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'Mortal Instruments' Men: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!)

'Mortal Instruments' Men: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!)

The guys of The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesJamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, and Godfrey Gao – heat up the second part of our Just Jared Spotlight of the Week, shot by photographer Justin Campbell!

We also shot some gorgeous photos of their co-star Lily Collins as the first part of our feature for this week.

The Mortal Insturments is in theaters everywhere right now and we chatted with the guys about everything from their favorite props, the best moments on set, and even about their fellow co-stars.

Kevin also talked to us about his recent wedding to longtime love Jaime Feld and one of his favorite gifts.

Lily Collins got us a very nice antique. She bakes a lot, so she got us this very old, antique cake tray, and knife, and scooper,” Kevin said.

Click inside to read our full interviews with the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones guys…

Jamie Campbell Bower Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: Do you have a favorite prop from the set of Mortals?

Jamie Campbell Bower: My ring.

JJ: That you stole?

JCB: I didn’t steal it. I asked if I could have it.

JJ: What’s so special about it?

JCB: It’s a huge point when Valentine turns it around. Also, it was probably the smallest thing that I could take. (laughs)

JJ: Did you take anything else from set?

JCB: My seat back and Kevin Zegers. He lives in the back of my trunk now. (laughs)

JJ: What’s the craziest stunt you did?

JCB: Probably the table flip, I would say. That was pretty crazy. Oh, I also jumped off quite a high mezzanine, onto the floor. That was pretty crazy too actually. It was fun.

JJ: Any injuries from throughout the filming at all?

JCB: No, nothing too bad. I broke my ankle once on a job. So I didn’t break any bones on this one, which is good.

JJ: Do you have a favorite off screen moment from shooting?

JCB: Favorite off screen moment? Oh yeah, probably going to… we all went separately but sort of incognito to go and see Lily’s movie Stuck In Love when it premiered at TIFF whilst we were shooting. So we all went and that was really nice. It was really special, it was great for all of us to be there for her, to support her for that movie.

JJ: Do you have a favorite song off of the soundtrack?

JCB: Mmmm… I like the Colbie [Caillat] song and I like the Demi [Lovato] song.

JJ: What is your favorite summer memory?

JCB: Favorite summer memory, of this summer thus far? Oh my God. Umm… Probably the tour, the press tour for this has been brilliant.

JJ: Is there a highlight specifically from the tour?

JCB: Yeah, a girl fainted in front of me. That was pretty crazy.

JJ: Over you or for over Kevin?

JCB: Ugh, probably over all of us. (laughs)

JJ: Describe your costars in one word. Godfrey.

JCB: Tall.

JJ: Kevin.

JCB: Brother.

JJ: Lily.

JCB: Baker.

JJ: What’s next for you after Mortals?

JCB: After Mortal 2, I’m going to France to shoot a movie called Overdrive with Travis Fimmel who’s in Vikings.

JJ: He’s a Calvin Klein model…

JCB: He’s a good looking boy, I have to say so. He’s playing my brother. And he’s stacked, so I’m going to get stacked over Christmas. (laughs) And then yeah…

JJ: What’s your character in the movie?

JCB: We play two car thieves I must say. And so we sort of go on this crazy journey, stealing cars and having fun.

Kevin Zegers Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: What was your favorite prop from set?

Kevin Zegers: I have these things that are called “tonfas”, which are like a police’s night sticks but they have blades on the end of them.

JJ: Did you take them from set?

KZ: I didn’t. They wouldn’t let me take them.

JJ: Did you take anything?

KZ: They gave me this little thing that has this metal like, what do you call it? Anyway, it’s like this metal dust that’s inside this little jar. So they gave me that.

JJ: Jamie stole a ring, you didn’t steal anything else, ha ha?

KZ: I didn’t steal anything. I knew we were going to go back. I mean I assumed we were going to back.

JJ: What was the craziest stunt work that you did?

KZ: We did everything.

JJ: Any injuries?

KZ: I’m old. So I was just sore a lot. But nothing crazy yet. We have to go back.

JJ: Did you jump off buildings or…?

KZ: Just lots of fighting.

JJ: What is your favorite off screen moment?

KZ: We just had a lot of fun. We hung out, it was really nice people.

JJ: Any specific memory?

KZ: We had a lot of dinners. When I get off of a plane… I’m not a good flyer, so on American Airlines, they make fresh cookies for when you land. So I brought Jamie like all of the cookies that were left over on the plane, which were gooey and I wrapped them in tin foil. I was really out of it from flying and I brought them, and he was on set, and I brought him this thing that was like shaped like a duck out of tin foil, filled with cookies.

JJ: Describe your costars in one word. Godfrey.

KZ: Polite.

JJ: Jamie.

KZ: Crazy.

JJ: Lily.

KZ: Beautiful.

