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Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio: CitiBike Ride with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a ride around town using one of the bicycles from the new CitiBike program on Thursday afternoon (August 22) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined for the day by his BFF Lukas Haas, who is featured in the new movie Jobs.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was spotted schmoozing with some models at a party for the launch of bebe‘s new campaign. Head on over to Huffington Post right now to check out the photos of him at the event!

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio riding around town a bicycle…

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leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 01
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 02
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 03
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 04
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 05
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 06
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 07
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 08
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 09
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 10
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 11
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 12
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 13
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 14
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 15
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 16
leonardo dicaprio citibike ride with lukas haas 17

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • chip

    “The only fact that he doesn’t want to share a red carpet with a girlfriend is disrespectful” i agree.This combined with the fact that he never declares officially his girlfriends.

  • Cold soul

    Is a little unfair! Life experiences might of made him become cold, non believing and untrusting, but to say his soul is cold??

  • HAHA

    @Cold soul:
    I agree, he’s not perfect but some are too harsh on him. He has done a lot good things for animals and the environment back when he was committed to it. But I can’t blame the ones who have been following him for years now, it must be disappointing to see him indulge in the same lifestyle and behavior again and again.

  • @302

    you take it out of context! if you read past comments you will understand that the convo was about how he treats women : coldly thus his having a cold soul.Read more carefully.

  • IMO

    Leo is very very self-centered. it sucks.

  • HAHA

    I bet he would probably be overwhelmed by the attention his gf is taking away from the film. that or he may be too embarrassed to bring one of them on the red carpet, since he knows his relationships with them will never be serious and the girl serves more as candy for him. Just a guess.

  • chip

    ohhhhh i’m so jealous of this old woman

  • yep
  • HAHA

    Some of the comments made it seem like he was a cold person altogether. I just think someone who seems to genuinely care about animals and the arts and has given a lot to charity and supports Gay rights shouldn’t be deemed as that. But I misunderstood, sorry. I agree in regards to his dating life and towards women he seems cold and more detached, the relationships seem they only rely on sex and nothing else, and don’t feel genuine.

  • @HAHA

    ” But I misunderstood, sorry.”: it’s alright :)

  • HAHA

    @Cold soul:
    Completely agree :) I think there is more to him than all these parties, and models, and clubs, even if his actions suggest the exact opposite. Many have no faith he will ever change one day, but it’s never too late. Like you said he plays it safe and seems ‘fine’ with the way he lives but also seems afraid to progress and take more risks and chances. Like I’ve said numerous times, the thought of turning 40 soon and being ‘old’ is getting to him and i guess this is his way of coping with it.

    He seems as if he’s stuck between being a boy and a man still.

  • Cold soul

    @HAHA I agree, and I completely see that!… To those supposedly ‘hating’ on him. He really needs a good kick up his a@se some of things he does makes me a bit sick inside my mouth, but I also see the good things he does to. He frustrate’s me because I see he has so much more potential than his current actions suggest! But are any of us perfect? Or live to our full potential? Sometimes it seem’s easier/safer not to, maybe that’s where he is right now! Safe and comfortable or pain but progression??! Many would shy away from the latter.. Fact! To me he has a beautiful soul! Just passed caring and hope. I’ve been there on a smaller scale, it’s not always easy to come back from! But I really hope for his sake he does! And pulls his sh@t together. It’s time to get it together Mr Dicaprio! Buut on another hand, maybe he know’s what works for him. He knows what he’s doing! He’s happy with it. Who are we to tell him he’s wrong on his own life? I do however hope he takes the more courageous and fulfilling road.

  • also…

    @HAHA: I’m not sure I would say he is cold. He just doesn’t take it seriously and in certain aspects of his life he is immature.

  • HAHA

    That’s just sad. Eugh gross!

  • kiki

    what baffles me is how come he is so empathetic when he is on the set.He is an actor full of emotions,isn’t he? But in real life he is a total d!ck. Paradox…………………………………………………………………………..

  • LOL
  • Fan

    Kristen Z. was 5 months older than Leo. She is the exception.

  • kiki

    “in certain aspects of his life he is immature” that’s because maybe he is not very bright ya know….

