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Gabriel Aubry: Joan's on Third Lunch with Nahla!

Gabriel Aubry: Joan's on Third Lunch with Nahla!

Gabriel Aubry tries to keep a low profile as he makes his way to his car with his adorable daughter Nahla on Tuesday afternoon (August 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old Canadian model treated Nahla, 5, to some lunch at specialty food restaurant Joan’s on Third before heading back home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel‘s 38th birthday is coming up on Friday, August 30!

Over the weekend, Gabriel‘s ex Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez spent some quality family time together with Nahla at Legoland in Carlsbad.

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  • msirene

    Its absolutely wonderful to see Gabriel and his pretty little daughter out and about again. I love that Gabriel let’s Nahla walk, like a 5 year old should, instead of treating her like an infant.

    I think that this is the first outing that they’ve had together since the child’s mother got married.

    Rooting for, and praying for you everyday Gabriel. Nahla is getting to be so tall, and so beautiful! :) And Gabriel, she’s the spitting image of you!

  • Verity

    It’s nice seeing them together.

  • Sayer

    Can’t stand the competition from Olivier. How many times has Olivier been seen with Nahla in the past view weeks?

  • m3iii

    nahla does look like her good looking daddy…lucky girl…..i hope he marries and gives nahla a sister….soon..

  • just saying

    That little girl is the splitimg image of her father my word’s

  • Shelbethegreat

    Oh, there is gay/bi Gabriel taking his meal ticket out for lunch. She can forget about getting a sister from that guy. She doesn’t look happy like she did with Olivier and Halle, wonder what is up?

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat you are a real A**** hole

  • msirene

    @just saying:

    Wouldn’t it be really nice if we could find out who this “Shelbethegreat” thing really is. That boy want’s Gabriel BAAAADDDD and stays on his case. It’s kind of sad….:( that someone could be so obsessed with our Gabriel. Gabriel is GORGEOUS, and this “Shelbethegreat simply can’t stand it! I think if we stick around long enough, we are going to find out the truth about Shelbethegreat, and it’s not going to be a pretty picture. smmhhh…

    And yes, there’s our gorgeous Gabriel, out with his baby girl. So, get over yourself….hee hee hee……

  • Shelbethegreat

    He’ll make some man a wonderful wife.

  • msirene


    To bad, boy Shebe….cause it won’t be you. Get over it! hee, hee, hee!

  • Shelbethegreat

    Msirene “Our gorgeous Gabriel” Hahahahaha, like I said, an old lady like you lusting after a bi/gay man, pretty funny, @just saying is doing the same. The truth hurts doesn’t it. Still waiting for that picture of Gabriel and his girlfriend, what’s that, there isn’t one, you don’t say. Hahahahahaha. Hey, @Msirene you still going to sue me,Hahahahahahaha.

  • MarkL

    @shelbe, you tried and failed with him. Be a gentleman and move on.

  • A

    You are ALL pathetic.
    Why can’t people just wish them well and get on with their lives? None of you know Gabriel OR Halle so get a life!
    Nahla looks like a beautiful mix between both Gabriel AND Halle.
    Hopefully they have found peace and everyone can carry on with their lives.

  • April

    @Shelbethegreat: I was coming here to post the same thing (Gabriel meal ticket). This guy is a loser and will not be marrying because he is afraid to lose his child support payments should he do so. Besides, he will never find another sucker like Halle to support him and his lifestyle.

    Can’t wait til Nahla grows up and exposes him for what he is,…….then maybe some of his looney fans will know the truth about him. Even Kim K was too smart to fall for his gold digging antics. Nahla is lucky she has Olivier to beat the crap out of Gabriel if he steps out of line again. hahah, He wrote a check his a$$ couldn’t cash when he tried to jump on Olivier.

