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Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a ride around town using one of the bicycles from the new CitiBike program on Thursday afternoon (August 22) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined for the day by his BFF Lukas Haas, who is featured in the new movie Jobs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Earlier in the week, Leo was spotted schmoozing with some models at a party for the launch of bebe‘s new campaign. Head on over to Huffington Post right now to check out the photos of him at the event!

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio riding around town a bicycle…

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leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 01
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 02
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 03
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 04
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 05
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 06
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 07
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 08
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 09
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 10
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 11
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 12
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 13
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 14
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 15
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 16
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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546 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!”

  1. 1
    David Says:

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  2. 2
    Priti Says:

    Smile, I wonder how much Leo pays Lukas to hang around.

  3. 3
    ^ Says:

    Leokas for life!!!

  4. 4
    What's next Says:

    Leo in a Citibike = New thread

  5. 5
    Leokas Says:

    Finally we are here for you guys!
    Enjoy the pics!
    We would like to say thank you to all the fans of leokas!
    Bffs always stay together, Toni won’t be here for long just to let you all know!

  6. 6
    HAHA Says:

    LMFAO. Leokas reunite.

  7. 7
    Why?? Says:

    He must have a serious nicotine addiction because you never see him put that damn e-cig down! I mean he’s riding a fricking bike for god’s sake! He can’t put it away in his pocket or something?

    Also you can tell he’s hiding his gut. Some pics look like he may be sucking it in. :-)


  8. 8
    L&L forever Says:

    Ahhhhh my favorite couple!

  9. 9
    Leokas Says:


    Love the Leokas posts!!! Keep them coming! Haha

  10. 10
    well Says:

    His e-cig has become his “security blanket”.
    Thanks JARED for the new pictures. Leo and Lukas look happy and relaxed:)

  11. 11
    HAHA Says:

    ikr! He must smoke them 24/7 I swear lol. Atleast it’s not real cigs. And i was surprised but he doesnt look that fat to me, except his belly. Agreed about him sticking his belly in. He shouldn’t wear shirts like that which expose his belly even more.

    @L&L forever:

  12. 12
    Leokas Says:

    Ofc, we will always be together. Toni is just a play thing just like the rest of them. Don’t worry I as Leo will find a proper real mature woman as my wife. No more models, parties, smokes. If I don’t I might even give Lukas a chance. ;) leokas fo life y’all!!!
    Don’t try to snatch our name. There is only one leokas that’s us

  13. 13
    HAHA Says:

    LOL, no love for Bradley, Leo? I thought you had replaced Lukas with him these days.

  14. 14
    #12 Says:


    Don’t worry I won’t! Was just giving you a shout out!! :-)

  15. 15
    Drake Says:


    Lol. Leo is an equal lover. Bradley had his time now Lukas turn.

  16. 16
    Leokas Says:

    I have to admit Lukas and I were having a rough patch and I wanted to make him jealous with Bradley but Bradley’s freaky eyes reminded me that I could never replace Lukas !! I love that boys big ears!

  17. 17
    ^ Says:


    The Leokas diaries lol

  18. 18
    -_- Says:

    I prefer him with Bradley

  19. 19
    HAHA Says:

    Right on! Leo has never looked more at ease when hes with Bradley.

    Sorry, Lukas.

  20. 20
    Models and booze!!! Says:

    C0URtN€¥ M@Rk$ (@courta24)
    8/22/13, 9:31 PM
    Leo DiCaprio in my sight. Life is complete. @TheGeneral table full of models and bottles but he’s jack Dawson at heart xoxoxox

    Man needs models anonymous!!

  21. 21
    -_- Says:

    Looks hot together :)

  22. 22
    Leokas Says:

    More like sorry Bradley, there can only be one modelizer, mamas boy in a relationship and that’s me! Lukas balances our relationship out!

  23. 23
    HAHA Says:

    LMFAO. Fair enough. But Lukas also does not guard you or give you sh^t for your playboy lifestyle, me thinks you need a more responsible and down to Earth best friend, sorry Leo!

    @Models and booze!!!:
    Again, where does he get all this energy?? Wonder what Toni is up to.

  24. 24
    Drake Says:


    Lol you win. @Models and booze!!!:

    The life ill tell you,

  25. 25
    #23 Says:


    I put this on the previous thread right before this one started. I was responding to someone who asked the same question so here it is.

    A cara delevingne fan posted a pic of toni and cara on their twitter. It was posted today and it looks like a current pic of toni but I could be wrong. It looks like it was taken in maybe London? Not sure but definitely somewhere in Europe. And if it is current toni is wearing that same olive green skirt that she wore in LA when her and Leo were seen at dinner. I don’t know what’s up with her style when she’s not modeling! It boggles the mind that she dresses the way she does when she’s out in public.

  26. 26
    →_→ Says:

    Bradleo has more chemistry than Leokas
    Plus they are more equal career and looks wise

  27. 27
    HAHA Says:

    Ooh thanks, so I guess Toni is not in the US then. There would have been some sightings of her if she was at some point. I wonder whats gonna happen now when she goes back to NYC for work and I wonder what Leo’s plans are. Will he be preparing for WOWS promotion? He really has no choice but to promote it, besides Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, the rest of the cast are not as well known and he literally IS the movie. It’s not like Gatsby, WOWS is going to be all about Leo so he has no choice but to suck it up and handle the attention.

  28. 28
    #27 Says:


    Didn’t someone post in one of the previous threads that he was going to start training for his space flight in September? If so I wonder how long that’s supposed to last??

  29. 29
    #29 Says:


    LOL that’s the look of admiration!! Didnt bradley say at some point that he used to look up to Leo when he was still a struggling actor??

  30. 30
    HAHA Says:

    Look at how Bradley looks at Leo:

    Sorry, Lukas. Just accept it!

  31. 31
    HAHA Says:

    Ooh I completely forgot about that, makes sense then. Also it was reported he was going to lose weight by the Fall so maybe thats the reason? I have no idea how long itd last. Hope everything goes okay there.

  32. 32
    #31 Says:


    Yea definitely! He seems to have a lot of “close calls.”. We know he had the plane mishap when he was traveling to Russia and I think he mentioned he had a scuba diving accident. I’m sure there are others!!

  33. 33
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: Hey you! There were some great comments on the last thread, but since everyone has moved to this thread I thought I would respond here. I actually like the spammers because I don’t have to read them!
    @686 #691: it’s like a train wreck and we can’t look away. That’s it exactly! Don’t think it could have been said any better!
    re Leo’s tweet: I am glad that Leo tweeted about Tom Hardy’s documentary about poaching. Maybe Leo will get inspired and actually get off his butt and do something instead of just tweeting!
    According to the tweet posted at #20 – Leo is at a table filled with models and booze! What a surprise! Aaahh Leo – he’s like a broken record – keep repeating over and over and over…… And yet…. I can’t look away!

  34. 34
    HAHA Says:

    He apparently knew Leo WAY back when he was struggling and worked as a doorman in a hotel. This is what he said:
    ”I worked as a doorman all through grad school. I remember taking Leonardo DiCaprio up to his room, and I was in the elevator with him and, like, seven of his friends. It was around the time of Titanic. And I remember this guy who looked like a kid, even though we were about the same age, he looked like a little boy. I remember thinking how I was three feet away from this guy, and we were worlds apart.”

    Don’t worry Bradley, you now have the exact same world as Leo now. Lol!

  35. 35
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: I don’t believe Leo is gay, but they seriously look like they are going to kiss in than photo!

  36. 36
    HAHA Says:

    LMFAO, right? Moreso on BCoop’s side. And exactly, even though he won’t be changing anything in his private life for awhile, it’s hard not to still follow him and hope things might change one day. Like I said before, I think the reason for the clubbing, partying, yachts filled with models, excuse my language but wh*ring around more than ever, etc is because he’s going to be in his last year of his 30s and wants to enjoy and live it up as much as he can. Thoughts? It’s just a theory, especially after having been reminded countless times by interviewers that 40 is coming around the corner.

  37. 37
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#31 – #32: I thought he also had problem when he was skydiving. I believe the main chute didn’t open and he had to use the reserve.

  38. 38
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: Oh I think that it part of it. I think he is beginning to realize that his body is getting older and he can’t party like he use to without looking like a mess! I do think the thought of turning 40 scares him.
    re the photos of him biking: He actually looks pretty good and relaxed, but he does look like he is sucking his gut!

  39. 39
    Zzzzzz Says:

    #38 typo *sucking in his gut!

  40. 40
    #34 Says:


    Yep that was it! Thanks:-)

  41. 41
    #38 Says:


    I agree that the fact that he’s so close to turning 40 scares him especially when all through the gatsby interviews he was asked that question about a million times! Also coincidentally it was after the gatsby promotions when he went on his non-stop partying, modelizing, etc!

  42. 42
    HAHA Says:

    By the way you guys, I think WOWS will be very wild. It’s been rumored Paramount asked Marty to edit the film after seeing an early cut of it otherwise it would have to be rated NC 17. I’m expecting it to be super crazy.
    “I do think the thought of turning 40 scares him.”
    Me too. That’s why I predict his 39th bday will be the craziest one yet. I expect it to rival the Gatsby party sequences. I bet Leo will go all out. I saw old pictures of him partying in his 20s when it was his bday and I was laughing my ass off. This one especially:

  43. 43
    HAHA Says:

    Just wait for his birthday this year. I want to cringe at the possibilities of what will go down!

  44. 44
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#38: He definitely hit it hard, but remember in January with all those models in Miami? Then he went to LA to hit the Golden Globe Parties, then back to Miami for more parties , then LA for the Oscar parties, then back to Miami for even more partying. He has been partying/nightclubbing almost non-stop since the filming of WOWS ended. Oh, and remember he flew to Australia to celebrate New Years, then hopped on a jet and flew to Vegas to celebrate it again! I know he did film 3 movies in two years – maybe he’s just having a good time after all the work. I don’t know how he doesn’t get bored doing the same thing over and over for the past 9 months? I think I would be pulling my hair out! I need variety!

  45. 45
    Léonie Says:

    Ooh early morning of my last very busy day. Thank God for Friday yay! Quick answer to the poster who assumed Toni and Cara’s pic might be new: I checked it. If you mean where they are like standing side by side and Toni is wearing that navy skirt and black loafers, that one isn’t new. I have seen it before. I also wonder about her wherabouts because boy..I saw the sightings posted here yesterday too and today again? At a table filled with models? Really? Gosh…
    Ayways cheers to the weekend (almost for me). Catch this thread later today. xo

  46. 46
    -_- Says:

    he can barely survive on earth
    how can he survive in space haha
    Leo,don’t go

  47. 47
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: LMFAO! OMG! Where did you find it? That’s priceless! re his b-day: Usually he does throw a crazy party, but he also raises money for his foundation/environment. I know that’s what he’s done the last couple of years, so I’m pretty sure he will do it this year. His birthday I think is just a few days before the release of WOWS, so I’m sure it is going to be huge!

  48. 48
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leonie: Great to hear from you, even for a second. Hope to chat later on! xo :)

  49. 49
    Page Six Says:

  50. 50
    HAHA Says:

    Yep his birthday is only 4 days before WOWS, so I imagine itll be a crazy ass party like the part in the trailer where he starts dancing :p Or maybe it’ll be Gatsby style, or maybe both. Who knows, but I can just imagine what the headlines will be on gossip sites omg. And there are so many hilarious photos of Leo all over Tumblr. He is just so unintentionally hilarious everytime he gets papped, it’s hard to explain. Here’s more lol:

  51. 51
    HAHA Says:

    @Page Six:
    Hmm, Leo interested in a blockbuster? Probably only producing one, he just does not seem like he would ever act in one. Unless Titanic counts lol.

  52. 52
    Lucy Says:

    He just looks so relaxed and happy when he is with Lukas. And it’s completely natural. It really is nice to see them together. Leo actually looks cute here… It’s been a while.

  53. 53
    @Lucy Says:

    Agree. Want to see more of this Leo.

  54. 54
    Ny clubbing Says:

    Kaitlynn Mercurio ‏@k_mercurio 34m
    Leonardo Dicaprio at 1oak. Fainting

  55. 55
    @52 Says:

    Yeah! Just an observation but he looks uneasy when he is papped alone (sign of no confidence when he is alone??), panicky when he is with his girlfriends (sign of embarrassment??) and at ease when he is with trusted pals. Or is is just me thinking like that??

  56. 56
    Miss this Leo Says:

  57. 57
    Miss this Leo Says:

  58. 58
    Miss this Leo Says:

  59. 59
    Miss this Leo Says:

  60. 60
    @56/57/58 Says:

    Gorgeous smile!

  61. 61
    Miss this Leo Says:

  62. 62
    Phony Says:

    panicky when he is with his girlfriends , sign of unease

  63. 63
    Oh please Says:

    B Cooper has no chance with his creepy Leo adoration. tru luv <3

  64. 64
    Ny clubbing Says:

    Blurry pic of Leo at 1oak posted by the girl who tweeted the sighting.
    Kaitlynn Mercurio ‏@k_mercurio 2h

  65. 65
    well Says:

    …“Leo chose to sit at a table directly across from Nina’s table. He sat high on a banquette, to scope out the scene….”

    :):) C’mon Leo… Nina is another barely legal chick!

  66. 66
    @Ny clubbing Says:

    He looked quite energized at 1oak

  67. 67
    @Model and booze!!! Says:

    “Leo DiCaprio in my sight. Life is complete. @theGeneral table full of models and bottles but he’s jack Dawson at heart xoxoxox”

  68. 68
    Missy Says:

    Leo looks good <3

  69. 69
    He's cute Says:

    He was good looking in The Great Gatsby.