  • Cold soul

    @@302 to me most of those comments did sound like they meant Leo in general. And why do some posters apologise to those who would never apologise to to them!?! Urghh the most judgmental people are the always those who never question there own actions! Just everybody else’s!

  • Sigh

    GOSH dammit It makes soooo frustrated and upset reading these embarrassing articles and posts about our Leo even if theyre so accurate :(( just like what LOL posted…what did Matthew McConaughey’s character say in the Dazed & Confused movie. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, I get older, they stay the same.” ?? Sigh, that’s leo….

  • @cold soul

    you can believe whatever you want but be sure you are no better:you are judgemental too. right?

  • @@cold soul

    @@cold soul: leave her She’s a troll. she is here to pick a fight.URGHHHH lol

  • a glorious fantasy

    @Fan: do you believe all those things she said Kristen you know about the way Leo used to make love to her!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have the article she wrote describing the whole “glorious fantasy”??

  • @319

    “And why do some posters apologise to those who would never apologise to to them!?” : it is called ‘politeness’ something i’m pretty sure you know NOTHING about…………..

  • HAHA
  • @325

    thanks HAHA

  • BM

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

  • ohba

    (let’s pretend he’s really dating toni..)
    I don’t understand all the fuss about the age differences? I know of “worse” examples. the oh but she was 5 when titanic came out blabbering? Are we in 97 still? Is she 5? I don’t think so.

  • Cold soul

    @HAHA just wanted to add, the apology thing want meant just for you, reading back I see how it could. I meant all those who come on here and get trashed, then say sorry for it.

  • Cold soul


  • zang

    Kristen’s career went no where even if she dated Leonardo

  • @329 @330

    get the hell outta here troll.

  • why

    @ohba: pretend that they are dating?! Do you have a solid proof all this is fake? I don’t think so ‘cos he wouldn’t look so weird to be papped with her.But then again this “relationship” was “bleak” and weird from the beginning…

  • glasses

    i’ve seen him wear .Does he suffer from short-sightedness?

  • HAHA

    @Cold soul:
    Wars always start when others disagree with each other. I like how on here everyone can express their own opinions unlike at Bellazon but sometimes its taken too far here and others personally attack people just because they have different opinions or even accuse them of being from Bellazon if they say anything positive about Leo. Its not really fair, everyone should be able to say what they want without being attacked so harshly.

  • HAHA
  • @HAHA

    “Wars always start when others disagree with each other. ” you don’t have to explain anything to her. Obviously she was here to pick a fight judging posters who judge Leo . Her moniker is spot on. I would add ” impolite cold soul” :) thanks for the whole zang links :D

  • Cold soul

    That’s what I like about this place to, hearing honest opinions :)

  • leave us alone

    @HAHA : do you think the reason why Kate divorced her husband Sam has anything to do with the Revolutionary road and her being so close to Leo?

  • ohba


    I can’t be sure obviously

  • Ophrah says

    Leo uses models. If he assualted them he knows there would be no more of them in addition to legal problems. Fake

  • @337

    You need to stop using the word moniker it gives you away, just so you know. as if the same old ranting/attacking didn’t. Nobody wants to argue with you love and light to you. I mean it xxxxxx

  • BM

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

    older posts – without pics……. Why ???!!!

  • HAHA

    @leave us alone:
    I read about rumors of Leo and Kate hooking up during Revolutionary Road filming but I don’t know how true they are. I think the Golden Globes may have sealed the deal on their divorce, when she won her 2nd GG and she spent more time gushing about Leo than Sam. Maybe that irked him? But apparently he cheated on her with Rebecca Hall who is he now married too. But i remember during the 2008 awards season, Kate seemed more in love with Leo than Sam.

  • @Leave us alone #339

    Absolutely not. The reason why they divorced is that Sam Mendes fell for a younger actress. What else is new…..?

  • leave us alone

    @HAHA : i saw the video and i was like: is this happening?!

  • @Leave us alone #339
  • @342

    @@337: Thank you so much. You care so much about me lol. “as if the same old ranting/attacking didn’t” : as if you know who i am….

  • leave us alone

    @@Leave us alone #339: thank you!

  • leave us alone

    i mean it was weird that she was talking about Leo more than her husband …