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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse spend a romantic afternoon together relaxing in a park on Sunday (August 25) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was seen laying in Suki‘s lap while reading a book and they were both spotted snuggling with each other. So cute!

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It was recently reported that Bradley was offered the voice role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, according to The Wrap. No word yet on whether he has accepted the coveted role or not!

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse‘s romantic afternoon in Paris…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 09
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322 Responses to “Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!”

  1. 1
    Tara Says:

    oh god, it looks like he’s reading to his daughter in that last pic. Gross

  2. 2
    LOL Says:

    How is this pug faced 5 foot nothing girl considered a model? WTF

  3. 3
    oh no! Says:


    Nice try, Bradgay, but we still you’re gay!

  4. 4
    oh no! Says:


  5. 5
    DJ Says:

    She already looks young, the overalls don’t exactly help. Also, aren’t these the photos from Saturday? I’m guessing they didn’t wear the same thing Saturday and Sunday.

  6. 6
    Gen Says:

    She looks like his daughter AND she looks pregnant. Oh boy…

  7. 7
    pro Says:

    He’s reading Lolita.

  8. 8
    DJ Says:

    I thought maybe the only photos that would come out of this trip would be the ones that seemed to have been taken by a random person and not a photo agency.

  9. 9
    Lucy Says:

    Is this a new thing? Getting papped with your significant other during a park date? Sooo…. Which celeb couple is next?

  10. 10
    SunnyAutumnn Says:

    I didn’t know he had a teenage daughter.

  11. 11
    Janire Says:

    This couple is so… I have no words *rolleyes*

  12. 12
    Lori Says:

    So grossed out by him right now!

  13. 13
    LeeLee Says:

    I’m embarassed for him. She could easily pass for 16 or 17. He’s probably took her to the park for a date as he’s guilty about the 2 girls he boned in NYC last week.

  14. 14
    Tom Says:

    She’s not going to be happy when the pictures of him with other women last week appear. Ha!

  15. 15
    joyce Says:

    didn’t care for him much anyway and this definitely seals the deal. he is totally gross.

  16. 16
    Baby Says:

    freaking gross! he should be jailed

  17. 17
    Mel Says:

    This is sick! At least Leo doesn’t show PDA like that with any of his baby girls.

  18. 18
    Bradley is a creep Says:

    Bradley Cooper is now a creep. Sicko!

  19. 19
    jolene Says:

    He is obviously going through some mid left crisis – just like Leo & Johnny. It just makes them seem desperate & creepy. This girl still lives at home with her parents – God knows how they feel about this. And Suki should have more respect for herself. You shouldn’t need a man to further your career – Cara’ s doing just fine without Leo!1

  20. 20
    Mel Says:

    Why does he have a thing for baby-face blondes? Just like Leo.

  21. 21
    Huh? Says:

    A fan took a pic yesterday, looked romantic. Now official pics? This is a fake relationship! Where is that friend of his @A Few Thoughts? Does he not see his friend is a sicko? My entire family used to admire him.

  22. 22
    helen Says:

    I just don’t understand these two…

  23. 23
    cos Says:

    hey, they are both adults, let them be…

  24. 24
    DJ Says:

    The body language definitely seems awkward in some of the photos, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’m guessing this is real because if it’s not, no “reward” he would get from Harvey(or anyone else) would make up for the negative press he is getting now. He probably likes her and just doesn’t care what people think. He did say he gave up reading message boards a few months ago.

  25. 25
    Saraht Says:

    These pics are quite disturbing no to day repulsive.

  26. 26
    weirdos Says:

    Wow a buncht of spiteful women all in bradley coopers face. As if he would care about you all. You’re more interested in his life than your own, what tells you that? Exactly, you all should start to get a life of your own.

  27. 27
    jane Says:

    Awww, he’s reading her a story.

  28. 28
    Anne-Marie Says:

    There is a strange pedophelia sensation by looking at these photos.

  29. 29
    xyz Says:


  30. 30
    Marie Says:

    They look cute to me. You people are so judgmental.

  31. 31
    cos Says:

    @Marie: agree 100%

  32. 32
    Lindsey Says:

    You would be surprised how many men love that Lolita fantasy. More common than you think.

  33. 33
    Em Says:


    FINALLY a nice comment!

  34. 34
    cos Says:

    @Anne-Marie: are you just jealous she looks younger than her age?

  35. 35
    Louise Says:

    Those pictures give me the whillies. Old man, young girl, YUK AND CREEPY!!!

  36. 36
    amer Says:

    I don’t get the disgust here. She looks young but she’s in her twenties so it’s fine. Seriously they look like any other couple in a park.

  37. 37
    Yuk Says:

    I think he is getting something because he has to to do this. He is getting negative press and comments from his fans but Harvey Weinstein does not care about the negative press. Harvey Weinstein counts more than us. Bradley sends so much time talking about message boards. He still reads them. Hi, Bradley. lol.

  38. 38
    Drake Says:

    The dude in the black jacket and red is laughing his a$$ off. Why it look like they trying to copy Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence. Like they looked cute for some reason this look odd.

    It’s like they saw what was wrong with their other photo ops and was like okay let me touch you and feel on you like we a couple so ppl will like us together. They should just be their self and not try to validate their relationship, when you come off as validating your relationship it appear fake. And honestly these look like the fan photos from a couple of days ago. Like the first photo they were in that position but it was taken from the back. Why JJ realizing old photo?

  39. 39
    amer Says:

    Bradley out with his daughter. Lovely! I want throw up!

  40. 40
    J_LawFan Says:

    This looks familiar

  41. 41
    Rachel Says:

    @J_LawFan: So? This is how most couples act together when relaxing at a park.

  42. 42
    cos Says:

    guys, why can’t you accept this couple and move on, what is your problem? this is not criminal to date someone younger

  43. 43
    Lori Says:

    She looks a bit young for him… I mean, when I first saw the picture, I thought it was for a movie and she was playing his daughter. Grow up, Bradley… you need someone at least 30.

  44. 44
    parisian Says:

    can’t be on Sunday, it was pouring rain all day long in Paris

  45. 45
    cos Says:

    @Lori: and how do you know that?

  46. 46
    Tita Says:

    @parisian: It was Saturday because a fan posted similar pics of them on Instagram that day.

  47. 47
    cos Says:

    Suki looks like Justin Bieber but with a big nose, smelley hair and bad skin.

  48. 48
    Sazzzy Says:

    @cos y’all patrolling for JJ??? ya luv dude n chick leave others for chatz all opinions valid no have to agree wiv coop snukkin a yung un

  49. 49
    cos Says:

    hahaha, right, you do not like what I say so you take my name, last cos 47 is not the same cos

  50. 50
    Awkward pics Says:

    I can’t help but thinking of…..Uncle Brad is reading a fairy tale to his Sugar Baby before she goes to sleep.

  51. 51
    Rachel Says:

    Mr. Charles Cooper is rolling in his grave again. The fine Catholic man he was. He will soon rise from his grave if his son continues to fondle a 15 year old kid that does drugs, sleeps around and smokes.

  52. 52
    cos Says:

    Hahahaha! That ugly female dog suki is gonna give Bradley rabies. Where is Renee? JLaw? Zoe? Jennifer Aniston? Mickey mouse? Anyone?

  53. 53
    cos Says:

    @Sazzzy: same for you, if you can say what you think I can say what I think

  54. 54
    sara Says:

    I totaly agree with you. this is discusting!!!

  55. 55
    cos here Says:

    hahaha, very funny and pathetic, you will not stop me from saying what I want

  56. 56
    cos Says:

    Anyone but the slat Suki slat. Did he see her medical records before banging her?

  57. 57
    cos here Says:

    Suki is a cheater and cheated on Miles with Bradley. Well, Bradley bangs other girls while he is with her. 2 girls in Rio, 2 in London during Hangover promos, 1 in DC, 1 in LA, 2 in NY last week. KARMA UGLY SUKI. KARMA.

  58. 58
    Lili Says:

    @DJ: Those pics were taken on Saturday, rain was pouring over Paris yesterday, it was not possible to frolic in the park ^^

  59. 59
    cos here Says:

    @cos: are you sure it was not to early to leave your hospital?

  60. 60
    OMG cos Says:

    amazing LOL how you can’t handle the truth

  61. 61
    If only Says:

    Why is Bradley Cooper spending his Saturday with trash?

    If only….If only Jennifer Lawrence had said yes to Bradley. If only Bradley’s Dad had not passed. If only Bradley listened to his caring mom. If only Bradley was not so ambitious to sign a public relations couple contract that makes him look scary. If only Bradley listened to his caring sister. If only…

  62. 62
    OMG cos Says:

    @cos here: Jealousy… is a mental cancer.

  63. 63
    cos here Says:


    If you are going to pick a 21 year old, can it be one that isn’t a cokehead and doesn’t look like shet? You only took half of Leo’s advice. Toni is a real model and she is pretty.

