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Miranda Kerr: 'I Spent Years' on Kora Organics

Miranda Kerr: 'I Spent Years' on Kora Organics

Miranda Kerr flashes a smile as she arrives at her apartment on Thursday night (August 22) in New York City.

That same day, the 30-year-old model was spotted heading into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight back to NYC.

Miranda recently chatted with Vogue UK about her Kora Organics and why she decided to create the beauty brand.

“When I was modelling full time (at around 18) I became aware of the chemicals contained in most skincare products and I searched for years to find a range that was not only certified organic but also delivered results. I was unable to find anything on the market that delivered what I was looking for so I decided to create my own range,” Miranda said. “I launched Kora Organics following four years of product development with my organic pharmacist. I spent years trying and testing the formulas myself until I was 100 per cent satisfied – I think it’s very important to know and make educated decisions about what you put on your skin.”

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Credit: Sharpshooter Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • RED

    god… shes back

  • real

    This woman is just SO full of herself.

  • otis

    so her check cleared and they back to reporting about her, good for her she needs any exposure she can get.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: How did the paparazzi know the precise moment when Miranda Kerrdashian would be making her triumphant return to her apartment after being away for an entire month? Why, they must have been camped out there since she left so that they wouldn’t miss it! She is so very important, after all, and pictures of her are such a hot commodity. She most certainly did NOT alert them. Nope.

  • Pfffff

    She didn’t spent “years” on Kora if you do some research on it, she isn’t even the founder of it. George Mokos is. Miranda bought half the shares of the company and put her name on it.

  • lol

    Even though het hair and make up is intact as always, she has started dressing a bit more casually instead of the way she used to glam up for the paps

  • David

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  • Barf

    Most Annoying Celebrity 2013
    (Hathaway took 2012)

  • @4

    I guess that logic is not a word in your vocabulary, is it?
    Pics of her leaving LAX. Pics of her arriving at JFK. Geee, where on earth could she go? Home, maybe? DOH!
    You really need to step back a bit. Your obsession will destroy you if you keep it up.

  • @1-4

    I see that Elena brought along a few of her sockpuppets.

  • @5

    George founded the company itself, but the line was Miranda’s creation.
    It’s like someone supplying the paint, but the artist creating the image.
    George funded her creation (the seed money, if you will), then she bought him out. He made plenty. Happens all the time in business. You would know this, if you actually did any research.

  • so

    Just Jared stopped posting her never-ending ‘candids’ for sometime. And now he’s started again. Maybe the paycheck stopped coming in and he stooped? Naturally.

  • @12

    Or maybe she was out of the country on a photo shoot?
    I know. Logic hurts sometimes, doesn’t it.
    And as much as JJ makes from all of the hits that you haters give him, he should be paying Miranda a percentage.
    He makes money off her, that’s for sure. But the people writing the ‘checks’ are everyone who clicks on her thread.

  • otis

    @@12: The paps always managed to find her because she calls them, they just didn´t post about her.
    Ot they make a post about one of her instagram pics, just to post about her, I mean they should consider she pays for the exposure.

  • Frozoid

    Please, for the love of god, tell her to shut up. Just sickening.

  • so

    @@12: out of the country? Don’t be stupid. Miranda isn’t one to let traveling interfere with her paps sessions.
    Fact is there were lots of candids over the last month or two that JJ didn’t post.
    Oops sorry for bursting your bubble

  • xyz


  • @16

    We haven’t seen pap pics of her, or candids since the end of July. Well, at least her fans haven’t seen them. But then again, we don’t stalk her like you haters do.
    But I would love to see some new pics. Please post links to them and maybe note where they were taken.
    Can’t wait to see them! Thanks in advance!

  • @17

    Uhm, yeah, it is. Natural chemicals.
    But you do know that everything around us is a chemical or a chemical compound, right? Water. Food. Oils. Fragrances. The air between your ears. etc.

  • okso

    @@16: you don’t sound any less stupid. Her ‘candids’ were flooding Daily Mail and not here a while back.
    The paycheck stopped coming in possibly

  • @20

    Post a link to those recent pictures then. That should be easy of they were “flooded” with them.
    The last ones that I saw were from the end of July.

  • @19

    You’re an idiot.

  • Reba

    So it’ll work wonders on her skin but no one else’s ? Not too appealing for thr rest of humanity if it is tailored to her skin!

  • @23

    So reading comprehension really IS a problem with the haters.
    That explains so much!

  • Peeve

    Or you can just try cheaper products such as organic coconut, rosehip, jojoba, avocado, etc oils. Very cheap and effective on your skin. GO for cold pressed though.