JJ: What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

KZ: Dancing. We had the sickest band. I didn’t even eat. We just like, from nine o’clock to 2 am, I don’t think… We flew this band in from Miami, which at the time, I was like, “This is the stupidest idea.” I’m like, “Your crazy.” But legitimately…

JJ: Was it like jazzy, pop-y…

KZ: No, it was like everything on the radio. So it was like fun music, everyone knew the words to. And it was like every cross section of people, because we have a weird group of friends, was dancing the whole night. Like sweat, like people with their shirts. It’s was nuts, it was bananas.

JJ: Did you have a first dance, with your mom?

KZ: We did. Jaime and I had our first dance.

JJ: What was the song?

KZ: “Mirrors”.

JJ: Did you open the gifts? Any favorite gift or a gift that stood out?

KZ: Lily Collins got us a very nice antique. She bakes a lot, so she got us this very old, antique cake tray, and knife, and scooper.

JJ: Did you cry at all during the wedding?

KZ: I did. When she was about to walk down the aisle, I did cry.

JJ: Did anything go wrong?

KZ: No, it was easy.

JJ: Good wedding planner?

KZ: Jaime.

JJ: She did it all?

KZ: Yeah, she did it all.

JJ: Congratulations.

KZ: Thank you.

Godfrey Gao Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

Godfrey Gao: My costume, which I thought was pretty cool. I had two costumes actually. One of them was just a velvet blazer with a lot of crazy designs. It looks silky, but also velvet, and every time you move, it lights up. It’s pretty cool. The bottom, I was wearing my underwear, (laughs), so that was pretty interesting for me. My prop, maybe the towel I had, just to wrap around my legs. I needed that because it was really cold. So that was a warm blanket that I had. Actually, the warlock outfit was pretty cool too. It was like full black, kind of like a demon, a whole suit with a pullover and a black, leather corset around my waist. That was a pretty cool outfit, and I wish I would have used that for maybe my next Halloween costume or something.

JJ: Did you do any crazy stunt work in those costumes?

GG: No, I don’t have any stunt scenes, but hopefully there will be more in the next movie. This movie was just an introduction to the character, I have a few scenes in this movie and Magnus Bane is a popular fan favorite character and it develops into the second and third film as well. It’s just like the books.

JJ: Do you have a favorite off screen moment?

GG: Probably would be my first day on set. Actually, I was doing a fitting when I first arrived in Toronto. At the fitting, there were the racks of clothes for me to choose from, so there were these racks of these really nice blazers, real designers custom made some of those. And a rack of accessories, dress shirts, belts, dress shoes, and all that. Now the third rack, it was just underwear, like boxers, briefs, triangles, tighty whities. And you get to see all of that, I’m like, “Wait. Do I… Are all of those for me? Are those for my outfit?” And they’re like, “Yeah. You get to pick out whichever one stands out for you. Which one you like the most.” I’m like, “Probably none of those.” They had flower prints, heart shaped boxers, it was pretty crazy. And then Harold, the director, walks in. He’s like, “Um yeah, those boxers look too much like an outfit. I want, if you wanted to wear something that’s an underwear, you wanted to shock people. Oh that’s not underwear, that’s a full piece outfit.” So he asked me what I was wearing that day, and I was like, “Just some regular grey briefs, just ordinary briefs.” And he was like, “Yeah, why don’t you put that on and see what the outfit looks like. So I put that outfit on, it was pretty tight on me. The director was like, “Oh that looks pretty cool. Let’s just use that one.” I was like, “Are you serious? Are you going to use my own underwear, my own briefs?” They were like, “Yeah.” And I had to walk to the producers, they were on set, and the producers were kind of awkward, because I was showing them my underwear and just posing my pose. They thought it was funny and that was probably my most favorite memory for me off set. They had taken pictures of the producers face as I was standing there in my underwear.

JJ: Do you have a favorite song from the soundtrack?

GG: Um… Probably the Colbie Caillat song. It’s more meaningful, and more popular. I enjoyed her, I’m a fan actually for her. I haven’t really heard the entire soundtrack yet, so… But that was probably my most favorite and memorable song.

JJ: Could you describe your costars in one word? Jamie?

GG: Bad boy. Or bad.

JJ: Kevin.

GG: I guess “Handsome.”

JJ: Lily.

GG: Sweetheart.

JJ: What’s up next for you after Mortals?

GG: They’re actually in the process of starting to shoot the sequel. So I’m probably going to be working on that. And I actually have a couple of TV series lined up for me in China. So hopefully that goes down and my next promotion would be my TV series that I shot last year in Shanghai.

JJ: What is it called?

GG: It’s called Remembering Li Chuan. It’s actually another Chinese novel turned into a TV series. I’m waiting for that to air and to premiere on TV, so I’ll be working on that by the end of the year I think.

JJ: What’s your favorite memory from this past summer so far?

GG: It would be doing interviews here at Comic-Con. (Laughs) You know, it’s my first time doing all these press junkets in Hollywood. And obviously my first time was in Comic-Con. That was pretty crazy. To experience that and to have the chance to do that was incredible. And hopefully I get to go again next year, and not working. To be a part of the excitement, and the costumes, and stuff like that.


Producer: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustJustinNYC)
Jamie’s Grooming: Georgie Eisdell (@GeorgieEisdell)

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