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Vanessa Hudgens: Al Pacino's Saying is My Quote of the Day!

Vanessa Hudgens: Al Pacino's Saying is My Quote of the Day!

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face while leaving a restaurant with her BFF Kim Hidalgo on Wednesday afternoon (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The two BFFs stopped off for lunch, taking some leftovers with them, before running some errands around town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

The day before, Vanessa posted one of her favorite Al Pacino sayings as her quote of the day on Instagram. “The camera can film my face but until it captures my soul, you don’t have a movie,” the quote read.

Don’t forget, Vanessa‘s new movie, The Frozen Ground, opens on Friday, August 23rd! Can’t wait to see it!

FYI: Vanessa is carrying a The Frye Company backpack.

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  • anney

    she looks so cute <3

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    Love her white dress. Kim looking good too.



  • Pam

    @SHINE: that’s why critics are loving her as Cindy

  • samantha

    cutest outfit ever

  • freya

    Vanessa Hudgens: Al Pacino’s Saying is My Quote of the Day!
    SAYING??? LOL. Seriously Vanessa needs some more education. She has tons of money she can afford at least 6 months in a community college.

  • hanna

    they are adorable, can’t wait for their mermaid photoshoot.

  • hanna

    I have read many reviews talking about how talented she is, so, YOUR COMMENT IS INVALID.

  • DEI

    “Vanessa and her BFF Kim Hidalgo” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love them

  • fern

    im in love with her dress she looks awesome

  • yets

    cute friendship Vankim.

  • JFC

    what are you talking about? she never said “sayings” that´s Jared… this is her actual post: her only words were “legendary #WOTD”

  • marie

    ohhhh we so need to find a ship name

  • ol

    LMFAO you look so dumb right now, instead of hating all the time you should at least check your facts.

  • linnie

    TFG review
    “Hudgens actually brings complexity to a pretty standard role, and she is quite believable as an option-less young woman gone to seed”

  • marie

    are you serious? Vanessa never said that.


    How cute can a twenty something be when covering her face like a 5 year old child ? it’s freeeeeky , stay home if ya don’t want to be noticed in public or just put on a mask or sometin’ like kids for halloween

  • linnie

    “As pleasurable as it is to see Cage and Cusack in fighting form, it must be known that the biggest surprise of The Frozen Ground is Vanessa Hudgens as a raggedy prostitute. Presumably, her character’s relationship with Cage’s sergeant has been highly exaggerated, but Hudgens manages to eclipse the familiar tropes associated with her storyline and gives a fascinating performance. While James Franco steals the show in Spring Breakers, Hudgens is effectively divorcing herself from those shackling Disney days, and her sympathetic turn is well worth praise (and let’s not forget a thankfully non-distracting role for 50 Cent as a backstabbing pimp). But committed performances aren’t enough to forgive several schlocky moments, especially a handful of scenes featuring Radha Mitchell as Cage’s frustrated wife. ”

  • linnie

    ” the performance of Hudgens as the troubled 17 year old. Simply, wow. The former Disney gal has shown many instances of promise in films like Bandslam and most recently the excellent Spring Breakers, but this is an immersive, dedicated (and unpleasant to depict no doubt) performance and one which loses the once squeaky clean High School Musical star in layers of grime and regret.”

  • linnie

    interview ” I never look up what people are thinking about me, for sure. I like keeping my sanity..”

  • David5

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  • Xo

    cute outfit except for the sandals. She and Kim always look like they could be sisters :)

  • linnie
  • Nightwish

    The stoopidest pictures of lame ass hudgens, and her stoopid fans chime in lmao

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    @Nightwish: Awww, shut your big fat GOP!

    Thanks, Linnie. It is heartening to hear good reviews about her performance.

  • Colehaan

    @linnie: SIvts, hores and spics. Thats the only leftover roles this woman will get. Cheap tramps. Prostitutes. A trail guide living deep in south america. If she is lucky

  • ZV

    @Coleham: shut up. Shut up. She was been doing a great choice in her roles lately and that show that she’s grow up as a person e as an actress.

  • kelly martineau

    She looks like she’s pregant in that dress. Big Lips knock her up. Good job. But that’s a cute dress. augly shoes. Who does she allways wears hats everywhere she goes know.
    Its nice to see see them together.

  • maria

    @kelly martineau: You’re a whack-job.

  • pithy

    Why does she call the paps if she doesn’t want to have her photo taken. As for the reviewers that say she is good. They don’t know their a$$ from a hole in the ground.

  • Unknown

    @kelly martineau: She doesn’t look pregnant you idiot. Maybe you should check the pictures from the day before this & if you tell me she still looks pregnant than you must be effing blind. You have nothing but negative things to say just shut up.

  • Nightwish

    Never any other paps in sight unless its an event and other stars are on site. Look around with these street pics. Do you ever see multiple photographers? These are pics taken specifically for just jared by her ‘photographer’ mom Gina. Or stella, when gina is busy. Stella has tons of time on her hands LMAO

  • Jr

    There really is no other way to put it. You’re a terrible, terrible person.

  • maria

    Do you see “multiple photographers” in ANY OTHER PICS of other celebs ON THIS SITE ?? What a dumba$$.