  70. 70
    Already out and about.... Says:

    Kelcie Billat (@KelcieRianna)
    8/23/13, 6:03 AM
    I just saw Leonardo DiCaprio on the streets of New York. 😍

    After partying last night, I’m surprised he’s up!

  71. 71
    Sasha Says:

    …..surprised he’s up???
    Lol, lol….it’s so clear he partied till the early morning. Not the first time ee read Leo stayed at some party till 5:30am

  72. 72
    Rachel Says:

    Leo looks happier with his buddies than Toni. Poor Toni. :-(

  73. 73
    Like a Moth to the Flame Says:

    I posted this on the other thread before this one started up but I really think this first sentence is hilarious so I’m putting it here!!!

    From huffington post:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is like a moth to the flame when it comes to models — the man can’t stay away.

    So when a little birdie told us that Leo had showed up to last night’s Bebe party in New York, we thought, “Of course.” An attendee of the party at Provocateur night club snapped a photo of the renowned modelizer rubbing shoulders with the likes of Coco Rocha, Selita Ebanks and Nina Agdal, the face of Bebe’s latest campaign (and Adam Levine’s ex).

    Naturally, Leo skipped the red carpet and the cameras, so this glimpse is the sole proof we have of his appearance. But we think his current girlfriend, Tony Garrn, and his model exes — like Bar Refaeli, Erin Heatherton and Gisele Bundchen — will agree that this wouldn’t be an unlikely occurrence.

  74. 74
    sweetness Says:

    I’m curious, how much time do these actors need to spend with their bromance….I mean Leo is never with Lukas…really does Lukas even have his own life or family or relationship aside from Leo. What are 2 grown me talking about that they spend so much time together.

  75. 75
    @sweetness Says:

    ABNORMAL is the key word :)

  76. 76
    Aisaiko Says:

    I’ve had a crush on Lukas Haas, since Lady in White. Yeah, my fan-stalking this guy runs that deep. Oh, hey Leo.

  77. 77
    Fan Says:

    Pictures posted on the BZ forum show that Leo and Lukas were also accompanied by Milano. Don’t know why JJ didn’t post them.

  78. 78
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Fan #77: Probably because Milano isn’t a celebrity. Outside of Leo fans, nobody knows who he is

  79. 79
    #77 Says:


    Interesting that he has spent so much time with Milano this summer!

    Also, read on Garrn’s BZ thread that she is working right now. They showed a shot that was taken yesterday I think.

  80. 80
    vagabond Says:

    Hey all!Thanks for the tweets,articles and pics.So Leo is in NY and partying,with new models?While the cats away the mice will!

  81. 81
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @vagabond #80: You took the words right out of my mouth! Although, NY Post is the only one that said there was a mystery blonde. A couple articles said he was there with 2 guy pals and a girl. Neither of them mention that she was a blonde or that she looked like Toni. Don’t know how reliable the NY Post is.
    On BZ they posted a picture with Leo having a bandage. It’s where he got burned when he was riding the flyboard. He looks good.

  82. 82
    #81 Says:


    I wonder if the girl he was at the Bebe party with is the one he’s standing next to in the one pic they have of him at the party? Just speculating….

  83. 83
    @#79 Says:

    Where you saw that? I don’t see a recent working pic on her bz thread??
    @#82: Yes I think they meant that girl others also said she looked like Toni but it wasnt Toni.

  84. 84
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#81: I was wondering the same thing. She definitely had a Toni-like look to her. From what I can see – her features looked harder. Not sure if he’s done with Toni. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a picture of them together. Remember people would think that he and Erin broke up and then a picture of them together would pop up. Only time will tell.

  85. 85
    #83 Says:


    It was the last few posts on Garrn’s BZ thread. There is a small pic of her and a guy posing. The poster (who is a big Garrn fan apparently!) assumed it was taken yesterday or the day before maybe (didn’t read the date of the post).

  86. 86
    @79 Says:

    Tm Garrn usually posts a tweet or two when she is working.

  87. 87
    #84 Says:


    I don’t recall reading tweets of Leo being in the clubs surrounded by models when he was with Erin. I wasn’t posting on this thread or any other at the time either but I did read through Leo’s BZ thread and during the period he was dating Erin, I do not recall reading about a lot of sightings of him in the clubs with models. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s just what I recall.

  88. 88
    @#85 Says:

    Old pic. Look at the datestamp above the original post with that pic. July 12 :)

  89. 89
    #86 Says:


    Yea I know but notice the name of the girl who posted on her thread. She’s not kidding when she calls herself ToniGarrnMania and she’s usually pretty accurate when it comes to stuff about Garrn.

  90. 90
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#84 #86: I only started posting in July, but I have read Leo’s threads for awhile. There were a lot of sightings and tweets of him partying with models in Miami and in LA when he was dating Erin. Also, there were sightings of him partying with models in Australia when he went back to do re-shoots in February. I remember because on the BZ threads they would always say that there is nothing wrong with him partying with other models – that it didn’t mean anything. Remember when Leo and Erin were dating, she was involved in a huge concert charity event – all the BZ girls thought that Leo would be there to support her, instead he was in Vegas partying.

  91. 91
    BM Says:

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

  92. 92
    #90 Says:


    I stand corrected! :-) I forgot about the whole Australia sightings.

  93. 93
    #90 Says:

    ” all the BZ girls thought that Leo would be there to support her, instead he was in Vegas partying ” : so sweet…

  94. 94
    #88 Says:


    Oops….I’m not paying attention to what I’m posting. I need to slow down!

    Thanks for the correction :-)

  95. 95
    @Zzzzz Says:

    While he was “supposedly” dating Erin, there was even a tweet from a girl in Vegas who mentioned she was partying in his room..
    And was on a previous occasion.

  96. 96
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@Zzzzz #95: I don’t remember that particular tweet, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not saying he was cheating – it could be innocent. I’ve read other stories how he invites a bunch of people back to his place to continue partying. However, partying with girls in your hotel room when your girlfriend isn’t around is not exactly good for a relationship.

  97. 97
    #96 Says:


    I forgot all about those previous tweets while he was dating Erin. I’ve been more focused on the current situation and it’s been a while since I read them on BZ so I jumped the gun….LOL

    I should have known that his MO doesn’t change AT ALL, EVER!!!!

  98. 98
    @ZZZZZ Says:

    ” However, partying with girls in your hotel room when your girlfriend isn’t around is not exactly good for a relationship” : no kidding!

  99. 99
    More sightings..... Says:

    Ernest Kellough (@XxLaxxOut3)
    8/23/13, 9:06 AM
    Just saw leonardo dicaprio lol. Left too fast for pic #fawk #lookAlike #SorryNotSorry

    sup (@ghettofabnarry)
    8/23/13, 8:57 AM
    I saw lil Wayne and Leonardo diCaprio also today in NYC

  100. 100
    @Zzzzz #96 Says:

    This is why I was convinced they were through when she gave a speech at that NY Global “charity something” while he prefered to party in Vegas. And remember at that time he was filming WOWS in NY.

  101. 101
    #100 Says:

    @@Zzzzz #96:

    Wasn’t that the party thrown by a rich prince from an Asian country or something in early October 2012?

  102. 102
    @Zzzzz Says:

    I think they were through then no? Was there any sightings of the two after that? I think him and Toni are probably still on… For now, guess we’ll see how serious it is when she’s back in New York. And yes although there is nothing wrong with partying, doing it in your ‘room’ with other girls is pretty insensitive and disrespectful to your girlfriend. If my boyfriend did it I would kick his ass, likewise he would probably kick mine! If roles were reversed (in a non physical sense obviously)

  103. 103
    @Zzzzz#101 Says:

    No it was in September and he flew to Vegas with E. Suplee.

  104. 104
    @Zzzzz Says:

    Oops meant @@Zzzzz

  105. 105
    #102 Says:


    Even though it didn’t come out until early November that they were done, I think they broke up earlier. The last time I remember hearing/seeing them together was labor day weekend when there was a pic of them at a hookah bar in NY. The pic is funny b/c Erin is happy to post for the pic with the owner (I think) and Leo is off to the side barely in the pic like he’s ready to bolt!!! LOL

  106. 106
    @@Zzzzz Says:

    Lol yeah I remember that, again pretty disrespectful. To me it’s obvious how he views these girls and what the relationships are about. They’re both equally to blame. I’d be very surprised if this one with Toni turns out any different… Although she does have good baby making genes apparently lol… Kidding! I think if i knew Leo personally I would both love him and hate him.

  107. 107
    @Zzzzz Says:

    .. yes it was obvious they were over. Bu it wasn’t offficially announced till the first week of November.

  108. 108
    @#102 Says:

    Exactly. Labor Day.

  109. 109
    ^ Says:

    @107 true, they were over by then but it was announced because Erin caught him with models at Lavo where coincidentally she was partying with her friends lol

    The announcement came out one or two days after.

  110. 110
    @106 Says:

    ” I think if i knew Leo personally I would both love him and hate him”

    Imo he’s a great friend but a lousy bf.

  111. 111
    #108 Says:


    So are you making a prediction that labor day will be the last time we see Leo and Toni together? :-)

  112. 112
    #112 Says:


    As much as we say on these threads that these girls aren’t innocent and they go into a relationship with Leo knowing what they’re getting into, I’m sure they still think that maybe they’ll be the one that changes him and that he’ll settle down with them. Being the one that finally does get him to get married and settle down would be a huge catch and I’m sure each of these girls knows that so it’s got to be a blow to their ego when he treats them like he does.

  113. 113
    #109 Says:

    poor Erin…

  114. 114
    @111 Says:

    LOL .. I was just confirming that Labor Day was the last Leo/Erin public sighting.

  115. 115
    More sightings..... Says:

    Joanna Simkin (@JoannaSimkin)
    8/23/13, 12:00 PM
    #Overheard I’m at lunch and Leonardo DiCaprio is sitting next to me talking about “sustainable living”. I think that’s code for Molly.

    At least he’s talking about something to do with the environment (of course as he continues to look for a 30m apt in NY!)!!!

  116. 116
    2.0 Says:

    good girls love bad boys…

  117. 117
    More sightings..... Says:

    Anne-Marie Mueschke (@anmarielismusic)
    8/23/13, 12:25 PM
    Leo Dicaprio almost just ran over me with a #citibike. Ahh, New York.

  118. 118
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@Zzzzzz #96 – #100: I agree. I think the parted ways shortly after Labor Day. The party for the Billionaire/Prince was actually the first week of November.
    @#102 (@@Zzzzz): I agree re the photo. Leo looked like wanted to be anywhere but there.

  119. 119
    Zzzzzz Says:

    118 typo *they parted

  120. 120
    Phony Says:

    Leo is perfect. It is all Toni’s fault. Why would any girl expect to have any self respect around Leo.

  121. 121
    Fan Says:

    Not that it would interest anyone, but, hasn’t Toni come back to NY with Leo and the others? If she stayed in Europe, why didn’t he follow her?
    Do you think he needs some air?
    Do you think him and her are a simple summer fling?
    Someone posted she usually tweets when she’s working, but I found out she also tweets when she’s with her friends and family.
    She must be extremely busy or she just doesn’t feel like sharing what she does right now.

  122. 122
    @Fan Says:

    I don’t know… Maybe toni hides something, it’s probably more about her career right now than Leo. just a speculation…

  123. 123
    #121 Says:


    I find it odd that she hasn’t tweeted either. We know she’s not in NY because he’s been seen all over the city with his friends, at club, parties and hanging with other models and there’s been no mention of her at all.

    Maybe she is working and just hasn’t had the time to tweet or (wishful thinking) maybe he’s already dumped her and she’s so depressed she doesn’t feel like tweeting!

  124. 124
    McLOVIN Says:

    “She’s the village bicycle; everyone has had a ride…” Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

  125. 125
    NorthEast Says:

    Leo needs to come out. I have a good gaydar. I knew Hemsworth or whatever his face is from Prison Break, was gay when he first hit the spotlight. Leo is another one who pretends he’s straight by paying all these blondies to hang out with him on occasion. Leo sends a gay vibe like no one else. Just you wait.

  126. 126
    Sasha Says:

    Let’s pray it’s just a summer fling and her name nor her frigid face will ever be seen next to Leo for the rest of the year. One month to go till summer is over.

  127. 127
    #125 Says:


    I think the whole world would be shocked by that! I know i would!!! :-(

  128. 128
    Lukas Says:

    loos so happy -> “Leo is back from vacay!!!”

  129. 129
    ohba Says:

    I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t shock if he and Lukas were a couple

  130. 130
    ohba Says:

    *shock me

  131. 131
    lol Says:

    This picture is funny…

    Look at where’s Leo’s hand…

  132. 132
    P Says:

    Lol at the self talking .****** ‘praying’ its over waiting to hate on and pic spam the next girl

  133. 133
    Fan Says:

    The godson tweeted a pic of his hand holding a glass of Moet & Chandon ….. how old is he?
    Hanging with his aging modelizing Uncle will sure have a macho influence

  134. 134
    True story Says:

    Sarah is a jealous girl who’s in love with Leo…

  135. 135
    #128 Says:


    That’s funny! Does that look like an e-cig in Lukas’ hand? I didn’t know that Lukas smoked e-cigs too!

    I honestly don’t think Leo is gay. If he is, he sure has gone to a lot of trouble to hide it! Plus he’s been totally open about supporting gay rights, I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t have already come out if he was gay.

  136. 136
    True story Says:


  137. 137
    #133 Says:


    Uh….18 as of about a month ago! WOW!!!!

  138. 138
    #131 Says:



  139. 139
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Fan #133 & @#133 (137): He is definitely on a boat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo and Lukas are with him. He was with both of them when the photos for this article were taken. What a great influence Leo is having on his godson! (NOT!) Obviously, his parents don’t care…

  140. 140
    Oh Says:

    Lord f@ck a duck!

