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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: LAX Lovebirds!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: LAX Lovebirds!

Adam Levine and his fiancee Behati Prinsloo hold each other close while heading into LAX Airport to catch a flight on Saturday (August 17) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old singer was joined at the airport by his Maroon 5 bandmate James Valentine.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

Maroon 5 is touring around the country this summer with Kelly Clarkson, but they are on a two-week hiatus at the moment while Adam films the audition episodes for The Voice season five. The tour kicks off again on August 24 in a town near Chicago.

Adam and Behati were last spotted together last month in New York City.

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adam levine behati prinsloo lax lovebirds 01
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adam levine behati prinsloo lax lovebirds 04
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jessica


  • Um

    Second! Lol

  • aww
  • louis t

    he has the worst voice ever. the fact that he is famous is more proof nof the retardation of america

  • Lisa

    Lovebirds, am I missing the love in the pics?

  • christa

    Doesn’t he ever smile when he’s with his “fiance”? I would be offended if my finance looked like that when he was photographed with me.

  • Jinx

    They are not newsworthy in my opinion. An average musician and an anorexic girlfriend, no big deal.

  • Just an Observation

    Something is always off with these two. He looks high or out of it. He always looks p*ssed when captured with her. When by hisself it’s like the noose has been removed and he can breathe and be at peace. James on the other hand looks happy in the pictures he was in on IG. No shame showing who he’s with and they aren’t media hounded. Behati thought she was being cute with her latest personal picture. He can’t control media getting pictures of them but he definitely is cntrolling her when it comes to being in actual personal pictures together. If he loves her and wants to marry her then why treat her as if she’s just there? This isn’t a matter of being private this is something off

  • KSB

    Friends yes, lovebirds NOT SO MUCH!!! Lol I get it you can’t look happy in every picture but maybe they are having an off day. Too many off days with the papps if you ask me. Weird and still not believable but who am I to judge.


    They look less like lovebirds and more like two people who are high and are holding onto each other so that they dont fall!!!

  • Jenn

    The heat that comes off these two when they’re being papped. I’ve never seen two people more in love. The only pictures of them even next to each other is when they’re being papped. I wonder who called the paps to let them know when the plane was set to arrive. Hmmmm…a “friend of Adam’s?”

  • Anon

    Do the pics of Adam and B remind anyone else of the pics taken years ago of Adam and Angela Bellote? He could not have looked less interested in her, and sure enough, they were over 6 months later when he hooked up with Anne. The feelings between Adam and B look just as lukewarm in all of the pics of them. I know he wanted to be far more private about his relationships after Anne, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t look happy when he actually is photographed with his “fiance”–and i agree with the comments made on the other thread about a green card marriage–i have experience with immigration issues and a green card marriage is not easy to pull off and it requires a couple to stick it out for years. and to whoever said that B would be entitled to half of everything without a prenup–that’s also correct. CA is one of the few states that equally divides up everything between a couple unless there is a previous agreement, ie, a prenup. I’d be stunned if Adam didn’t get one. if those Star mag reports are true (which I doubt b/c it’s Star) and adam’s in a rush to be a hubby and a daddy and gave B a blank check, i’m even more confused than before. but, whatever, his life. it’s just fun to watch.

  • Get A Life

    Remember when Adam wasn’t really close with anyone in his band? I guess someone paid Adam to take a vacation with James and Ali because there’s clearly no other reason that they would be spending time together away from tour if they aren’t friends outside of their career obligations. Remember how Adam wasn’t ever really interested in Behati? I guess someone is paying him to put a ring on her finger and hang out with her to piss off the “fans” because everyone “hates her”. Most of the people on this website talk so much sh!t it’s ridiculous. They claim to know their lives and end up making complete a$$e$ out of themselves whenever their “inside stories” never become a reality. @KSB Who are you to judge? Seems like you spend a lot of time on this site judging the lives of these people because whenever I see Adam posts that reach 700+ comments, your name is always attached to them. You’re a hypocrite and maybe if you had a life outside of this board you wouldn’t feel the need to constantly bash and put down people you don’t know. Yes this is a gossip site but gossiping doesn’t mean consistently bashing people; get over yourself.

  • Jenn

    @Anon: Kind of. But there are rumors that Adam’s cheating on her anyway. And apparently, Adam’s still sending Shawn to pick out girls from the line before the concert. So, the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?

  • Irina

    Adam is playing at El Caballero Country Club right now. Did he go to Hawaii and came back right away???

  • Tara

    @Get A Life: Except that some of the comments have been accurate. I get what you’re saying, but you really think that Adam and Bee look like a happy couple?

