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Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Lunch with Alicia Vikander!

Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Lunch with Alicia Vikander!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it cool and casual as he chats with Alicia Vikander outside a car on Thursday (August 22) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 36-year-old actor and Alicia, 24, grabbed some lunch at Nytorget 6 restaurant before leaving and driving off together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

In case you missed it, check out Alexander going full frontal naked on the season finale of True Blood, which aired on HBO over the weekend.

The new season of the hit vampire series will debut in summer 2014 – we can’t wait!

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Credit: Mira Palomäki/All Over Press; Photos: WENN
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  • living in the box

    Alicia Vikander is freaky hot! and very talent her performance in Anna Karenina is simply amazing.

  • Ivan

    She can handle his very small peen.

  • Claudia

    If those two are working together I will be amazingly happy!

  • Whycantipost

    Logic: driving off together, but not talking during the actual ride,no, talking outside the car.. so guess they didnt drive off together..

  • Jody

    Ugh, I saw A Royal Affair and she is terribly wooden with no screen presence at all, I can’t believe the film makers thought she could carry the film, she was cringe worthy, no way she is ever going to cross over to US films, America have enough girls like her already.

  • Context


    Have you seen the man’s hands? Well if you compare, not so small at all.

  • betty

    What is Alicia Vikander ethnicity? She’s using her mother’s Swedish name not her father’s: now I’m curious.

  • alaia

    @Jody: You’re probably the first person I’ve seen that has criticised her acting. I think she’s tremendous.

  • Michelle

    She’s beautiful and very talented. I hope she will be a big star!

  • freya

    @betty: I don’t know where you got that from. Her mother’s maiden name is Fahl. She married a guy named Svante Vikander and then added his name to hers. So she became Maria Fahl Vikander.

  • Jody

    @alaia: Tremendous? Wow, then I’d hate to think who you think is terrible. I save that kind of praise for someone of Noomi Rapance caliber.

  • Strange

    He looks very relaxed & carefree ! Yummy!!

  • jen

    Alicia is leaps and bounds better than Noomi.

  • Diliana von Bork

    Alicia doesn’t look white. I watched A Royal Affair and I didn’t like her acting.

  • Freja

    Staged as f…ck. Her acting is blah..bland…the chemistry between them is how do i say… lesbianish…the pic is all wrong, he should be standing there.. naked..?who called the paps..?

  • betty


    She doesn’t look Swedish/Scandinavian or even European that’s all.

  • Freja

    ..Jesus…those arms though…!!!arhhh…

  • karl

    The reason why these two are seen together is because they are up for a role later this year, im sure you cant guess what part it is…

  • jen

    The real reason they were seen together is cause they’re FRIENDS you idiot, not that fifty shades s**t

  • Typical

    I have never seen her acting, so I cant say. I thought that Keira Knightley was in Anna Karenina. I think she would carry the show, not some other actress with a smaller role on the movie. They look like two friends talking. He has never shown much affection in public, especially if he thinks his being papped. I thought he made comments in previous interviews that he would not get serious with someone in the industry, and that just causes problems because you really cant spend that much time on a relationship. Does he have any movies to work on during his hiatus from TB? Does anyone know?

  • karl


    i just did… o_O

  • Freja

    @Karl..stop with your innuendos, that part is reserved..or it will flop, just like that..

  • Kate

    @Typical: @Typical: He has two project listed on IMDB, one of them is Tarzan, but I remember reading something about it being shot down. And yes, Keira Knightly is the female lead of Anna Karenina, but technically, there are two female leads in the story as there are two paralel story lines. One about passionate, consuming, obsessive and destuctive love between Anna Karenina (Knightley) and count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor Johnsson) and the other pure, naive and innocent love between Kitty (Vikander) and Levin (Domnhall Gleeson). The contrast between these two is sort of the books major intent.

  • pretty kitty

    royal affair is a denmark movie alicia starred in separate from anna k.
    she sucked eggs in both. can not carry lead role any more than a supporting role. she is a stage 5 clinger just like the bos, she just gets a bit more of a pass b/c she’s swedish.

