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Natalie Portman: Fleetwood Mac Music Fan!

Natalie Portman: Fleetwood Mac Music Fan!

Natalie Portman dons a “Fleetwood Mac” t-shirt while pumping gas for her car on Monday (August 19) in Hollywood.

On the same day, the 32-year-old actress was seen kissing her son Aleph while out and about.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman

The day before, Natalie was cute and casual while walking her pet pooch Whiz to a friend’s house.

FYI: Fleetwood Mac is a British-American rock band, which was formed in 1967, and is known for hits such as “Go Your Own Way,” “Dreams,” and “Tusk.” Natalie is wearing Soludos espadrilles and AG Adriano Goldschmeid shorts.

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman showing some love for Fleetwood Mac

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  • Bebe

    A bit surprised she pumps her own gas given that others do everything else for her but she takes credit for it lol

  • James


    ??? elaborate ???

    fleetwood mac is amazing and timeless; just like natalie!

  • Bebe

    @James: Guess youre unaware of the black swan problem. Fleetwood mac though, no complaints about that band.

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  • George

    Lol, she always likes to look very purposefully young. Probably knows full well her husband trains little ballerinas and she fears the competition.

  • Rea

    Her legs are not very flattering

  • @Rea

    I beg to differ. Her legs are probably the most flattering thing about her entire figure, which she makes out to be that of a child through lots of dieting.

  • Bebe

    @@Rea: lol!

  • A

    @George: How does she looks “purposefully young”?

  • Notoolate

    She looked her age in thor, 37 yrs old?

  • Bea

    Natalie does look rather earthy these days. Oh well.

  • Truth

    Overrated actress

  • Everhart

    I never understood the comparisons of this little whelp to Keira. Stand her next to Knightley and see who rules. One thing about KK- she vehemently refuses to kiss ass in hollywood and she would never ever take all the credit for someone else dancing for her in a film, like portman did. Thats why i never will watch black swan.


    Brit “quasiAmerican” fake import rock band “Fleetwood Mac”, you mean. No thanks, I prefer real American rock to the knock-off imports.

  • really

    Thanks JJ for explaining her wardrobe. I surely don´t know where she gets it.


    Fleetwood Mac… Like America gives a crapshoot about a fake import junk knock-off band of alien frauds posing as a “British-American” band, whatever that nonsense means. Portman needs to stop pretending, get out of America and go back home permanently. America isn’t buying whatever she’s selling and America isn’t for freeloaders.

  • lol

    @SOLID: She has about the most American entrepreneurial deposition. Don’t know the reason for this recant bashing, but I’d say as an American I’m ebarassed to think most of you posters also are.

  • Bea

    @lol: Actually, she did say her heart is in her homeland, israel. Don’t feel embarrassed for comments here about natalie, feel embarrassed for yourself and your own paucity. Are you another race-baiter? What does being american have to do with any critique of Portman? lol

  • Bea

    @lol: If someone here said that Jews control hollywood and Natalie has greatly benefited from that fact because she is jewish, then you might begin to have a point. But so would the the other person

  • lol

    @Bea: If someone were to say that the Dutch, the British, the Irish, the Italians, the russians, the Chinese immigrants have all controlled NY to some degree at some point, they would would have a point. Unless you are native American your not too distant ancestor was from somewhere else, and most immigrants do have a care for where they came from, and their heritage. It would be a same for us to lose that, and lose our delight in the acceptance of diversity.

  • Bea

    @lol:But we are discussing Portman and the strong possibility of her benefiting from cultural nepotism and kickbacks along cultural lines in hollywood, not how the chinese have cornered the restaurant review board and consistently select chinese eateries as consistent winners, even when they are blatantly undeserving. You think whiny, wimpy portman deserved her oscar? Or Jenn lawrence?

  • lol

    @Bea: Bea u r the master of race baiting, and the making of accusations for which u r most in resemblance of.

    To answer your questions, yes I believe both Natalie, and Jennifer fully deserved their oscars.

  • Bea

    @lol: Quite naturally you do lol. I, along with the majority of others, feel that those oscar wins were a total crock.

  • jeffi

    I stopped being a fan of her when I found out how her f–king no-name boyfriend( Now a loser husband) at the the time dumped his live in for Natalie, and then she made that embarassing speech of how he wanted to sleep with her. How gross and digusting.
    Whatever, hes not even good looking or seems nice. Just a wash-up, no name, gold-digging LOSER! Natalie married a LOSER! HA-HA!
    Natalie is also far up her own butt. I guess they deserve one another.

  • jeffi

    @Everhart: Keria is a godess, Natalie looks like a dwarf in comparrasion to her.
    Also, Keria husband is not a loser like Natalies is. He can find work and is not desperate to be a’star’ either.

  • British Latin American

    @lol: Aren’t we politically correct? Everyone over the world is an immigrant, since throughout history countries were constantly made by the influx of new people.

  • Espeeras

    Hayden C and Natalie P totally ruined star wars episodes 1-3 with just horrible acting. Bad casting. NP is not queenly. She is more like midwifey.

  • lol

    @British Latin American: Political correctness isn’t something I’m good at :) SOLID’s post and just strikes personally as an insult to what I’ve always felt my country’s values are. Sorry it got to me.

    Bea had his own agenda of race baiting and discrediting Natalie by her heritage. I probably should never have replied to him, but I couldn’t help my desire to expess what I see as a general truth to life. I’m not involved with hollywood so I can’t say yet truth of the level of Jewish influence ther, but there to seem to be a lot of Jewish people, and just like in all other things people who relate to each other tend to well relate best with each other.

    It is a shame that Natalie is being judged by her conviction to her heritage here. If any of you who bash her would watch the Black Swan you would see a supurb expression of a wide range of emotions, and transition of disposition.

    Were there others that year who put on great performances? Of course there are every year. Did her heritage have an influence? Maybe I don’t know, but I’m sure hardly to the level or by collaborative conspiracy that the like of bea wishes to represent.