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Beyonce Shows Off Short Hair in Fashionable Backstage Pics!

Beyonce Shows Off Short Hair in Fashionable Backstage Pics!

Beyonce shows off her new short bob hairstyle in these photos posted to her Tumblr page.

The 31-year-old entertainer performed at the 2013 V Festival over the weekend and posed in some fashionable dresses backstage at the show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

During the show, Bey‘s short hair did not stop her from rocking her hairflips and being as fierce as ever for her headlining set at the annual festival.

Last week, Beyonce showed off the new bob hairstyle for the first time while spending time with her family in Miami, where her husband Jay Z was playing the final show on his summer tour.

FYI: Bey is wearing the Carrie Hoffman Jewelry Pave Tbar necklace.

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beyonce shows off short hair in fashionable backstage pics 04

Photos: I Am Beyonce Tumblr
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  • http://jj people

    I don’t like Beyoncé anymore and here is why. I liked her music a lot for one album. Now I think all the rest of her music has been mediocre. That is okay. But what I don’t like about her is how she is portrayed as better than other people. SHE IS NOT BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE!!! And she seems to perpetuate some thing where she is so above everyone- oh worship her because she wears weird clothes and has haircut- it is annoying.

  • Tiana

    Get it Queen Bey, can’t wait for new music I’m waiting patiently.

  • http://jj people

    I don’t like Beyoncé anymore. I liked her music when she had her first album. since then everything has been mediocre. that is fine. What I don’t like about her is how she is portrayed as better than, above other people/. SHE IS NOT BETTER THANOTHER PEOLPE!! And I dislike this whole worship her she is a queen mentality that surrounds her. She is very average, as are most people. It really irritates me,

  • She-whom-shall-not be-named

    Why would Beyonce come out in Rihanna bob hairstyle circa Umbrella heyday??? Epic Fail

  • http://Google Belive

    Don’t Hate or Discriminate someone because you don’t like KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF YOU ARE ANNNOYING.. Horrible people should just be silent!!!!!

  • xyz123


  • hmmm…

    @people: @People WOW you sound jealous and bitter of Beyonce. Bear in mind, this is someone you don’t even know. She’s not apart of your reality or daily life. Beyonce has never acted or treated anyone like she’s better than them and you know that. You may not like her style, or her new album, that’s to be expected from any celeb, it’s all trial and error. But when you go as far as to judge and assume evil things about a person’s inside, that you don’t know, what else is to be concluded, other than old fashioned bitter hate and jealousy. Stop spreading negativity.

  • kami

    so another story about a new beyonce wig. we get it. she has lots of wigs and this one is blonde.

  • laura


  • French

    love her haircut! very classy.

  • Kylie

    Another day. another wig or another set of extensions. Bey’s fans knock Rihanna but let’s face it, Rihanna owns every look, every outfit and every thing that she does….yes and some of it may be a little obnoxious. Rihanna is just fearless when it comes to her style and her performances. And Beyonce should really start to tone down that fake blond look. It’s very passe.

  • http://jj people


    I am sure she is a decent person. I just find it irritatinghow people and people like her get worshipped as if they are above others when really they are very average.

  • M


  • ivy

    Clearly, all these different hair styles in just over a week are an indication of either a couple of great wigs or extensions. Maybe the short cut was real but maybe not. Clearly, the bob is a wig.Really great wigs are hard to detect.I for one am already over all the Queen Bee hair news. Move on, please!

  • blah blah

    @She-whom-shall-not be-named:

    The real epic fail on your part is that she spotted this bob in 2003 circa before you even knew what a Rihanna was. Have a seat

  • Diedre

    I like her hair like that, but I’m a little confused as to why she had her hair cut into a pixie if she’s going to wear it in a style that requires extensions or a wig?

  • blah blah


    Rihanna is fearless when it comes to her “performances?” When was the last time she had a decent performance? Getting on stage walking back and forth while sounding a mess and rubbing your private parts is not what people consider a fearless performance

    Rihanna is not original with her looks and never has been. Every look she has had was taken from someone else. Please stop acting like she’s some originator of hair. Beyonce can rock whatever hair she pleases whether it’s a wig, weave, extensions, or her natural hair.

  • OMG

    Started to dont like Beyawnce when she started calling herself “King B”, acting like a King is even higher than a Queen, so much to womanpower. But then it got worse, she made this BOW DOWN ish, like wtf is she really thinking she is above us all???

