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Ben Affleck is Batman for 'Man of Steel' Sequel - Confirmed!

Ben Affleck is Batman for 'Man of Steel' Sequel - Confirmed!

Ben Affleck has officially been chosen to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel!

The 41-year-old actor will star alongside Henry Cavill in the movie that will bring Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen!

Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry‘s Superman,” director Zack Snyder said in a statement (via Hypable). “He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to work with him.”

The film is set to go into production in 2014 with a release date of July 17, 2015. Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane are all confirmed to return for the film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ben Affleck playing Batman?

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  • http://TreeMYAShop amy Wiryawan

    Good.I am so happy about this. He will be much better than Bale was

  • Amy

    Oh, Ben. *sigh* Why do you keep trying to act?

    Matt Damon is the talented actor, not you.

    Your talent is as a director. Just keep doing that.

  • Sofia

    @amy Wiryawan: @amy Wiryawan: are you drunk??? Ben better than Bale LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA waht a joke!

  • Nana

    LOL! at least Ben American. No more merits. We will wait for Batman in Batman stories. This is the story of Superman. In others, there will be another Batman movie, not Ben.

  • alexandrina

    never mind.. Superman vs Batman = GAY
    no wonder Bale doesn’t want to be any part of this movie…

  • fardous

    im happy 4 him , he is steping more , i think bez he win oscar

  • Amy

    This is a joke!
    “He has the acting chops…” – Zack Snyder, are you crazy? Ben Affleck CAN’T ACT!!! COME ON!
    He will be a terrible Batman just like his BFF George Clooney aka the worst Batman ever!

  • Sean

    I love Ben and him as Batman is great but I wish he doesn’t do this. Because I just think the idea for this is terrible. Batman vs Superman…Really? Ben has built himself back up and I feel like this can screw all that up again.

  • Gee

    IF somehow Ben wasnt on daredevil he’s could be a cool bruce.. totally see the dark,tall,mysterious type…(put in mind that bruce in character like ben have the same height 6’2)

    But i still cant get my mind off how terrible daredevil was… so another candidate please???

  • sally

    The thing with this guy is he is not a bad actor but he has very expressionless eyes imo. He may still be able to pull of Batman though as Batman is more about attitude than anything. In any case, they needed to have some one who wouldn’t overshadow Henry Cavill who was barely okay as superman imo.

  • Lish

    What a joke lmao
    Christian Bale was THE best Batman.
    This Ben as Batman thing, is just sad

  • bobbi

    Awesome pick to follow Bale.

  • Missy

    Tyler Hoechlin should be the new Batman. If you don’t know him google him.

  • Shy

    what the ugly shit !!!!! him????

  • siennagold

    Horrible decision. There are so many capable actors out there.

  • http://yahoo kiera

    I like Ben ….but Ben as Batman sucks , bad choice .

  • aquarius64

    I can’t see Ben Affleck as Batman. Especially after Daredevil.

  • Yassine

    Bale is and will always be the best Batman I’ve ever seen

  • Ana Inés

    Bradley Cooper, it would be a better choice.

  • Nora

    Seriously guys…i would take Affleck over most of the actors that made the Batman shortlist.Josh Brolin aside,the other guys suuuucked.Affleck has prooved that he can act with films such as The Town and Argo.He was also pretty awesome in other films that he did in the 90s but people seem eager to overlokk this films and focus on his bad choices.And Daredevil? was not his fault!Marvel acquired the shittiest direct and writer that they could find.Even Collin Farell was bad.
    And may i remind you that people were too quick to judge Cavill,Hathway,Keaton,Hardy and most importantly Ledger?All of them (especially Ledger)prooved everyone wrong by giving performances that received rave by critics and audience.

  • Cate

    Uh…what? Ben is a great director but only an OK actor. He doesn’t have the charisma for Batman and didn’t he diss superhero movies after ‘Daredevil’. I don’t think he is right for the role but I think he got this because he and WB are very tight. His recent movies have been big successes for them and they don’t want him to stray.

    Huge comedown talentwise from Christian Bale. I liked the idea of Wes Bentley as Bruce Wayne :(

  • So Swedish

    When they announced that they would do a Superman/ Batman movie I was seriously doubtful.
    It’s a risky project.

    And now, announcing Ben Affleck as Batman, I am sure it will be terrible!
    What were you thinking Snyder?

    Like som people have said before, know when to let go of a charachter!
    Don’t milk it till everyone hates it!

    To pick up the cape after Bale… Not something just anyone can do, and most certainly NOT Ben Affleck!
    Bale was beyond awesome as Batman! Magical. Leave it there, please.

    Oh…this will be bad.

  • nok thailand

    Thanks for the news, Oh WOW Benman. :)

  • november

    I have nothing against Ben, but I just can see him as Batman. Hell, I can see anyone after Bale did it. Wayne is someone who looks cocky and acts cocky…that his best cover and at nights he’s there to help others. I can see Ben being this atractive guy, I just can’t. I wished they asked Bale again or someone who’s like him. I don’t know if I want to see the next Superman….and I started too like it. For the first time someone who’s normal played Superman and it was awesome… but with this new choice I fee so sad… this is not good

  • november


    I meant I CAN’T SEE ANONE what after Bale did it. HE’S THE BEST

  • Melody

    that is so hilarious, I thought it was an April Fools joke
    I couldn’t stop laughing for 5 good minutes
    Affleck is a good actor and a good director but he’s not Batman, he will never be Batman
    I wasn’t probably not going to see this movie anyway cause Batman and Superman just don’t belong together but now I’m sure I won’t see it

  • ken

    Hahahaha what’s next? Matt Damon as Robin and J-Lo as Batgirl.