  64. 64
    WTF Says:

    These comments make me want to cry for humanity. Seriously WTF!?!

  65. 65
    supernatural Says:

    Bradley a pear not good pear

  66. 66
    juicy lucy Says:

    If AFT is till clinging to the thought of Brad dumping Suki to start a relationship with the unidentified Amfr, please remove the rose colored glasses ASAP. At this stage in his life, Brad has no intentions of having a relationship with a mature woman. He is happy with carefree Suki who may not care whether or not he bangs other women when she isn’t around. I’ve said from the very beginning that Brad will end up marrying Suki and my position has not changed.

  67. 67
    TRR Says:

    lol @ these comments…

    On a serious note, I thought there were “pap laws” in France?

  68. 68
    OMG cos Says:

    sorry, who is AFT or/and AMFR some of you talk about?

  69. 69
    Lovelace Says:

    AFT never said he would dump his daughter to start with AMFR. AMFR has been identified by some. One has nothing to do with the other. He has reasons for being with his daughter. This will end when it is supposed to. I do agree with you that he does not seem ready for a real relationship. I also think AMFR might agree with us that Bradley is not ready for a relationship. That is what AFT said when he answered questions.

  70. 70
    OMG cos Says:

    Suki is jealous of her talented heroes Georgia and Cara. They are making with their talent. She is making it with her ugly character, body and face.

  71. 71
    cos again Says:

    @OMG cos: is your life really that boring?

  72. 72
    Marie Says:

    AMFR will never ever ever date this guy. I don’t care what AFT says. End of story. He might like her, his family and friends might like her, she might they are all nice…but it ain’t ever ever ever gonna happen. Suki is an unattractive drug addict who sleeps with men to advance her career and if Bradley is seeing her for real or PR, what does it say about him?

  73. 73
    cos again Says:

    Did horrid + dirty suki really ask beautiful + pretty Cara to ask beautiful + sexy Rihanna about NY?

  74. 74
    Gross Says:

    He is reading lolita to her. that speaks volumes.

  75. 75
    Hello Says:

    There are others pics on the Daily Mail :

  76. 76
    juicy lucy Says:


    AFT has not appeared nor has he answered questions on JJ since joining the private message board. His early appearances on JJ did indeed make it sound as though Amfr was a woman Brad wanted to date and made a point of flying to her so she could get to know the real BC. I’m still curious as to what Brad’s payoff will be for being seen with Suki. As for Suki, she needs to understand that talent is what allows actors/models to survive in the business-not shagging someone famous.

  77. 77
    TRR Says:

    It’s just weird that he doesn’t mind the paps with this girl, when previously, based on what numerous people have said, did not like being photographed with girlfriends.

  78. 78
    juicy lucy Says:


    I’m hoping Brad is going through his LD stage dating Suki and not because HW has promised him something in return for doing so. Granted, dating Suki won’t affect the work he gets but I could hurt him at the box office. I understand having ambitions but like everything in life, they are not to be cheaply won. The great actors such as De Niro, Pacino, Nicholson, Bale, DDL and Oldman didn’t have to resort to PR stunts to get ahead/noticed. LD has shown off his acting chops since his role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” and he did a great job playing Howard Hughes in The Aviator. Brad has a long way to go before ranking along side his idol. Bobby D.

  79. 79
    juicy lucy Says:


    I think Brad is really smitten with her and has reached a point in his life where he feels comfortable with himself and doesn’t care what others think of him. I think Brad is more relaxed with Suki than previous gf’s.

  80. 80
    Hello Says:

    I don’t know if it could be true but it’s funny to read :-) :

  81. 81
    DJ Says:

    Does the Daily Mail not like her or something? I mean, talking about the alleged nose job, Suki trying to get his attention at Wimbledon and now saying she is trying to get his attention at the park.

  82. 82
    Em Says:

    He is making sure we can all see he is reading lolita to her in a popular park on a Saturday–day with most visitors– in Paris as they sit in the middle of the park and get professional pics taken in a country with strict pap laws. This staging is even worse—yup, worse thn wimbledon. They both need to hire new agents. This is so staged.

  83. 83
    Marie Says:

    @Juicy Lucy:

    We do not know if being linked with Suki affects the jobs Bradley gets.

    He was a contender for Batman and Affleck got it.

    Spielberg pulled out of directing him in a movie.

    Production issues for another movie.

    If he is smitten with her, why didn’t he take her to Bobby’s bday in the Hamptons? Why did he stay in NYC from Sunday to Friday after the party? Why did he spend his time partying with Leo and models just this week?

  84. 84
    DJ Says:

    @Em: Is that really the book he is reading? I can’t see the cover clearly.

  85. 85
    DJ Says:

    What exactly are the pap laws in France? I thought the only rule was that photographers can’t get too close to the celebrities.

  86. 86
    DJ Says:

    @Hello: That is pretty funny.

  87. 87
    TRR Says:

    @DJ: I don’t know what the specific laws are but I recall Dan saying paps aren’t freely allowed to take pics, like in the states.
    With the kind of cameras they have, they don’t necessarily need to be that close.

    These are probably photo-ops. They look very similar to the staged Paris pics where he was kissing her on the cheek.

  88. 88
    Drake Says:


    Yeah it does seem that way.


    I died laughing, the one she lifted up his leg and tried to get under it make the whole photo op seem fake.

    Bradley becoming Leo. I think the reason why he wasnt photo out with his other girls were becuase they weren’t famewh*res like suki is. I peep game when I see it.

    @juicy Lucy dont be fooled.

  89. 89
    Em Says:

    @DJ: Click on the right hand corner of the picture to zoom in. Daily Mail loves her and is very kind to her usually.

    @TRR: True. He does not like to be photographed with women. If Bradley Cooper did not want his pics of Suki to come out, it can be stopped. It has happened many times in Paris. Staged.

    @juicy lucy or @marie: How do I get on this private message board?

  90. 90
    juicy lucy Says:


    I wasn’t aware that Brad is having production problems with another movie. Which one?

    I will say that Affleck was a surprise choice (but the perfect choice) to play Batman and that could all be the result of his second Oscar win. I’m sure being a double Oscar winner puts him at the top of the list for competitive roles in HW.

    Spielberg has pulled of projects in the past so no big surprise there. I personally think he saw the film as becoming to controversial and I also think he wants to spend time getting things moving on the updated version of The Grapes of Wrath.

    As for why Suki was not at Bobby D’s birthday party-perhaps he asked Brad and Leo to leave the kids at home.

    Suki like Brad are not poster children for monogamy. Suki may be just fine with Brad sleeping around just as long as she gets the photo ops. There are people who don’t see anything wrong with “open” relationships.

  91. 91
    juicy lucy Says:


    Don’t be fooled about what?

  92. 92
    Lili Says:

    @Hello: Funny indeed :)

  93. 93
    Dolly Says:

    They are reading Lolita. This is so bizarre and gross. Either they are messing with everyone or this is a creepy relationship.

  94. 94
    Jelissa Says:

    For f@cks sake. Bradley isn’t having career issues. I dare you to name an actor with a hotter career. Spielberg drops projects often and many articles have stated he left American Sniper on the best terms possible. It seems Oscar winner Clint Eastwood is stepping in. Not exactly a downgrade.
    He’s also going to get millions for a few days of work if he signs on to Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a sure fire hit.
    Please get lives and stop spending hours analyzing a relationship you have no connection to. These comments are disturbing.

    I had to finally comment. This isn’t the first Bradley Cooper with weird as sh!t comments.

  95. 95
    Hello Says:

    Isn’t that strange that pictures taken Saturday only appear all over the net 2 days later ? Do they have to approve these pictures before publication ?

  96. 96
    Daria Says:

    @Hello: It’s not really strange or out of the ordinary especially since it was a weekend. They don’t get approval. They don’t need it.

  97. 97
    Hello Says:

    @Daria : Thanks for the answer.

  98. 98
    Jelissa go fack your Motha Says:

    WTF. Who are you? This is a message board? WhyTF are you on here ? If you are so high and mighty, go read the New York Times, The Guardian or Le Monde. This is not the comment section of those papers. This is comment section of a gossip site. We are here to comment. Why do you think JJ has so many stories running? Some of us have had a long day at work and want to read to laugh. Go fack your motha and leave us alone.

  99. 99
    Veronique Says:

    @Hello: Yes, you are correct. The pictures were taken Saturday because it rained in Paris on Sunday. They were approved by both PR teams or maybe just hers. He looks awkward.

  100. 100
    Drake Says:

    @juicy lucy:

    By his actions. His other girlfriends probably didn’t want photo op every month and she does. Guys allow and do want the girl feel comfortable about. Like when Leo was with Blake he didn’t bike ride with her because she didn’t like bike riding. When he was with bar there wasn’t much PDA because she didn’t like PDA like that.
    Deniro don’t give a damn who Bradley or Leo dating they didn’t bring them because they didn’t want to and wanted to spend some guy time alone.

