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Adam Levine Sells Autobiographical Comedy Series to NBC

Adam Levine Sells Autobiographical Comedy Series to NBC

Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 bandmates join Malibu to chat about their Marooned on Malibu Island partnership before their tour stop on Sunday (August 25) in Chicago, Ill.

Fans can enter to have the band make the final stop of the tour in their city over at

News just broke that the 34-year-old singer and The Voice coach has sold an autobiographical comedy series that he is co-producing to NBC. The project is based on the real life relationship between Adam and his best friend and roommate from before they found success, writer/producer Gene Hong, according to Deadline.

The pilot of the series will be written by Gene and the pair will executive produce alongside Adam‘s childhood friend Jordan Feldstein, who is the manager to M5!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Levine’s new project?

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Credit: Barry Brecheisen/Invision; Photos: Malibu/AP Images
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  • Kate

    Adam needs to change this current hairstyle of his asap… and go back to how it used to be


    Man he is looking rough. Whatever you are doing stop he is looking older than his 34 yrs.

  • Jinx

    @HMMMMM: oh wow… He does look haggard. Whatever happened to him? Never noticed it until now. These pictures show ow much he’s aged. stress?

  • Trick or treat

    Adam looks like he’s cracked out. He has probably been smoking with Lamar Odom. From his crows feet wrinkles to his mustard colored teeth he looks like S H I T. I really wish he would get rid of that Hitler hairstyle. Gosh Adam get it together.

  • Show Off’s Crazy

    Adam is not dependent on ANY drugs nor having any mental health issues. So to the ones making up this BS regarding killing himself or needing Bee to function STOP! And to the ones commenting about his looks or aging. Would any of you like to tell me how many hours you put in at work? It seems you’re always here posting and criticizing Adam but really have no life! I forgot who it was on the last post however wanting Bee to overdose is uncalled for! I hate to defend or stickup for her.

  • Jenn

    @Show Off’s Crazy: I’d rather sift through annoying Mermaid comments than people wishing death on Bee. I can’t stand her, but those comments are beyond disgusting.

  • Jinx

    @Jenn: completely agree with you. Like I said in the other thread, not a fan of hers at all but wishing horrible accidents and death on her is just plain mean and evil.

  • Sunny

    I agree he doesn’t look his best. He needs a break to relax and refresh himself. I hope the show does good though. Gene is a good writer from what I have seen so far.

  • Trick or treat

    Who cares F U C K BEHATI! I hope she dies. She’s a s l u t. Ever since she came into Adams life He’s gone downhill. She’s an evil black magic practicing witch. Adam is going to die of a drug overdose with her. That’s what she wants a Romeo and Juliet fairytale. I hope her organs fail due to her anorexic ways. She doesn’t deserve to live. She needs to be lucky this isn’t the Salem witch trials. She would be hanged for treachery and witch craft. DIE BEHATI DIE BEHATI DIE BEHATI. DO US ALL A FAVOR AND KILL YOURSELF! !!!!!

  • Jinx

    @Sunny: it would be interesting to watch when it comes on. Hope it doesn’t get pulled out or canned before it airs. I’m guessing Adam will be in it? Wonder if Gene would be too? Several comedic writers have actually starred in their own sitcoms.

  • Pollon

    Maybe he doesn’t look his best but guys…THAT is a smile!

  • Sunny

    @Jinx: Well the show already got the green light so I guess that means it will be shown. Not totally sure on that. I didn’t read the article. I haven’t read anything about him or Gene being in it but that could happen and would be very interesting if they do. Would that make it not a sitcom technically but more a biography special if they were in it? I mean its about them and their life. I think it would be weird for them to play themselves while they are still living that life. Just my opinion.

    @Pollon: So nice to see that on his face again!

  • Oneday

    If Adam stars in it – wouldn’t that make it more of a reality show? And we know how he feels about those!!

  • Hypocrite

    @Jenn – Wow what a hypocrite you are. You were the one threatening to post pictures of Bee with drugs and calling her a junkie, a lesbian, anorexic. “She’s too ugly. Most men wouldn’t mercy fvck her emaciated ass.” “I’m sure if the person taking the picture had used a wide angle lens, you’d see the lines of coke on the table near her.”Do you think she uses heroin? I often wondered if that’s affecting her appearance. That’s another telltale sign.” —— now you’re “disgusted”? Your comments have been disgusting since day one. You’re no better than @Trick or Treat.

