another sex tape because that the only thing she can done to get people attention.

    hope you read this, kim and don’t forget to tell to da old bitch, Kris!

  • Diedre

    Yeah, right. Kim Kardashian would light herself on fire and let Kanye pee the flame out if she thought it would garner her another 10 seconds of fame.
    She loves stuff like this.

  • Peter

    Like Katie, I also wonder why those trashy kardashians have such a following. Are people in this country that stupid and ignorant? Why should we care what a pig like kim and her nigger man be soo important to us? I wish someone would just kill them both outright.

  • Peter

    I would like to see that pig and her n.i.g.g.e.r man just be shot

  • Jimmy

    Katie Couric is a real media person who built a career on her reporting chips. Kim is a bag of poop.

  • Lindsey


    Classy move? BS. It’s an insincere move that she pulled to cover her hollywood ass.

  • um

    don’t fake people have fake friends, isn’t that like a rule

  • http://Comcast Joni

    What are they famous for, the sex tape ?? Being able to wear more make up than any other human being ??? Having a marriage that lasted just days, after receiving all those gifts etc??? Getting pregnant while still being married to someone else ???? Etc. etc. Lack of morals????

  • satellite25

    Kim needs to grow up and their show should be cancelled.

  • hymie porkenstein

    Geeze this like dumb apologizing to dumber!! both are clowns

  • Lynn j

    I wasn’t a fan of Couric, but she did singlehandedly do the interview which bared Sara Palin’s lack of intelligence…
    However, as Kim goes, who’s more fake than she and her pimp momma Kris who both revealed her sex tape for publicity…

  • Jann

    The woman with a fake reality show hates something fake. Everyone that knows you isn’t your friend, even if they send you a present for your baby. Duh! I thought the heifer knew that. She probably has more ‘fake’ friends talking behind her back than she knows. Like Beyonce and Jay-z.

  • Christine

    Please go back into hiding and shut up!

  • http://notavailable Doreen laroche

    If Catie has any of the Kardashians on her show I will stop watching her just as I have stopped watching Oprah when she had them on for TWO sessions, god help us all!!!!

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