    If she okay with getting cheated on knowingly (allegedly) I have no respect for her. If she want love and commitment and allow him to cheat she’ll never get it. If she just want fame then she probably don’t care.

  101. 101
    Hello Says:

    @Veronique: Thanks for your answer. Makes more sense.

  102. 102
    Marie Says:

    Why do people choose a new name and say “finally decided to post”? @juicy lucy uses the same name and so do I and @AFT. What about ” I am posting under a new name because I can’t stand behind all my words?” or ” I am posting under a new name because posters do not like what I wrote” or “I am posting because I am 21 with no talent, have thin bad skin, and am not mature enough to read comments written about me clinging desperately to A-Lister Bradley Cooper?”

    @Juicy Lucy: @AFT posted several times after he had to leave for the private board. Most of the people left there were all taken to private board the day there were many takeovers. Maybe poster #94 can tell us about those childish takeovers?

    If Bradley was smitten with her or even liked her a lot, Mr. Deniro and Mrs. Hightower Deniro’s invitations were for both of them as a couple. Since there was no invitation for her, all Bradley had to say was he was bringing her. He didn’t because he likes her availability but shows is not smitten.

    The movie is ‘Serena’. I am done with this thread. See you on the next one.

    @Em: There is an email in the last story. I wish I was on that sane private board. I read they were not taking anyone else. Please post on new story if they take you.

  103. 103
    TRR Says:

    @Drake: “His other girlfriends probably didn’t want photo op every month and she does.”

    I’m not sure about this. The rumor on the internet was he dumped ZS because she called the paps.
    Over the years, the consensus was he doesn’t like being photographed with women/girlfriends.
    I’m sure he’s well aware of Suki’s pap calling. But obviously doesn’t care.

  104. 104
    Drake Says:


    Having a photo op every once in a while is okay (his other relationships) every month is desperate. Like I said maybe he know she a famewh*re who can’t manage any recongnition on her own. And okay with the photo ops. Maybe he take pride in making her famous. She not Giselle but she bigger than what she was 6 months ago. Idk how that Zoe rumour started because I’ve never heard a couple break up because someone called the paps once in a while. People will believe anything I guess.

    Whats up with the private board. They not accepting anymore?

  105. 105
    Lanna Says:

    disgusting….looks like her father =/

  106. 106
    La Says:

    They actually look very comfortable and together in these images. He obviously has more control in the relationship due to his age and experience and she strikes me as the type that likes to play to a man. she mentioned in an interview how she likes being with a man and being influenced by them. Here it looks like he is reading her Lolita, his favourite book (ironic), and in some images he looks like he is teaching her about the novel whilst she laps up the attention. He looks happy and is comfortable enough to be seen with her a lot more so than other gfs. This time last year rumours were that he was spotted with ZS however images were only of ZS and his mother whilst he seems to be with SW every week, who knows maybe it will end in marriage as both have said in interviews that is what they want. If you read SW current model interview she practically soundbites BC about wanting children, marriage and ‘being grateful’ everyday.

  107. 107
    Drake Says:


    ??? Did you wrote that or this this come from an article. The guy in the 5th pic laughing at them that says a lot about their relationship.

  108. 108
    blunt talker Says:

    I thought he was filming Cameron Crowe’s untitled movie project. I really want to see his acting chops in a strong drama. Fluff movies I don’t really care about. People are so critical about who he is dating. Keep in mind just dating. As for how young his dates are, I’ve been told by other men who like younger women, that they try to get them before they get wore out in bed. In the entertainment business that has happened to many of the starlets people that people see on screen today. Embarrassing stories come out in tabloids which causes discomfort to all parties. Starlets in their 30s’ and 40s’ 95% of them has done some things to get ahead in their career. There are people out there in the tabloid business waiting to expose celebrities and their pasts. The less milage seems to be the motto for some men dating younger women. Who wants to be caught off guard finding something out about a person they are seeing which they may not have any knowledge of. The tabloid has the goods on most entertainers, and they are just waiting to make a big payday. This is just my feeling on how hollywood and the media works to make big bucks off someone’s painful past indiscretions.

  109. 109
    jazzy Says:

    @blunt talker: I get what you are saying but this particular young lady has A LOT of past indiscretions already. She is known to be easy and sleezy. She doesn’t fall into your category.

  110. 110
    Sara Says:

    @DJ: Completely agree – nothing’s worth that. Not unless you actually like the girl. Sickening.

  111. 111
    Quinn Says:

    @Rachel: Please PLEASE stop commenting about his father… that’s disrespectful… I hate this relationship and think it’s pathetic but there’s no room to bring his dead father into this.

  112. 112
    julie Says:

    Look kinda weird.. just when jennifer lawrence and nick hoult had some park date.. just when bradley cooper and suki was all PDA in the park as well. Looks like he is trying to make her jealous.

  113. 113
    Birdiesworm Says:

    How coincidental? => Both Bradley and Suki look like they’ve had too much to drink or smoke…& is a bit raunchy for a public outing =>

  114. 114
    LemonHead Says:

    @Birdiesworm: I’m surprised they are still dating, seeing how incompatible they are. Suki isn’t much of an intellectual, since articles mention she dropped out of school at 14.

  115. 115
    DillPickle Says:

    @Birdiesworm: Looks like Bradley Cooper is helping Suki Waterhouse get a leg up. => Sad, when a persons success stems from who they’ve dated.

  116. 116
    Rachel Says:

    Bradley Charles Cooper is showing disrespect to his father by sleeping with a girl that is the same age as the daughter of some of his friends the same age as him.

    Poor Mr. Charles Cooper is rolling in his grave again and again. He was a fine Irish Catholic man. Mr. Charles Cooper might just rise from his grave if his son continues to fondle a 15 year old kid that does drugs, sleeps around and smokes.

  117. 117
    margie m Says:

    @julie: During the Oscar season Jennifer was supposidly setting Bradley up with her friends, or so she said. So is Suki one of those friends?

  118. 118
    Emma Says:

    @julie: I doubt that’s the case and if it was, I doubt she cares… I used to think they were good friends but this relationship and these new pictures make him seem so pathetic that I can’t see how she takes him seriously…

  119. 119
    Francesca Says:

    Lolita is his personal touch to these pictures and is a clear message … you have to close your eyes to see … I’m just hurt by the comments stupid and bad about dad Charles… but this is a price to pay …kiss

  120. 120
    kia Says:

    the guy is having fun and being there with lolita book he shows what he thinks about all of haters out there. one big F.U.

  121. 121
    W Says:

    @margie m: God no. Maybe she didn’t know about them or didn’t say anything on purpose, because by that point it wasn’t official.

  122. 122
    Z. Says:

    @Rachel: Yeah, but so soon after the paparazzi photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Nick Hoult ?…and those photos were sweet and natural looking because they are an ACTUAL couple! and here’s the big difference…Lawrence and Hoult didn’t call the paps they had no idea they were being photographed. (LOL!). Nope, these photos of Cooper and Waterhouse are STAGED (they called the paps for this photo session). Cooper and Waterhouse hoped that people would react positively to te photos the way they had to Lawrence and Hoult. Annnnd the people instead are grossed out by Cooper and Waterhouse’s pictures.

  123. 123
    DJ Says:

    @Em: Thanks. I’ll try that. It does seem odd that he would bring one book for both of them to read.

  124. 124
    Monkey Says:

    Look like fake photos

    Instead of Suki of wasting money hiring paparazzi photographers, to take photos of her and Bradley she better off buying some decent clothes for herself

    Probably the next thing they will get engaged or suki will have his baby (that seems to the latest trend in Hollywood)

  125. 125
    VFV Says:

    This book-pics is dedicated to all the haters. Amazing man, uses sarcasm to say “not your problem”.

  126. 126
    VFW Says:

    This guy is having fun with the book Lolita. It shows he loves her, they will get engaged this month, she will move to LA in 1 week, they will get married this fall and have a baby in a year. LOL.

    He shows by saying he is single, having more fun with Gerard Butler, not taking her to DeNiro 70th birthday and sleeping with different women in NY last week. Hahahaha.

  127. 127
    VFV Says:

    And the ridiculous characters began to appear. Applause. Yaummmm

  128. 128
    Drake Says:


    That what I’m saying. Nick and jlaw are the same age both family love each other and they look great together. Don’t matter how you try to slice it or romantizie it, suki and Bradley look like father and daughter. No chemistry at all. The guy behind him is laughing at them. He a stranger mostly likely doesn’t follow their relationship he find them posing for these pic hilarious. He could be reading Lolita to be funny (since this is a photo op)

  129. 129
    DJ Says:

    I’m guessing in the initial photo of him by himself, Suki was standing off to the side. Unless they met at the park.

  130. 130
    Dummies Says:

    You people are ridiculous. He wrote his thesis in college on Lolita and says its one of his favorite books. Maybe that’s why he’s sharing it with Suki.