  141. 141
    WTF Says:

    Why in gods name are some of you now stalking Milans twitter? He’s a young adult but also a private citizen. Laughable to creep on this boys twitter, ONLY cause he’s connected to Leo and then decide to pass judgement on his actions. Oh the irony!

  142. 142
    @141 Says:

    @WTF agree with that. Give Milan a break guys. Not cool!

  143. 143
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @WTF: You are right, he isn’t a celebrity – however, he use to post pictures of Leo and him on his instagram account and he was pictured in a Lainey article. (The one where they were having dinner. His instagram account was listed on the picture (which is why he deleted all the Leo photos) I think that’s why people check out his instagram.

  144. 144
    ohba Says:

    if the twitter is not private, people have the right to see the pics if they wish. it’s social media, if you don’t people to see it don’t post it online

  145. 145
    WTF Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Naah some check out his Instagram simply due to their Leo obsession and anyone Leo is connected with. i have never looked at Milan’s instagram, and I have no interest to but it seems his Instagram is no different to that of thousands of teenage boys with bragging, partying, girls e.t.c being dominant topics. I find it odd though that some Leo fans SEEK out his young godson’s Instagram and then go judge on what they chose to look at, sure to the outside world Milan is not the one that looks strange or a figure of fun in this scenario.

  146. 146
    BM Says:


  147. 147
    Phony Says:

    Leo gay. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  148. 148
    HAHA Says:

    LMFAO! I almost spit my water out.
    And about Milan-he is young and at the age where he wants to act wild and do whatever he wants even if he’s too young. I don’t think Leo is a good influence on him when it comes to dating but it’s Milan’s life and he is still young, he is just trying to have some fun I guess. Hopefully he doesnt end up just like Leo.

  149. 149
    LemonHead Says:

    Looks like Leo and Lukas are both into smoking the tobacco-less electronic cigarettes. This picture is funny => :)

  150. 150
    HAHA Says:
    Leo ate lunch with Mark Ruffalo and Lukas(I’m guessing that’s him) today. Mark seems like a really cool guy.

    Lol at the Damon and Affleck pic.

  151. 151
    Drake Says:


    I saw that. I know he not gay but still funny.


    He look bored. Mark a phenomenal actor tho.

  152. 152
    Idk Says:

    Lukas is either gay or sycopant
    I don’t mind if Leo is gay but not with Lukas ewww

  153. 153
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @WTF #145: After re-reading my original comment – I realized I made a very judgmental statement, about his parents – my bad. Also – he is acting like a typical 18 year old, bragging about his exploits. However, I do stand by my comment that Leo might not be the best influence. Also, it would be incredibly naive of a person to post pictures on his public instagram account of himself hanging out with an celebrity as famous as Leo, and not expect fans to check it out.

  154. 154
    #150 Says:


    Did you see the twitter sighting I posted at #115 where the girl heard Leo talking about sustainable living at lunch?

  155. 155
    #153 Says:


    I agree that 18 year olds are entitled to get wild and “experiment” with drinking, etc. and I don’t judge milan for that. I do also think that Leo doesn’t seem to be setting the best example for him.

    And I agree with you Zzzzzz and the other poster that said he’s the one who has left his Instagram public. If he doesn’t want anyone to see his pictures he can mark it private.

  156. 156
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: I agree with you re Mark R. I so respect the man, especially after he wrote that open letter re a woman’s right. I take my hat off to him for taking a stand on such a controversial subject.
    @#150: I read the tweet about him talking about sustainable living. WWF, who Leo often works with, recently sent a tweet/text re how on Aug 20 we have used up the sustainable resources for the year and that for the rest of 2013 we will be taking natural resources away from future generations. I do think it’s great that he is talking about it, I just wish he thought about it when he was cruising around on a huge yacht for a week.

  157. 157
    #156 Says:


    I like mark r. as well. I knew they were friends since shutter island but didn’t know they were “hang out” kind of friends. They have totally different lifestyles! LOL

  158. 158
    HAHA Says:

    Thanks just saw it. He’s being a hypocrite since lately he hasnt been very environmentally friendly himself. But if him talking about it means he’ll get back to doing environmental campaigns and work, then thatd be good. But so far he has only tweeted about things and hasnt actually done anything, I guess its just easier for him to talk the talk but not walk it too, lol. Lets see if he starts getting serious in a month or so, hopefully he means his word.
    Yes he seems like a great guy and is a good actor as well. I didnt know Leo and him were close!

  159. 159
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#153 (155) :)

  160. 160
    #158 Says:


    It’s a little frustrating that in the past he has talked so much of the endangered wildlife and the environment and about taking action and now all he seems to be doing is retweeting/reposting from others! He definitely needs to start walking the walk again!!!

  161. 161
    Bromance Says:

    Theirs is the definition of Bromance.

  162. 162
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: check out this link to buzzfeed – 24 times Leo was a badass!
    some hysterical photos – wearing a helmet over his baseball hat – what a dork!!

  163. 163
    Zzzzzz Says:

    forgot to mention I found the link on BZ – sometimes they find some great stuff!

  164. 164
    HAHA Says:

    So true. This is why he isnt taken as seriously now, hopefully he will start working on more causes during the Fall, instead of just tweeting about them.
    LOL those are all hilarious! The helmet+hat, the go cart and the vespa ones are probably my favorite.

  165. 165
    HAHA Says:

    Also I found a larger version of the best pic of Leo:
    He is a walking meme.

  166. 166
    #162 Says:


    Love the pics! :-)

  167. 167
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: LMAO – that is such a great photo – nice tongue! He was such a dork when he was younger! He just didn’t care. I wish he would be more like that. Also, agree with you re the environmental comments. Let’s cross out fingers
    @#158 (160): I think a lot of people are frustrated with him – myself included. I think we see how much potential he has and believe he can do so much more. But sometimes, I get the feeling that he doesn’t see the potential in himself. Does that make sense?

  168. 168
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#162 (166): Do you think Leo sometimes looks at these photos and goes “What the hell was I thinking?”

  169. 169
    #167 Says:


    It makes sense.

  170. 170
    HAHA Says:

    Right, he seemed so unguarded and free. Would like to see more of his goofy side. And I agree about him having more potential, it seems he had been living up to it for awhile a couple years ago but these past few years he has started wasting it and hasnt been pushing himself hard enough to become even greater. He just seems very insecure to me, and lazy too IMO.

    “Do you think Leo sometimes looks at these photos and goes “What the hell was I thinking?”
    I hope an interviewer shows him these pictures of him one day and gets his reaction LOL

  171. 171
    #170 Says:


    He’s always talked about how his friends/family keep him grounded and normal but lately he just seems to be fulfilling the part of being a super rich over indulged actor/playboy which he never used to be.

  172. 172
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: OMG! That would be hysterical if an interviewer did that!
    @#170 (171): I agree. It’s been almost non-stop partying from the beginning of this year.

  173. 173
    also... Says:

    Just in case someone thought Leo didn’t go out last night…
    Somewhere in NYC ( the tweeter is in NYC ). She posted about Miley Cyrus dancing in a club and she mentioned Leo being there as well.

  174. 174
    #173 Says:


    Thanks for the sighting! Haven’t heard from you all day! :-)

  175. 175
    #173 Says:


    VMAs this weekend so I’m sure hell be hitting the parties….

  176. 176
    also... Says:

    @174: It was a long day without Internet!
    I forgot about the VMA! I bet he will be out partying! Duh! :)

  177. 177
    also... Says:

    1 h
    @VivaLaShoSho: Leo dicaprio at the Darby. I want @sharmilamakeda to get that

  178. 178
    Ophrah says Says:

    Leo never changes. He insults girls right in their face. Why should he change. He can always find more girls with no self respect who don’t care whether their name is dragged through the mud and people make fun of them. Dragging models down must make him happy. Girls that other girls admire and look up to. Why would someone keep on doing this over and over? Why would modeling agents and companies like Victoria’s Secret allow this? And women become obsessed with someone that keeps insulting them over and over. It’s sick.

  179. 179
    flw Says:

    a big unhappy tragic mess….

  180. 180
    #nofilter Says:

    meaning :There are several very popular hashtags that make their way around Instagram daily, and one of them is #nofilter. It’s the hashtag that proclaims to the world that they’re seeing what you saw—no ifs, ands or earlybirds.

  181. 181
    V Says:


    Exercise – and I mean not only biking;

    Healthy food – a lot of veggies, fish and grain, and no fried meals;

    A lot of sun and fresh air – meaning NO clubbing. If only he knew how bad for the skin late night club partying is.

    So I hope somebody tells him that. And I hope he follows that, it would be good for him.

  182. 182
    @V Says:

    Agreed. He needs to shave his beard too.

  183. 183
    @V and #182 Says:

    and get a personal shopper

  184. 184
    Lol Says:

    LOL at the comments below Milano’s latest instagram pic. They sure have a thing for models dont they.

  185. 185
    @Lol - 184 Says:

    Not very flattering comments, I must say coming from a guy who just turned 18.
    We already can tell how he’ll perceive women.
    Lessons from Uncle Leo, no doubt about it.

  186. 186
    @185 Says:


  187. 187
    Lol Says:

    @185 Pretty sad isnt it. I understand he’s an 18 year old with probably s e x and girls on his mind 24/7 but like you said, Leo isnt the best person to take as an example, which I think Milano is obviously doing.

  188. 188
    @Lol Says:

    LOL I bet for Milano uncle Leo is like God!

  189. 189
    Lucy Says:

    And I’m sure Milan is always telling Leo he is a god. The fact that Leo needs to feel worshipped by everyone around him speaks volumes about his self esteem. He surrounds himself with sycophants (Lukas anyone??) that will give him the constant validation that he needs. This actually explains a lot about his life choices…. On every front. JMO, of course.

  190. 190
    @184 Says:

    What did Milano say?

  191. 191
    well Says:

    Pretty sure Milano’s dream is to follow his godfather’s footsteps. Remember this pic from Cannes at the Villa he rented.

  192. 192
    Lilly Says:

    I thought they had broken up.

  193. 193
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Lucy (189): completely agree. I believe this is also the reason why he doesn’t take chances in the roles he chooses. However, I am hoping after the success of Calvin Candy, he won’t be afraid to step outside the box.

  194. 194


  195. 195


  196. 196


  197. 197


  198. 198


  199. 199


  200. 200


  201. 201


  202. 202


  203. 203


  204. 204


  205. 205


  206. 206
    Lol Says:

  207. 207
    PUKEY Says:

    LEONARDO DIAPRO COULD ONE DAY DATE YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. 208
    #206 Says:


    Thanks for the article! Interesting that during shooting he was already being compared to the role and he denied the comparisons yet over the past couple of months he’s done nothing but show the world that that’s exactly how his life is!!!

    I’m even more curious now about the questions he’s going to get asked during the promotion of WOWS.

    I’ll bet his PR team is going to be very strict about what can be asked of him during the interviews!!!

  209. 209
    article Says:

    this one serves him right…….EROS RAMAZZOTTI in the f#cking making

  210. 210
    Now seriously Says:

    what was really disgusting and yeah pukey……was this instagram pic with the three kids and the pimp aka wolf .THIS PIc will bug me FOR LIFE………………………………………………………………………………………..

  211. 211
    dammit Says:

    @article:sh!tty! :(

  212. 212
    @#206 Says:

    Ouch! I guess this is the Australian press’ revenge for snubbing them to stay in Cannes. But is true? Pretty sad but yea.

  213. 213
    #210 Says:

    @Now seriously:

    What pic?

  214. 214
    not with toni Says:


  215. 215
    #214 Says:

    @not with toni:

    Thanks! I forgot about that pic. Once again a pic with his young gf where Leo looks very reluctant in the pic like he wants to get out quick!! LOL

  216. 216
    well Says:

    @206 – THANKS!!!
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s loves get younger and younger
    “A WARNING for parents with daughters in kindergarten: Leonardo DiCaprio could one day date your little princess.

    The scary fact is, when Titantic was released in 1997, the superstar’s new girlfriend was just five years old.”
    LOLOLOLLLL! Delicious!

  217. 217
    @206 Says:


  218. 218
    Lol Says:

    Yes, agree with everyone’s comments. I know the Australian press might have there reasons to dislike Leo but they really got it spot on here. I’m glad some journalists are finally saying it like it is, instead of kissing his ass, talking like he’s the man. Maybe he might take note, but doubt it!

  219. 219
    Another "flattering" article Says:

  220. 220
    @218 Says:

    “Maybe he might take note,”:LMAO!!!!!!

  221. 221

    i Love him and i Hate him at the same time. Love and Hatred can co-exist it’s true.I respect him and i despise him at the same time.Despise and respect can co-exist it’s true…………………………………………………

  222. 222
    @219 Says:

    wow! getting better and better! the gf does not even have a face anymore lol!

  223. 223
    @222 Says:

    Her face is irrelevant, only her age and occupation matter.

  224. 224
    OMG Says:

    Poor Toni… Leo and his reputation give her a hard time.

  225. 225
    Léonie Says:

    Nice to read / see Leo is still pals with Mark Ruffalo. I think he’s a very cool guy. Love how he is involved in political issues abroad and raises awareness and how he shouted out his support to civilian protests in Turkey and most recently in Egypt via Twitter! He needs to hang out more with such intellectual types rather than his ‘Yes’ people around him all the time. Lol. But who am I to tell him so haha.
    @206: Seriously harsh! But kind of true, non? Funny cause that’s what I always said: Toni was FIVE when Titanic came out. The tought never fails to irk me. Also agree with those who said this might be the way for the Australian media to get back to him, cause let’s all be honest, him skipping the premiere in Australia and then pics everywhere of him partying in Cannes was a pure douchebag-act.
    About Milan’s IG post and the comments: It’s all been said by others. He’s 18, young and wild, and probably looks up to this very powerful and famous guy who is his godfather. Leo doesn’t seem the responsible type either, so yeah what can you say.

