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Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a ride around town using one of the bicycles from the new CitiBike program on Thursday afternoon (August 22) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined for the day by his BFF Lukas Haas, who is featured in the new movie Jobs.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was spotted schmoozing with some models at a party for the launch of bebe‘s new campaign. Head on over to Huffington Post right now to check out the photos of him at the event!

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio riding around town a bicycle…

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leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 01
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 02
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 03
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 04
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 05
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 06
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 07
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 08
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 09
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 10
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 11
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 12
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 13
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 14
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 15
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 16
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • #100

    @@Zzzzz #96:

    Wasn’t that the party thrown by a rich prince from an Asian country or something in early October 2012?

  • @Zzzzz

    I think they were through then no? Was there any sightings of the two after that? I think him and Toni are probably still on… For now, guess we’ll see how serious it is when she’s back in New York. And yes although there is nothing wrong with partying, doing it in your ‘room’ with other girls is pretty insensitive and disrespectful to your girlfriend. If my boyfriend did it I would kick his ass, likewise he would probably kick mine! If roles were reversed (in a non physical sense obviously)

  • @Zzzzz#101

    No it was in September and he flew to Vegas with E. Suplee.

  • @Zzzzz

    Oops meant @@Zzzzz

  • #102


    Even though it didn’t come out until early November that they were done, I think they broke up earlier. The last time I remember hearing/seeing them together was labor day weekend when there was a pic of them at a hookah bar in NY. The pic is funny b/c Erin is happy to post for the pic with the owner (I think) and Leo is off to the side barely in the pic like he’s ready to bolt!!! LOL

  • @@Zzzzz

    Lol yeah I remember that, again pretty disrespectful. To me it’s obvious how he views these girls and what the relationships are about. They’re both equally to blame. I’d be very surprised if this one with Toni turns out any different… Although she does have good baby making genes apparently lol… Kidding! I think if i knew Leo personally I would both love him and hate him.

  • @Zzzzz

    .. yes it was obvious they were over. Bu it wasn’t offficially announced till the first week of November.

  • @#102

    Exactly. Labor Day.

  • ^

    @107 true, they were over by then but it was announced because Erin caught him with models at Lavo where coincidentally she was partying with her friends lol

    The announcement came out one or two days after.

  • @106

    ” I think if i knew Leo personally I would both love him and hate him”

    Imo he’s a great friend but a lousy bf.

  • #108


    So are you making a prediction that labor day will be the last time we see Leo and Toni together? :-)

  • #112


    As much as we say on these threads that these girls aren’t innocent and they go into a relationship with Leo knowing what they’re getting into, I’m sure they still think that maybe they’ll be the one that changes him and that he’ll settle down with them. Being the one that finally does get him to get married and settle down would be a huge catch and I’m sure each of these girls knows that so it’s got to be a blow to their ego when he treats them like he does.

  • #109

    poor Erin…

  • @111

    LOL .. I was just confirming that Labor Day was the last Leo/Erin public sighting.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 More sightings…..

    Joanna Simkin (@JoannaSimkin)
    8/23/13, 12:00 PM
    #Overheard I’m at lunch and Leonardo DiCaprio is sitting next to me talking about “sustainable living”. I think that’s code for Molly.

    At least he’s talking about something to do with the environment (of course as he continues to look for a 30m apt in NY!)!!!

  • 2.0

    good girls love bad boys…

  • http://@kulsuzi34 More sightings…..

    Anne-Marie Mueschke (@anmarielismusic)
    8/23/13, 12:25 PM
    Leo Dicaprio almost just ran over me with a #citibike. Ahh, New York.

  • Zzzzzz

    @@Zzzzzz #96 – #100: I agree. I think the parted ways shortly after Labor Day. The party for the Billionaire/Prince was actually the first week of November.
    @#102 (@@Zzzzz): I agree re the photo. Leo looked like wanted to be anywhere but there.

  • Zzzzzz

    118 typo *they parted

  • Phony

    Leo is perfect. It is all Toni’s fault. Why would any girl expect to have any self respect around Leo.

  • Fan

    Not that it would interest anyone, but, hasn’t Toni come back to NY with Leo and the others? If she stayed in Europe, why didn’t he follow her?
    Do you think he needs some air?
    Do you think him and her are a simple summer fling?
    Someone posted she usually tweets when she’s working, but I found out she also tweets when she’s with her friends and family.
    She must be extremely busy or she just doesn’t feel like sharing what she does right now.