    The guy in the background isn’t laughing at them. He’s having a conversation with the woman next to him.

    DJ you ask the most obvious questions. Why do you even bother typing them? She probably was next to him but why would a fan want a picture of her?

  131. 131
    Whodadummy Youdadummy Says:

    @Dummies He wrote his thesis on the film adaptations of Lolita, not on the novel dummy. He would be better off showing her the movies instead of the book anyway. She’s staring at the book like she’s never seen one before.

  132. 132
    Saffron Says:

    I’m sorry, this young girl looks like she’s 15 and he looks like her father. They are just such an odd looking couple. It’s as creepy as Mary Kate Olsen and the frenchman that she is engaged to.

  133. 133
    margie m Says:

    @W: From just reading some articles and peoples comments (parties, groupie, drugs, alcohol, sex) , she really has a track record with men (toothbrush and spare underwear in a bag), and she’s only 21.

  134. 134
    ueen Doreen Says:

    Why is Sukis hair always messy and greasy? Doesn’t she bathe and shampoo her hair?

  135. 135
    Drake Says:

    @margie m:

    I know girls now a day have some miles on them. The young and tight theory isn’t as accurate as it use to especially for her. @Dummies:

    He staring straight at them. Him and his partner probably having a conversation about how dumb they look.

  136. 136
    DJ Says:

    I still remember her ex Miles’ comment about how Bradley will realize how young Suki really is.

  137. 137
    Liz EEEE Says:

    Does anyone think Bradley Cooper looks drunk? Were these pictures taken after they both had a few cocktails? I would think in order for anyone to kiss Suki, they would have to have a few cocktails in them. Suki definitely doesn’t have model shaped legs or features.

  138. 138
    supernatural Says:

    Love is beautiful.

  139. 139
    Patti Cake Says:

    @supernatural: Lust is beautiful too, but a person still has to wake up the following morning.

  140. 140
    yes with Suki Says:

    SO cute couple! LUV them together <3 <3

  141. 141
    yes with Suki Says:

    I hope their romance will last for eva!

  142. 142
    lovely Says:

    cute couple.I hope they reproduce and make loads of Suger BABIES :)

  143. 143
    Lillian B Says:

    The moral to this story is ‘money doesn’t buy brains’. Sexually based relationships never last, because the backbone or spine that holds a relationship together is woven with common interests, values, goals & trust.

  144. 144
    leelee Says:

    This looks like a photo shoot. This is almost as staged as Henry and Kaley.

  145. 145
    Drake Says:

    @Liz EEEE:

    Believable. Could explain his eyes looking watery.

    Where are the people from the private messageboard.

  146. 146
    Danielle Says:

    @leelee: I really disagree. They look like a natural couple who actually touch each other in real life. Cavill and Cuoco lasted about a week for a reason.

  147. 147
    Melis Says:

    It looks like Suki is dating Uncle Brad. The age difference is apparent on their faces. Coop is showing his age.

  148. 148
    Rhonda Says:

    Nice Photos, people usually kiss, is there ever any photos with a kiss on the mouth, that is a given during a romance with a hunk like that.

  149. 149
    Kim Says:

    I admit I am jealous but I have no idea what he sees in her. She is 18 years younger than him and average looking.

  150. 150
    Glitter Says:

    I completely agree with a lot of the comments on JJ. WTF is this?? GROSS. he looks like a complete pedophile!!! i cant believe she’s a “model”. damn! If she is considered a model why the hell haven’t i been discovered?! LOL. bradley you really need to reconsider your partner/daughter. ewwwwww. so nasty.

  151. 151
    BieberFan Says:

    So we’ve all seen Suki laying blanketless in the sand in Hawaii, with a hair load of sand and now we see a blanketless Suki and Bradley laying in the grass, with soggy bottoms, no less. Whats next…Mud?

  152. 152
    jewel Says:

    these “models” are all loose as hell, that’s why all these older celebs date them. it’s a ego trip for them to be screw ing these younger girls who are only know for their looks and or bodies.

  153. 153
    stop Says:

    stop this nonsense. he is having fun. she is getting publicity

  154. 154
    Cyrius Says:

    The pics are quite embarrassing. There is a real incomfort at watching them.
    The age factor is not the only issue, but the body language is disturbing.

  155. 155
    Drake Says:


    They had the same publicist so it was easier to end things

    The articles say otherwise. People tired of this relationship and find it very creepy. Toni look 21 suki look 12 eww.

  156. 156
    stop Says:

    although she should probably try to dress slightly better

  157. 157
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    @Marie: Agree 100%.

  158. 158
    Dad Says:

    Daddy and his little girl! How cute!!

  159. 159
    Diane F Says:

    So when does Bradley have to burp her? That girl needs a bath and a change.

  160. 160
    NorfEastKardashian Says:

    Ugh. The girl is so ugly and the guy screams “gay”. He is way overrated, and you can tell a total douche. The duo makes my stomach turn.

  161. 161
    just saying Says:

    @Mel: Subliminal pedo philic tendencies? If she were young and sexy hot OK but………..

  162. 162
    JazzySnazzy Says:

    @Diane F: Suki looks the sort that would probably need someone to clean her room and cook her dinner. Bradley daycare.

  163. 163
    Hello Says:

    Article in Vanity Fair :

    Love the title of this article on the DM :

  164. 164
    francesca Says:

    I miss our chat every single day of the last month … I tried not to think about you… but has been useless…..if I’m wrong I apologize… but please…you again touches my soul ….. I miss you….you know where i am…….

  165. 165
    Gabby Says:

    You say “So Cute,” Jared. How about so creepy? She’s 20 years old. This is disgusting. She looks like his daughter. People have freaking lost their minds.

  166. 166
    Jaspers Looking Says:

    Suki doesn’t seem like she’s docile enough to settle herself down and read a good book. She still looks like she has to be house broken. That’s the one thing about age difference, the been there, done that phase sets in for the mature person in the relationship.

  167. 167
    Tommy S Says:

    @Jaspers Looking: LOL- House broken- So you’re saying Bradley took his young puppy to the park to play.

  168. 168
    Drake Says:

    Where the people from the private board at.

  169. 169
    Sally rose Says:

    His career is going to suffer
    He is a pedifile
    She looks 14 or 15 and real dumb.
    She is a minor
    He is pushing 40
    He needs to get arrested for having sex with a minor.

  170. 170
    Sick Says:

    This is perverted. He’s far too old for her and she looks about 12. Sick, sick, sick.

  171. 171
    Sindy Says:

    Father & Daughter!

  172. 172
    Rock Hudson's ghost Says:

    Why is that gay man reading bedtime stories to a 14 year old in broad daylight? I don’t understand what I’m seeing.

  173. 173
    ontoulouse Says:

    Big kisses for Bradley and Suki

  174. 174
    Cute Says:

    well unlike Dicaprio, Brad Cooper is a real guy and he looks very affectionate and relaxed with his girlfriends (including Suki here). Suki may not be the most beautiful model on earth but maybe Bradley saw sth else in her? Real relationship, fortunately, cannot be based only on looks! Also some of his exes like Zoe Saldana were no beauty queens either! So the guy is not too shallow…good for him.

  175. 175
    Yeah. Says:

    SO GROSS.papa and daughter having sex? s.e.x.??? so grossssss…..maan

  176. 176
    Cate Says:

    i see he still butthurt because J.Law rejected him? so still insisting on dating a 21 yrs old and he stage pictures to look like exacly the one paparazzi took from Jen and Nick day early. Great Coop. You look exacly like a grown up 38 yrs old man. Leo does influences people.

  177. 177
    Anne Says:

    “they were both spotted snuggling with each other. So cute!”
    Hey Jared, you should wrote: SO STAGED, SO FAKE, SO DESPERATE FOR PEOPLE BELIEVE HE’S NOT GAY and SO PR instead! lol

  178. 178
    John-Henry Says:

    Yeah, this has to be staged, because Suki is looking right into the cameras lens as Bradley is cradling her in the top right hand picture. There were just pictures put all over the internet of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult having the same kind of outing last week. Copy cats.

  179. 179
    Isa Says:

    Couldn’t be on sunday , it was raining all day in Paris …


  180. 180
    Spetzlebetz Says:

    Has anyone ever Seen a Photo where they Kiss each other??? I mean a REAL Kiss, Not a Kiss on the cheek…

  181. 181
    DJ Says:

    @Spetzlebetz: No, I haven’t.

  182. 182
    DJ Says:

    @Spetzlebetz: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him kiss any of his other girlfriends in public either, though.

  183. 183
    Spetzlebetz Says:

    @dj. Yes Thats True, but on the other Hand, i have Never Seen so many photos with all his ex girlfriends like with suki. O Hope you can understand what i mean, my english is Not that Good…

  184. 184
    juicy lucy Says:


    I think there was a photo of Brad and Renee kissing in Montreal. I could be wrong, but I thought the reason Brad split with Zoe is because she wanted to go to the paps with their relationship and he wanted to keep the relationship private. I now think that he had his eye in Suki for quite sometime if in fact they were introduced at a HW party in December.