  • Kylie

    @blah blah: Well when was the last time that Beyonce had a decent hit and how many hits has Rihanna had? Sorry, but numbers don’t lie. That Pepsi commercial that seems to run everytime I see a movie is horrible….bad styling, horrible wig, jerky dance movements, the song is uninspiring..just awful and tired. It’s the same old, same old stuff that is really quite passe and boring.

  • blah blah


    Beyonce doesn’t need a hit to have a sold out tour. Funny how Rihanna has had all of these hits and yet, she still hasn’t outsold Beyonce’s album in the US, barely outsold her WW and can’t out earn her on tour. It’s funny of you to be complaining about boring and quite passe when Rihanna can’t even be bothered to put effort into her performances. She’d rather smoke weed than to be put effort into rehearsals as evident by her continuous horrible performances on stage.

  • matt

    Paltrow’s hairstyle

  • 2l8

    I read that Beyonce was booed at Britain’s V Festival on Saturday after she took the stage 20 minutes late, leaving the crowd standing in the rain. Her diva behavior is very unprofessional.

  • Google

    @2l8: She was probably trying to fluff that unsightly wig.

  • Kylie

    @blah blah: You seem awfully defensive and you protesteth too much.

    Rihanna has appeared on eight hit singles in 2011 alone, and her most recent smash, “We Found Love,” has been at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s 4 has been considered a commerical flop despite having sold just shy of one million copies in the United States since late June Rihanna’s incredible success at pop radio, outstanding digital track sales and overwhelming popularity on YouTube isn’t simply a matter of having her finger on the pulse of popular culture. It’s partly the result of unflagging momentum – there has been hardly any time since Rihanna broke big with “Umbrella” in 2007 when she has not had a hit on the radio, either as a solo act or featured artist (Rolling Stone, 2011)

    Rihanna scores her 6th million-selling album in the US this week. Her total album sales stand at 9.8 million.
    1 Jun 2013

    Yes, Beyonce may score when it comes to ticket sales during tours but please, she is losing momentum when it comes to record and singles sales and people are tired of her act. Telling people to “bow down” is just horrible marketing. Sorry, people ain’t going to bow down unless it’s Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross….real legends and trailblazers.

  • blah blah


    You need to check your facts. 4 sold almost 1.4million. That’s more than the 1.2 Rihanna’s talk that talk sold despite the huge hit that was We Found Love and more than the 1.1 Unapologetic sold despite diamonds.

    And standing at 9.8 million albums sold with all of the youtube views, facebook fans, and hits you’re bragging about is horrible. She has released 7 albums to Beyonce’s 4 and Beyonce has outsold her with nearly 14 albums sold in the U.S.

    Like I said, Beyonce doesn’t need hits, or youtube views and facebook likes to out sell and out earn Rihanna and out tour her. Even Taylor Swift has a better touring record than Rihanna despite her “fearless performances” according to you.

    Are you really talking about horrible marketing as a Rihanna fan? I guess Beyonce should resort to posting constant naked pictures of herself on instagram or better yet, she should posting pictures of herself smoking weed like a teenager because that’s so much better than a light hearted track that you are taking so seriously.

  • Google

    @blah blah: Hope Beyonce’s team pays you well since you are the only one defending her.

  • Judy

    The picture I saw her hair was chopped off very short ad was red. She looks much better in a wig

  • Monae

    @Google: Lmao exactly like sit down. Why is it that people mention Rih’s name on a Beyonce post? I’m tired of people comparing the two. I totally agree that Bey thinks “Let my people of the kingdom know I cut my hair.” I really like it but it reminds me of Nicki Minaj. Bey had this true along time ago, but it’s like if she had it along time ago why are we suprised? Why are we saying it’s new? It’s obvious she is still tryna bring the old Bey back. Everyone gets old. I’m over “King Bey”.

  • Monae

    @people: Yea I totally agree with you. @Kylie: your statement is correct don’t debate over something you know your correct about.

  • HerCut

    oh, that overrated haircut again! ;D keep smiling folks!

  • blah blah


    Defending her from what? I posted FACTS that can be found on Google, ironically. It’s not my fault you idiots are reading more into a haircut than need be

  • just sayin

    Lots of black kinks than blonde straight fake hair lmao!!!

  • just sayin

    like her new nose too!

  • annie

    @blah blah:

    FACT: Britney eventually did OUTSELL Beyonce. I am..sasha sold less copies than Femme Fatale. Britney just doesnt get as much coverage as Beyonce and VOCALLY is not even in her league.

    notice i said vocally, not artistically. Artistically, both are vacuous. one just has a better team than the other.