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Katie Holmes: White Wedding Dress on 'Miss Meadows' Set!

Katie Holmes: White Wedding Dress on 'Miss Meadows' Set!

Katie Holmes sips on a cup of coffee on the set of her upcoming film Miss Meadows on Friday (August 23) in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 34-year-old actress looked concerned on the set with her daughter Suri, who was seen sobbing. Oh no!

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On the same day, Katie donned a lacy white wedding dress while checking messages on her phone on set.

Miss Meadows is scheduled to shoot in Cleveland for a month.

A few weeks ago, Katie was spotted filming a short video and enjoying a Diet Coke during a break.

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katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 01
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 02
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 03
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 04
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 05
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 06
katie holmes white wedding dress on miss meadows set 07

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  • Suri the meal ticket

    Meal ticket= grumpy and crying, bored the heck out of her life.
    Pimp momma= annoyed to hell. Without Tommy Gurl buying her parts, this is the best she could get to get occupied.
    Hope they enjoy the summer in Ohio though.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    BTW, has this Pimp mama Kaka Holmes bought tickets or car pooled the paps to Ohio?

  • Sarah

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    Wow,such hatred. You mustn’t have much going on in your life. At least she’s trying.

  • Frozoid

    @Sarah: Um, no. Ms. Holmes thought Mr. Cruise was her ticket to superstardom. No. She can’t act.

    And sadly, the little girl is VERY messed up.

  • CF98

    If she’s the opportunistic hobag you think she is how come she didn’t stay with Tom? After all if fame and fortune was all she wanted she could’ve just stayed with him for the Hollywood access etc yet she didn’t. I mean that’s how opportunistic hobags roll…

    Theory is nice but her actions don’t coincide with someone who did this for a come up. Because there wasn’t much of one.

  • Asdfg

    I know their photographed a lot but Suri cries sooo much! LOL! How often do you see other celebrities kids who are photographed just as much cry all the time? Maybe Katie doesn’t spoil Suri rotten? I think so. Why else would everyone elses kids behave so well in the public?

  • danielle

    @Sarah: don’t bother… @suri the meal ticket is OBSESSED with katie and suri… never misses the opportunity to post the same thing over and over again…
    anyway love seeing her working! they both look cute…


    Actually, Kate Homes is a very good actress, as long as the casting is right.

  • amanda

    hahaha, agree with you, if TC’s daughter is always in the cast.

  • annie

    yesterday there were some really cute pics of Suri, and she was very happy. liked the pic where she’s whispering in her mothers ear, so cute.

    @CF98, totally agree!
    these non fans follow her all over the internet, seeing what she’s up to ,and what she does, hilarious.

  • MaggieG

    @Suri the meal ticket: I know girl, was wondering the same thing. HTH did paps get these pics. Looks like her REPS been calling the paps again. haha. SHAMELESS!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    The contract expired and Tommy Girl had no intention to renew.

    This is unprofessional. How can anybody concentrate on the set when there’s a whining, whispering, crying child? On top of that, KHo cannot act, period.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    @McLOVIN: I am so proud of Katie for protecting Suri and getting her away from that craziness.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Does anyone know where in Cleveland exactly?

  • Sincerely concerned

    I can SO remember those days when my dtr. didn’t like the answer she didn’t want. Battle of the wills. A child needs to know her boundaries. A happy child is a disciplined child. Hold tough Katie. Love the way she is hanging on to mum’s skirt. Believe it or not these are the precious days. Someday Katie will look back on these pics with fond memories.

  • rubyz

    Paps in Ohio? Puh-lease. Wonder how that happened?

  • Sophie

    Katie didnt stay because she knew Tom would have to continue to financially support her and Suri anyway. Plus the career thing wasn’t happening even with Tom’s help. She also knew she had to leave Tom before he left her. And we all know he would have eventually.

  • Yassine

    Good, I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • Paula768

    Arf this kid is so unbearable… She never smile.’

  • annie

    @sicerely concerned
    that’s the first thing I noticed, Suri holding on to Katies skirt, so cute!

    looks like everyones come out out of their dark damp holes!

  • Macbeth

    Quit acting like you could predict the future, #17.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Katie left Tom when the facade wore off. Nothing more, nothing less. She fell for a poster… Why her parents didn’t say, “Katie, this is nuts,” we don’t know. Except in this whirlwind romance ending up in Paris, she ended up knocked-up and if you’re Catholic, YIKES! What we did see was Katie turn into a Stepford wife. I THINK that when you started seeing pictures with Bella (probably 14 at the time) Suri and Katie; and Katie had that absolutely imprisoned look, Tom was so not worth it. Tom once described his father as the ” kind of guy who would bring you in, captivate you but then turn around and kick you”. Nature vs, nurture. The very guy he resented, he has become. Simultaneously,with all the Scientology stuff surfacing. ( poor girl cleaning toilets) and her family learning more it was like a snowball rolling down a hill. Until Tom opens his eyes and self- examines, he is his own worst enemy. As for all you nay-Sayers, I read your posts and think … Well, Ignorance is a bliss. I believe though that knowledge is power too.