  185. 185
    Spetzlebetz Says:

    @juicylucy I thought they Met on February at the style Awards?

  186. 186
    DJ Says:

    @Spetzlebetz: I understand your posts fine.

    @juicy lucy: I know about the internet rumor that Zoe was calling the paps, but of course I don’t know how true that is. If it is true, that makes it even more weird that he would be ok with being so public with Suki, but wanted to keep things private with Zoe. Unless he has completely changed his mind about things and now doesn’t mind. He said he no longer reads message boards, so I guess it’s possible.

  187. 187
    DJ Says:

    @Spetzlebetz: There is a photo of Suki with Harvey Weinstein from December. Some people think that Bradley may have met her in December, although there is no photo of them together.

  188. 188
    Spetzlebetz Says:

    I just dont get this bradley suki Thing. Actually i really like him, and that he used to keep his Life private, he seems to be pretty normal in Interviews, Down to Earth. His ex girlfriends were about thirty, and at least women and no Little Girls. Suki doesnt only Look like a little girl, she also act like that…

  189. 189
    juicy lucy Says:


    It appears to me as though Brad is rebelling against his “I’m a humble guy who won’t go Hollywood” image by dating Suki. What is upsetting his fans is the fact that Brad said he wouldn’t date JL as she could literally be his daughter and then turns around and dates someone younger. He really doesn’t seem to care that people on other sites are calling him a creep or pedophile. In dating Suki, he seems to be giving the finger to his image. He seems to be saying he wants to be who he wants to be and date whomever he pleases. I’m still clinging just a strand of hope that HW has promised him help with his directorial debut or help landing a best supporting actor nod for AH.

  190. 190
    TRR Says:

    @DJ: I do think Zoe called/calls the paps. There were a few curious photos when they dated. That there was no way paps would know about their (B/Z) whereabouts unless they were tipped off.
    Also those photos of her with her new boyfriend in Italy also looked staged.

  191. 191
    Drake Says:


    Yeah those photos in Italy were staged but that was may. She been keeping an low profile about her relationships something Bradley and suki don’t do.

    When I google Bradley and Zoe i didn’t find that many photos together. That’s a dumb reason to break up with someone and I think someone made that up to deflect on the actually cause of break up. It’s probably was Bradley team that leaked that to make it seem like he was the good guy. A couple tip calls isn’t enough to break up with someone to quote j,cole “people will believe anything”. It look like suki tip the paps every time they out she remind me of Kim kardashian.


    What Leo is real as well I’ve seen photos of Leo affectionate but he a private guy. Any real Leo fan know that. He doesn’t have to lower his standard for an photo op that copy joult because Jennifer didn’t want him. I’m a guy; I think Zoe is beautiful and while Renee isn’t a beauty queen she a nice person. From what I’ve observe can’t say that same for this suki girl she look 12 and sites like yahoo and vanity fair are calling their relationships creepy. Not message boards that he can choose not to read but actually site and magazines.

  192. 192
    Spetzlebetz Says:

    @juicylucy. Could you Tell me who Harvey Weinstein is? Im from Germany and have Never heard or read something about him.

  193. 193
    TRR Says:

    @Drake: “She been keeping an low profile about her relationships something Bradley and suki don’t do.”

    That’s because she’s been filming.

    I do think that’s a stupid reason if true to dump someone but I suspect there are other reasons why he was keeping a low profile with her.

  194. 194
    DJ Says:

    @Spetzlebetz: Harvey Weinstein is a major film producer/studio executive in Hollywood.

    @TRR: What photos are you referring to when you say there is no way someone would have been able to take them unless someone tipped them off? Also, I don’t really think that’s a silly reason to break up with someone if you’re a private person. I mean, if you’re someone who likes your privacy and then you find out the person you’re with is basically selling your relationship to the media, I’d be upset too. I sure hope race was not the reason for that breakup.

  195. 195
    Drake Says:


    Obviously looking at his relationship with suki he isn’t as private as he make out to be. He isn’t deniro or Denzel. I don’t know why they broke up but that defiantly wasn’t the reason

    @TRR: She just started filming like 2 weeks ago in London its almost September. I’m saying its a gap between those Italy photos and her filming. Like I said she manage to keep her relationship out the public light.

  196. 196
    TRR Says:

    @DJ: ” Also, I don’t really think that’s a silly reason to break up with someone if you’re a private person.”

    Well that’s the thing, we all thought he was Mr. Private. And by being that, it would make sense that you don’t want your relationship exposed. But with the Suki photo-ops we see that is not the case.

    ” I sure hope race was not the reason for that breakup.”

    That’s what I’m alluding to when I said other reason/s he kept a low profile with her. I believe Howard Stern suspected something too. Nothing to do with her race but the fact that you never saw them together. He was like, ‘where are you guys’? lol


    She’s been filming Guardians of the Galaxy, since June.

  197. 197
    Hello Says:

    Something has changed with him since the Oscar nomination or since he is with SW (both happened around the same time). In most interviews I have seen of him since February, he does not have the same “good humour” that he uses to have before. Sometimes in these interviews, he was looking uncomfortable (like when he was on the Jimmy Fallon show in May) or unmotivated (while promoting the Hangover3 and The Place beyond the Pines).
    And now, all the PDA he is doing with her, it’s so unusual for him to do that…..Maybe he just don’t care anymore about his image and what people think about him.

  198. 198
    Drake Says:


    Oh. Bradley still got his photo ops with suki while filming American hustle tho.

    Hollywood shady and that all I’m going to say about Bradley and Zoe.

  199. 199
    Savannah Says:

    Bradley Cooper is not the sweet and respectful guy he’s made himself out to be. I was a big fan of his, until i actually saw him in the flesh. I work in a club/bar in NY which he happened to visit last week. I almost died of excitement when one of our front of house people told me he’d just come in. It didn’t take him long to start worming his way through all the women in the club. He honestly looked a mess, and the not drinking is a load of rubbish too, he was wasted. He practically dry humped half the women in the club before cornering one in particular who was happy to follow him out not long after he left. Watching him has honestly put me right off him. He looked so pervy and arrogant, the kinda guy you’d usually avoid if you saw them in a bar.

  200. 200
    seal Says:

    why I am not surprised….

  201. 201
    Drake Says:


    Was Leo with him as well? I know they went clubbing last week together. I know Leo was spotted as wasted but not Bradley. He should be honest about his drink no one like liars.

  202. 202
    TRR Says:

    The pics show AFT is full of crap. I told you AFT lied about Zoe and he lied about Suki too. Also, I don’t really think there is anything going on between Bradley and that AMFR woman. She sounds like she is his cousin and they meet when they are both away on business. Suki has met her as well. You can see Bradley loves Suki for her. I read somewhere Bradley and Suki are moving in together in LA. I think he will end up marrying her or she will end up get pregnant.

  203. 203
    Suki is too Ugly Says:

    Suki is too Ugly. So Ugly bradley closes his eyes when he has to kiss her with their big noses. Yes, Bradley’s nose is big too but he is a man looks sexy on him. Suki needs that nose job.

  204. 204
    TRR Says:

    #202 isn’t me.

    I’ll give him a little break. I believe him being with Suki has a lot to do with Leo rubbing off on him. Prior, he had not been known and/or gossiped to date or like anyone considerably younger than him. Star Mag did have a piece in April about Leo suggesting young models to him.
    It will be interesting to see if this is phase/tryout or will dating young models become a trend with him.

  205. 205
    Drake Says:


    I think Leo play a slight part but look at Leo models, They look like women. Suki don’t. She look like a child. Maybe it’s a phase but Bradley isn’t Leo. He can’t get away with what Leo do. He doesn’t have the clout Leo have. He got one Oscar nomination and started feeling himself. Leo has 3 and about to get a 4th may earn him his first win.

    If suki get pregant she’ll be a baby mama; that’s nothing to be proud about. But then again she strike me as trash.

    Where’s @unknown sister I want to know is the board accepting people again.

  206. 206
    Dali Says:

    We don’t like her. We don(t like her with you, this is how selfish we are.

  207. 207
    DJ Says:

    @Savannah: No offense, but did anybody snap any photos of him looking “wasted”? That story is a little hard to believe because I think his sobriety is something that is important to him.

  208. 208
    Dali Says:

    The world hates slatty big-nosed dirty Suki Waterhouse . The world hates everything she stands for. She is a coke head without talent sleeping with men to become famous. She is ruining your reputation. Your family doesn’t like her for you. Your friends, except Leo, are laughing at you. This is how much we care for you Bradley.

  209. 209
    Dali Says:

    Suki posted on her pmb she reads JJ and participates on this mb. I have no proof Bradley Cooper reads boards. I think he does. He spends too much time denying he reads them.Someone in his family does. He knows his association with the **** makes him one. He should carry on his Lolita teenage games if he wants to give his parent a heart attack.

