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Gisele Bundchen: World's Highest Paid Model of 2013!

Gisele Bundchen: World's Highest Paid Model of 2013!

Gisele Bundchen gets ready to get her workout on as she heads to her local gym on Wednesday (August 21) in Boston, Mass.

The 33-year-old supermodel was just named as Forbes‘ number one highest paid model of 2013.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Due to her campaigns with H&M, Chanel, and David Yurman, among numerous other ventures, Gisele reportedly is worth about $42 million for the year.

Rounding out the top five highest paid models are Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, and Liu Wen.

FYI: Gisele is carrying a bkr bottle.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen heading to the gym to get her workout on…

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  • Bonitto

    Way to go Mrs. Brady.

  • The last supermodel

    This goddess has just turned 33 and gave birth to her 2nd child 8 months ago. Just sayin’. She’s still on top of everything and puts every other model to shame. Queen G all the way!

  • KSB

    Bad b*tch contest, she’s in first place.

  • Flo

    She made good choices in her life…
    Among them was to marry Brady and raise a family with this guy who adores her.

  • Alyson

    Conclusion: Gisele still slays.

  • lol

    Waaat? I thought Miranda would make like 30 million or so… Guess she’s all hype. How did Adriana make that much? Wasn’t she prego

  • Sayer

    Video of Tom Brady checking out the cute water girl during practice:

  • Paul

    She’s so hot! I really appreciate that she looks like a normal human being on her daily routine. Very down to earth. Different from others supermodels wannabes.

  • Truthie

    There is one black model and one Asian model on the list. Good start.

    Come next year, Kerr will be off. No Alessandra Ambrosia? Ha!

  • Diliana von Bork

    She looks good. She looks so shy because the paps are there. So sweet! The only thing that I don’t like in these pictures is the pendant. Very tacky.

  • Mel

    Why is Toni Garrn not on the list? I’m shocked!

  • BM

    She is so beautiful….

  • bobbi

    Love ya Gis!

  • Janire

    There are models and then Gisele. A really gorgeous and successful woman with a beautiful family hands down.


    Love the way her gold member trouser snake pendant matches the German girl pig tail. This high shift hottie is definitely ahead of the curve.

  • Yay…

    Miranda is the 2nd highest paid model in the world!!!!

    So much for the Miranda “haters” telling us she’s a D grade model…lololololol.

    No Kate Upton, Karlie, Ale & Doutzen who according to the “haters” are ALL more successful than Miranda…..NOT!

    Gisele makes the majority of her money from being part owner of the Brazilian footwear company Grendene that makes “flip flops” their shares have doubled in value in the last few years.

    Who new “flip flops” would make her very wealthy?
    She also has her own makeup company Sejaa, as well as owing a Hotel & has other business deals.

    It was very smart of Miranda to now use her high profile & years as a VS model to expand her skincare line globally, perfect timing on her part.
    Her business should keep growing & expanding setting her up for the future as she solely owns the company.

    Forbes magazine said that High Fashion brands like Prada etc don’t pay very well & either does runway work. That the best way for models to make money was to have their own product line, merchandising & to get into the lucrative Asian markets.

    They also said even VS was cutting back on how much they’re now paying their models. Could be why Doutzen & Ale have dropped off the list?

    It’s getting harder & harder for models to make a lot of money just modeling as celebrities have taken over being the face of so many brands as well as the magazine covers!

    I think Miranda should expand into other areas like having her own brand of jeans, they would definitely do well. You always see so many articles on how to “get her look” so she needs to capitalize on that.

  • @16

    I guess that the haters are hiding out trying to spin this one away.
    That lame attempt at #6 was pretty embarassing for them. LOL

  • @10

    What are you talking about ?! that pendant looks great on her and was perfectly chosen to match her curvy body shape

  • charity?

    Yet not a dime goes to charity Im sure. Never see her donating. She could feed 2 third world countries. SNOB!

  • Gifan

    Gisele, The number 1. The best of the best

  • opps

    Miranda only made 7 million? These brands she works for don’t take her seriously I suppose. I mean she did do VS and David Jones between last and this year… and the countless Australian and Asain brands. If this was a more expensive model they would have earned way more

  • Diliana von Bork

    I don’t want to be mean, but I can’t stand Miranda fans anymore. It’s so silly!
    @charity?: Is this a joke? You know nothing about her.

  • @Sayer

    I really don’t think Gisele cares. Watch this video: “I’m so blessed, have a beautiful wife that I love so much.” He is crazy about her.
    She is the greatest supermodel ever, I adore her. She deserves every cent.

  • @21

    Funny. Just the other day you were claiming that Miranda didn’t have many campaignes, now they are “countless”.
    Interesting. Miranda moving up so far, and past your faves really has you bothered doesn’t it. You’re obviously having a hard time spinning this away.
    You should have listened to her fans when we kept telling you guys that Asian brands pay big.
    And Gisele remains the queen. Love her!

  • juda

    #16 let’s stop pretending Miranda’s try-hard cosmetic line had anything to do with her earnings. Forbes barely acknowledged it as a money maker. A’ll that money came from the Asian brands she worked with nonstop… It would be more surprising if she made less than she did after the endless labour she has done in the past 12 months… She had to work 10 times as much as Adriana to get to her level lol… That!s just sad it it shows that she indeed isn’t as expensive as her peers….

  • @25

    Wow. Now a couple of trips = “endless labor”.
    You guys are so funny when you are desperate.

  • ?

    Queen Gisele is perfection.
    Drop dead gorgeous Miranda is amazing.
    Goddess Adriana still ranks high, even after being pregnant.
    But where is Doutzen? You guys who always show up to insult Candice and Miranda always talk about Doutzen and her big contracts. So where is she? Hmm?