  • @Fan

    I don’t know… Maybe toni hides something, it’s probably more about her career right now than Leo. just a speculation…

  • #121


    I find it odd that she hasn’t tweeted either. We know she’s not in NY because he’s been seen all over the city with his friends, at club, parties and hanging with other models and there’s been no mention of her at all.

    Maybe she is working and just hasn’t had the time to tweet or (wishful thinking) maybe he’s already dumped her and she’s so depressed she doesn’t feel like tweeting!


    “She’s the village bicycle; everyone has had a ride…” Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

  • NorthEast

    Leo needs to come out. I have a good gaydar. I knew Hemsworth or whatever his face is from Prison Break, was gay when he first hit the spotlight. Leo is another one who pretends he’s straight by paying all these blondies to hang out with him on occasion. Leo sends a gay vibe like no one else. Just you wait.

  • Sasha

    Let’s pray it’s just a summer fling and her name nor her frigid face will ever be seen next to Leo for the rest of the year. One month to go till summer is over.

  • #125


    I think the whole world would be shocked by that! I know i would!!! :-(

  • Lukas
  • ohba

    I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t shock if he and Lukas were a couple

  • ohba

    *shock me

  • lol
  • P

    Lol at the self talking .****** ‘praying’ its over waiting to hate on and pic spam the next girl

  • Fan

    The godson tweeted a pic of his hand holding a glass of Moet & Chandon ….. how old is he?
    Hanging with his aging modelizing Uncle will sure have a macho influence

  • True story

    Sarah is a jealous girl who’s in love with Leo…

  • #128


    That’s funny! Does that look like an e-cig in Lukas’ hand? I didn’t know that Lukas smoked e-cigs too!

    I honestly don’t think Leo is gay. If he is, he sure has gone to a lot of trouble to hide it! Plus he’s been totally open about supporting gay rights, I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t have already come out if he was gay.

  • True story


  • #133


    Uh….18 as of about a month ago! WOW!!!!

  • #131



  • Zzzzzz

    @Fan #133 & @#133 (137): He is definitely on a boat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo and Lukas are with him. He was with both of them when the photos for this article were taken. What a great influence Leo is having on his godson! (NOT!) Obviously, his parents don’t care…

  • Oh

    Lord f@ck a duck!

  • WTF

    Why in gods name are some of you now stalking Milans twitter? He’s a young adult but also a private citizen. Laughable to creep on this boys twitter, ONLY cause he’s connected to Leo and then decide to pass judgement on his actions. Oh the irony!

  • @141

    @WTF agree with that. Give Milan a break guys. Not cool!

  • Zzzzzz

    @WTF: You are right, he isn’t a celebrity – however, he use to post pictures of Leo and him on his instagram account and he was pictured in a Lainey article. (The one where they were having dinner. His instagram account was listed on the picture (which is why he deleted all the Leo photos) I think that’s why people check out his instagram.

  • ohba

    if the twitter is not private, people have the right to see the pics if they wish. it’s social media, if you don’t people to see it don’t post it online

  • WTF

    @Zzzzzz: Naah some check out his Instagram simply due to their Leo obsession and anyone Leo is connected with. i have never looked at Milan’s instagram, and I have no interest to but it seems his Instagram is no different to that of thousands of teenage boys with bragging, partying, girls e.t.c being dominant topics. I find it odd though that some Leo fans SEEK out his young godson’s Instagram and then go judge on what they chose to look at, sure to the outside world Milan is not the one that looks strange or a figure of fun in this scenario.

  • BM


  • Phony

    Leo gay. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  • HAHA

    LMFAO! I almost spit my water out.
    And about Milan-he is young and at the age where he wants to act wild and do whatever he wants even if he’s too young. I don’t think Leo is a good influence on him when it comes to dating but it’s Milan’s life and he is still young, he is just trying to have some fun I guess. Hopefully he doesnt end up just like Leo.

  • LemonHead

    Looks like Leo and Lukas are both into smoking the tobacco-less electronic cigarettes. This picture is funny => :)

  • HAHA
    Leo ate lunch with Mark Ruffalo and Lukas(I’m guessing that’s him) today. Mark seems like a really cool guy.

    Lol at the Damon and Affleck pic.