  210. 210
    Savannah Says:

    @DJ: No offence taken. I don’t expect everyone to believe what i wrote, i probably wouldn’t if i hadn’t seen it for myself. I served him with 4 drinks myself that were definitely alcoholic, so thats not exactly good for sobriety. As for pictures, there will definitey be none from inside the club. It’s simply not allowed. It isn’t the kind of place that allow photographers outside either. Thats how you get the higher class or famous clientele, by ensuring they get the privacy they want. Rarely, someone will be able to get a photo with a celebrity that may be in, if they get the permission of the person, but that doesn’t happen often at all as most of the other clientele are, how do you say, the stiff upper class, who generally don’t care that someone famous is in the same place. Whether there are any pictures of him after he left, i couldn’t say.

  211. 211
    Savannah Says:

    @Drake: No, he wasn’t with him, although he has been in a number of times and was in a day or two before. Nice guy actually, gives amazing tips, very friendly and polite. Bradley was in with 4 or 5 other guys, but not of them looked familiar, so i’m guessing they weren’t famous.

  212. 212
    Ana Inés Says:

    Suki, I have a word for you: congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy, take care and love this precious man.

  213. 213
    Ana Inés Says:

    Suki, I have a word for you: congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy sleeping your way to the top, take care of sharing drugs and love your Daddy.

  214. 214
    Ana Inés Says:

    If Bradley gets throat cancer or another disease, we know he picked it up from Suki Waterhouse and her infected body that has been with 20 men at the age of 21.

  215. 215
    TRR Says:

    I kind of believe Savannah. I knew the ‘I hadn’t had a drink in 9 years’ was BS when I saw a drunk photo of him from 2 years ago. Plus he does a lot of partying. So he’s likely drinking.

  216. 216
    DJ Says:

    @TRR: How do you figure he parties a lot? I hardly ever hear about him being out in clubs/bars. And, what drunk photo from a couple of years ago are you referring to?

  217. 217
    Back in the day Says:

    @Savannah: Can I ask which city you are originally from?

  218. 218
    Back in the day Says:

    Reading all these comments reminds me of one of my exes who changed completely when he met a right slapper; went from being a decent, normal guy who had fun but wasn’t nasty to being someone who treated women like **** and thought he was perfect. He lost a few friends and some family distanced themselves. As far as I am aware he’s never had a loving relationship since. It’s sad to watch someone change like that. I just hope the fun was worth it.

  219. 219
    Savannah Says:

    @Back in the day: Of course. I was born in Venice, Italy. Why, may i ask?

  220. 220
    TRR Says:

    @DJ: Award season and there’s been other tidbits here and there he also hangs with Leo and Fassbender.

  221. 221
    juicy lucy Says:

    Leo has been in the spotlight since he first appeared on Growing Pains. He had his first Oscar nomination for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape when he was what 19? so he has had plenty of time to adjust to being famous. Brad has gone from an average high school guy to Hollywood hunk (thanks to hair replacement surgery and a cheek/chin implant) who appears to be falling into the trappings of fame. I must say I do believe what Savannah had to say about Bradley. Now that he is rich and famous, he thinks women will fall at his feet and feel it’s a privilege to have sex with him. He must think he has hit the big time having LD and RD as friends, not to mention a wild child party girl as a plaything. When an actor claims he’s a good guy, I tend to believe the opposite. I will give GB and LD credit for not scamming in the public into believing they are someone they are not. BTW, I saw the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street and LD was amazing. I think he will get another Oscar nod but sadly, my gut tells me that MM will win for The Dallas Buyers Club. Oh one more thing, Brad is friends with Fassbender and Josh Brolin, two well known HW heavy drinkers.

  222. 222
    Unknown Sister Says:

    Oh there is real news about Bradley and career happening yesterday. Keep talking about same things if you want.

    Bradley drinks but you don’t even know new name Savannah agenda. Which bar was it ? Or which area in Manhattan? I can check if he was there and who he was with on Thursday night. Describe the four guys? Savannah is maybe someone from Suki team to make Bradley look bad and you fall it. Stop lying about @AFT on here.

    @Drake: Everyone will hear back from pmb soon
    @TRR: Improve your internet skills. Less time on @A Few Thoughts and more research. If you do not find Zoe clip, I post it here in a year.

    Bradley has fans that do not use the internet but like to call us young. We are young but not lazy. In 15 min. you find:

    Pic of Bradley drunk in a nightclub holding to a young girl with pony tail from years ago

    A video clip of Bradley kissing Renee Zellweger wearing casual clothes in Europe

    A video clip in Europe of a reporter asking Bradley about Zoe as his gf and he shakes his head and moves away from camera

  223. 223
    Back in the day Says:

    @Savannah: Hi. Just wondered as you used a couple of what I thought were typically English phrases (I’m from London).

  224. 224
    Helen Says:

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks!!!. Yes, Bradley drinks but I know this Savannah is a fraud BIG time. She was born in Venice but uses English terminology. Happy @Back in the Day pointed it out.

    Bradley drinks but @Savannah is making the whole story up. She is Suki PR or the twit Suki herself. Don’t believe her.

  225. 225
    Savannah Says:

    Why would i be someone from Suki Waterhouses team? I’m sorry but i don’t understand how that conclusion is made. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say stop lying about @AFT? I also have no agenda. I don’t understand why you would think that.
    I’m not going to disclose which bar it is because firstly, i don’t want to share my place of work with strangers on the internet (common sense, really), and secondly, if i was found out to be posting information about confidential members and visitors i would be sacked.
    The four guys: 3 were white, one was black. The black guy was an inch or two taller than Bradley, his other 3 friends slightly shorter than Bradley. 1 of his white friends sounded like he had a slight accent, but i couldn’t make out what accent it was. All of them, including Bradley, were wearing dark jeans. One of them was wearing a leather jacket…thats about all i can recall about them. I wasn’t really paying a great deal of attention to the people he came in with. He didn’t spend a lot of the time with them whilst he was there, to be honest.

  226. 226
    Savannah Says:

    @Back in the day: I have an English mother :) and spent a large chunk of my earlier days in England, in Mevagissey, where my mother and her family are from. I’m a bit of a mix!! English mother, Spanish father, born in Italy, grew up in Italy, England, Switzerland and finally, USA.

  227. 227
    Lucy Says:

    Pmb, that is why you have to keep posting here!

    @Drake, @Gracada, @Anne and many of us waiting to get on pmb.

    @Savannah: You know who at @AFT is. Please stop acting. You are English and the English people called you out. @Unknown Sister will check your story and come back to tell us. If @AFT doesn’t know, he will say so. If he does, you are a liar. Why are you lying to Bradley’s fans? Go give dirty Suki a shower.

  228. 228
    Lucy Says:

    @Back in the day: Bradley is not acting right but do you believe @Savannah who appeared out of nowhere to share this lie? Were you on here when @Myra appeared to talk about the sex tape? She will not even say where nyc she saw BC. East village? West village? Tribeca? Greenwich village? Upper East? Upper West? Midtown? Where?

  229. 229
    Ana Inés Says:

    Comments 213 and 214 are not mine. Is someone really agressive Why don´t you accept an other point of view?

  230. 230
    Savannah Says:

    Lucy and Helen: Why must you resort to being so rude? I am being polite, have been polite so far and have done nothing but post what i saw. If you don’t believe me, that is fine. I have no trouble with that. I don’t believe what i read on the internet mostly either. I am an adult, so i can deal with it. I just thought i would participate in a DISCUSSION board.
    I have no idea who @AFT is. I am in no way associated with Suki Waterhouse and i am not English. Venetian through and through, form top to toe (and proud!).

  231. 231
    Elvira Says:

    @Savannah: Can you tell us in where your bar is? I am not familiar with NY but it will not give away your location. Many many many bars in NY. Can you type post 230 and the one before in Italian right now? I am Italian and will say you are Venetian.

  232. 232
    Anna Ines is Savannah Says:

    Anna Ines is Savannah is Suki and her childish friends. The Paris parc photos backfired on her! Hahahahahaha! So staged and she looks so ugly.

  233. 233
    Helen Says:

    @Elvira: If Savannah types in Venetian Italian within 4 min. to not have help from Google Translator , I will type what I wrote in Mandarin.

  234. 234
    Lucy Says:

    Bradley loves Suki very very much!

  235. 235
    Savannah Says:

    I could do better, i could post in Venetian! I’m not sure why i should validate who i am. I will not be sharing anything more. If i could delete what i had already said, i would. I thought participating in a discussion board would be interesting, maybe fun, but it is the opposite! If people want to discover something, then i would look for it yourself and learn how to not be so rude to others. (Not you Elvira, the other few).

  236. 236
    Elvira Says:

    @Lucy: 230? Name takeover?