  • huggybear

    Is it not the same Shelbethegreat that cry and said we must not say bad thing about Halle and her drunk fake husband Olivier because their having a baby yet she start attacking Gabriel after we see him with his daughter Nahla yes his daughter not fake step want be daddy Olivier.
    we will see Olivier going through everything that Halle put Gabriel very soon when that baby is born

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying how come you keep using @huggybear, I know it’s you. . Nahla doesn’t look happy with Gabriel in those pictures, about time JJ showed the truth. Nahla’s not a fake stepdaughter to Olivier she is his real stepdaughter and as I said before she will be spending more time with him than weekend bi/gay Gabriel. Nahla loves Olivier, he’s a great dad.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat just like you are Shelbe and many more don’t put everyone in the same boat like you maybe you are April because all you guy do is talk about $20,000. that is not money it should be 500,000.00 a months and than you and friend can get a heart attack

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying, I just knew you were @ huggybear, I just knew it. But l’m not April, still I agree with what she had to say. Gabriel should get a job and pay for his own daughter or he’s just like all the other gold diggers out there praying on men, no difference. If Olivier stooped to child support I would think the same of him, but he doesn’t and is a better man. @20,000 a month is money, real money, still it’s not enough for this Gabriel, but it’s all he’s got.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat called me all you want you still can not stop Gabriel from get that drop in the bucket Halle is paying because of her big fat lips it should be a lot more for all the b s he put up with and it’s not your money so stop speaking about it . In a year time it will be Olivier get $20,000. a month are you going to pay that too post us the cancelled checks .

  • Austin

    Shelbe & April . You two are a pair of boring classless morons. Nobody believes your c–p. you are so predictable that people are coming on here just to get a reaction from you and yes sir it’s always the same. Maybe you should get JJ to automatically include your comments with any future article, it will save you the hassle of typing the same thing over and over. It won’t hurt to ask and besides it can’t be that much fun for you anymore.

  • msirene

    @just saying:

    Shelbethegreat and April are one and the same! This is too funny! She /he is either a gay man obsessed with Gabe , or halle herself, trying to play games here on JJ.

    It’s all too, too funny! She is really quite the entertainer!

  • MIX UP

    Wasn’t Nahla pushing Olivier a way from her to be put down lost week when their was pick up bread and birthday cake or something for her mother?, what’s the big deal all Kid act up ,so what.

  • msirene

    @<a href="/2013/08/21/gabriel-aubry-joans-on-third-lunch-with-nahla/comment-p


    I agree with you. I think JJ should put Shelbethegreat on their payroll because of her obsession with their website. Then, she won't have to worry so much about Gabe's money….:)


    I think that if they paid her $20 per hour for her post here, she would accept this pay. That would be a whopping $480 per day, or $3,360 per week. She's on here 24/7.

    But, she still probably wouldn't be satisfied, because it's not as much as Gabe is receiving. Oh well………too bad!

  • huggybear

    @Shelbethegreat who are you? by the way you are making me very important calling me other people write me a check too sense you are paying all Halle Berry EX MAN AND HUSBAND. TAX WRITE MUST BE GREAT .FAKE HUSBAND FAKE HUSBAND, SUE ME FREEDOM OF SPEECH. FOOL SO I CAN SUE YOU BACK FOR MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH ,IT THE AMERICAN WAY FROM OUR FORE FATHER’S WHEN THEIR WRITE THE CONSTITUTION GOOD LUCK

  • just saying

    I wasn’t going to say any thing but sense Shelbethegreat is always picking on Gabriel. look at Halle picture five years ago and now she had a glow back than look happier too but with this pregnancies she look sick and tied and is wearing a lot’s more make up too she should rest herself best for you and this baby you are going to needed it Halle