  • Jenn

    @Hypocrite: I’ve never said I don’t say b!tchy things about Bee. And she deserves some of the comments based on her behavior. Don’t want strangers judging you? Then don’t behave like an immature a$$hole who does anything to get attention.

    And I’m not the only person who has criticized Bee. Lots of people on these posts have, if you hadn’t noticed. But no, it’s easier to make me out to be the sole bad guy on these posts.

    I hate to tell you this, but anything I’ve said about Bee pales in comparison to someone wishing that she dies of an overdose or dies in some other way.

    I wonder when someone will show up saying that they want to kill her because they hate her so much.

    You’re a hypocrite for picking me out of ALL the posters here to criticize for my comments. Is there a reason why? Got an axe to grind? Those of you who hate me here are really starting to bore me by focusing specifically on what I say here as opposed to what a lot of people say.

  • Jenn

    Also those of you criticizing me for my comments maybe should focus on reporting posters like Trick or Treat who wish that Bee would die. It’s not difficult to report those kinds of posts. I do it often.

  • Trick or treat

    Behati makes the terrorist from 9/11 look like saints. She’s evil. Who care if someone kills her. The more the sun will shine. I hope she chokes on her food while purging off those in and out burgers she likes to eat. PLEASE DIE BEHATI!!!!! WE HATE YOU

  • Sunny

    whole* sorry

  • Sunny

    Girl (or guy) you need to chill out. I may not like Behati but she isn’t worse than the Taliban! She isn’t as bad as half the things you and others say either. She isn’t worth death. She deserves happiness just as much as anyone, she just needs help with issues and find a person who is going to bring out her better side. Same with Adam. This hate is going beyond a hole other level.

  • Trick or treat

    You’re right she doesn’t compare to the Taliban. Behati is worse than Hitler. She is the genocide in Africa. She should go back to Africa and starve with the millions of people dieing there. Behati since I know you read just jared please take one of Adams belts , tie it around you’re neck and hang yourself. Don’t think twice about it, it’s the best decision you will ever make.I’m sure you’re parents won’t mind. You never go see them anyway. Evil is you’re religion not love. Maybe you could sniff a little more than you’re average dose of cocaine tonight. Just make sure it’s a lethal dosage. Then Adam can go back to being happy again.

  • KSB

    Nina took a picture with coco at the bebe event. I wonder how awkward that was being she’s behati bff and all.

  • Kylie

    @Hypocrite: Hypocrite… if you can’t see the difference between saying someone looks like they have an eating disorder and that they have seen photos of said person with drugs … and the photos are out there…. and the utterly abhorrant and disgusting things Trick or treat has been posting then I am really very concerned. There is a massive difference between the things Jenn has said and wishing someone a horrible death..

    Time for everyone to flag this persons comments… please….

  • Get Real

    I would never take a stand for Behati. You guys can flag away but as for me F.U.C.K HER! Who cares about this trick or treat fool. Ignore them. Half the s h I t posted on this site should be flagged. And @jenn “hypocrite” is right you are no better than trick or treat, hell you are no better than behati herself.

  • Jenn

    How many screenames is KSB planning to hide under anyway?

  • Jenn

    @Kylie: There are some mentally unbalanced people here.

    Yeah, because me pointing out the truth about Bee vs. people wishing she overdoses or dies are on the same level.

    1) There are pictures of Behati on the Internet in which you can compare her drastic weight loss.

    2) There are pictures of Bee using drugs or next to drugs.

    3) Bee posts a picture of herself kissing Ali on her public IG account. Probably is response to what people say here. We know she reads this site. She kind of gave that away.

    4) Bee posts a picture of Ali licking her leg on her public IG account to get a reaction out people.

    5) Not to mention every little thing she posts that is somehow directly or indirectly related to Adam, even after he dumped her, to make it seem like they were super close when he was with another woman.

    All of this crap is publicly accessible and as such, Bee will be judged on these things. Any one of us posting this kind of garbage would be judged on it.

    Those of you saying I’m a hypocrite, when I’ve never denied saying b!tchy things about Bee, would do well to shut up.

    You all don’t have a problem wishing she died. There’s something mentally wrong with you if that’s your attitude.

    Even *I* have my limits to what I’d say about another person.