  • juda

    @@25: is it a lie? How many brands is she involved with from 2012 to 2013? 10 at the least. Lol. It’s called the truth.
    It’s already been proven that she doesn’t get a dime from any brand when she’s pregnant. And jt’s going to be interesting next year, the list, now that her biggest contracts are dissolved.

  • opps

    @@21: I never comment on Miranda’s threads. The childish stupidity young on there Is beneath me. I’m not going to deny I read the comments there,,, and people usually say she doesn’t get high fashion campaigns and that’s true… I don’t think anybody will deny she gets other kind of campaigns because we all see them.

  • Stop

    These discussions are so dumb, they are different models with different careers, why do you have to compare them all the time?

  • @28

    name them, then
    and make sure that they were all from last year.
    come on

  • @30

    Actually, it’s not really a comparison. It’s just Miranda haters baiting her fans into comparison.
    Well, ok, sometimes it is Miranda’s fans vs Adriana’s fans. But usually it’s just haters pretending to be Adriana fans.
    Haters just want to use every outlet that they can to insult a woman who has never harmed them in any way. Pretty pathetic, wouldn’t you say.

  • juda

    @@28: “and make sure that they were all from last year”
    Sorry but it’s from 2012/13. Forbes clearly stated that.
    Clear, Samantha Thavassa,Mango, David Jones, Victoria’s Secret, Qantas, P&G detergent, Lipton, She promoted Gillette as well… That’s at the top of my head… If she was a true super model, then at leasr 10 million she would have gotten that from all that work. And lets not forget she’s also supposedly making money from Kora, although I don’t see how.
    Bye… deal bith this harsh reality you refuse to face

  • Pretty Ka

    Love Love Love Gisele! About Adriana (who is lovely as well), can anyone tell me how she made so much money this past year? I haven’t seen her much, except for her VS stuff. I’m just curious.

  • @33

    So now it’s a bad thing to be popular?
    And making it to number two is NOT a true super model?
    See why people laugh at your hypocrisy?
    Next you will claiming that all of the hf covers that she has been getting mean nothing.

  • juda

    @@33: Lol, did you see the gap between #i and #2? It has never been wider. If she’s a supermodel, she wouldn’t need to work for a million company to gather 7 million. Adriana has only to do VS to get that 7. And please, what popularity? I don’t think a detergent comapny at Asian would have thought of her to do a commercial that wasn’t even solo. She and her team put themselves out there and looked for those projects themselves. I’m, pretty positive you’re aware of basic things like that… Playing dumb doesn’t llok good on you.

  • Kelly

    This woman is so overrated. Adriana Lima is way hotter and a fresh body for the modeling industry.

    but anyways.. Congrats to her, more power to her I guess.

  • Sarah

    This ugly dude with no curves, manly features and bad skin is the highest paid model? lol
    Just like Fakelina Jolie is the highest paid actress it doesn’t mean anything! both are ugly anorexics, famewh*res with zero talent and overrated as hell!
    The fact that she had open her legs to DiCaprio, Kelly Slater, Tom Brady, lots of businessmen and many other guys with money is the real reason of her fame!
    A call girl is what she really is!

  • Julie

    I wonder if her anorexic-american fans knows the kind of advertising she does in Brasil!
    She does real bad stuff here! lots of sexists ads like these: / – she was very desperate for money when she did that! That’s your highest paid model!

  • Laura

    Gisele is super! she deserves to be the best model around! her strong personality and her positive life philosophy…i just adore her! go gisele go!!!!

  • Laura

    Is there something wrong in those comercial ads?really I don’t see anything “strange”! very funny and she is always stunning! don’t you know that she is also the face of Chanel Beauty’s fall campaign? yes, she is the highest paid model and she deserves that. Other models can just dream her personality and charisma.

  • Laura

    she has so much money that she can stop working, so please shut up and realize that she is The highest paid model. again.

  • Laura

    fresh body ?? please wake up and look at her picture: she is a 33 very young woman with a toned body that millions of girls didn’t have even at the age of 15. and please do you know that adriana lima was born in 1981 and gisele in 1980? do you really see any big dofference? it’s just 1 year…’s so stuipd to compare two very different model anyway. they are both beautiful in a very different way.

  • @Sarah

    well said

  • Laura

    with your comment you just show a lot of envy and frustation, it’s very sad.really.

  • Chris

    @Laura: It would be surprising if the fans of a woman who sells her body would think that those kinds of ads are strange! Of course that is not strange for someone who does that since always!
    She did one for Oral-B that is hilarious! and it wasn’t intencional! she said that “her smile” opened many doors to her… “smile” is a new name for Leonardo DiCaprio?
    And the worst that I’d see is the one that she is teaching women to take off her clothes to give bad news to their husbands, that was the most sexist ad ever! but of course her fans will say that is a beautiful thing to be a sexual object!

  • @chris

    “is a beautiful thing to be a sexual object!” : if only all those young girls who admire these women knew………

  • @36

    The gap between Queen Gisele and the rest of the modeling world has always been huge. A few million either way is just business fluctuation. Heidi is usually the closest, but since she isn’t even in the list this year the difference just seems more extreme. And if we want to look at it your way, the difference between #1 and #3 has never been greater, either.
    But I now see what Miranda’s fans deal with on a daily basis. Irrational, incomprehensible, hate and hypocrisy. We have to feel with all of the ridiculous ‘man’ comments, but we have it easy compared to you guys.

  • Sal

    So stupid. If Adriana only needs VS to make seven million, then why didn’t she earn seven million last year?
    She was under contract all year (even while pregnant she fulfilled that contract) plus her one-of-a-group Prada ads.
    Do you even think before you post?

  • Isa

    Normal , she’s the most beautiful !