  • mh

    @m3iii: He’s gay.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Ah, but if I didn’t post you guys could Halle and Olivier bash to your hearts content and pretend they are hated when their not. It’s easy to get a reaction out of a couple old ladies with time on their hands. Your all shouting and crying like this because you know in your heart what I am saying is true, Gabriel is a leech like many before him, he doesn’t work and he doesn’t date women. He has to hold on to that girl because he’s got nothing left. You distract yourselves with these ridiculous attacks because of the way this bi/gay man looks. Actually it appears that everyone is getting along but you guys can’t let it go so I won’t either. You can throw the personal attacks but it won’t change anything or hurt me because their not true, but what I said about Goldilocks is true, that’s why it hurts you. You ladies are nuts, all these multiple posting under different names, ridiculous.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat it seam like you are a RACIST what do you have against gay people and old lady be careful what you post it is coming across like you against GAY PEOPLE WHAT HAVETHEIR DONE TO YOU

  • jeanie

    @Sayer: #3

    There’s competition you, moron. Daddy AND step-daddy both have a place in her life.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Amen to that @ jeanie, there is no competition between the two dads, Nahla can have both and one is rich. However, when junior arrives there will be no competition either because he will be the center of the universe.

  • Mkeyes

    Aaaah, the purse snatcher is back. Must keep on top of getting his meal ticket! Shelbethegreat is not just picking on GA – anyone and everyone not dazzled by his looks or fooled by his nonsense KNOWS what he is, a high-end purse snatcher, all about that MONEY!

    NO – real man would NEED any money from their childs mother to be a GOOD father to her. He lost any admiration and respect I once had for him when he went to court fighting and claiming to NEED 20,000 a MONTH to keep Nahla in the custom she’d grown accustomed to. BULL – no child needs that. She only needs his love, attention, guidance and protection. Her MOTHER has provided all the rest.

    He’s a no account purse snatcher, PERIOD!

  • just saying

    @Mkeyes the world have charge it equal right if a women can get child support so can a man. by the way check your facts before you speak about respect Halle is the one who carry that man to court. I have lost my respect for Halle Berry when a women fight with every man she was with something is wrong, and Mkeyes are you Shelbethegreat just asking? the 20,000 a month are you paying it why talk about that no money children are priceless

  • Wurry

    They have 50/50 custody, which he had to fight to keep in place, so he is with her just as much as Halle is except for when he is away for work. He switched his agency from NY to LA.

  • just saying

    I mean children are priceless no amount of money is worth fighting for Halle is not going to court about it so why you people keep talking about it so sick. YOU CAN NOT DO ANY THING ABOUT

  • jon

    I doubt he or anyone else reading this gives a s**t whether you have respect for him or not. You are nothing to him or this family. You get worked up over a picture of a man you have never met and never will meet!!!!! What is wrong with you? Same goes for the rest of the idiots making ridiculous comments on this family. How in hell can you make such stupid and idiotic comments about strangers? You all need a reality check and fast.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @MKeyes your just speaking the truth, the bum should get a job, Gabriel is just another gold digger. Mel Gibson got one too, they’re everywhere. He’s a loser, doesn’t work, and has no money except that which is given to him by a woman. Just turns your stomach. At least she married the real man and not this leech.Gabriel got no self respect at all, he better save what he can cause when the girl turns 18 he’s going to be in real trouble. I doubt there are any 50 year old male models making major bucks. Heck he’s 38 years old and can’t support himself now with modeling, boy will he get a wake up call.

  • Mkeyes
  • just saying

    It so sad when their are people out their who are still living in the dark ages the LAW IS THE LAW LIVE WITH IT STOP SPEAKING ABOUT MONEY THAT IS NOT YOUR SICK.

  • mary

    Well done to him for trying to keep his time with his daughter private.
    Very few articles on them I am glad to see.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Yeah, hope I never see anymore articles on bi/gay boy again. He better get a job as soon as he can, child support won’t last forever.

  • just saying

    @!Shelbethegreat THE RACIST IS BACK POOR THING

  • British Latin American

    @jeanie: There is no reason to start name-calling? Did Sayer insult you, c**t?

  • mary

    Hopefully Berry disappears from the tabloids soon, so tired of seeing that lying b…. Glad the judge saw her for what she really is.

  • Shelbethegreat

    He’s still gay!