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Bradley Cooper Steps Out with Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom!

Bradley Cooper Steps Out with Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom!

Bradley Cooper steps out of his hotel and into an awaiting car on Saturday afternoon (August 17) in New York City.

The 38-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actor, who was wearing his favorite Cassius Clay tee, was joined for the afternoon outing in the Big Apple by a woman who appears to be his good friend Leonardo DiCaprio‘s mom Irmelin!

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Earlier in the week, it was reported that Bradley is in talks to join the new film Red Blooded American as a producer and to potentially play one of the two lead roles, including that of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. The other role is of his teammate Tyler Hamilton, who came forward to discuss Lance‘s steroid use.

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  • Lauren

    It’s probably more likely that he’ll be the next Batman. They need a bankable star, and after The Hangover trilogies and his Oscar nom for SLP, he’s the best fit.

  • me

    Blonde on photo its Leo Dicaprio mom Irmelin!!!!

  • me

    btw, where is his daughter/beard Suki?

  • DillPickle

    @me: Your right.. thats Leonardo Dicaprios mother Irmelin Indenbirken.

  • S

    Not sure how I feel about the movie title with Lance’s actions.

  • DillPickle

    You’re right… Looks like they are well acquainted..

  • soy

    woman looking HARSH

  • Loves gossip

    Good friends? What on earth could these two have in common?

  • me

    Loves gossip
    in common? They both almost 40 yo creepers who dating 21 yo kids

  • katie

    Nice thread title, wtf?

  • me

    at first i read title as Bradley Cooper Makes Out with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mom! Lol!

  • jean

    The woman looks like Bernie Madoff, from her profile.

  • LOL

    This proves it, Leo and Bradley have been in a long-term relationship.


  • puma

    So Leo’s mom is COUGAR..

  • Opeeee

    Leo and Bradley are good friends. At least he is with her and not that unsightly 21 year old

  • LaCroix

    It’s not at all possible that they are all friendly & went out to lunch.. everyone that is in the business has to be sleeping with one another to go to out together.. unreal.

  • juicy lucy

    This is the first time I have seen a pic of LD’s mom. She looks worse than the wicked witch.

  • Sasha

    He’s probably asked Leo’s mom to babysit his newest 20 something year-old puppy.

  • Hi

    Bradley is more handsome than Leo.
    And Leo’s gf is more beautiful than Bradley’s gf. :-/

  • also…

    Yesterday was Robert DeNiro`s birthday party and apparently Leo was there so he must be in NYC as well. That would explain this odd sighting.

  • Fan

    A couple of weeks ago, Bradley and Leo were both in Belize (with their gfs) along with Leo’s mom and her boyfriend.

  • also…

    Leo`s mother was there as well? I knew Leo, Bradley and their barbies were there but Leo`s mom? How do you know if I may ask?

  • Leo Fan

    Bradley was in Belize with Leo and Toni. Bradley’s baby was in London while he was in Belize. At De Niro party were Bradley, Leo and their moms. Their babies were not there.

  • @fan

    with a group of friends too.

  • Shelly

    @Leo Fan: No, Bradley’s girlfriend was in Belize too. He just left her in London after being together for over a month.
    DeNiro’s birthday party was yesterday in NYC.

  • also…

    Ok…. so who is right? Fan or Leo Fan?

  • Fiona

    I’m assuming Leo’s dad must be attractive then…

  • A Few Tururus

    It is very clear now …… the woman in the river with the hat was Leo’s mom! Lol

  • @28

    What women, what river, what hat??

  • Helen

    Bradley Cooper in that white T-Shirt and black shades OHMYGOSH…SO HOT…he cannot be more perfect than that Can he ?

  • xyz123

    Bradley is still dating ‘groupie’ Suki Watersnout? Didn’t she drop out of school at 14 to bang with the band?

  • Valentina

    After seeing Leo’s mom, I don’t think anyone has any doubts as to why no girlfriend of Leo’s sticks around. I mean, who would want to deal with this on a regular basis?!

  • Lukas Haas

    nooooooooooooooooooo :’(

  • @Valentina

    You sound like a b*tch

  • hahaha

    @Lukas Haas:


  • Apple

    @Valentina: so true ,she looks scary

  • DJ

    @Leo Fan: Just curious, where did you get your info about Belize? Also, I wonder if Bradley will stick around NYC for the U.S. Open. I think it starts next week.

  • Fan

    They had rented two villas. The big guy from American X was there and another bald one.
    And btw, since when Leo doesn’t travel with his pack of devotees?

  • What’s next


    Richie akiva probably

  • Ray


    Probably. Leo been practing his tennis so they probably will go together. How do ppl know bc mom was at the rdn party as well?

    Sw wasn’t in Belize with them but bc just came from London. The real question is why bc hanging with Leo mom. Are they taking the next step in there relationship.

  • Well..

    Probably, and most likely, LDS MOM is harsh AND mad at Bradley for giving her son relationship advice of dating an underage model that SHE OBVIOUSLY doesnt care for AT ALL. She is pissed and I understand her, because this is like the FOURTH Victoria Secret model he has been dating, and who was the contributor to this? Bradley of course !!!!


  • @well

    Hmmm really? how exactly did bcoops contribute to that? Leo would of hand picked a new toy with or without his help, if anything Leo is the bad influence on Bradley!

  • DJ

    @@well: I thought that poster was joking. LOL I never thought Bradley was the type to date someone so much younger(like Leo and Gerard), but for all we know he’s done it before and the media just never picked up on it.

  • Squid

    Any man that has a Mommy attachment at their age (late 30′s) doesn’t really want to settle down. They can come and go and do what they please.

  • tampopo

    Leo D isn’t aging well, but he was a cutie not that long ago. BCoop is fugly. He has no chin and he always has that same crazed look in his eyes. All the botox has only made it worse. Highly overrated actor too.

  • Amy


    You might not be that far off. Their girlfriends could be beards.

  • That’s right


  • @ @well

    Yeah I kind of thought that to, but it’s hard to tell on a msg board, seriously what is wrong with all these guys, ok I get it, they pick young attractive women who won’t pressure them and they’re attracted to, but yes at 20, 30 fine BUT don’t they want something more by now, they must be bored surely? I’d be bored after the first one, but guess I’m not a man.

  • DefundObamacare

    @@ @well: Most likely the last thing on these young girls minds is getting pregnant (especially a model), marrying and settling down (because of their young age). These two do need dates for events and media attention to remain current, and these girls need help with media exposure and business connections, so its probably an even exchange.

  • http://@defundObamacare @ @well

    @defundObamacare Well yes true, but there is more to life then work, no matter how much you enjoy it or are good at it. Don’t they want a happy life family to! Maybe they don’t! Fine. And no it’s not always easy to find, but are they even trying? I say nope. Because if they do want it, any women who isn’t superficial/ shallow and only intersted in the man simply for the man would run a mile from guys acting this way.