    I am here with my Venetian worker. She writes and speaks it. You can post in Venetian.

  237. 237
    Savannah Says:

    Venetian is not an Italian language. it is a separate language.

  238. 238
    Anne Ines is Savannah Says:

    Anne Ines is Savannah is Suki.
    Hahaha.She will not say region her bar is in.
    She will not write in Venetian. Hahahahaha. Myra #2, anyone?

  239. 239
    Savannah Says:

    Are you just the same person posting under many names? It is very strange that you each say the same things. Why would i feel the need to do this and that for the sake of others on the internet? I don’t believe what others said, but i don’t expect them to do a set of trials to try and make themselves more ‘real’. That’s childish. if you don’t believe or like what i say, scroll past what i say. You’re like a pack of wolves.

  240. 240
    Back in the day Says:

    @Lucy: Yeah, I remember the sex tape farce. I’m not sure how much to believe (but then I am always being accused of being too suspicious or sceptical!). I didn’t mean to start arguments/accusations just it seemed odd language for a New Yorker to be using. And before anyone says so, I know New York is full of people who have travelled far and wide to live there – I was just interested in what Savannah’s answer would be! Like others, I’m still waiting to get on that pmb.

  241. 241
    Lucy Says:

    #234 is not me.:)

    @Savannah: No, it 3 people who were fooled by your friend @Myra. Tired of it. If @Unknown Sister comes back and says the story is true, we will eat our words

  242. 242
    DJ Says:

    @TRR: How can you possibly know he is drunk in that photo? It kinda just looks like a bad photo where his eyes were closed or he was looking down when it was taken.

  243. 243
    Savannah Says:

    I will just say this one last post: i have never posted on here before, i do not know anyone who does, i do not know Suki Waterhouse or whoever else you think i am or know. Whatever i have posted is true, what i saw. If you don’t believe it, fine! I thought that it would be interesting to share an interesting event with other people who are or were also fans of Bradley Cooper. I’m not going to defend myself anymore, because it is pointless and a waste of my time and your own time.

  244. 244
    supernatural Says:

    @savannah Is that Bradley was wearing light brown shoes? Thanks for our response.

  245. 245
    Irene Says:

    Wish SW and BC real happiness and a lovely life together.

  246. 246
    Unknown Sister Says:

    @Elvira: That was a very good idea. Still waiting?

    BIG lie. Story is not true at all. Bradley was not with those people or at that place on Thursday. I don’t know who this English girl @Savannah is. Maybe they want to know who Bradley was with and where. It is another BIG lie.

  247. 247
    Irene Says:

    Wish Bradley a life of happiness with Amfr or another real educated woman.

  248. 248
    Helen Says:

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks! I knew she made that horrible lie up.

    Bradley was with other women last week and Rihanna but not on Thursday. He was with a date at Robert Deniro’s party. I wish him joy with the Robert Deniro Birthday party date.:)

  249. 249
    Anne Ines is Irene is Savannah Says:

    Ana Ines is Irene is Savannah is Suki Pinochio Waterhouse. She lied to Bradley she was single. She cheated on Miles. She is a cokehead. She is now lying on this mb. She is Bradley’s playmate.

  250. 250
    Jay Says:

    Since people hate her and love Bradley she makes stuff up? This is sick.
    Venetians called, they want their name back!

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks for posting.

  251. 251
    Elizabeth II Says:

    SW is the perfect woman for BC, so happy for them.

  252. 252
    Georgette Says:

    I just hear Bradley is to propose her fianceé next week, I can´t wait for the wedding news!!! Je vous sohuaite une très bonne vie ensemble mes amies!

  253. 253
    Ovidie Says:

    @Georgette: Sorry, I missed some things on this board but how can Unknow sister know for sure if the story of Savannah is real or not ?

  254. 254
    Drake Says:

    @Unknown Sister:

    Thank you for the information. I’ll be on the look out.

  255. 255
    Call me what you will Says:

    Just so everyone here knows, this AFT poster is also another poster on here, so everything is FALSE. It’s sad that people cannot go on a messege board anymore because little kids have to act stupid. JJ has been looking into this and since people are being diverted away from the board they are losing clicks and getting upset with you. Bradley and his people know about all of this also and obviosuly do not like it. Please go ahead and call me Suki and her people that would be awesome! But just know that you are not invisible and what you are doing will come back to bite you. You are beyond discussion and speculating, you are not making up stories that is getting to press and becoming “sources” and Bradley and even Suki’s team does not appreciate it. Keep posting as you have, because it only helps out Bradley and Suki as they reach further into this. You can talk and act like you are these “fbi” type of people, but just remember celebrities have the money and the means to stop what you have been doing. We have found other threads that this imposter has been posting from…does F ring the bell?? Lee?

  256. 256
    TRR Says:

    This board is troll central. Lots of paranoia. lmao

    Also, why people acting like “AFT” is the only one with the goods on BC? Apparently no one else could possibly know anything about BC other than him/her?
    Another thing, just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean they’re SW handlers. geez.

  257. 257
    Dianna Says:

    He already proposed to her 2 weeks ago. As soon as she said yes, he left his fiancee Suki in London, flew to NY to go to Robert Deniro birthday with another woman known as Amfr, his mom, Leo and Leo’s mom.:)

  258. 258
    Suki sucks her Dad's duck Says:

    Suki is the best woman she has experience sucking her Dad’s duck like Bradley’s

  259. 259
    Call me what you will is Suki Says:

    Do not put Bradley’s name in the same sentence as Suki. We know you are the leak and that is the reason you did not get into the pmb.

    Make up your mind. First, Bradley does not know about the message board and now he is upset. Don’t you dare speak about him. You are his prop, not his wife big nosed girl.

    The pmb is not on JJ but people in Bradley Cooper’s family know about it and are happy about it. The mb is on JJ and JJ staff know about it big nosed Suki.. They are happy as they are getting traffic there. Ask Suki how much time she spent with Bradley’s mom. What happened last time they met? Hahahahahaha.

    You are the imposter Suki. You speak about people you do not know on your private board. Enjoy it while it lasts because Bradley’s family does not like you.

  260. 260
    La Says:

    Why am I going to believe a new name with a long sentence over people posting here for 4 months? I wasn’t born yesterday. Get lost, troll!

    Call me what you will is this spanish crazy teenager that is upset that she was not invited to the last mb. Their names are no longer F and Lee. You need to grow up. JJ manages these stories and knows what goes on.

  261. 261
    Rosalie Says:

    I read they are already engaged. Tu te trompes, ma chere!

  262. 262
    Call me what you will Says:

    @Call me what you will is Suki:
    Yes I am Suki Waterhouse, or as you call me WHY lol And I know your every move. You posted on a Katie Holmes thread and a people’s choice awards one and I know where your newest one is also. I will not say for everyone because please keep writing your BS. It is just helping us even more in this case. You can call Suki every bad name under the sun, but in the end SHE is associated with Bradley, NOT YOU. YOU are the nobody and Bradley will know who you are soon and you should be ashamed of yourself as a fan. You will soon be found out and dealt with. Not just you, all of “you”. Be careful when playing with fire. I am done warning you kids, now we will sit back and watch it all unfold.

  263. 263
    supernatural Says:

    Tu as vu ça où? Sur Médiamass ?

  264. 264
    Call me what you will is Suki Says:

    Hahahahahahaha upset she is not on current mb. @Why was your last name.

    Bradley is with several of his ‘friends’ right now including you. At least, he liked the girls in Rio. You are part of a PR contract. You chased him and Harvey asked him to help you.

    Are you going to all the other boards? DM? Yahoo? Daily News? Huffington? You are disliked everywhere big nosed puppy.

    You need to go and wash your diapers before you give us all rabbies big nose. Why don’t you write the rest of your words in Venetian? Miles is so lucky to be rid of you. He now has a beautiful respectful girlfriend.

    Did you have fun at Robert Deniro’s birthday party? You know the one with all of Bradley’s friends? Oh wait, you were not invited. Oh wait, Bradley never asked if he could bring you. Oh wait Bradley took a lady and not his desperate big nosed crab filled puppy.

  265. 265
    Drake Says:


    Where? Sound like a rumors. Leo should be married 5 times if you believe the Internet.

    @Call me what you will:

    What’s wrong with posting on other threads? People can’t like more than one celebrity. And you have a side chick mentality. I hear women who get cheated on say the samething, I hear women who are mistresses say the samething, “I’m with him and you not” but at the end of the day you sharing a man but half is better than none to these desperate women.

  266. 266
    AFT Says:

    Hi my trusty followers, i return with bad news. I can no longer bring you inside information on Bradley because it was all in my head and i’m now back on my medication. Many apologies. Chuckle chuckle.

  267. 267
    Lucy Says:

    @Drake: I know. When are they going to accept us on pmb? This is funny but Suki needs medication posting on JJ. People can post wherever they want.

