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Kate Middleton & Prince William: Family Portrait with George!

Kate Middleton & Prince William: Family Portrait with George!

Kate Middleton and Prince William pose with their adorable royal baby boy Prince George in their official family portrait!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also joined in the photo by their cocker spaniel pup Lupo and the Middleton family dog Tilly. The photos were taken by Michael Middleton at his family’s home in early August.

“He’s a little bit of a rascal, put it that way,” William said of his son in an interview with CNN. “So he either reminds me of my brother [Harry] or me when I was younger. I’m not sure. But, he’s doing very well at the moment. He does like to keep having his nappy changed, and… I did the first nappy.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the official royal family portraits?

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Photos: Michael Middleton
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  • Love The Shoes

    Diana would be so proud. They look so happy and “normal.” Just a mom, dad and new boo. God Bless em. “and the dog too.”

  • Emma

    Sooooo cute! They are lovely!

  • Sheri

    What a sweet, beautiful family … love that they included Lupo, too! I think it’s great that they act so “real” and are bringing the monarchy into a modern 21st century. We can thank Princess Diana for that, as she paved the way. It’s nice to see a royal couple who are actually in love … like the first poster said, Diana would be so very proud. I’m sure she is beaming from above! God bless this lovely, new family …

  • m3iii

    oh…..such a beautiful pic…..such a lovely little family……i sooooo wish diana was here to see them!!!!

  • Carol

    Can you please call her Catherine or the Duchess of Cambridge. She has never gone by the name Kate, that was something the British press called her.

  • Sheri

    @Carol: I respectfully think you are mistaken, Carol … I have heard William call her Kate in several interviews and she went by Kate when she was a student at St. Andrews University. Her family also calls her Kate according to many UK reports, as does William’s relatives.

  • quarky

    @Love The Shoes: Just to remind you Diana and Charles also looked “normal” until they did not. This baby boy won’t have an easy life.

  • yup

    The Royal Family prefers her to be referred to as Catherine or the Duchess of Cambridge. If you go to England, almost no one calls her Kate.

  • Rose

    These aren’t official, they’re leaked… Shame on you, JJ!!! Clarence house didn’t release these, the media stole them…

  • Ashlee

    the dog seems happier than the father or mother lol

    kate fake as always

  • Cece

    I’m anti the whole royalty thing, but this is by far the best pic I have seen of her — she looks so darn happy. They both do. A think it’s an awesome pic.

  • huggybear

    beautiful family beautiful family just love seeing them.

  • WOW


    Jealous much?

  • Ella

    The photos “leaked”…right.Nice way to cover the news about the new investigation accusing someone in the royal family of planning Diana’s murder,she was getting too much attention and was murdered,Kate should be careful too,she’s also getting too much attention,more than the queen herself.It’s just a cover up,to distract people from Diana’s murder investigation.And don’t be so happy,people,almost 100% of the royal marriages end up in divorce.If Kate and William follow his family marriage’s history,they’ll divorce too.
    These photos are tacky,who takes an official portrait under a tree,with bad lightning nowadays?Puting a newborn under a tree in a dirty park…great idea.

  • andu

    do not believe anything just when there are questions about the death diana of the photo .a target will be removed & washed them harry the monarchical family

  • Marvin Martian

    You have to remember, JJ, that in Britain it is law that the British teach their children that Britain WON the American Revolutionary War against the Americans and that the Americans lost, believe it or not. And when that doesn’t work for obvious reasons, the British government ensures that the British are taught that the Americans who indeed won were “repentant Anglo-Saxon Caucasian rebel do-gooders”. HAHAHAHA What REALLY happened, as we all know, is that the Americans kicked out the alien British arse and WON THEIR FREEDOM and toppled the globally despised British empire. British, of course, don’t accept reality so they blame their Union Jack hatred for Africans on Americans and tell everyone that Britain single-handedly won WW1 and WW2 and that Americans are simultaneously both Chinese descendents and holy Jews. Britain is more lying rubbish than it is anything of truth and science, but that’s how a sore loser dies.

  • Zima

    Charles and Diana looked “adorable” together until he cheated on her with that ugly woman and they divorced.William was raised by Charles after Diana’s death…that’s a reminder on how Kate’s life will be if Will follows his father’s steps.She’s married to him now,but William was raised by a cheater,the cheating genes are in his blood.At least Kate will have a good child support after the divorce,that if the taxpayers will want to support them forever.Maybe William will be forced to get a job,since nobody in that family works.