  • Anne

    @Frozoid: @Suri the meal ticket:
    this story of “marriage” turned ugly for both. Opportunistic put an innocent child in such arrangements. Paris Jackson sends his regards.


    Meanwhile in the Hamptons –

    A little bit of everyone (actors, actresses, fashion designers, tv host, singers, former government officials – say what?) paid between $50,000 to $125,000 per table to attend he annual Apollo in the Hamptons: A Night of Legends party. Which included musical acts The Roots, Lenny Kravitz and Pharrell Williams and surprise performances by Jon Bon Jovi, Ciara, Mary J. Blige.

    According to the dailymail KFlop surprised fellow party-goers with some “spontaneous dance floor moves”.

    Awww, that crazy dailmail, hehehhe

  • annie

    That’s Katies friend who has a daughter that goes to school with Suri, and looks a little like Suri, heaps of pics hanging out together, always wondered who she was, trust Daily Mail to provide the answer.

    @sincerely concerened
    maybe they did say this is nuts, but as you saw in the Oprah segment, did Katie look like she would have taken advice.
    But they obviously stayed close to her, throughout her marriage, and her own closeness to her parents, maybe they thought that was the way to go about it.
    But all those things that came out in Vanity Fair, and Moretons book, and everything else, I bet her dad found out about them long time ago.
    Some things must have been really hard for her parents to have handled.
    That rant that Tom gave to Naz B about big beings, and everyone else was small beings, who wanted to get rid of the big ones, was actually very scary, and I don’t think anyone denied it because Naz herself spilled the beans, and there’s probably evidence around.
    I think it’s sad, that a man can be duped into believing such a thing, imagine when he and Katie had a fight ,the things that must have come out, it must have been truly awful at times.

    Call me crazy, but I think it’s really realy sad .

  • amanda

    I saw some vedio of this party. Ellen, Jamie Foxx, Bon,Lenny Kravit and others danced with their own friends, no one spoke to her or dance with her at all. DM’s article was so ridiculous. I should say kho’s pr made a good story.

  • annie

    amanda , amanda, amanda. who are you trying to convince, us or yourself?
    try again, she was there with her own friends, she was invited to go on stage …..say what you want , but don’t lie!

  • amanda

    lie, yes, the article full of lying.
    I think just reachering jamie foxx, you can find the vedio or clips on instagram or youtube. Ellen danced with Lenny Kravitz, Jamie danced with the band, no one danced with kho, no one spoke to kho.
    Or you can give me a photo,only one enough, can prove “her own friends” to invite her to go on the stage, “her own friends”danced with her.

  • Anne


    Amanda is Team Tom.Amanda does not want to see that Tom lost and lost badly in the divorce.

  • amanda

    Team Tom??? Don’t make me laugh, please, please. I think Team Tom was not so bad like me.
    or I should say you are kho’s team? The story was too bad, you should be improved, use your brain more.
    Hey! Please return to my question. Did you find the vedio of the party??? I think you pull the topic too far. Next time when you made story, remember to hide the vedio, don’t let anyone see it.

  • amanda

    I think Team Tom was not so bad English like me.
    miss a word.

  • Sincerely concerned

    It makes no sense to make up being with people at a party that will be read in over 4 sites, people etc. That would cast her as some sort of a publicity w**** to everyone at the party who knew differently.

  • Sincerely concerned

    You might as well be saying she started to do the Miley Cyrus dance that she did with Robin Thicke at the MTV awards. THiS is a moral decay. Will Smith might as well have brought his kids to a strip club. He should have known better!!!!

  • Anne

    Why only I see William Mapother on Suri? Why I think the visits Tom and Suri does not exist? Sorry, do not want to be boring, but I hate hypocrisy.

  • Anna Sidorova

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  • AMB

    Is Suri developmentally delayed or does she have some mental issues? Most 7 year old kids are anxious to be ‘grown-up’; it is very unusual for a child that age to sob, have public meltdowns, sulk, hang on to mommy’s skirt, and be carried around so frequently as she does. It is rather sad. These should be her ‘carefree’ years.

  • annie

    don’t know which videos you saw, but in 2 that I saw, Katie and Jamie Fox holding hands in the back,
    the other one….which is called Colin Powel rocks the Hamptons video, she’s more in the front and dancing more, still holding onto his hand.
    I saw her laughing with Ellen, on the dance floor.
    Don’t know what you are on about!

  • SK

    That Suri is a spoiled brat! She is the worse behaved child in public and probably worse at home. At her age she she still cries, is carried on the waist and act like a baby. Katie created a monster, spoiling a child not to help the child but to ruin and maim the child. Solid discipline and guidelines help a child at younger age of 1-3. Suri at her age now is beyond spoiled brat. I do hope the real father will intervene and raise the child in a better upbringing than what she is getting now.