  • BeedamLuver

    @Get Real: your post should be flagged for saying you wish Bee was dead.

  • KSB

    Well @Jenn I’d say under about as many as you hide under.Food for thought sweetie ” People in glass house’s shouldn’t throw stones”. I’m about as tired of you as the next person. You’re always looking for a reason to start something with someone. Aren’t you tired? You always throw the rock then hide the hand. One minute you can’t stand behati the next you attack people who don’t like her. I think you are confused. You call people out on dumb s hit that you have no proof of, then play the whoa is me game. Next i’ll be obsessed with you for responding right? Or let me guess you will go under another screne name to say how everyone is targeting you, or everyone is insaine but you.You do this day in and day out. I don’t have that much time on my hands. Again I have to ask @jenn or who ever you are in real life AREN’T YOU TIRED?

  • KSB

    “Woe is Me” my bad. I wouldn’t want Ms.English Major to go postal over another one of my typos.

  • TruebeTold

    @KSB Jenn has so many user names she forgets what she says, because she says the same BS over and over. watch out all her ass kisser friends who also post under different names will come and defend her. She loves to play the oh everybody always picks on me, I’m the real victim here. She needs some new material because most of us know she doesn’t know or say anything new. And no I’m not obsessed or a fan of you Jenn, please don’t flatter yourself no one here is obsessed with you that you can be sure of.

    Pass the popcorn Jenn and her many personalities will surely pop up soon! Jenn maybe you better have me flagged before I hurt your feelings!!!!!

  • KSB

    @truebetold mostly everyone is hip to it by now. Some people could care less and others chime in to keep the peace but we all know there is no peace on a gossip site. JJ use to be fun months ago before she came along or back shall I say. It was exciting and addictive. Now its boring and cliquey. Doesn’t really matter anymore because its getting old. No new news and the old posters got a life lol. This use to be my guilty pleasure. Now I dred coming to read the same multiple pages of bs. Circles everyone talks in circles including me. I’m tired of adam, tired of behati. I say they should get married have lots of kids and live happily ever after. Blah blah blah.

  • Anon

    COME ON! Can we please stick to the subject at hand and not turn this into a school yard fight. None of know us personally know each other–we’re all hiding behind computer screens– and we don’t have to like each other. but this thread is meant to discuss the celeb that’s the topic of it, not to attack each other, or wish ill on others. i’m not a b fan, i’ve been clear about that, but nothing the woman says or does affects me personally and i’d never wish ill on her. and please no more finger pointing as to who is responsible for not making this site fun anymore–bottom line is that it’s been sucking lately with all of the crazy talk and all of the horrible ill intent towards b. you guys don’t have to like @jenn, and @jenn doens’t have to like you, but let’s please just discuss the relevant topic that brings us all here in the first place–Adam.

  • Kayla

    I agree with that. This is no fun anymore.

  • Sunny

    @anon so agree with your post. I don’t care if you like someone on here or not but then don’t read it. Some are going to far with the posts that sometimes something needs to be said. @kayla is right, this isn’t fun anymore.

    We tried to talk about the show and it got overshadowed. I for one would like to talk about it. This story had nothing to do with Behati so she doesn’t need to be the main topic this time. The other threads are open for that.

    That being said, this show got the green light so I think its going to at least go to pilot. I remember reading though that it was about their relationship before their success so does the show end when they become successful? I’m always wondering with shows how they can make it last and since this is biographical, they can’t make up stories to keep it going or at least not that many. I don’t know much about Adam or Gene’s life before success so there maybe so many stories to fill this show for a few seasons, its just a thought going through my head. I can’t see them starring in it, to me that wouldn’t make it a sitcom but just a special. Also with Adam’s schedule, he is already booked to the bones, this would only hurt him. He looks tired enough.

  • Kylie

    @Sunny: I highly suspect a lot of posters don’t even bother to read the story they are commenting on… seems to me they just see a new story on Adam and jump into the comments without caring about the information being given.

    I think the concept of the show has promise, Gene is talented so that is a plus for it already.

    NBC are pretty notorious for being ruthless though.. if it doesn’t find an audience immediately it will be in trouble like every other scripted show they produce.

  • @Jenn

    ” Don’t want strangers judging you? Then don’t behave like an immature a$$hole who does anything to get attention.”

    Judging you.