  226. 226
    #221 Says:


    I wonder if Leo has the same mixed feelings about himself as well!

  227. 227
    Leo's fan girl Says:

    Life goes on. Can’t wait to see Wolf of Wall Street.

    Love you always Leo,


  228. 228
    nothing but a MISOGYNIST Says:

    ” He needs to hang out more with such intellectual types” :Mark Ruffalo is a supporter of women’s rights Leonardo is a sexistic and MISOGYNISTIC douche who would never defend women.NEVER EVER The guy HATES women immensely! He despises them and feels nothing but contempt towards them and IT SHOWS: he would NEVER do what Ruffalo did.Women are nothing but sexual objects to him obviously. Women should be his stunning model-holes for him to f#ck and dispose at will.Talk about a lousy d!ck.

  229. 229
    Léonie Says:

    @nothing but a MISOGYNIST: I don’t think Leo is a mysogynist. Mysogynist’s truly and deeply HATE women and merely see them as s*x objects and nothing more. I think, and certainly hope, that is not the case with Leo, although I do agree that he doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for women in general like he doesn’t take women seriously (other than his mom lol). To call someone a mysogynist is really harsh and in Leo’s case not exactly true IMO. He wouldn’t have female friends if he was..
    And ugh! I swear I saw a couple people on Tumblr trying to create a combined name for Leo and Toni and MY NAME was mentioned as well, but it was more like Leoni or something. I recall that when I first started posting here on JJ @also thought I was some Leo and Toni fan pulling a Brangelina or Robsten for Leo and Toni but I never thought it’d get real like this lol. Ugh!

  230. 230
    hmm Says:

    @Léonie: female friends,huh? I bet unf#ckable ones are probably les bians!

  231. 231
    hmm Says:

    typo * the

  232. 232
    Jo Says:

    Isn’t he best friends with Kate Winslet for many years?

  233. 233
    lupp Says:

    Who are his “female friends”? lol

  234. 234
    cruel... Says:

    I’ve seen him support the LBGT community,I’ve seen him support whales….wild animals i’ve seen him support following eco-friendly solutions, i’ve seen him getting “anxious” about climate and whatnot but i’ve never seen him support WOMEN.Now this is not a coincidence,is it?! HE officially SUCKS………………………………………………………………………………..

  235. 235
    @223 Says:


  236. 236
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leonie: Hi! I’m sure you’re glad it’s the weekend – hope you are able to get some rest! I don’t think Leo hates women, but I don’t think he respects them, or at least he doesn’t respect the ones he dates. I think he treats the ones he dates one way, and his women friends, like Kate and the wives of his friends, a completely different way.
    re your name: LOL!!! I remember people were giving you so much crap because they thought you were combining Leo and Toni’s name!

  237. 237
    Missy Says:

    Another Article:
    On Celebrity Guys and Their Baby Model Girlfriends

  238. 238
    @Missy Says:

    pffff Leo may not be the only one but Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper at least dated/married WOMEN…

  239. 239
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @cruel #233: re supporting a woman’s right to choose – other than Mark R who really took at stand and gave full support, I don’t seem to recall a lot of other male celebrities who spoke out like he did. I could be wrong, but no one is coming to mind. I so respect Mark for what he did. He’s got brass ones!

  240. 240
    hmm Says:

    or married ones.

  241. 241
    @Missy Says:

    @Missy: wow… i thought it was a pleasure for you to see your fellow german beloved toni and Leo together.Do i miss something….. lol …….

  242. 242
    Missy Says:

    Haha love this. Leo is… just Leo. He isn’t perfect, just human and sometimes a little idiot like all of us. I think that’s why most people adore him so much.

  243. 243
    Missy Says:

    Naaaah. I was never a big fan of the hole I-am-dating-only-models-thing. But in the end of the day it’s his business, not mine. I’m not a fan because of his girlfriends *lol* Maybe it’s a part from him, but yeah, not the most interesting/important, in my mind.

  244. 244
    hmm Says:

    bye! Leonie from me too:)

  245. 245
    Léonie Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi there! I sure do! Unfortunately Saturday is almost over here.. Gonna be the same next Monday to Friday! About my name: RIGHT?! I don’t know what to do with this tbh hahaha not liking this. Gonna be off for the rest of the night. Talk to ya! xo

  246. 246
    @Missy Says:

    @Missy: you know what @Missy? I bet it was YOU that day when you attacked me ….yeah sure it was you….i said something about toni’ s quote and you were being A NASTY BULLY….i feel so sorry for you… i don’t give a f^ck if you find me or my comments stupid or you think “i am not interesting at all” hun…..this universe does not revolve around you,ya know……….i regret that i was beginning to like you here honey….too bad at east when you attack show me your moniker.”funny” isn’t it???!!!!!

  247. 247
    ^ Says:

    On other things… Have you seen these new pictures of Bradley and his daughter in Paris? lol Yikes, my eyes!

    Taking note from Leo… A romantic getaway is all that it takes to ‘make up’ for his bachelor weekend.

  248. 248
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Be sure to pace yourself! re the name issue: It will go away sooner than later. Talk to ya later! xo

  249. 249
    Missy Says:

    I have never attacked somebody here. Do you have another opinion? Fine :) I accepted.

  250. 250
    Missy Says:

    Older one, but holy sh!t he looks handsome:

  251. 251
    @Missy Says:

    Don’t even respond! It’s just somebody looking for a fight. Loving that picture of Leo. Yes please.

  252. 252
    Drake Says:


    The second was taken by a fan of Bradley walking.

    That kiss on the boat and bike ride wasn’t romantic enough lol! I think Leo the kind of guy that do romantic stuff for you then, when he with his friends he do crazy stuff and use “well I did this for you two weeks ago” as an excuse.

    I know Leo friends with Kate and Cameron but I’m sure he banged them. Leo have to sleep with a women in order to be “just be friends”

  253. 253
    Jo Says:

    He supports gay rights, too.

  254. 254
    @@Missy Says:

    @@Missy:It’s just somebody looking for a fight; mnd your business!!And i was not looking for a fight maybe it’s you who does

  255. 255
    Jo Says:

    Kate Winslet had never a sexual relationship to Leo. She told it many times in different interviews. Same with Cameron Diaz. Why they should lie about this?

  256. 256
    @JO Says:

    @Jo: actually gay rights are included in LGBT :) G stands for g-a-y

  257. 257
    Mia Says:

    Somebody needs a little attention, I have the feeling!

  258. 258
    Jo Says:

    Oh ok, sorry :)

  259. 259
    Bells Says:

    Nice to see him without glasses<3

  260. 260
    Misogyny Says:

    is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

  261. 261
    @JO Says:

    but seriously i am sure we will never see him supporting women’s rights . Not because he doesn’t want to but because simply :HE CAN’T.THis is completely out of his agenda .Even his pr team cannot force him to do so because of his modelizing lifestyle.This guy LOVES objectifying women.Gross.

  262. 262
    @255 Says:

    @Jo: Why SHOULDN’T they lie? Not everyone wants the world to know the truth about their sex lives and who they’ve bagged. Especially considering that Cameron already has a reputation as a man-eater

  263. 263
    Drake Says:


    Women lie about who they slept/sleep with all the time to not seem like a wh*ore. Just like men lie about who they slept with to seem like a player.

  264. 264
    @misogyny Says:

    @Misogyny: sexual objectification of you believe Leonardo is a misogynist?

  265. 265
    @misogyny Says:

    bear in mind that he cannot exert violence against women or humiliate them openly and in public because of his social status.Don’t you forget that women constitute a big part of his fan-base….

  266. 266
    Misogyny Says:


  267. 267
    cruel... Says:

    @Misogyny: ME TOO !

  268. 268
    i agree Says: :what a misogynistic JERK! + :wow! he turns his back! such a contempt!!!! = full-blown MISOGYNIST .This guy :Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio HATES women profoundly.Every single thing about him and his life tells all the story.Too bad:(

  269. 269
    lmao Says:

    clearly he doesn’t give one sh!t

  270. 270
    Misogyny Says:

    # 265 “Don’t you forget that women constitute a big part of his fan-base” : very interesting point

  271. 271
    pathetic Says:

    @Misogyny: and don’t you forget all those yacht pics of him surrounded by models -escorts and don’t you forget too all those events he has attended :him surrounded by ,say, 15-29 models : he clearly views them as objects. All he wants is to build an image :of thst cool multimillionaire guy who is always accompagnied by a bunch of hot models and he can F^ck and “discard” the best top models whenever he wants to choosing them from reputable brands such as VS .He doesn’t care about ANYTHING but his status and image.I feel sorry for him……..MODELS=IMAGE for him too bad….

  272. 272
    pathetic Says:

    typo * of that cool

  273. 273
    Misogyny Says:

    @pathetic lmao! exactly! actions speak louder than words!

  274. 274
    @misogyny Says:

    i have to admit that i find his face very beautiful.I love his face but…he has a hot face and a cold soul. He is nothing but a nasty woman-hating d!ck! He definitely doesn’t deserve our love and admiration .

  275. 275
    Drake Says:



  276. 276
    Misogyny Says:

    @274 “he has a hot face and a cold soul” I agree…;(

  277. 277
    #255 Says:


    Maybe not Kate but I’m pretty sure with Cameron.

  278. 278
    #265 Says:


    Don’t you think he humiliates them in public when he doesn’t hold their hand or act like he’s even with them when they’re in public??

  279. 279
    @278 Says:

    exactly! thank you for mentioning this too! And this pic where he sticks out his tongue at toni i think is verrrrryy disrespectful towards her.What do you think? Am i exaggerating?wouldn’t you feel awkward if your man do this to you in that he doesn’t take you seriously or something….

  280. 280
    @278 Says:

    typo *did this

  281. 281
    #279 Says:


    My opinion of the pic is 1. They had no sleep as we know he was at that foam party until at least 6:30 in the morning so he was probably still drunk, and 2. They knew the paps were there as evidenced by multiple other pics of people in their group looking at the camera. To me that leads up to those very unflattering pics of him and his tongue!!!

  282. 282
    How come Says:

    Hes not hiding here? Got a paycheck from citibike??

  283. 283
    #279 Says:


    And we know he doesnt respect these young girls he’s with. He’s with them for one thing and if it boosts their career and gets their name out there which we know in Toni’s case it has bc she’s all over the German gossip mags right now then they obviously will take the humiliation!

  284. 284
    @how come Says:

    i can’t figure out this man.He is full or contradictions.Maybe he is fake from head to toe that’s why he seems so weird .I think that he ultimately likes to pretend that he is not to be papped.

  285. 285
    @279 Says:

    About him sticking his tongue out… I think without being there it’s really hard to tell. He could of just been teasing/joking with her. (maybe over paps being there or something else) Hence her grabbing his face in what looks a playful way. I agree it doesn’t look great seeing him in that way but maybe they were just kidding around together?

  286. 286
    Maybe Says:

    Leo and Toni’s relationship is fake/P.R

  287. 287
    Hollywood Says:

    Toni’s career in fashion is brilliant for a 21 years old model. But I read somewhere that she wants to be an actress. maybe Leo wants to help her…

  288. 288
    @Hollywood Says:

    Before she even considers becoming an actress, I’m afraid she will have to learn how to pronounce properly.
    And LOL, LOL… about Leo wanting to help her! That’s frankly hilarious.

  289. 289
    @Maybe Says:

    What makes you think that?

  290. 290
    well Says:

    Leo looked very drunk the day the tongue pic was taken. In fact these “kisses” pictures on that boat were rather disturbing to watch. In addition to realize the age difference between the two.

  291. 291
    #287 Says:


    Or maybe she sees Leo as her in? If that’s the case then maybe she’s smarter than I thought!!! :-)

  292. 292
    #288 Says:


    Haha. Agree!!

  293. 293
    also... Says:

    @Hollywood: Almost all ( or maybe all ) of his exes tried acting and not even the actual actress seemed to get much help from him other than some extra exposure. Model to actress transition is rare and I just don’t see Leo supporting that. JMO.

  294. 294
    ohba Says:

    Aren’t all his “ex” /the recent ones at least) vs’s models? Don’t people find that odd?

  295. 295
    @294 Says:

    everything about him is odd not only this….

  296. 296
    Hollywood Says:

    Leo is weird. It’s hard to believe in that relationship with Toni.
    The only fact that he doesn’t want to share a red carpet with a girlfriend is disrespectful. It’s not about protecting your private life, it’s about being happy to share a important moment in your life with the person you love.
    sorry for my english

  297. 297
    HAHA Says:

    How come Leo is being shamed for being such a terrible and abusive boyfriend but there have never been reports of him physically assaulting his girlfriends? Like Sean Penn for example, there are even rumors about Michael Fassbender too. He is a jerk and definitely objectifies women, but it’s extreme to say he flat out hates women. JMO. Leo reminds me of one of those typical boys in high school who care all about looks+body when it comes to girls, but I don’t think he hates them.

    Those articles about him-yikes. He needs to get it together. Also it was so true when someone said earlier most of his fanbase consists of women-and for him to always be seen on yachts with topless models or sticking his tongue in his super young gf’s face, it just makes him look trashy.

  298. 298
    also... Says:

    @Hollywood: I think he sees women and his girlfriends as accessories, attractive toys. To me that’s what shows in his relationships. Except of course his mother. The only woman he respects ( and his female friends maybe ).