  • http://ruth42 rth


  • EndOfTime


  • karl

    this is so funny… ben plays the same role in almost every movie hes in…

  • sam

    Please, tell me this is a joke, no one can be better than Bale, especially not the very overrated Affleck, what a shame

  • Calamity

    Don’t forget there was negative reactions to Heath Ledger as the Joker.
    Affleck didn’t even cross my mind as Batman either, but like Ledger, I can see him really doing something for this character. Yes he played Dare Devil… but IMHO Chris Evans is a better Cpt. America than Johnny Storm. I think it’ll work out.

  • MADD

    This is truly a sad day in movie news. Ben Afflect as Batman. This is a bad move to have chose him for the part. I just hope that this does not ruin it for Henry Cavill and the rest of the cast. All the cast members are just wonderfuls actors. They really should have considered someone that is talented like Henry Cavill to play oppposite him. Better hope this one does flop at the box office when it comes out.

  • MADD

    @MADD: What is meant was, better hope that this one does not flop at the box office when it comes out.

  • kchanc02

    Bad idea. I really like Ben Afflect as an actor but this is a really bad choice for him. He needs to stay away with these types of characters. Not a good fit at all.

  • Aisaiko

    What the…? Wait…someone call Zack Snyder a doctor. I think he’s having a stroke.


    @alexandrina: Bale is gay, remember, like Cavill. Affleck isn’t, like every other Superman and Batman actor. Get rid of Cavill for a better actor and you have a bankable and profitable movie. Cavill was the reason Man of Steel bombed so bad as it so obviously did.

  • Batman minion

    When a read that BA is playing Batman a said no way, but then i remember that is a Superman movie so Batman maybe be a cameo in it, as long BA is in costume a can tolerated it, because the only BW is CB, i image that this Batman is Azrael, maybe Superman only interact with Batman not with BW. The important character in this movie is Superman not Batman, so thats why is BA is the new Batman because the way a seet it, Batman cant steal the movie. BA is handsome ant talented BUT i cant see him like BW, he dont have BW personality, charisma, dark side, etc. so the shoes are so big to feel it (sorry, english is not my lenguaje)
    Now if this is a world finest movie then the only Batman is CB because a see an equal characters between S & B, in that movie a like BW to interact with CK. And only CN is the one to direct this movie.
    Some people said give the the benefic of douth, like the actor who play the joker (he deserves the Óscar) but remember that he was directed by CN, so thats why CB dont what to play Batman in this movie, he said as long the director is CN he play Batman and i agree with him.

  • ComicLand Forever

    @Batman minion: If by CB being the only Batman you mean… Christian Bale you’ve got to be seriously joking. Ball-licker Bale was junk that killed DC comics. Batman isn’t a “Dark Knight”(?). Batman is a SUPERHERO. The Ball-licker Bale movies are already hated and forgotten. Burn them and bury them on an asteroid heading to The Big Bang. Affleck has played both Daredevil AND Superman and has SUPERFANS for those portrayals. He can play Batman. They just need another actor to play Superman than Homo Henry “Dick Knight” Cavill. Cavill will DESTROY this movie the way Cavill destroyed “Man of Steel”. Fire Cavill and you’ve got a great hit.

  • MADD

    @KRYPTONOPOLIS: Bale and Cavill are not gay. Man of Steel did not bomb at the box office. If it bombed they would not be making a sequel. As for Affleck, he is not a good choice and not very bankable. We will see who is better in acting in the superhero department when it comes out in 2015. Henry Cavill will beat Afflect as a better hero with his talents. Ben Afflect did not do a good job as Dare Devil.

  • Joblo

    Eummm…what about HELL NO. I’m sorry but Bale was freakin great.

  • MADD

    @ComicLand Forever: That goes for you to. Stop saying Cavill is going to destroy MOS. Did you think Ben Afflect did a good job as Dare Devil. If he did, there would have a sequel to that movie. I hope Cavill woops afflect in this sequel. I hate smart, obnoxious people who think they know everything. Just because Afflect won an award for his movie argo does not make him bankable as playing a superhero.

  • lui


  • Power City Comics

    @MADD: Actually, both Bale and Cavill are homosexual, sorry but true. Man of Steel was a disaster bomb as has been told by every box-office and other investigative account. So you’re wrong on those counts. Daredevil is spelled as one word. Ben Affleck has been making Oscar worthy material and performances since he started in the business, including Superman in Hollywoodland. Cavill needs to get out of trying to get into mens butts and hit the high seas for home again before it’s too late. There needs to be another and better actor playing Superman and everyone who’s real knows it.

  • EvanM


  • MADD

    @Power City Comics: Yeh, you keep telling yourself that. If Bale is a homo, why is he married with a kid and as for Cavill, you or anybody else have not proof of sexuality. We will see how it goes when the movie comes out. Affleck is still not right for the part playing batman even though people think he have awards for his movies. Enough said.

  • Amy

    I see that BA’s PR team is out here defending him. Thanks for the fake posts! *waves* You can see on Twitter that the majority of people do not want him to play Batman. He’s a wooden actor.


    @EvanM: Bale and Watchmen were the first big plunders on the DC road to comic movie ruin. Badly cast bad F-minus actor given a role out of his league and timezone. Fortunately, no Bale in this new one but they still have to replace Cavill.

  • msirene

    Ben is absolutely gorgeous and will make a superb Batman! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • Teddy’s Cousin

    Wes Bentley for the Win!
    Ben will fail and fall hard, karma for what a rotten person he is, inside.