    People can be different behind closed doors, but usually whatever happens behind closed doors reveals itself in other ways. These two don’t look as happy as they should.

    Even Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco’s brief hookup was more convincing and those two’s PR got slaughtered after their “breakup.”

  • Get A Life

    @Tara: Who is anyone here to define what a couple is supposed to look like? It’s not any of our business and it’s people on this site that constantly bash Adam and those in his life that have caused him to be so private with things. It’s disgusting.

  • oneday

    Sorry but I really don’t think what we say on a gossip site is what caused Adam to become so “private”. I really don’t think he gives a $hit what we say. I doubt that he wastes his time reading our comments. Or yours either. We are gossiping. On a gossip site. Get over it. And get your own life.
    Personally I think Ali and B show a lot more PDA than Adam and B. JMO.

  • Tara

    @Get A Life: No one is trying to define anyone. But they don’t seem very happy for a couple who is recently engaged. And Adam doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to relationships, so maybe people are reacting to that too.

    This is a gossip site. And like any other gossip site, not all of the comments are going to be positive. Positive comments don’t exactly bring the traffic to these sites. People who are offended by what’s said on these sites don’t have to read them or they can skip over the comments that bother them.

  • Alison

    @oneday: Hey now. Who are you to define what a couple of supposed to look like?

  • oneday

    JMO means Just My Opinion.

  • Jenn

    The one thing I find jarring is that these aren’t even pictures of the entire band being papped coming back from their tour. That would actually make sense.

    How often are James and Ali papped with or without Adam? Someone gave the head’s up here.

  • oneday

    Sorry if I offended anyone. I really didn’t mean to. Just an observation on my part when looking at the pics they choose to post on their public IG accounts.

  • lol

    @Jenn: I saw Shawn take two girls out of line, twice. And it was the same two both nights…

  • Tara

    @Jenn: The paparazzi doesn’t hang out at LAX. They have to be alerted to when a particular celebrity is going to be coming or going. I’m guessing that either Adam or Bee put it in a phone call.

  • Jenn

    @lol: Hahahaha. I heard that Adam did the same thing in Cincinnati. Bee must be delusional or she’ll let Adam cheat so long as she continues to have access to his fame, money, and connections. I wouldn’t count on her being with VS for too much longer if what Watchtower said about her campaigns is true. If she’s not making money for VS, they’ll get rid of her. She sucks anyway.

  • Tara

    I think what might be troubling some people is that Adam has been publicly affectionate with many of his exes. The fact that he’s never been too affectionate with Bee probably raises an eyebrow or two.

  • Get A Life

    @Tara: Adam was publicly affectionate with girlfriends until he started having rabid fans like the ones on this site who feel like they are entitled to answers about his personal life when that is simply not the case at all. Everyone says that Adam has changed but the people that complain about these changes are the same ones who make nasty remarks about his personal life and then wonder why he wants to hide it away from people. People need to take responsibility.

  • Tara

    @Get A Life: I don’t think Adam’s concerned as much about what people say here. I know there are rabid fans on social media who constantly tweet at or post comments at him, his girlfriends, family, and friends. I’ve seen the craziness on some of those sites and to me, that would be far more annoying than what anyone says on a gossip site. Besides, I don’t think Adam worries too much about what people say about him online. He’s out living his life.

  • juli

    maybe Adam’s bored with the whole social media thing? he’s under no obligation to spend all of his free time on Twitter and IG. maybe some of his more rabid fans should get a life and get offline for a while? I don’t know how Adam puts up with the social media stuff. that has to get old after a while. he’s probably muted a ton of people.

    I can’t see Adam giving up on wanting attention. that’ll never happen.

  • cliniqueheart

    ADAM and BEHATI. Two people who are not meant to be together will never EVER end up together, forever. Trust me.

  • LooseLipz

    I can’t get passed her bulging knee. She’s clearly anorexic.

  • SadTruth

    I can’t tell if the puffiness in her face is because of coke bloat or bulimia.

    I think she’s bulimarexic. I’m guessing this is why she doesn’t get more modeling work. It’s becoming painfully obvious that she has an ED and a drug habit. Sad.

  • Maggie

    So you guys think he’s affectionate with behati behind closed doors?…. Somehow I don’t think so…. I think that if he was really into her, then he wouldn’t have to CHOOSE where to be affectionate towards her ,it would happen automatically ,Weather it was at home or in public. He kinda reminds me of an actor that my friend likes. This actor does the same thing with his GF . They don’t hold hands in public and they even walk apart from each other when being photographed . My friend says maybe they’re just camera shy but I think there’s clearly something wrong with their relationship. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Tara

    @Maggie: Even the less PDA couples I’ve seen seem happy on some level, even if they’re not all hugged up.