  • KSB

    How many screen names you gonna post under @jenn you make it so obvious.

  • Sunny

    @Kylie: I suspect that too. Sad because some stories deserve the attention. I agree the show has great promise and Gene is a talented writer from the work I have seen. I wonder since Adam is already in the NBC family though *with the voice* that they won’t be so cut throat with him. I think it will have a pretty good audience because they will promote it like crazy especially during the Voice so the fans will flock. Its kind of like the Community episode where Adam sang, from what I remember the ratings were higher during that episode than usual.

  • Hannah

    @Jenn: What exactly is Adam’s girlfriend doing to call attention to herself? How is she behaving like an immature a$$hole? It seems to me she’s living her life and that life includes Adam. On the other hand, you’re spending time trying to get attention by bad mouthing her on the internet. That’s the clear sign of an immature a$$hole imo. So don’t be surprised if us strangers on the internet judge you.

  • Jinx

    @Sunny: Do you think the show would do well if Adam is not in it? I guess they could make a go of it but not sure how the shelf-life of the show will be. Unless they sign on a good actor who has a good following. Just my opinion.

  • Oneday

    Maybe Michael could play Adam??

  • show off

    Bee is w/Adam Letoilet on tour,,,+++ I told y’all he can’t function w/o him

  • show off

    Bee is on tour w/Adam Letoilet,,, **I told y’all he can’t function properly w/o her,** they’re golfing together and he’s not on anxiety pills anymore since she’s always next to him**-she’s the boss and he obeys her like Bones, +(+++ they heard him crying this morning when she left the hotel room after a little fight *-++.he’s in love folks, **- he’ll die w/o her.*–+

  • show off

    Adam Letoilet is crazy in love w/Bee, she’s hustling and doing some magic to keep him around””’ y’all know she’s a great actress, she’s obsessed w/his lifestyle.:+++ Adam loves her big nasty feet and dusty kiwi”-++ he took the picture of her nude in her last twits, ‘*– they both like two teenagers getting high and laughing about everything like idiots***** my sources say that he gets anxiety attacks every time she goes to the bathroom or smoke, **– his mental health isnt stable when she’s not around. *-++ yep folks he got it bad*— he’s her new p*** cat. *** they’ll marry very soon

  • melody

    Wow I used to be a fan but after reading all ur comments I’m shocked so his gf is into black magic n that’s the reason he’s a p*** with her. Adam whats wrong with ya, I think he’s using drugs, so sad

  • Just Sayin’

    @show off: That pic was taken when she was in Hawaii, before he was in hawaii. It’s on @oblakeo IG.

  • Fired

    I heard VS fired her ass over weekend bc they did a drug test on her and found evidence of her doing heroin and narcotics. It’s sure to be in the news soon.

  • mermaid blue

    Adam is so in love with Bee stop hating you fat F*** Have you seen his last tattoo from Bee’s handwriting? He did that for her after they came from Hawaii, last week they were in Hollywood Boulevard and I saw them kissing and holding hands all the time, my sista was there and she saw them too. They’ve a suicidal love pact because there love is so cool. Bee we love you, you’re our Queen. We know how much Adam loves you and he’ll marry you very soon. F u c k all the haters go die with your nasty food while we vomit and look beautiful haters I hate you all

  • show off

    @fired everybody knows she’s a bad junkie,,,,.Adam is. A possible addict too,,,/ they’re always together so they both alike/ he can’t live w/o her “”" folks Let’s hope they don’t get depressed together and do that crazy suicidal pact they have if it’s true but he’s crazy in love so everything is possible.///++ her hustling to have him, /++ all the magic is deteriorating his mental health //;*** yep folks he got it bad

  • show off

    Folks the guy is crazy in love w/Bigfoot *** idk if is some kinda voodoo(probably )or he’s just high and can’t think straight but he can’t live w/o her:*-+ ladies like I said before hustle like Bee for a yr &get engaged w/ a multimillionaire, just be a good actress, play the bestfriend card,,, depression,, crying, clingy, twit weathered dolls or dying dinosaurs so he feels sorry, follow him around, be clingy w/his close family and friends& if nothing work do some magic ada cadabra s h I t & well done &&*- go & practice.. *–/ Hollywood airplane ticket not included w/ the hustling. Haha

  • gia

    He looks old, used, someone into hardcore drugs ” not the same Adam