  299. 299
    chip Says:

    ” his female friends maybe” : haha good one…

  300. 300
    HAHA Says:

    Leo has always been sweet to Kate Winslet judging from interviews:

    And I remember reading on the Titanic set he used to try to cheer her up when James Cameron would make comments about her weight.

  301. 301
    chip Says:

    “The only fact that he doesn’t want to share a red carpet with a girlfriend is disrespectful” i agree.This combined with the fact that he never declares officially his girlfriends.

  302. 302
    Cold soul Says:

    Is a little unfair! Life experiences might of made him become cold, non believing and untrusting, but to say his soul is cold??

  303. 303
    HAHA Says:

    @Cold soul:
    I agree, he’s not perfect but some are too harsh on him. He has done a lot good things for animals and the environment back when he was committed to it. But I can’t blame the ones who have been following him for years now, it must be disappointing to see him indulge in the same lifestyle and behavior again and again.

  304. 304
    @302 Says:

    you take it out of context! if you read past comments you will understand that the convo was about how he treats women : coldly thus his having a cold soul.Read more carefully.

  305. 305
    IMO Says:

    Leo is very very self-centered. it sucks.

  306. 306
    HAHA Says:

    I bet he would probably be overwhelmed by the attention his gf is taking away from the film. that or he may be too embarrassed to bring one of them on the red carpet, since he knows his relationships with them will never be serious and the girl serves more as candy for him. Just a guess.

  307. 307
    chip Says:

    ohhhhh i’m so jealous of this old woman

  308. 308
    yep Says:

    leo has no respect for his BARBIE DOLLS, but that doesnt means IN GENERAL either…

  309. 309
    HAHA Says:

    Some of the comments made it seem like he was a cold person altogether. I just think someone who seems to genuinely care about animals and the arts and has given a lot to charity and supports Gay rights shouldn’t be deemed as that. But I misunderstood, sorry. I agree in regards to his dating life and towards women he seems cold and more detached, the relationships seem they only rely on sex and nothing else, and don’t feel genuine.

  310. 310
    @HAHA Says:

    ” But I misunderstood, sorry.”: it’s alright :)

  311. 311
    HAHA Says:

    @Cold soul:
    Completely agree :) I think there is more to him than all these parties, and models, and clubs, even if his actions suggest the exact opposite. Many have no faith he will ever change one day, but it’s never too late. Like you said he plays it safe and seems ‘fine’ with the way he lives but also seems afraid to progress and take more risks and chances. Like I’ve said numerous times, the thought of turning 40 soon and being ‘old’ is getting to him and i guess this is his way of coping with it.

    He seems as if he’s stuck between being a boy and a man still.

  312. 312
    Cold soul Says:

    @HAHA I agree, and I completely see that!… To those supposedly ‘hating’ on him. He really needs a good kick up his a@se some of things he does makes me a bit sick inside my mouth, but I also see the good things he does to. He frustrate’s me because I see he has so much more potential than his current actions suggest! But are any of us perfect? Or live to our full potential? Sometimes it seem’s easier/safer not to, maybe that’s where he is right now! Safe and comfortable or pain but progression??! Many would shy away from the latter.. Fact! To me he has a beautiful soul! Just passed caring and hope. I’ve been there on a smaller scale, it’s not always easy to come back from! But I really hope for his sake he does! And pulls his sh@t together. It’s time to get it together Mr Dicaprio! Buut on another hand, maybe he know’s what works for him. He knows what he’s doing! He’s happy with it. Who are we to tell him he’s wrong on his own life? I do however hope he takes the more courageous and fulfilling road.

  313. 313
    also... Says:

    @HAHA: I’m not sure I would say he is cold. He just doesn’t take it seriously and in certain aspects of his life he is immature.

  314. 314
    HAHA Says:

    That’s just sad. Eugh gross!

  315. 315
    kiki Says:

    what baffles me is how come he is so empathetic when he is on the set.He is an actor full of emotions,isn’t he? But in real life he is a total d!ck. Paradox…………………………………………………………………………..

  316. 316
    LOL Says:

  317. 317
    Fan Says:

    Kristen Z. was 5 months older than Leo. She is the exception.

  318. 318
    kiki Says:

    “in certain aspects of his life he is immature” that’s because maybe he is not very bright ya know….

  319. 319
    Cold soul Says:

    @@302 to me most of those comments did sound like they meant Leo in general. And why do some posters apologise to those who would never apologise to to them!?! Urghh the most judgmental people are the always those who never question there own actions! Just everybody else’s!

  320. 320
    Sigh Says:

    GOSH dammit It makes soooo frustrated and upset reading these embarrassing articles and posts about our Leo even if theyre so accurate :(( just like what LOL posted…what did Matthew McConaughey’s character say in the Dazed & Confused movie. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, I get older, they stay the same.” ?? Sigh, that’s leo….

  321. 321
    @cold soul Says:

    you can believe whatever you want but be sure you are no better:you are judgemental too. right?

  322. 322
    @@cold soul Says:

    @@cold soul: leave her She’s a troll. she is here to pick a fight.URGHHHH lol

  323. 323
    a glorious fantasy Says:

    @Fan: do you believe all those things she said Kristen you know about the way Leo used to make love to her!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have the article she wrote describing the whole “glorious fantasy”??

  324. 324
    @319 Says:

    “And why do some posters apologise to those who would never apologise to to them!?” : it is called ‘politeness’ something i’m pretty sure you know NOTHING about…………..

  325. 325
    HAHA Says:

    @a glorious fantasy:
    here it is:

  326. 326
    @325 Says:

    thanks HAHA

  327. 327
    BM Says:

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

  328. 328
    ohba Says:

    (let’s pretend he’s really dating toni..)
    I don’t understand all the fuss about the age differences? I know of “worse” examples. the oh but she was 5 when titanic came out blabbering? Are we in 97 still? Is she 5? I don’t think so.

  329. 329
    Cold soul Says:

    @HAHA just wanted to add, the apology thing want meant just for you, reading back I see how it could. I meant all those who come on here and get trashed, then say sorry for it.

  330. 330
    Cold soul Says:


  331. 331
    zang Says:

    Kristen’s career went no where even if she dated Leonardo

  332. 332
    @329 @330 Says:

    get the hell outta here troll.

  333. 333
    why Says:

    @ohba: pretend that they are dating?! Do you have a solid proof all this is fake? I don’t think so ‘cos he wouldn’t look so weird to be papped with her.But then again this “relationship” was “bleak” and weird from the beginning…

  334. 334
    glasses Says:

    i’ve seen him wear .Does he suffer from short-sightedness?

  335. 335
    HAHA Says:

    @Cold soul:
    Wars always start when others disagree with each other. I like how on here everyone can express their own opinions unlike at Bellazon but sometimes its taken too far here and others personally attack people just because they have different opinions or even accuse them of being from Bellazon if they say anything positive about Leo. Its not really fair, everyone should be able to say what they want without being attacked so harshly.

  336. 336
    HAHA Says:

    Her and Leo were pretty cute together

  337. 337
    @HAHA Says:

    “Wars always start when others disagree with each other. ” you don’t have to explain anything to her. Obviously she was here to pick a fight judging posters who judge Leo . Her moniker is spot on. I would add ” impolite cold soul” :) thanks for the whole zang links :D

  338. 338
    Cold soul Says:

    That’s what I like about this place to, hearing honest opinions :)

  339. 339
    leave us alone Says:

    @HAHA : do you think the reason why Kate divorced her husband Sam has anything to do with the Revolutionary road and her being so close to Leo?

  340. 340
    ohba Says:


    I can’t be sure obviously

  341. 341
    Ophrah says Says:

    Leo uses models. If he assualted them he knows there would be no more of them in addition to legal problems. Fake

  342. 342
    @337 Says:

    You need to stop using the word moniker it gives you away, just so you know. as if the same old ranting/attacking didn’t. Nobody wants to argue with you love and light to you. I mean it xxxxxx

  343. 343
    BM Says:

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

  344. 344
    HAHA Says:

    @leave us alone:
    I read about rumors of Leo and Kate hooking up during Revolutionary Road filming but I don’t know how true they are. I think the Golden Globes may have sealed the deal on their divorce, when she won her 2nd GG and she spent more time gushing about Leo than Sam. Maybe that irked him? But apparently he cheated on her with Rebecca Hall who is he now married too. But i remember during the 2008 awards season, Kate seemed more in love with Leo than Sam.

  345. 345
    @Leave us alone #339 Says:

    Absolutely not. The reason why they divorced is that Sam Mendes fell for a younger actress. What else is new…..?

  346. 346
    leave us alone Says:

    @HAHA : i saw the video and i was like: is this happening?!

  347. 347
    @Leave us alone #339 Says:


  348. 348
    @342 Says:

    @@337: Thank you so much. You care so much about me lol. “as if the same old ranting/attacking didn’t” : as if you know who i am….

  349. 349
    leave us alone Says:

    @@Leave us alone #339: thank you!

  350. 350
    leave us alone Says:

    i mean it was weird that she was talking about Leo more than her husband …

  351. 351
    @350 Says:

    noticed that too

  352. 352
    @337 Says:

    @347 I’m sorry if I sounded like a tw@t I didn’t mean to. You’re right I don’t know who you are. Only from reading posts on here. And yes assuming, I do wish love to you. Xxxxx

  353. 353
    HAHA Says:

    “”(My life) is not like that all the time, nope. Not even close. I mean that, that’s nothing like my life, no,” he told Access Hollywood.”

    I never saw him answer the question if Jordan’s life was anything like this. Is there even a video of it? But yikes, I bet you those will be the same questions he’ll get asked once he starts promoting WOWS. I bet he’ll feel so awkward, even in this quote it seems like he’s nervous answering, saying ‘no, nope, not even close’ all in the same time.

  354. 354
    also... Says:

    Lukas also posted a photo on his Mobli account from the boat ride with Milan. And a video from a seaplane. These guys know how to live eco-friendly and sustainable living.

  355. 355
    @352 Says:

    @@337: it’s nice to wish beautiful things to strangers.Thank you ! I want to say that each time i write something positive about Leo i get attacked by Leo -hating posters like” ohhhh what is this? Leo does not deserve it!! Ohhh you are from bellazon!!!” when i write someting negative about him( yes i understand he is good and bad at the same time) they attack me and say( omg it’s very cruel it’s very unfair). Why can’t some posters here understand that these threads are not the right place to launch personal attacks to fellow posters but to express some thoughts about Leo in particular. But whatever….thank you again:)

  356. 356
    also... Says:

    A line from a cheesy TV show: ‘ The worst part of being a star? People stop kicking your a** and they start kissing it.’ Leo came to my mind.

  357. 357
    The 1 w/ the A Says:

    Leo doesn’t need to lose any weight… many posters keep saying he is fat??? He is a man, it is nice to see him looking like a man. Vanity is so over rated! We ALL have lessons to learn.

  358. 358
    Uri Says:

    @chip. #307 Who are you talking too?

  359. 359
    @Uri Says: :D

  360. 360
    Uri Says:

    So he dated her?

  361. 361
    @352 Says:

    @@352: something last I think i know who you are. We had a “debate” a few days before about the “english” thing and the usa . Well…. bye! Xxxxx

  362. 362
    Uri Says:

    LEO did not take LAUREN BACALL on the red carpet? Did Leo date Lauren Bacall wtf is going on?

  363. 363
    @352 Says:

    @@337: actually it was for @352

  364. 364
    @360 Says:

    lol! we are talking about Leo :the babies-hunter

  365. 365
    Uri Says:

    Well someone said they were jealous of old woman.. now apparently it is Lauren Bacalle. Pic posted above. Was he supposed to walk her on the red carpet or what. ???

  366. 366
    @365 Says:

    no apparently jealous because he kissed her *swoon* !

  367. 367
    @337 Says:

    @355 True! sometimes you can’t seem to win no matter what! I agree with what you say completely. :)

  368. 368
    Uri Says:

    Chip is jealous of leo kissing lauren bacall. swoon?

    Guys help me im so swooning(sp) confused.

  369. 369
    @Uri Says:

    your user name is funny

  370. 370
    Uri Says:

    Not so much funny as God chose that name my mom says. It stands for fire or light. Thanks tho :)

  371. 371
    Drake Says:


    Who said Leo didn’t like older women.

  372. 372
    Uri Says:

    I don’t know @Drake but someone named Chip said he was jealous of the older woman. But Leo should not have to date people in there 70′s.

    If he did date Lauran Bacall that would be wierd. I’m sure that kiss was just out of politeness.

  373. 373
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  374. 374
    In the hamptons for dinner Says:

    QUINN (@QuinnGG)
    8/24/13, 4:51 PM

  375. 375
    Drake Says:

    @Amanda Bynes:

    Uhm no I’m not.

  376. 376
    Partying in NY again tonight Says:

    Mic (@MicLovinn)
    8/24/13, 8:00 PM
    Holy f— Leo DiCaprio & John Legend are coming in to SL East tn….. I’m literally going to die. 😍❤🙏 OMG

  377. 377
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  378. 378
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  379. 379
    Question Says:

    How do I make a heart on here?

  380. 380
    Why????? Says:

    Do you all keep saying Leo is fat? He is not fat.

  381. 381
    Heart Says:

    Can someone please tell me how to make a heart on here? I need to send Leo some love because of all this hatred comments. I need to make a heart for him to give him some love. Man he seems like he has two damn heads.

  382. 382
    . Says:

    You can do <3 or copy and paste ♥

  383. 383
    . Says:

    @Amanda Bynes:
    What the f_ck does amanda bynes and drake have to do with leo??

  384. 384
    Heart Says:

    @. Tyvm

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥For you Leo♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Hope you get your shat worked out.