    I think too much PDA is a bad sign and I think not enough PDA is a bad sign. Adam and Bee are celebrities. They’ve publicly announced an engagement, but act nothing like a newly engaged couple. I think that’s what people are questioning.

    I don’t quite understand the fans who think that there is nothing wrong with how these two are behaving. They constantly make excuses for these two, although they’d expect better from anyone else. Adam has never looked like he was into Bee. Not even the first time they dated. If she’s lowered herself to taking him back after he was with another model colleague right before he decided to get engaged, then that’s pretty sad.

  • willow

    Is this girl even potty trained yet? Gross!

  • Tara

    I don’t really get a great vibe off Adam or Bee. I won’t pick on one over the other. Adam gives off a vibe of “what did I get myself into?” And Bee gives off a vibe of “I have to hold on to him this time,” but there seems to be an air of desperation about her.

    Fans have noticed that Bee seems relaxed and like she’s having fun with Ali, Molly, and even James. But none of those people is Adam. Does Bee even really like Adam or does she like the people he surrounds himself with?

  • Maggie

    @Tara: that’s true Tara. She shouldn’t have taken him back. Maybe this whole thing is a publicity stunt?…. Because they don’t seem happy together at all. God knows how this is gonna end up.

  • Tara

    @Maggie: I don’t care one way or the other about Bee. She’s another model that Adam has gotten himself involved in. Only this time around, it’s a sudden engagement.

    You’d think that models would avoid men who continually date their colleagues. I wouldn’t do it. There’s a saying: Never sh*t where you eat. I think that saying applies here. I don’t get the sense that Bee is much interested in doing anything outside of following a guy around. There are a lot of women who are like that. She’s not unusual. Adam’s not exactly a guy you can leave alone for too long without worrying that he might be contacting another woman behind your back. However, it seems like Adam’s been doing that for some time. If Bee wants that as part of her “happily ever after” story, then that’s her problem.

    I don’t think that they’re good for each other. Separately, they seem to function pretty well. Some people aren’t good together as a couple. Who really knows why Adam suddenly brought her back into his life, but I agree with some of the others in that this might be some sort of arrangement.

  • leah

    Gosh, he looks miserable. They both look bloated or something, and this girl is scary thin. Yikes, a happy newly engaged couple? Who are they kidding…

  • KSB

    @Getalife sweetie you can get the F UCK over yourself. Gossip websites are made for gossip. I’m pretty sure in your little pea brain you knew that. When I stated “who am I to judge” I was being sarcastic. And omg sound the alarm I DON’T LIKE BEHATI PRINSLOO!!! Did you die? Are you bleeding? Because me not liking her cannot seriously have that deep of effect on you. And like the others what we say are not going to have a major impact on adams life. Seems like the only person its effecting is you. So what I comment here. I Will continue to do so. Sounds like you’re more obsessed with me the behati is with adam.

  • Jinx

    Love that pic of them taking a peek out the door or wall. Almost like ” are the paps here already? Can we come out now?” This is very similar to the video of bee and adam walking in NYC where she OBVIOUSLY flashed her ring at the camera – that day when the engagement news broke. They’re both famew****s.

  • KSB

    @jinx I just noticed that picture. Lmao it kinda made me laugh because I can totally see that happening.

  • diane

    I dnt think is a PR stunt, I think they’re made for each other, they are playing with the media, love attention.He needs a pet to following him around and she needs a puppet to take advantage of. They look high, another reason this couple are meant to be.

  • JMO

    JMO, but arms around the neck like that are not affectionate, but like pals.

  • lol

    They have been walking with their arms like that for a while. It’s weird. They are weird. I wish she’d go away. It’s making me not want to shop at VS anymore because she’s everywhere. It’s like with the voice promo they do, I stopped watching because it was bugging the crap out of me. Well same with VS.

  • rudimentary

    What a contrast between his ex-girlfriend Anne V and this girl. One girl is healthy, socially conscious, and sounds articulate and ADULT when she speaks. The other looks like a dirty underage druggie and cant’ string two words together. What gives?

  • notafan

    I’m not a fan of him or the band or her, but they sure as heck don’t look like “lovebirds.”

  • ladybug

    Adam is a grown toddler and Bee a teenager.They’re better than a circus show. Let’s have fun ladies and gentlemen

  • Erin

    JMO, but it looks like it’s all fake again…and like he’s telling her to not hold his hand, no kissing, look down. don’t smile. This is what I see. I don’t see true love here. sorry.