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Alexander Skarsgard: Full Frontal Naked on 'True Blood' Finale (Video)

Alexander Skarsgard: Full Frontal Naked on 'True Blood' Finale (Video)

Check out Alexander Skarsgard going full frontal naked on the season finale of True Blood, which just aired on HBO.

The 36-year-old actor showed off his whole bod in the clip – click inside to check it out but BEWARE! The scene shows a major spoiler for his character Eric.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The season six finale of the show caused multiple trending topics on Twitter including #TrueBlood and #Sookie.

Some major story line changes happened with Anna Paquin‘s character Sookie and Joe Manganiello‘s character Alcide.

DID YOU WATCH the season finale of True Blood???

Click inside to check out the NSFW naked Alexander Skarsgard video…

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  • Sayer

    Nothing to see there. This show should be canceled, especially now that Eric is gone.

  • alan

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  • porquenon

    For crapsake. This should have been the last show of series. No one will watch next season. No one.

  • ladybug

    Of course JJ would show this, he was probably what HBO had in mind with all those annoying teasers for the last week.

    And there will be people who will watching the beginning of S7, but I suspect viewership will drop quite a bit from this season to S7. And not just because of Eric.

  • hmmmmmmm

    The finale was up and down for me. Too little Eric time and speaking of Eric, why is everyone getting all he’s left the show? It’s nothing more than a cliffhanger and please Pam is going to find him just in time to fight the infected vamp in the upcoming vamp wars.

    Calm down everyone but then again who’s gonna listen to me LOL.

    oh forgot to add, Eric is a turtleneck guy;) LOL. Expected a little more there too

    Eric is a Viking he will be there for the fight. :)

  • porquenon

    You’re right ladybug. And who the hell wants to suffer through a Sookie/Alcide pairing? Really? Just gross, greasy and boring. We’ve known Ball’s endgame was always Sookie/Bill so next season will be the two finding their way back to eachother through a bunch of dog and wolf crap.

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: We’ll find out whether he’s back full time or just as a guest, which is a possibility he mentioned within the last year.
    Either way, it was just an amazingly stupid way to do it. And the rest of the episode, no.

    As for the GP, here’s the non-flaming Om Sara shower scene:

  • porquenon


    I’m sure there are thousands of fans who’d love to be proven wrong about Eric’s demise but what’s the point of bringing him back? To save the world from rabid vamps? The signs have already been lit up as bright as the signs Times Square that Bill will once again be the vampire saviour and end up with Sookie. Stake me now.

  • DV8


  • Macy

    Sookie and Alice, ugh gag me. Just when you thought this show was turning a corner they go back down the rabbit hole. Who the eff thought this was a good idea? Do they even know their fans at ALL?!

  • Macy

    Haha, god I hate Alcide so much I can’t even spell his name properly.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I really think they don’t. I think that they think that all fans just want camp and sex. And possibly we all secretly want Alcide to be a major character.

  • beautybarbie

    All these years I’ve been a faithful and loyal follower of True Blood though over the seasons began to lose a little brightness. But this last episode of season 6 was disastrous. Shameful.

    The way they kill the character of Eric Northman after so many years. The laziness of the writers is unbelievable. I have never seen a show where the writers cared so less about their fans.

    I mean this was a real lack of respect, not only for spectators but also for the character of Skarsgard.

    And you Alex how could you expose to do something so pathetic like that?

    All that speeches about you are an artist, someone who really cares about the content of the scripts that come to him, not wanting to be considered just a sex symbol. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?

    Unfortunately I lost my respect for you. Finally you are just another Hollywood actor showing his attributes on camera., One more and go.,
    In the last weeks i wait for a miracle. I hope that they get back some of the magic they had during those first few seasons but after tonight…

    I’m really sorry for everyone who are extremely disappointed and are suffering because they don’t recognize their favorite show and the characters anymore.

    True Blood good luck for next season with your f,…….. rating, writers from True Blood you guys really really really really S……

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- I saw the GP preflame on TB and I have been a AS fan here and there for a long time as you know and I have seen the OM Sara shower scene before thanks.

    The full frontal is clearer on TB and at a better look it’s still a GP have no fear BUT it really wasn’t all that a full frontal, more like a bend over frontal LOL.

  • rosalin

    I’m surprised you girls have not commented remarks about the Viking´s penis.

  • rosalin

    I’m surprised you girls have not commented remarks about the Viking´s penis. I have popcorn ready to enjoy that comments.

  • ladybug

    @rosalin: “you girls”?

  • mforman

    Of course we know that Pam will fly in and save the day, lets face facts HBO knows they can not get rid of him, please.
    They totally robbed us of Eric time. They could have done so much and they wasted the hour.

  • Margarita

    What a waste….and the full frontal – all kinds of wrong. I hope Alex enjoys seeing screencaps of his d*ck for the rest of his life.

  • Asha

    Eric Northman is not dead. Come on, it was a stupid cliff hanger. He will be back next season.

  • Ginger

    Seriously- they DID NOT kill off Eric! The producers of the show know what they are doing and they would not kill off one of their most popular Characters. My guess is Pam is going to find him and save him. Remember how she took off to find him….If you believe Eric is dead, you are very gullible.

  • Welly


    looked pretty average to me, I was expecting more. I was surprised by the turtleneck.

  • Ginger

    Really? He’s European. No surprise to me at all.@Welly:

  • hmmmmmmm

    Wonders never cease. Mforman and me agree on this one. LOL.