  385. 385
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  386. 386
    . Says:


  387. 387
    Drake Says:

    @Partying in NY again tonight:

    I wonder if he going to the Vmas. He being hanging at all the hotspots this week.

  388. 388
    @376 - Partying in NY Says:

    Actually SL East is a nightclub in East Hampton.

  389. 389
    @376 - Partying in NY Says:

    Inside the SL East (few minutes ago).

  390. 390
    #388 Says:

    @@376 – Partying in NY:

    Explains why he was eating dinner in montauk then!

  391. 391
    . Says:

    @@376 – Partying in NY:
    no wonder he went there!

  392. 392
    . Says:

    welp i can already predict judging by that picture just posted this thread will get bombarded by posters CALLING leo the devil or something and going on about how he hates women so much, is a hypocrite, needs to grow up, is a douche, the same stuff we already know, yada yada yada for the next three pages or so. so because of that i will post this, found it from BZ, makes Leo seem a bit nicer and respectfu(he also looks hot in the pictures, it was probably when he had to get in shape for great gatsby)l:

  393. 393
    #392 Says:


    WOW that’s really cool!!

    Thanks for posting it! :-)

  394. 394
    #387 Says:


    I doubt it. He’ll just hit up all of the parties!!

  395. 395
    Drake Says:

    @@376 – Partying in NY:

    His life is amazing.

  396. 396
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  397. 397
    Partying up.... Says:

    Haneefa (@Neef_Yusuff)
    8/24/13, 9:20 PM

  398. 398
    TwEeTs Says:

    More and MORE tweets.. KEEP em coming. Leo is obviously having a blast.

  399. 399
    Movie Says:

    It’s like a Leo movie all day all night errryday. I love Leo movies. more leo please.

  400. 400
    SL East Says:

    Andrew Walsh ‏@awalsh100 59m
    Walked in Dicaprio second night on the job #sleast

  401. 401
    @Movie Says:

    I wonder if he talks about his coming wows movie when he goes out like that

  402. 402
    Brandt Says:

    Does LEo dance like a unicorn in the club?

  403. 403
    Léonie Says:

    For anyone, like me, wondering about Toni’s whereabouts:
    I follow another model named Andreea Diaconu on Instagram. She’s a close friend and former housemate of Toni and yesterday she posted a pic of her mother and Toni’s mother on IG. I can’t really figure where Andreea is right now based on her posts but they might be together. Just a thought.
    PS: In the background of the pic of their moms there seems to be sea and mountains. Lol. I dunno how far this info will get us and dunnowhy I mentioned it but oh well. I will post the pic when I have the possibility but anyone curious can also check her IG. Her username is andreeadiddy. xo

  404. 404
    Movie Says:

    I dont know @movie. I think he may do talk about beefcakes. What is best on menu.. Steak and all. Bourbon too I heard he likes it. But who knows.

  405. 405
    Leonie Says:

    I have a lot to say.

  406. 406
    Leo Dicaprio's Glory Days Says:

  407. 407
    . Says:

    @Leo Dicaprio’s Glory Days:
    aww, he was so cute. what happened to that lively and beautiful smile :/

  408. 408
    @407 Says:

    i bet his experiences in life and all these hangers-on made him a bitter cherry-pie:(

  409. 409
    Zora Says:

    hey you all, what was the google plus account everyone started saying must be real ? Got the address to it somewhere still ? I think I just found some other G+ account that used to be connected to it ,but isnt anymore, and wanted to setup similarities

    what the other url is? Google+ and with Cameron and Erin, I think ,too, but only need his

    Anyone got it?

  410. 410
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leonie: Thanks for the info on Toni. It’s weird how we haven’t seen or heard anything about her. Even her twitter has been quiet since she left Germany. I thought she might pop over to London and see Cara since she recently turned 21.
    @yep (308): Those are fantastic photos, especially the one where Leo is holding Helen’s hand. You can tell he is totally thrilled to meet her.
    @HAHA: re Kate talking about Leo at the GG: I think at that point, her marriage was already falling apart and she was just grateful that Leo was there for support. IMO, it was kind of uncomfortable to watch, especially since her husband was there (he was there, wasn’t he?)

  411. 411
    @Leoni Says:

    Thanks, just checked it out, Which lady is Toni’s mom? I think it’s fair to assume Toni is probably there to. I’m feeling Europe vibes from the photo?

  412. 412
    #403 Says:


    Thanks for the possible update. I’ve been wondering why we haven’t heard from her. I thought someone said on another thread that her mom lived in Switzerland? I agree with #411 that it looks like they are in Europe too.

  413. 413
    NY sighting from last night Says:

    Steph Machado (@DubStepphh)
    8/25/13, 1:30 AM
    So my bro was hanging out with Leo DiCaprio last night.. Nbd.. Just my favorite actor of ALL TIME😩

  414. 414
    Sighting today Says:

    Haley Hinson (@doubleh_hinson)
    8/25/13, 7:54 AM

    I’m going to say this may be accurate because there are pics of him in a jeep in NY from a few months ago.

  415. 415
    Léonie Says:

    @411: Not sure but I guess the taller one. Have no idea where they could be. Don’t even know if Toni is really there. She might be. All I know from her IG posts is that Andreea has been travelling all around the globe this summer. Could be anywhere.
    @412: Np!
    @Z: Hi! Yeah think it’s weird too.
    I always thought she’d be more active on social media again once she was apart from Leo and I guess they have been apart for about a week now or a little longer? So yeah it’s weird.
    About the GG’s: Sam Mendes was there too. I think it’s fair to say she kind of ignored him compared to what she said about Leo. I think when they announced that she won, she hugged and kissed Leo before her husband and then turned to him and like kissed him very quickly lol. So yeah that was totally awkward but I thought her speech was super cute.

  416. 416
    #410 Says:


    I think it’s weird too that we have not heard anything from toni either on her twitter or friends’ twitters or IGs. And is it just me or does Leo not seem that bothered by the paps since he’s been in NY, like he’s more relaxed away from her. JMO

  417. 417
    Missy Says:

    Leo and his dog ‘Django’ for a book from Kate (Winslet):
    So cute <3

  418. 418
    Bells Says:

    Personally I think that Leo loves the women… all of them. But ESPECIALLY the blonde, tall ones. He is such a charmer and gentleman even in his interviews… he is flirting all the day I have the feeling and that’s why he hasn’t found the right one. There are just too many. And I’ve never heard a girl/woman speaking bad about him, not even one of his ex girlfriends. If he would be such an as*hole against women we would know it, I believe. Maybe I’m wrong, but yeah, that’s my opinion to this theme ;)

  419. 419
    Missy Says:

    I think this quote from The Huffington Post fits the hole situation perfectly:
    “Leonardo DiCaprio is like a moth to the flame when it comes to models; the man can’t stay away.”

  420. 420
    Fan Says:

    Don’t know if there is a connection, but Jennifer M. Maguire tweeted a picture of her saying she was in Amagansett.
    Maybe the Maguires and Leo are spending time together in the Hamptons during the weekend.

  421. 421
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Bells (418): I agree with you. I think Leo is not the best boyfriend, but I’ve never heard even a rumor that he abused or was a jerk.
    @Missy: That is such a cute photo of Leo and Django. His hair – his face – his goatee = Yummy! re the quote: so true – it’s become a joke!
    @Leonie: I think Toni’s mom is the one with the glasses.
    re last night: On BZ they posted a tweet from a girl who’s aunt was sitting next to Leo. The Aunt wrote that he and his crew took their table, and that sitting across from Leo was a “beautiful thing”!
    Is Leo on the prowl for another model or do you think he just likes to have beautiful girls around him all the time? Thoughts??? (Personally, I would be surprised if he and Toni were over so soon. I thought at least another month…)

  422. 422
    #420 Says:


    We can hope! It would be great to see him hang around with his good friends again because I think he needs that right now!

  423. 423
    @422 Says:


    And still not even them can get him out of the clubs

  424. 424
    #421 Says:


    Besides the fact that I didn’t like the whole Leo/toni relationship, things have just been strange this past week or so. Leo seems to be enjoying himself hanging out at the clubs and with his friends which seems so much better than when he was with toni in the islands. He actually looks somewhat content. I find it strange that toni has been off social media so long. I didn’t think they would be over so soon either and they may not be but…..I don’t know. It’s strange.

  425. 425
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#421 (423): Right? I know that he would spend time away from Erin and go to a club, but never like he is right now. I mean, he has been clubbing every single night!
    I agree that he does look very relaxed and he’s not doing the “cover the face I see a pap”.
    re Toni: With Erin, you could see the writing on the wall (when he went and partied in Vegas instead of attending the charity concert she was involved with, especially after he had tweeted about the event!). With Toni – I really don’t know – I guess we will have to wait and see.

  426. 426
    A song for Leo's GF Says:

  427. 427
    not with toni Says:

    @#421: i have exactly the same thoughts with you on that and i agree :)

  428. 428
    Léonie Says:

    @Z: “Is Leo on the prowl for another model or do you think he just likes to have beautiful girls around him all the time?” Both. I think he is always on the hunt and even though he is dating a girl officially he still likes to surround himself with them. I read that Page Six said about the Bebe party that he sat at a high banquette – apparently to have a better sight on the scene lol. You think that’s true? Sounds legit to me since the party was model-filled haha. Gonna agree with the Huff Post quote here too. He just loves them, can’t stay away regardless of having an official gf or not. I didn’t know before how he was with Erin etc but read here by many that it was just the same. But you say it wasn’t this frequent yea? Weird! And yeah the whole situation seems a bit weird. No proof whatsoever of Toni being in NYC so I’ll assume she’s hasn’t been with him for at least the past week. Honestly I too would expect them to be done by October but I wouldn’t be too surpised if they were over already. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a candid of them together within a few days again. Toni being awkwardly silent despite being away from him is weird. If she’d be working or contuining her vacation with friends and family, either way it would be natural for her to tweet about it (or about something random even) like she did when she was in Germany. Weird. I’ve been told not to read so much into her social media activity, which makes somewhat sense now because I always said she would be tweeting again frequently when she was apart from Leo. So you’re right we will have to wait and see.

  429. 429
    not with toni Says:

    @A song for Leo’s GF:Now seriously , i would laugh my a$$ off if someone here wrote :a song for Leo’s “relationship” with toni : Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” :):):) That would so damn funny…

  430. 430
    HAHA Says:

    Hey everyone, you know at first I thought due to Toni’s lack of sightings and Leo going clubbing every night they might be over, but didn’t the same thing happen before with a previous gf? Everyone assumes Leo and his gf are over, then there are new candids of them together a week later? Like you all have said, this relationship is predicted to be over by the Fall, so we may just get more candids of them soon enough. Idk, it feels too early for it to be over.

    @Zzzzz I remember it clearly, when she won Best Actress for Revolutionary Road she was so shocked an hugged Leo first. She also told him in her speech that she’s loved him for 13 years and loves him with all her heart, and then he quickly thanked Sam lol. I thought it was sweet, but probably ticked Sam off.

  431. 431
    @425 Says:

    But even before that Vegas trip during Wows, He and Erin also spend a lot of time apart when he was filming Django. Of course the excuse sometimes was ‘work’ from both lol and I say excuse because in his free time he chose to travel to Mexico ( to the billionaire’s birthday party in Cabo) but hilarious that when she had to travel to Mexico at the same time for work he left immediately to Miami with his pals and mom for more parties and models. Remember that tweet of him sitting at a table full with every type of models lol

    So although is weird for the rest of us, for Leo isn’t unusual that of spending a lot of time apart.

  432. 432
    not with toni Says:

    @Leonie “he sat at a high banquette – apparently to have a better sight on the scene ” : f#cking funny!!!! WHAT A WOLF ! :D

  433. 433
    @430 Says:

    “it feels too early for it to be over.” : early?!hell no…. his intentions were to “use” her as his summer- companion while island-hopping! Now that he’s done with his “exotic” vacations he doesn’t think it’s necessary to keep this tragic mess : hanging out with this KID…..

  434. 434
    Well Says:

    …”A witness said, “Leo chose to sit at a table directly across from Nina’s table. He sat high on a banquette, to scope out the scene….”

    He probably chose the “best” table….LOL!
    You have a point.

  435. 435
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leonie: You are probably right about wanting to have beautiful girls around – IMO probably has to do with his insecurities and a boost to his ego.
    @425 (431): You’re right about the Cabo. She came down to do a show and he bolted to Miami with his buddies! I remember with Erin there was a huge gap – almost 2 months when they were never seen together and then there were pictures of them 3-4 days in a row.
    @HAHA: I think Kate and Sam’s marriage was already on the rocks when the GGs happened. I think that’s why she thanked Leo first.
    @not with Toni: supposedly besides having 2 guy pals, there was a mystery blonde with Leo. Although, if he’s hanging with his friend Chuck, Chuck’s gf/wife Nikki, is tall and blonde.

  436. 436
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Kind of Off Topic – but in the banner they have the actor Ian Somerhalder speaking at a rally, along with the Sierra Club, about using sustainable resources. THIS is what I thought Leo would be doing when he said he wanted to be more involved in environmental issues and projects. I didn’t think he meant he would send tweets!

  437. 437
    @434 Says:

    @434 :”you have a point” : seriously i believe this is the reason why they are so silent now…well the funny thing is that i changed my user name in #433 comment in order to avoid getting attacked .It’s nice that you agree though…..

  438. 438
    HAHA Says:

    LOL. I don’t know what’s been going on with him. He used to seem very invested in his environmental work but now it seems like he’d rather go clubbing and on yachts every day. Hopefully he does more work in the fall.