  • maria

    @pithy: You obviously know squat. I think I’d trust them way before your hateful spewing. And newsflash, it’s because she doesn’t call them. The paps are all over Studio City where lots of celebs live. You certainly care enough to always profess your hatred. I have an idea…..don’t bother. We don’t care what you think.

  • maria

    Vanessa continues to impress… Love what Walker has to say about casting her.

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    @maria: Wow, that was just awesome coming from Scott Walker. He said the choice of Vanessa was a no brainer after her one audition and she came in late. He was very impressed with her performance. Thanks.



  • maria

    @PAR_4_DE_FOOL: Well, I guess you ARE a fool. Her pics are not only here, but on other sites, and in other magazines as well. Jared has favorites, and he likes to post pics of those favorites whenever he can. His blog, his choice. If you don’t like it, LEAVE.

    I don’t know why this is labeled as some big conspiracy. Has Vanessa gotten dozens of roles because of her pics on Just Jared? C’mon, get a grip. They’re just damn pap photos. You know, those VULTURES who make MONEY off these photos?? Why do people blame the celebs? They HATE the invasive paps, and want laws regarding their blatant intrusions. These photos do nothing for their careers.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: There is no demand for hudgens photos. Have you lost yer mind like bitchy?

  • Jr

    Are you only happy when you’re preaching hate?

  • pika

    i watched frozen ground and although its not the best thriller, vanessa opened the movie very well. she was all crazy and hysterical which fit the mood. when she takes the drugs it was really realistic. i think if u say she was bad then thats harsh cuz shes come a long way for a disney star. well done to her (i dont even like her but she is talented). id give it a C+ but the acting A.

  • truth

    @pika: for Scott Walkers first time I will cut him some slack but there was hardly any character development which is where i agree with the critics and understand its rating. The movie seems to focus on Cindy’s character which showed the clear development in character. The scene that I found particularly interesting was when after they didn’t believe she was raped, so she went back to her apartment and watched a cartoon in bed holding a teddybear. Its like she regressed to this child alter which is when you remember she is only 17. the scene where she overdoses and is practically dead and the opening scene were the best though

  • Colehaan

    Critics rating on rotten tomatos now down to 55% and audience 59%

  • Nightwish

    The frozen ground gets right down to it, with the lone surviving victim – played by our hero Hudgens – immobilized and desperately yelling for help. This was an editing choice no doubt, purposely done so to grab the audiences attention at the start of the film in hopes that viewers wont recognize it as just another crime story involving a serial murderer. The film gets quite rudimentary from that point on, however, and developmentally settles into what it vigorously hopes to avoid. Cage delivers his role in satisfactory fashion, but you get the feeling like he’s just showing up for work as an actor and not extending himself. Same with Cusack. The irony here has to be Hudgens, who, for being the lowest paid actor in the group by far, actually tries the hardest to make her character in the film the most memorable.
    So what can we expect in this film? A cop doing his friggin job? Check. A
    serial killer’s deranged thought processes fleshed out? Check. A victim played by an actress who can deliver the same basic emotions a burnt
    out prostitute would illicit, like sadness, desperation, and some crying? Check. Whats not to like? The fact that each viewer is relieved of 20 bucks spent on tickets and snacks, as well as the gas it takes to drive to
    the theater just to watch a depressing, average crime film. This movie can easily be deferred as a future netflix download. Just make a note of that fact, because given the vast amount of content available these days.. you might forget about the film altogether.

  • Nightwish

    I might add that our local site hero hudgens did an ok job of behaving unstable and anguished on film, and speculate that to harness her crying emotions, she tapped into feelings of losing half her twitter following, or the devastation of getting zero views on her instagram postings, or being deprived of various attention seeking vehicles that are so important to her these days. I also want to add that she looks flat our scary in this film. I think when her face is plump while sporting a very unflattering hairstyle, its like whoa, time to diet and put hair extensions on, hudgens! Good lord..

  • maria

    The problems with Walker’s film arise from the script, where it lacks any real passion for the plight of those involved, demonstrating his inexperience, however well researched it may be. Cage does the best he can, portraying Halcombe as both reliable and grounded but simultaneously, rather wooden and two-dimensional. It also begs the question, are we limited in our empathy for this real-life character and his gruelling task because the script reels out the TV cop drama clichés? In contrast, Halcombe’s predictability shows Hudgens in a brave new light, totally dispensing with any Disney sheen here, showing a gutsy and rather exciting new premise as an adult actor in a controversial role.

  • maria

    Fresh off her change-of-pace part in SPRING BREAKERS, Vanessa Hudgens once again goes against type as Hansen’s would-be-victim Cindy Paulson, a crystal-meth addicted stripper/ sometimes prostitute (with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who also produced, playing her pimp in a small part). Hudgens is really working hard to abandon her former Disney princess image, and she’s pretty damn good as Paulson, in a role that’s probably just about as prominent at Cage’s. The two play well-off each other, with them having an interesting surrogate parent-child type dynamic that gives the film a much-needed emotional current.

    - See more at:

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Wonder if you realized that review is actually written by me lol

  • maria

    And that brings me to the performance of Hudgens as the troubled 17 year old. Simply, wow. The former Disney gal has shown many instances of promise in films like Bandslam and most recently the excellent Spring Breakers, but this is an immersive, dedicated (and unpleasant to depict no doubt) performance and one which loses the once squeaky clean High School Musical star in layers of grime and regret.