  • Raven

    She is a beautiful girl, never seen her act, but at 24 perhaps a bit young to his 37?

  • Together

    There dating they have been seen together more more friends my ass bf GF Alex likes em young and tarty attest it’s a brunett

  • Follower

    @Together: Uh, what?

  • Cadulech

    Agh! this is worse than Eric Northam death.I rather see Eric Northman die than see all the stupidity tabloids are making (dailymail and popsugar) for a pictures.

  • Kate

    @pretty kitty: Why are you talking to me, while I was not talking to you? Nor was I asking any question in general? Are you retarded or what?

  • Prefer her to be older

    Mmmm I would have liked Alex girlfriend to more like 30 which isnt to bad of an age for him only 7 yr gap then someone @ 24 13 yr gap I mean age ain’t nothing these days crakin girl ,but I cannot see this girl wanting tons of kids by the time she is 30 and marriage ……..whatever makes him happy and if there happy go for it ..

  • Tanter

    Alicia is friends with both Bill, Gustaf, Fares and Joel too. Why do we only hear rumours about her and Alex??

  • Cadulech

    Because Alex is more famous than his younger brothers also more than Fares and Joel is taken.That is why tabloids like more the relationship with her and Alex even if there is just friendship.

  • Follower

    I am turning 32 next week. I think a five-year gap is perfect. Virgos really only understand each other, too, right? ;)

  • Freja

    I m ready to get a ticket to go to Stockholm, in hopes that I may bump into him and say hi…he is so damn hot…on the other hand…..I don’t stand a chance I m only 5ft 3…he wouldn’t even notice..:(

  • @ Freja

    How do you think I feel I am only 5ft 1 inch
    I stand no chance of him noticing me he would probaly step on me like some ant

    Lol ;)


    I hope he stays in sweden and never comes back to hollywood !

  • Stay where you are

    I hope you stay in your asylum and never come to Sweden!

  • Cafélady

    @Freja: @@ Freja: …I really doubt, that he would ignore you both intentionally – at least, I have never heard reports from those who have met him once, that he would ignore a woman intentionally because she is petite. He has the reputation that he is a gentleman and that he is very respectful towards woman in general – no matter whether should she be tall or short. :)

  • Nahla

    Na reports he goes with models or Pretty gals
    , if he has his pick it wud be e with a tall gal model an why woulnt he
    ? I bet money next gal model tall thin as a pole good looking.

  • Besides

    @Stay where you are:
    lol, amen to that!

  • Askars’s Tiny Peepee

    Hey, everyone! It’s me, “Little Alex”!!! Just want to let ya’ll know “Big Alex” is definitely seeing Alicia Vikander. Of course because she’s really small and Big loves ‘em small so they can fit me snug and tight.

  • Cafélady

    I guess, it was pretty clear what was meant; people who have met him once personal – there is not one fan-report about that, that he ever ignored a woman intentionally, only for that because she was petite, had no model face/body etc. or whatever else they claim of him.

    And the rest…you have too much trust into these tabloid “reports”.

  • Sofia

    he is hot but a horrible actor!

  • Mel

    @Cafélady: Do you really think a decent, intelligent man with any taste or substance would ever look twice at Kate Bosworth, let alone go out with her for 2 years? He’s a very attractive man and a decent actor and seems nice but you really have to question his charecter.

  • Lionel Ritchie 2

    I’m not seeing anything more than friendship. I’m not even seeing lunch or driving off together.

  • Mel


  • Samantha Patterson

    @Mel: Many of us have had lapses in judgment regardless of intelligence.

  • Right person

    I believe dating Kate he made regrettable mistake infact I bet he regrets ever looking at Kate ho I doubt Alex will do that again date some twat otherwise why hasent Alex got himself a GF yet? he is taking his time seeing wants out there and who suits him best good for him

  • Cadulech

    I wish the same and not because i don’t like him but because i don’t like Hollywood.

  • simple answer

    @Right person:

    he was with her for so long because he is just as stupid and dull like her. He is just pretty thinks he is smart but dumb with a tiny pee who can’t deal with mature person.