  439. 439
    not with toni Says:

    @Zzzzzz: with all those blondes in Leo’s life you can never be sure!!!! Wild guess= =maybe his obsession with dating ONLY blonde girls who are cast in the same mold looks-wise is a part of his plan (wow conspiracy theory) not to attract the attention whenever he hangs out with them , this naughty boy wants to confuse the onlookers ,the paps,the tabloids and the gossip sites, he wants no one to be sure whether this girl beside him is toni for instance or someone else …Even the paparazzos are getting confused and they can never be sure whether this bland-faced blonde is his new official girfriend ….. i suppose, as a result, these Leo – photos with his ” always -mysterious-non-identified-blonde” won’t worth that much when the pap tries to sell them as they don’t get to depict the “hot couple” ….of course these pics are not that valuable in the market since they are “ambiguous” and people feel uncertain about who is depicted … The paps cannot cash in on them which is definitely what Leonardo ,the naughty baby, wants …..

  440. 440
    Blonde Says:

    Some people really hate blondes huh?

  441. 441
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @not with toni: LOL!! With Leo, anything is possible! Hey guys (nwt, HAHA, Leonie, #421 and all) I’m out the rest of the day – can read the comments, but can’t reply. Talk to ya in the wee hours of the morning! ;)

  442. 442
    not with toni Says:

    WILD GUESS again =Maybe Leonardo goes to great lengths in order to confuse the paps and the onlookers when he purposefully surrounds himself with a bevy of blonde models who resemble strikingly his gf : everyone keeps wondering “is this girl toni ?” ” is she there with him?” .I recall those yacht -pics for example ………………………………………………………………………………………..

  443. 443
    @not with toni Says:

    #439 “of course these pics are not that valuable in the market The paps cannot cash in on them which is definitely what Leonardo ,the naughty baby, wants when the pap tries to sell them as they don’t get to depict the “hot couple” interesting point.

  444. 444
    @440 Says:

    @Blonde: Hi Missy!

  445. 445
    Drake Says:

    @not with toni:


    I get his girlfriends confuse, he not cheating if the girl a tall blonde and he seen with a tall blonde.

  446. 446
    not with toni Says:

    @Drake “he not cheating if the girl a tall blonde and he seen with a tall blonde.” : good point.Thank you for mentioning it.

  447. 447
    Blonde Says:

    @444 Nope! just soneone who thinks hair, eye. skin color is irrelevant. Leo may be shallow in some ways. So are some of his fans. Looks, looks, looks! Shame.

  448. 448
    @Blonde Says:

    You’re right. A lot of jealousy here (even when they say they’re not jealous blah blah blah).

  449. 449
    @blonde Says:

    next time Leo’s fans will only write comments your highness will approve….comments full of depth and meaning and positivity just like yours… i bet you must be a very interesting person since you can spot “superficiality” which sticks out a mile for you obviously .More power to you,Leo would be very proud ……

  450. 450
    Blonde Says:

    @448 uh huh ;p @449 we both know that’s not what I meant! Okay bye then.

  451. 451
    . Says:

    +1. also whats the point of trashing toni’s appearance/style all the time? im sorry, i love leo and all but he has been looking gross for awhile and not any better than toni, except in these candids he looks fine. and dont get started on his fashion sense…

  452. 452
    @451 Says:

    ” dont get started on his fashion sense” : only fagg@ts have a good fashion sense…..

  453. 453
    . Says:

    lol i dont care how he dresses but its hypocritical to make fun of toni’s style while it seems like leo dresses iin the dark…

  454. 454
    Psychics Says:

    I wish the psychics would come back!! Atleast there was something intersting to discuss then!!! Hope you find your soulmate or happiness another way Leo.

  455. 455
    @Blonde Says:

    They think Leo is a God and his girlfriend has to be perfect – and brunette because every blondes in the world are bland and stupid, so cliché…
    The funny thing is that Toni looks good and she’s not a bad person.

  456. 456
    @all Says:

    you must understand that comments here are completely subjective.Why complain whenever someone appears to be “shallow” or says something you disagree with? Posters are human beings ,they can’t be lucid all the time, yes they can feel jealousy and subsequently their opinions may be biased! Why complain about other posters ? We can’t all share the same moral values here. the same perspective on certain things and whatnot….@Blond you can accuse me of being a superficial tw@t all you want but i think you are immature : you are here in a public forum and you “see” things about Leo’s fans and you perceive they are shallow and jealous just because you read a few comments.It’s unfair.And even if i am or anyone indeed so shallow it’s my own business not yours

  457. 457
    @456@@all Says:

    Very nicely said. i agree ^^

  458. 458
    @#456 Says:

    @@all: And even if i am or anyone indeed so shallow it’s my own business not yours +1000

  459. 459
    kiki Says:

    @.: Can you name a few things you dont like about Leo’s appearance? I mean do you like his beard or what?

  460. 460
    . Says:

    idon’t mind a little scruff but hate this calvin candie beard he’s been rocking, but mostly i hate how slicks back his hair at premieres because it makes him head look even bigger than it is and can be weird to look at up close
    i agree with posters who said he looked his hottest from 2006-07, but now it seems like he doesnt want to ever attempt to look good anymore.

  461. 461
    kiki Says:

    @.:”i hate this calvin candie beard he’s been rocking, “: dammit! i so f#cking hate that bushy beard too!!!!!!!! Someone should talk him out of this stat!!! Well at premieres he is so damn dapper he is really yummy imo! Also, i f@cking hate his damn hats! I wish he got rid of them as soon as possible………………………………………………………………..

  462. 462
    . Says:

    i also just get so fckin annoyed when everyone calls him ugly now and said he looked better in the 90s. i would take him in blood diamond or the departed over titanic anyday of the week. but he really hasnt been looking good ever since cannes started with those awful pics of him clubbing like a pimp, and most importantly hasnt looked HAPPY in forever. i want to see a beautiful and happy leo again like this:
    i pray to god he does something about his hair in time for wows and hopefully gets rid of beard..

  463. 463
    . Says:

    yes it looked so gross during gatsby promotion, makes him look like an old man! i want beautiful and lively leo back! :(

  464. 464
    kiki Says:

    @.: i liked him in the inception:HOT

  465. 465
    kiki Says:

    well i like him MATURE actually looks-wise

  466. 466
    kiki Says:

    i’m trying to re-find this pic: him wearing his dapper suit while lying on a bed ( i think it was a photo shoot in a hotel room) he had his hair slicked back and was so damn yummy but i cannot find the pic..

  467. 467
    Oh Says:

    He was so cuuute in 2006/2007. Now he looks 10/15 years older

  468. 468
    . Says:

    EXACTLY! thank you for posting this! look how hot and flirty he was in that interview :”) actually all his interviews are more playful and happier he also was looking great and seemed so happy. now he is too dull and serious 24/7 and the beard and alcohol and clubbing is making him age horribly :/
    i didnt like him much in inception, he looked pretty bloated in the face. i think he looked hot in django even with the beard and looked beautiful in the great gatsby.

  469. 469
    #456 Says:



  470. 470
    Oh Says:

    Crazy Leo

  471. 471
    The Master of the Freak-Out Says:

  472. 472
    . Says:

    this is my favorite leo video…

    :/ miss seeing that beautiful smile..

  473. 473
    #461 Says:


    I agree about the bushy beard! Also I don’t get why he looks like that while dating a 21yo. We all know that Leo when he’s cleaned up can look younger so why is he looking like a dirty old man while dating a 21yo??? Boggles the mind!!!

  474. 474
    . Says:

    exactly! and why are all these young models fawning over him with his bushy beard, lack of fashion sense, and looking like a dirty old man! it makes no sense! youd think he would atleast try to look good to win these kittens over!

  475. 475
    Let's not forget..... Says:

    When we see Leo out clubbing and surrounded by models and we are wondering whats going on between him and toni……it’s the gossip mags that have referred to her as his gf and so then do we (the people on here posting). He may not consider her his gf. They may just be f— buddies or dating or whatever you want to call it which means he’s free to cavort with whoever he wants! :-). JMO

  476. 476
    . Says:

    @Let’s not forget…..:
    so true! im starting to think this TONI is nothing but a f_ck buddy, friends with benefits, escort, summer fling, whatever you name it…

    also why do these models go for leo when hes been looking like a dirty old man recently??? youd think hed attempt to look good for these kiddies but i guess not! but seriously this summer was the worst leo has looked in recent years.

  477. 477
    #476 Says:


    Yea I haven’t seen him look this bad in I don’t know how long!

    He doesn’t have to look good for them bc they’re getting something from him too….they get noticed. As I said in an earlier post….toni is all over the German gossip mags right now. She might have been a well known model before but look at her now!!!

  478. 478
    not with toni Says:

    @#461: ” I don’t get why he looks like that while dating a 21yo” Maybe he has his reasons, that’s why he keeps this slovenly appearance . He clearly doesn’t want to to give an impression that he is one of those insecure guys who would do anything looks-wise just to impress a 21 yo renowned model.He wants to come across as THE COOL GUY around his models-girlfriends.He doen’t want to take great pains to impress anyone (his girlfriends included).

  479. 479
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    This is a good point, maybe he wants to show he can get any girl he wants even if he looks like sh^t. Probably to appear cool or like a badass. But I agree I wish he’d fix his appearance up and get rid of the beard and find a new hairstyle, George Clooney is in his 50s but is looking better than Leo these days..

  480. 480
    @475 Says:


    Behind you, @Let’s not forget ! Ever since they started “hooking up” at parties, he was seen partly with her and partly just by himself partying or with his buddies. This is clearly not as relationship-material as Gisele&Bar& even Erin. The last two were even flings or on/offs, but this…. with his strange behavior I call it Benefits, too. :-)
    Second. he is not such a relationship-TYPE, you all people forget. He lives for his work! His job. Remember his breaks are short , then he is on filming for about 6 months as he told. He got no time to fix up family business and sorts. The shorter the better… But that doesn’t mean he is not concerned about the highest privacy level to himself, even for dates, summerflings or benefits, privacy is still privacy. Not so strange, really.

  481. 481
    WOWS Says:

    The life takes its toll. Without work, he lacks direction and purpose. The environmental work used to ground him, but he’s been doing less and less of that and more and more partying or farting around with his shiftless buddies. He’s lost his spark and it shows in his life off and on screen. With WoWS, he and Scorsese might as well be filming music videos. There’s no depth, no substance in that book or trailer, and who really gives a flying f*ck about a hedonistic, corrupt a$$hole like Belfort?

  482. 482
    @455 Says:

    We dont think all the blondes are dumb… There you have Charlize, Naomi Watts among others. But then you have the ones Leo dates lol As you know, Leo never chooses the bright ones. Is always a very very young, not articulate girl, but is okay because they are not allowed to think or comment anyways. She is just there to be an eye candy for others not to mention his exclusive sexual companion.

  483. 483
    HAHA Says:

    Leo has been trying to make WOWS with Marty since 2007, I remember reading that Brad Pitt, George Clooney, among others were also interested in it. Brad actually fought for producing rights but lost to Leo and Marty. I’m not sure what drew them to it, but I think it has potential. It reminds me a lot of GoodFellas, and in the trailer Leo looks the most natural he has in years. But I do agree the story has very little substance, and is more shallow than anything. It may even change people’s personal views on Leo, either in a good or bad light. I’m really intrigued for November..

  484. 484
    HAHA Says:

    However, at the same time I’ve started to change my mind if WOWS will really hurt Leo’s reputation in any way. And tbh, I don’t think it will. Has anyone watched Up In The Air with George Clooney? It’s like the lead character was written just for him, like it was tailor made. Some say he played a version of himself in that movie and it fit his persona so well. Same with Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. I’ve noticed when actors use their personas in films or play variations of themselves, it rarely hurts them. Plus men in Hollywood rarely suffer at all, they always find a way to bounce back up. Leo is so respected by the masses and in the industry, they don’t care about his dating life like we do. The only backflash I think he’ll get is obviously from JJ lol and gossip sites like Lainey but I think the public will really love him in the role. So many people complain about how he never does comedy and is too serious and WOWS is his first comedic type of film in 11 years. If he pulls off the role which I think he will, I can see him earning a lot of critical praise like with Django. The trailer was so hyped everywhere on the internet and I think it’s guaranteed to be a hit, and it also may introduce Leo to a whole new sea of fans, particularly males. I actually think doing WOWS is a smart move by Leo, not only is it a comedy in some sense, but its also Leo going back to edgy roles and actually taking a chance like he did when he was younger. The movie will be so ‘out there’ and inappropriate, the unedited version of it was rumored to be NC 17 but Marty had to edit it to a strong R. Leo may receive backflash from fans on here, but everywhere else I think he’ll be fine. What I’m worried about is just the press, I know they’re going to tear him down with questions about Jordan’s life and how it relates to his. He’s going to have to be really smart about what he says and does..again this is all JMO.

  485. 485
    #484 Says:


    HAHA love your post!! :-)

  486. 486
    HAHA Says:

    New interview of Leo and Marty talking about WOWS:

    Very interesting read. Looks like I was right, there’s going to be lots of sex in this..also some behind the scenes pics.

  487. 487
    HAHA Says:

    Thanks! You read the link I just posted, very informative about WOWS!

  488. 488
    #487 Says:


    I was reading it while watching Django but great article! I’m looking forward to seeing WOWS!

  489. 489
    Ophrah says Says:


  490. 490
    So..... Says:

    let the VMA after parties begin….

    Sam-I-Am (@sami_somebody)
    8/25/13, 9:54 PM
    Yeah I have friends hanging with Leonardo DiCaprio and friends going to dinner with Drake. And I’m sitting here like “why”.

  491. 491
    Blondes, blondes, Says:

    blondes! where are the REAL blondes???

