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Orlando Bloom & Condola Rashad: 'Romeo & Juliet' Promo on 'GMA'!

Orlando Bloom & Condola Rashad: 'Romeo & Juliet' Promo on 'GMA'!

Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad pose for a picture while making an appearance on Good Morning America on Thursday (August 22) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor and 26-year-old actress went on the program to discuss their upcoming Broadway play Romeo & Juliet.

“[It's] an Everest for my first time out on the climb. I’m really excited. I had a go at it in Los Angeles. We did a few nights. But this is really – I wanted to jump in. I think it’s a beautiful play. The story is…it’s a classic,” Orlando said. “When I first met Condola, there was an immediate connection between us. She was very funny. She delivered this one line and I remember just cracking up. It was such a unique…a comedic Juliet.”

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  • Jane P

    @Question: #1

    She’s Phylicia Rashad’s daughter. The actress who played the mother on
    The Cosby Show.

  • RED

    she is sooooo pretty!! prettier than his chimpy wife

  • Jane P

    @RED: #3

    she is sooooo pretty!! prettier than his chimpy wife
    Tell me about it.

  • YES!

    I can’t wait to see this! Got my tickets in the mail yesterday!

  • ta

    I’ve always loved NY. May just have to visit soon. Maybe take in a play.
    Gosh he’s gorgeous! And Condola is lpvely.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: We love the smell of desperation in the morning! This is going to be a hot mess, kids!

  • @7

    So now it’s ‘desperate’ to appear on nationwide television to promote a Broadway play?
    Wow. You make no sense whatsoever.

  • ha

    Poor Elena. All she has left in her sad little life is hatred. Irrational hatred that compels her to stalk total strangers across the net.
    No wonder she can’t get a man. Who would want to be around such constant negativity?

  • YES

    Just bought tickets for next Saturday! WOO-HOOO!

  • Kay

    She looks so cute! Get her dress is by Muehleder. Muehleder carries the best dresses online!

  • wow


  • Dee

    They do seem to have great chemistry together. He looks very handsome & she is quite pretty.

  • @9

    Desperation is promoting a play that is going to fail and what makes you think that Elena wants a man? That is such a terrible heteronormative assumption! You are homophobic and you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • The Divine Ms. Kerr

    @9 I would like to agree with #14 and add that you never seem to break free of your habit of hurling ad hominem attacks when you have nothing else of value to say. If Elena’s life is sad and filled with hatred, how is yours an different if all you have time to do is spew insults at individuals that do not share your opinion or see things differently than you do. It is an archaic idea that a woman needs a man in order to find happiness and if Elena’s negativity is indicative of her loneliness and “little” life, what is your negativity telling the world? In my humble opinion, if we use your logic, you are cut from the same cloth. Perhaps the two of you should arrange a meeting then neither of you would be so alone. Perhaps you are the soul mates you have each been searching for. I

  • @9

    Where is YOUR man while you spend all of your time trolling the internet, calling people “idiots” and condemning them for their “sad little lives” in the name of your crusade as Holy Defender of St. Miranda? Is he in the the other room s*&cking off Orlando Bloom? Or does he not exist any more than Elena’s man?

  • @14

    You sound as if you WANT it to fail. What kind of person does that make you? Elena?
    And now you and your socks are trying to claim that we are homophobes? LOL! Now THAT is desperation. Elena (you) is a person so mired in irrational hate that no man or WOMAN (is that better?) would want her.
    She has proved over and over that she is willing to spend hours stalking Miranda across the net. And coming here to insult Orlando and to say such horrible things, proves that she (you) is not your run if the mill hater, but a delphite. A group known to be bitter, lonely hags. Anyone who is so hateful can’t have any happiness in their lives.
    Fans, on the other hand, follow their idols with much happier motives. If we happen to encounter nasty individuals such as ‘Elena’ we answer them as they deserve. To expect us to sit back passively and let people like you spread lies, is ridiculous. And the fact that in a later post you actually try to use a homosexual act to insult ‘our men’, proves that you are nothing more than the hypocrite that we all know you to be.
    So you can stop pretending to be offended by people returning your insults in kind. It’s a ridiculous attempt to divert the fact that you are a horrible person who wishes ill on others, then cries foul if someone hurts your feelings.
    It won’t work. We all know who you are, and why you hate so easily. Poor Elena.

  • @17

    You really have gone round the bend, haven’t you? I mean, you are totally b@tsh*t crazy. Your obsession with a model has driven you mad and it is a sad thing to see. You deserve pity but I can’t seem to muster it. You need to turn off your computer and get out of your room and take a walk in the sunshine and fresh air. Maybe then, with a clear head, you will be able to put away all the silly talk about socks and cities in ancient Greece and vapid models and join the real world. Just because people hold a different opinion as you does not mean they are all one person. It is very well possible that Elena (me) is not The Divine Ms. Kerr is not commenter #16. I don’t know when I ever wished MK ill. I didn’t accuse you of homophobia but now that it has been mentioned, I have to agree with the person who did. It really is possible that more than one person in this world dislikes MK. (I have to say, I wish I had half the vocab that TDMK does and I will bet you are jealous of her, too.) Oh, and who is “our men?” You don’t have a man. You are too busy with MK.

  • @18

    Oh, I would say that people who bring their hatred of a certain model to threads that don’t involve her are the ones who have “gone round the bend”. No fan even mentioned Miranda’s name until you haters brought her up. If that’s not a clear sign of an unhealthy obsession, then I don’t know what is.
    And your pretense that you are not familiar with Delphi, or sock puppets leads me to believe that the lady doth protest too much. Especially when you too, continually bring up Miranda. This is an Orlando thread. Your focus on Miranda is quite telling.
    #16 is the one who used a homophobic slur, and also brought up Miranda. Yet you attack #17? That’s another tell. Why even try to pretend that you don’t have an agenda. It just makes you look stupid.

  • YES!

    Some tweets have shown up about the show. So far they are very positive!!
    And since someone *cough* brought up Miranda on Orlando’s thread…she was spotted at the theater. One girls met her and described her as being very sweet.

  • YES!

    There’s also been a couple of pics posted showing a HUGE crowd around the stage door. Almost big enough to be a bit worrisome.