  • XxXxX

    Well…. All babies look alike at this stage. No big deal, really…

  • Love The Shoes

    @quarky: Just to remind you, I’m not as cynical as you appear to be and as such, I’m not betting on the negative. You seem to forget that Charles and Di’s courtship was about Charles having to do what or “who” he needed to do to get an heir, aka “Prince William.” Katherine and William fell in love and got married her lineage be damned.

  • Love The Shoes

    @XxXxX: You’re missing the point in your attempt to be contrary. This is a “family portrait” and not a “isn’t our boo just the most!” pic. It’s a sitting of the future King of England, his wife and mother of another future king of England. I would have thought the thread title would have clued you in on that.

  • Lisa


  • Sarah

    How adorable are they!?like omg that is so cute!!

  • Harper1

    This photo looks identical to the one taken outside the hospital when the baby was first born. How about a photo of the little guy sitting up with his eyes open so we can really see what he looks like. Anyway, they seem like a normal happy couple. I wish them the best.

  • Chewbacca

    @Marvin Martian: Wow, you’re a looney. Nice xenophobia btw, totally justified, what with Britain being our biggest ally.

  • Bohoo

    she looks way better with a little meat on her…her wedding day was horrendous..dried out meat in orange tan and bad eye make-up

    This is an improvement…hopefully she stays this way

  • S

    Awwww! Such a sweet photo. Kate is absolutely glowing.

  • monti

    such a beautiful peaceful image, nice !

  • nyob

    They make a beautiful family. The picture is gorgeous and I get the message . . . we want a normal life for our child. But it is not a normal life. William is the future king. George is the future king. I think I would like to see a little royal flair for the first office photo sitting. I can see normal families any day.


    @Chewbacca: The brits are IN NO WAY biggest ally, you lying little brit fa**ot. Your little royal faux-furball better not show up in America or I’ll kill it myself.


    @Chewbacca: The brits are IN NO WAY AMERICAS biggest ally, you lying loser little brit fa**ot. Your little lying loser brit royal faux-furball better not show up in America or I’ll kill it myself.


    @AMERICA: If you think this brit fagball is bad have you ever been to the brit propatainment site dailymail. Americans don’t travel across the ocean let alone post comments in brit tabloids calling themselves “Indians” and Tonto and not having a clue about anything American from history to identity. The britsh*t make up fake American comments to appease their inferior historical reality.

  • FACT

    @Chewbacca: Chewbacca obviously isn’t from America. If America ever went to Chewbacca on its queer little island America would shave it and its queer little prince and princess and shoot them to put them down for their misery.

  • Turbo Essence

    @AMERICA: Out of curiosity, just how are they Americas biggest ally, exactly? How is that credible, exactly?

  • Turbo Essence

    @Chewbacca: Out of curiosity, just how are they Americas biggest ally, exactly? How is that credible, exactly?

  • Telegen

    @Chewbacca: You obviously know nothing about America And The Americans. They were the ones who toppled your dumb little kingdom island. It’s true, but apparently you’ve been raised on that island within your species to think it’s false. Your loss.

  • Jerkface

    Britain is America’s biggest ally in this day and age. It wasn’t always that way, but in the last century Britain has supported us in many of our political decisions. But even if @Chewbacca is wrong, there’s no need to call him or her the f-word. That just makes you a biggot and a douche. The picture of the royals is cute. Why mess that up by dragging your own paranoid politics into it?


    @Jerkface: Hey, Jerkface brit troll fa**ot and your little Jerkface brit troll fa**ot lover “Chewbacca”. If you two little brit lying losers want to rewrite reality so bad, why don’t you swim over to America right now so America can show your fat caucasian “arses” the sincerity of your alliance. America will wait until you get here. America won’t start without you, princess.

  • Jerkface

    @COAST-TO-COAST: Wow, dude. You are so unintelligent, it’s not even funny. Did you even go to school? I’m betting no. Check your facts before you start name calling. In the meantime, this conversation is over until you figure out how to act like a decent human being. Peace.

  • Deep

    I love how they chose to go natural over studio shots. Natural!

  • Benjamin

    Loving that photo of the whole family really inspiring to me, and Kate still looking amazing after having baby George.
    William and Kate with baby George</b