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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse spend a romantic afternoon together relaxing in a park on Sunday (August 25) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was seen laying in Suki‘s lap while reading a book and they were both spotted snuggling with each other. So cute!

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It was recently reported that Bradley was offered the voice role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, according to The Wrap. No word yet on whether he has accepted the coveted role or not!

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse‘s romantic afternoon in Paris…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 10

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  • Tara

    oh god, it looks like he’s reading to his daughter in that last pic. Gross

  • LOL

    How is this pug faced 5 foot nothing girl considered a model? WTF

  • oh no!


    Nice try, Bradgay, but we still you’re gay!

  • oh no!


  • DJ

    She already looks young, the overalls don’t exactly help. Also, aren’t these the photos from Saturday? I’m guessing they didn’t wear the same thing Saturday and Sunday.

  • Gen

    She looks like his daughter AND she looks pregnant. Oh boy…

  • pro

    He’s reading Lolita.

  • DJ

    I thought maybe the only photos that would come out of this trip would be the ones that seemed to have been taken by a random person and not a photo agency.

  • Lucy

    Is this a new thing? Getting papped with your significant other during a park date? Sooo…. Which celeb couple is next?

  • SunnyAutumnn

    I didn’t know he had a teenage daughter.

  • Janire

    This couple is so… I have no words *rolleyes*

  • Lori

    So grossed out by him right now!

  • LeeLee

    I’m embarassed for him. She could easily pass for 16 or 17. He’s probably took her to the park for a date as he’s guilty about the 2 girls he boned in NYC last week.

  • Tom

    She’s not going to be happy when the pictures of him with other women last week appear. Ha!

  • joyce

    didn’t care for him much anyway and this definitely seals the deal. he is totally gross.

  • Baby

    freaking gross! he should be jailed

  • Mel

    This is sick! At least Leo doesn’t show PDA like that with any of his baby girls.

  • Bradley is a creep

    Bradley Cooper is now a creep. Sicko!

  • jolene

    He is obviously going through some mid left crisis – just like Leo & Johnny. It just makes them seem desperate & creepy. This girl still lives at home with her parents – God knows how they feel about this. And Suki should have more respect for herself. You shouldn’t need a man to further your career – Cara’ s doing just fine without Leo!1

  • Mel

    Why does he have a thing for baby-face blondes? Just like Leo.

  • Huh?

    A fan took a pic yesterday, looked romantic. Now official pics? This is a fake relationship! Where is that friend of his @A Few Thoughts? Does he not see his friend is a sicko? My entire family used to admire him.

  • helen

    I just don’t understand these two…

  • cos

    hey, they are both adults, let them be…

  • DJ

    The body language definitely seems awkward in some of the photos, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’m guessing this is real because if it’s not, no “reward” he would get from Harvey(or anyone else) would make up for the negative press he is getting now. He probably likes her and just doesn’t care what people think. He did say he gave up reading message boards a few months ago.

  • Saraht

    These pics are quite disturbing no to day repulsive.

  • weirdos

    Wow a buncht of spiteful women all in bradley coopers face. As if he would care about you all. You’re more interested in his life than your own, what tells you that? Exactly, you all should start to get a life of your own.

  • jane

    Awww, he’s reading her a story.

  • Anne-Marie

    There is a strange pedophelia sensation by looking at these photos.

  • xyz


  • Marie

    They look cute to me. You people are so judgmental.

  • cos

    @Marie: agree 100%

  • Lindsey

    You would be surprised how many men love that Lolita fantasy. More common than you think.

  • Em


    FINALLY a nice comment!

  • cos

    @Anne-Marie: are you just jealous she looks younger than her age?

  • Louise

    Those pictures give me the whillies. Old man, young girl, YUK AND CREEPY!!!

  • amer

    I don’t get the disgust here. She looks young but she’s in her twenties so it’s fine. Seriously they look like any other couple in a park.

  • Yuk

    I think he is getting something because he has to to do this. He is getting negative press and comments from his fans but Harvey Weinstein does not care about the negative press. Harvey Weinstein counts more than us. Bradley sends so much time talking about message boards. He still reads them. Hi, Bradley. lol.

  • Drake

    The dude in the black jacket and red is laughing his a$$ off. Why it look like they trying to copy Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence. Like they looked cute for some reason this look odd.

    It’s like they saw what was wrong with their other photo ops and was like okay let me touch you and feel on you like we a couple so ppl will like us together. They should just be their self and not try to validate their relationship, when you come off as validating your relationship it appear fake. And honestly these look like the fan photos from a couple of days ago. Like the first photo they were in that position but it was taken from the back. Why JJ realizing old photo?

  • amer

    Bradley out with his daughter. Lovely! I want throw up!

  • http://noraivanova1 J_LawFan
  • Rachel

    @J_LawFan: So? This is how most couples act together when relaxing at a park.

  • cos

    guys, why can’t you accept this couple and move on, what is your problem? this is not criminal to date someone younger

  • Lori

    She looks a bit young for him… I mean, when I first saw the picture, I thought it was for a movie and she was playing his daughter. Grow up, Bradley… you need someone at least 30.

  • parisian

    can’t be on Sunday, it was pouring rain all day long in Paris

  • cos

    @Lori: and how do you know that?

  • Tita

    @parisian: It was Saturday because a fan posted similar pics of them on Instagram that day.

  • cos

    Suki looks like Justin Bieber but with a big nose, smelley hair and bad skin.

  • Sazzzy

    @cos y’all patrolling for JJ??? ya luv dude n chick leave others for chatz all opinions valid no have to agree wiv coop snukkin a yung un

  • cos

    hahaha, right, you do not like what I say so you take my name, last cos 47 is not the same cos

  • Awkward pics

    I can’t help but thinking of…..Uncle Brad is reading a fairy tale to his Sugar Baby before she goes to sleep.