  492. 492
    Party party.... Says:

    Kasey Lambert (@Kjlambert)
    8/25/13, 10:36 PM
    Leo DiCaprio just walked by me and I feel that the first person I should tell is @SloaneAvery

  493. 493
    Party party.... Says:

    Karin Hadadan (@karinhadadan)
    8/25/13, 10:36 PM

  494. 494
    Ophrah says Says:

    How much more disrespect does Toni Garrn have to take by getting herself involved in the promotion of a dumb movie the Wolf of Wall Street.. ENOUGH

  495. 495
    shutter.......... Says:

    @Ophrah says: “There’s no depth, no substance in that book or trailer” when i saw The Great Gatsby’s trailer which depicted a very hedonistic life with the freakingly annoying “lesbians” and this nauseating f#cking opulence i knew i wasn’t going to go to the theaters and watch the movie.I’m sorry Leonardo… should choose scripts with some meaning and depth: Shutter Island and Revolutionary Road : two of my all time favourites !!!

  496. 496
    Phony Says:

    Find a German girl to show a lack of decency to so that you can publicize a gross movie about a lack of decency. Lack of respect for peoples intelligence never hurt. Just get gross.

  497. 497
    not with toni Says:

    @Phony : i like your “bleak” and most of the time mysterious comments <3 I will never forget this quote of yours :"a big ,unhappy, tragic mess" : luv this one! I'm gonna use it in my personal life !! You say it all in a few words and in an intelligent way :) Keep posting your interesting mysterious and sometimes funny comments :)

  498. 498
    lmao Says:

    a gross movie : agreed.i don’t expect anything interesting about this frantic movie .I just cannot wait the wows just to see him NAKED!! lol i hope it is the real naked Leo!!!!!!

  499. 499
    lmao Says:

    i wanna see him getting wild and kinky even if it’s just for a movie!!!!!

  500. 500
    lmao Says:

    “He may not consider her his gf. They may just be f— buddies ” EXCELLENT POINT

  501. 501
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @ comment 474: why are all these young models fawning over him with his bushy beard, lack of fashion sense, and looking like a dirty old man!: Because he is rich and famous. I guarantee you if he wasn’t, they would not give him the time of day! They date him for the publicity.
    re looks: IMO I think he lets himself go when he is not working so he doesn’t look like the heartthrob. I think he really doesn’t like to be reminded of that and wants to be taken seriously.
    @WOWS (481) : “Without work, he lacks direction and purpose. The environmental work used to ground him, but he’s been doing less and less of that and more and more partying or farting around with his shiftless buddies. He’s lost his spark and it shows in his life off and on screen” Agree 100%!
    @HAHA: I agree that it will be nice to see Leo changing it up and doing something different. Yes, Belfort is shallow and greedy, but I am looking forward to seeing Leo in the role.
    re the press for WOWS: If people thought he was being compared to Gatsby in articles and interviews, that is going to pale in comparison to people comparing him to Belfort. There is scene from the movie were he is on a yacht surrounded by women in bikinis. You could literally interchange it with the pictures from Cannes and Australia when Leo was on a yacht. They are virtually identical. I don’t know how Leo is going to say “my life is nothing like his” with a straight face. It is going to take all his acting skills to pull that off! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if his personal life being compared to Belfort overshadows the movie. I know Leo hates when people focus on his private life and not the movie, but the way he’s been partying non-stop since the beginning of the year, especially in Cannes where there were so many pictures taken, he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself.

  502. 502
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Toni has resurfaced. She just tweeted that she is in Spain for the “last trip of the summer” with her mom and included a photo.

  503. 503
    Leonardo Dicaprio Says:

    On turning 40 in a couple of years:

    “I guess the big four-o hasn’t entered my consciousness yet. I believe it’s very important to look back on the choices you’ve made and re-analyze where you want your life to go and the things you want to do as an individual. I came from a lower middle-class background where, for me, being an actor never seemed like an achievable dream. Once I got my first opportunity to work on a movie, it’s really been a mad rush to fulfill that dream. As an actor, I do everything possible to tell a great story in a truly artistic way, but at the end of the day you never know how critics and audiences are going to respond. It’s always an eternal sort of mystery in making movies, and that’s the great fun, challenge, and excitement about doing what I do. My goal is to keep doing great work… I haven’t stopped yet and hopefully the work will never stop. While I’m here, I will always have that drive to not only produce great work, but to make a difference in the world.”

  504. 504
    Leonardo Dicaprio Says:

    On his environmental work:

    “In my adult life, my environmental work and activism remain a priority. I created a foundation that focuses on raising public awareness of the very important issues concerning our planet, our environment, and the impact we as people have on the world we live in… It is not only an extremely fulfilling and gratifying learning experience, but has also taken me to some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world.”

  505. 505
    not with toni Says:

    ” why are all these young models fawning over him with his bushy beard, lack of fashion sense, and looking like a dirty old man!: Because he is RICH and FAMOUS. I guarantee you if he wasn’t, they would not give him THE TIME OF DAY ! They date him for the PUBLICITY.” : here you are Leo! Open your eyes babe!

  506. 506
    i can't Says:

    wait …. JJ please post some new Leo-pics BUT without the famewh%re please!

  507. 507
    ❤ lovesick ❤ Says:

    ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  508. 508
    baby Leo Says:

    that little SL^T = toni is not worthy to breathe the same air as you Leo babe! YOU are so much better than all these rapacious vultures .You are so talended, a true artist . All they want is to grab greedily whatever you have to offer them: fame fame more fame money luxurious gifts ,lavish lifestyle, powerful and important connections ….Women of loose and low morals….with nothing but an endless vacuum inside all they care about is their damn appearance ,buying expensive clothes and caring about their f#cking pu$$y 24/7 … why is it so damn difficult to understand that they USE YOU? YOU deserve all the love in the world Leo ‘cos i believe you are a good person deep inside you are tender and affectionate ,sweet and cute and really lovable! You have so much LOVE to give! I’m sure about that ! Search for LOVE Leo :this is all you need! You are not just this superficial misogynist you always appear to be…you definitely don’t deserve all this bashing Leo do something , show us how wrong we are ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

  509. 509
    @Zzzzz Says:

    ….so Leo’s latest barely model ( who’s just days older than Selena Gomez)has finally decided to tweet.

  510. 510
    also... Says:

    “I guess the big four-o hasn’t entered my consciousness yet.”
    To me it seems like the big three-o hasn’t entered his conscioysness yet so how can we expect him to deal with turning 40 soon? He thinks he is just as old as he wants to be.

  511. 511
    @Zzzzz Says:

    She specified “this time ” with her mother…
    Like she knew everyone was aware she was in Spain with other people before.

  512. 512
    ^ Says:

    As @Also said that Lukas haas posted a pic from a boat…

    August 25, 2013- Local resident and actor Leonardo DiCaprio took out Manhattan Sailing Club’s VIP cruiser, the Blue Pearl, Friday. The usual bevy of babes seems to have been missing.

  513. 513
    #502 Says:


    I hate to say this but I wonder if that’s why Leo is hanging around NY?

  514. 514
    This sentence is funny Says:

    Toni Garrn is known best for being two things: a Victoria’s Secret Angel and Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend (which are basically the same thing, we’re aware).

    From a huffpost article.

  515. 515
    Pics from last night Says:

    Teshai Jones (@Teshai01)
    8/26/13, 6:21 AM
    RT @DefJamRecords: 2 Chainz x Leonardo Dicaprio at 1 OAK last night in NYC. (Via @beatsbydre) @ 1 OAK

  516. 516
    also... Says:

    @513: Because Toni is in Spain with her mom? Leo is partying, apartment hunting ( there was some tweet photo posted on his bz thread the other day ) and probably getting ready for WOWS. He could be in LA and make her meet him there.

  517. 517
    miranda Says:

    At least he has teeth. I cannot stand people with no teeth.

  518. 518
    LMFAO Says:

    ARTPOP † (@TweetM0nster)
    8/26/13, 4:51 AM
    saw Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday, he was super drunk

  519. 519
    #516 Says:


    Well this is the last week of August and she said she would be back in NY in September. I guess we’ll see if he hangs around for her to come back to NY or if he heads out to LA or somewhere this week.

  520. 520
    ^ Says:

    @515 “midlife crisis”

  521. 521
    #520 Says:


    LOL he loves his rappers. Remember the comment he made about 2chainz when he was promoting gatsby.

  522. 522
    #518 Says:

    “he was super drunk” …wonder what happened next ;)

  523. 523
    More sightings Says:

    ♡tweetlimitofc♡ (@cutebuttonarry)
    8/26/13, 6:38 AM

  524. 524
    ^ Says:


    “saw Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday, he was super drunk”

    @513 Ny has a good party scene + Richie akiva aka his personal party host and model p i m p. But if any of his wingman were there, he will be in LA with them, and if he goes to travel he takes them with him to Ibiza, Mallorca or Belize.

    Translation: it really doesnt matter where he is NY, LA, Ibiza, Belize … as long as his friends are around.

  525. 525
    Middle Life Crisis Says:

    according to Dr. Phil :

    1 – A decrease in weight, a new obsession with exercise and physical appearance.

    2 – Unhappiness with life and lifestyle that previously made him or her happy.

    3 – Boredom with people and things that may have previously been of interest.

    4 – Feeling a need for adventure and change.

    5 – Questioning the choices and decisions he or she has made in life.

    6 – Confusion about who he or she is and where his or her life is headed.

    7- Anger at his or her spouse and placing blame for feeling tied down.

    8 – Unable to make decisions about where he or she wants to go in life.

    9 – Doubt over ever loving his or her spouse and resentment over the marriage.

    10 – A desire for a new and passionate, intimate relationship.

    11 – A sense of remorse for goals not accomplished.

    12 – Frequent daydreaming or feelings of nostalgia.

    13 – Acting on compulsions with food, drugs or alcohol.

    14 – Greatly increased or decreased sexual desire.

    15 – Sexual affairs, especially with someone much younger.

    16 – A desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness.

    17 – Greatly increased or decreased ambition.

  526. 526
    also... Says:

    Those are typical signs of a midlife crisis. For an average person. Leo was never average, his life was never normal and some of these signs have been present in his life ever since he was a teenager.

  527. 527
    #525 Says:

    @Middle Life Crisis:

    WOW…..he’s pretty spot on with most of these! Kind of depressing.

  528. 528
    @@@ Says:

    @babyLeo has soiled his nappies.

    @LeonardoDiCaprio is a hypocrite who’s words ring hollow.

    Leo has been a drunk for years.

  529. 529
    @Leonardo Dicaprio Says:

    “… I will always have that drive to not only produce great work, but to make a difference in the world.”

    wow…so beautifully said…sighs.

  530. 530
    Funny post and so true! Says:

    elmayimbe (@elmayimbe)
    8/26/13, 8:04 AM
    DiCaprio should just get it over with & move into @1OAKNYC

  531. 531
    Middle Life Crisis Says:

    @also “some of these signs have been present in his life ever since he was a teenager” I was actually thinking he WAS BORN with some of these signs!!!!

  532. 532
    Toni.... Says:

    Really reminds me of someone, especially in that photo of her and her mom but I can’t forgive out who and its really bugging me. Anyone else think she looks like someone famous? Maybe another model or actress? I’ve been trying to figure it out since they started dating. It’s driving me crazy lol

  533. 533
    @Toni Says:

    Toni with make-up does remind me of Sharon Tate

  534. 534
    Toni.... Says:

    @533 just googled, yes she does have a look of her, it’s not her she reminds me off though as I didnt know who she was lol

  535. 535
    #532 Says:


    Someone mentioned in another thread that she looks like the sister to Dolph Lundgren from the Rocky movie. LOL

    I don’t think in this pic she does but there was another one that showed off her squarish/boxish head and she really did look like him!

  536. 536
    Toni.... Says:

    @535 lol. I don’t think that’s who i’m thinking though. Argghh I don’t even know why it’s bothering me so much, I think it’s because it’s an.. on the tip of my tongue kind of feeling.

  537. 537
    Sharon Tate Says:

    Toni looks nothing like Sharon Tate.



  538. 538
    Toni looks like Leo Says:

    Leo and Toni both have extra wide foreheads and smallish eyes.

  539. 539
    #538 Says:

    @Toni looks like Leo:

    Probably the German in them.

  540. 540
    #536 Says:


    I re-looked at the pic and you’re right, in that pic she does look like someone but I can’t think of who either…..I actually thought she looked a bit like Cameron Diaz but not sure that’s who you were thinking of.

    I don’t understand why in her casual pics she has to pucker her lips like that….it’s so teenager-ish! I mean come on weren’t you supposed to start acting like a grown-up when you turned 21???

  541. 541
    Cam Says:

    Toni does look like a young Cameron Diaz, but with smaller eyes.

  542. 542
    Well Says:

    New thread on JJ
    Leo celebrating with Chainz at the VMA’s after-party:)

  543. 543
    Toni.... Says:

    @540 she does look a little like a young Cameron. maybe it is her Hmmm. I think I need to look at some younger pic’s. If it is her, I’m very grateful to you lol.

  544. 544
    baby Leo Says:

    @@ “babyLeo has soiled his nappies.” :LMAO!! so f#cking true!!

  545. 545
    Beard Says:

    Gay Wolf of Wall Sreeet

  546. 546
    Beard Says:

    WOWS, Leonardo DiCaprio said “personified America’s addiction to obtaining wealth at all costs, and that hasn’t changed.” Coming from a hypocrite, which includes the people around him, this is some statement. If anyone ruthlessly uses people at any cost with the ends always justifying the means it’s DiCaprio. Everything you have seen for the last month or so(Toni. non-stop partying, staged pap shots, etc) is just publicity for WOWS. This movie is really about DiCaprio’s completely phony lifestyle personified. DUMB.

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