  • ladybug

    @Margarita: Well, he probably doesn’t care, not really.

    @mforman, they’re hoping that we think that Pam flies in and saves her maker. But really, with the rest of the hour being what it was, not sure a lot of people will really care anymore. It wasn’t just about Eric, it was about TB throwing in all the stuff that we’ve complained about over the years and thinking that made a good season finale.
    And yes, they’ll still have viewers. But I’ll be interested in seeing how many casual viewers decide to stop watching.

  • Ginger

    Also agree with you. Waste of an hour- it’s obvious what’s going to happen in the first episode of next season.

  • Thay

    Come on!! What the F…..

    1. Warlow’s death..all of the sudden he was NOT the oldest vamp alive and died like a freakin baby vamp. Yeah right…
    2. Bill had been toasted before in season 2 and did not died, Eric is older than him….do the math.
    3. Tara’s mom definitely has HEP V…really? Any one else see that comming?
    4. Sookie and alcide? Yew.
    5. Who the f word was the mayor of Bon temp before Sam? And by the way just because of a Rosie nosy…Sam is now into politics?! no way.

    6. Warlow slapping Sookie was freaking liberating! She should have seen that comming….lol.

    7. Vamps with hep V were pretty much zombies but dying a lot faster….or was that just thousand year old Nora?!? No sense at all.

    Rip true blood! RIP

  • Emily

    Was not happy with this season finale

  • Emily

    Is it true that Ellen Page is pregnant by Alex?

  • Margarita

    That finale left me seriously bummed out. Even the full frontal did not cheer me up. Alex can do much better than True Blood. However, I love Eric Northman, and cannot imagine the show without him.

  • Macy

    They couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody wants more Alcide. Joe is a terrible actor and they give him stupid lines. I liked book Alcide a lot, but the show ruined that character. Of course Bill saves the day yet again. Gotta vindicate him somehow. Pffff!

  • ladybug

    @Emily: For the love of Godric, no, she’s not pregnant.

    Regarding Eric’s fate: he’s not dead, but whether or not Alex will be a regular isn’t known. He said this two years ago:

    “Plus, I have two more years on the contract and then I can freelance if I want.

    How does that work?

    I signed a six-year contract, so they have the option to keep me for those six years if they want.

    If you decided to leave at the end of your contract, they’d have to find a way to kill off your character—but he’s already dead.

    [Laughs.] It’s true! By the same token, they’re not obligated to use you for the full six years. I could be written out of the show at any time…”

  • Macy

    Good grief! No. That is all. They both stated they weren’t together. Bump watch is so effing stupid!

  • Emily
  • loveablescar

    She is not pregnant. It’s a rumor based on an ONTD comment. Move on please.

  • ladybug

    @Emily: The original source for that rumor is a site called Oh No They Didn’t, they make the Enquirer looking like a high quality publication.

    @Macy, the Alcide thing is just annoying. I just don’t get the impression that the general TB audience cares for Alcide. Some like to look at his abs, so just have him wander around shirtless in the background of scene for a couple of minutes. No lines.

    Could it be possible that the TB writers want Pam to save Eric, he recuperates, flies back to Bon Temps and saves Sookie from Bill and Alcide? Sure, but they have a weird way of getting there, even for TB.

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    I doubt it, they’ll make it about Bill and Sookie in the end. They’ve always touted that. Plus in the Inside the episode Buckner said that Bill goes back to doing what he’s always done and that’s caring about Sookie because he loves her. Barf! Alcide should be the one to fry in the GD mountains.

  • Besides


    Seriously, not possible, did you not see the show tonight? He would kill Ellen Page with that thing!

  • NE1

    uhm yeah we couldn’t see it thanks.

  • Thay

    @Besides: lol. Agreed!

  • sdf

    You guys, Pam ends up saving Eric. He isn’t dead.

  • Cindy

    I think they killed off Warlow too soon…..

  • D WIntry

    This series has just become a crock! The stupid Terry funeral was a new low. This nonsense with Jason really tells you the writers think people are morons. The best thing they could have done is just cancel this horseshit.

  • E


  • cat


  • VampDiariesissomuchbetter

    Worst finale ever. Alex lowered his dignity after all, bad idea. Warlow had potential to go for a while and suddenly got killed. Sookie and alcide, no way. Zombie-vamps? Really? F U

    Definitely, lets hope Ball comes back to directing because this season sucked. True blood has no future, no cliffhanger at all it wasnt even shocking, that last scene.

    Check the last ep of Vamp Diaries and u will see a true cliffhanger.

    Ive always said TB was becoming vampire based porn and after this last season, yep definitely.

    I hope the first ep next season is interesting, but knowing HBO it will have like 20 min of sex scenes with no purpose just for ratings and more zombie vamps, and maybe eric being saved by super pam.

    Im sure lots of followers of the show are very pissed at this point.
    Lets see how they save this flop of a finale.

  • jamiehsu

    not surprised,but don’t think Alex is leaving the show

  • Lionel Richie


    I hope Pam saves him, I don’t know how.. but.. can be.

  • bekkah

    guys calm down, Alexander Skarsgard contract was coming to a close and probably wanted to go off and do other things…I don’t think they killed Eric off, I think they left it open in case he wants to come back. Plus all you saw was him on fire…did we see him explode into a pile of blood? no. I really liked how they did this episode and I can’t wait for the next season.