    @ DirtySuki: If you think that anybody believes that was @AFT just now on #266, you need to get your brain checked. He does not post here anymore. Learn to write like an adult and like AFT. Do it in Venetian.:)

  268. 268
    AFT Says:

    @Lucy: You’re talking gobbledygook.

  269. 269
    Duuuuuuhhhh Says:

    @La: You’re all retarded enough to believe imaginary insiders, so surely believing one more ain’t such a stretch?

  270. 270
    Call me what you will is Suki Says:

    Does the truth hurt so much you pretend to be @A Few Thoughts? @AFT never talks about you. Bradley’s family, close friends and @AFT do not care about you a temporary PR project and we know when the contract ends. Why do you care so much about @AFT?? Enjoy your PR ride while it lasts. :)

    This is not about @AFT. Bradley took a lady he cares about to Robert Deniro’s birthday party. Not only did he not invite you, he took someone else and asked her to go with him months ago!! Many people saw them having a great time together. She is not his cousin. Bradley is really into her. Lolita, you can do as many weird photo opps as you want. You were not taken to Bradley’s most important and intimate event.:)

    When your PR contract ends, Miles will still be with the beautiful TV host. You are the loser in this PR game, dear big nose crab filled puppy.

    # 264 Call me what you will is Suki @ 08/29/2013 at 2:38 pm
    Hahahahahahaha upset she is not on current mb. @Why was your last name.
    Bradley is with several of his ‘friends’ right now including you. At least, he liked the girls in Rio. You are part of a PR contract. You chased him and Harvey asked him to help you.

    Are you going to all the other boards? DM? Yahoo? Daily News? Huffington? You are disliked everywhere big nosed puppy.

    You need to go and wash your diapers before you give us all rabbies big nose. Why don’t you write the rest of your words in Venetian? Miles is so lucky to be rid of you. He now has a beautiful respectful girlfriend.

    Did you have fun at Robert Deniro’s birthday party? You know the one with all of Bradley’s friends? Oh wait, you were not invited. Oh wait, Bradley never asked if he could bring you. Oh wait Bradley took a lady and not his desperate big nosed crab filled puppy.

  271. 271
    AFT Says:

    Here’s the link to the message board:

  272. 272
    AFT Says:

    Why are you talking to me like i am Suki? Are you braindead?

  273. 273
    AFT Says:

    Sorry i forgot……..chuckle chuckle.

  274. 274
    Call me what you will Says:

    @Call me what you will is Suki:
    He is NOT with Suki now. Shows how much you know. The other pl;aces with this story does not have people pretending to know Suki or Bradley and not being mean to other people posting.
    These people have a secret mb that no one can know about or something and that does not exist. They post under these different JJ boards. Please go find them and read what we have been reading.

  275. 275
    Drake Says:


    You need to stop trolling suki pr. No one like mad this contract about to end.

    @Call me what you will is Suki:

    Wow he did. How she look like? Did Robert get to meet her? Did Leo meet her?

  276. 276
    AFT Says:

    I’m not Suki PR dumbass. You’ve all got a bad case of paranoia. Now i’m taking my meds, i can see how crazy all you mofos are. Phew!

  277. 277
    AFT Says:

    @Suki Cheated on Miles Kane: Stop changing your name, poophead.

  278. 278
    Suki Cheated on Miles Kane Says:

    There might be a virus to what the British children just sent. I would not click. That is not the mb or the pmb.

    There were other stories before Katie Holmes. You are helping to identify yourself. That is very good.

  279. 279
    Suki's mum is a Whure Says:

    Suki’s mum is a whure and she taught Suki well.:)

    Cara and Georgia are pretty & worked hard and everybody likes them.

    Suki is super ugly & sleeps with men and everybody dislikes her.

  280. 280
    Chris Says:

    This is so funny. Bradley, his friends, Leo and @AFT must go thru
    these msgs and laugh at this poor child and her sisters.
    He has 20 more years of experience on her. Men will be men.

  281. 281
    AFT Says:

    @Suki’s mum is a Whure: ******
    Fail for you. Must. Try. Harder.

  282. 282
    AFT Says:

    @Chris: We have a proper laugh about it, LMAO ROFL LOL. Well, we used to anyway….:(

  283. 283
    AFT Says:

    Oh God, i miss him so much. I’m getting quite emotional. I might stop taking my meds so we can rekindle our dude on dude love. What do you amigos reckon? Yay or nay?

  284. 284
    Suki's mum is a Whure Says:

    So you saw Bradley last Thursday in a bar with 4 guys, eh? You think lying will get you liked by BC’s fans? Nobody likes a liar, why should they.?Speak Venetian for us. LOL.

    How was Robert Deniro’s party?

  285. 285
    Suki's mum is a Whure Says:

    @Chris: HahahahahahaSuki’s mum is a Whure. Suki only sees ceilings of hotel rooms.

    Suki is whure too and was banned from Robert DeNiro’ s party. Hahaha

  286. 286
    La Says:

    @Chris: Leo and Bradley were probably doing that last week. Laughing at Suki. Toni is pretty and does not have her friends go on message boards. Harvey Weinstein–thanks for a funny 2013 with Bradley!

  287. 287
    AFT Says:

    @Suki’s mum is a Whure: What are you babbling on about? Speak Venetian? English is my first and only language, so i’ll stick with that. Robert De Niros party? No idea, was probably boring. He’s an old man. Are you high? I’m guessing yes.

  288. 288
    AFT Says:

    @Suki’s mum is a Whure: Just had to scroll back to see what the hell you are going on about, which was a pain in the ****, by the way. Different person.

  289. 289
    Chris Says:

    Bradley: Leo, the chick believes everything I tell her.Haha

    Leo: I know but why did ya have to pick the ugliest chick in the UK.haha

    Bradley: Harvey asked me too. I had to do it. Hahaha

  290. 290
    AFT Says:

    @Chris: Bet she’s not as ugly as YOUR MOM!!! LMFAO LOL LOL LOL LOL

  291. 291
    Hahahahahahahaha Says:

    Bradley make sure Justin Bieber with a wig and HUGE nose and UGLY body does not give you the coke and drugs she takes. She is a druggie.

  292. 292
    La Says:

    @Chris: Have you seen how hot Leo’s chicks are.

    Leo: Bradley did you have to pick up the ugliest chick in the world? Ugly looks and personality?

    Bradley: She has very low self-esteem. Look at all those selfies she takes. It works for me.

    Leo: Oh, ok.


  293. 293
    AFT Says:

    @Hahahahahahahaha: She isn’t attractive, but i bet you’re a dog too. Hahahaha. And she gets to suck off your dream guy. Hahahahaha

  294. 294
    AFT Says:

    What is it with you strange people? I’m not Suki, nor am i Suki PR or a Suki fan. Get a grip, dudes. You guys are weird, like totally weird. LOL.

  295. 295
    Lucy Says:

    You really want to laugh? The Brits hate Suki Waterhouse. How can people in your own country hate you so much? Read the comments from the Daily Mail:

    Trying to educate her, they ask:

  296. 296
    Drake Says:


    Suki is that you? You think you special because you give him bj’s. Bradley will never wife up a women that like to brag on messageboards that she sleep with him. You are so tacky. Where I’m from you just a run through girl.

  297. 297
    Lucy Says:

    @Drake: I think it is her. Bradley having fun with her and other girls. She gets to read Lolita. LOL He keeping the respecful ones and takin’ ‘em to birthday parties. LOL.

  298. 298
    Hahahahahahaha Says:

    You just met the Waterhouse family. Brits know that trash.
    They are Jagger wannabe’s. Jaggers got talent. 290 DM comments on trashy Suki :

  299. 299
    AFT Says:

    LOL you dorks. Stop referring to Suki as if she is here. Do you think if i was Suki Waterhouse, the one shagging Bradley Cooper in her spare time, i’d be wasting my time on here? You’re so crazy it’s almost cute. Almost.

  300. 300
    AFT (NOT SUKI) Says:

    Fingers crossed this name change gets the message through to you dweebs.

  301. 301
    Lucy Says:

    @Drake: You caught her and now she tryin’ to peddle back. It is her. Nobody else spendin’ a day tryin’ to convince us she is Savannah to lie about Bradley, spendin” today on this nonsense. No fan . It is her.

    @Unknown Sister: Make sure you copy this to give to @AFT so his friend can show it to him?

  302. 302
    Hello Suki (fake AFT) Says:

    from @hahahahahahahah

    Hello Suki (fake AFT):

    Little Bradley must be happy. You shared him with two other girls last week. Hope you enjoyed their saliva. You are trash.

    You are a disgrace to the UK,

  303. 303
    Call me what you will is Suki Says:

    Sex tape, Paris parc pics & now Savannah Bradley4drinks & girl backfired. Notice as soon as Savannah was called out, Suki appeared? Same person.

    Hahahahaha. Please read the 3rd sentence on here. I said “Bradley is with several of his ‘friends’ right now including you. We had the discussion about ‘friends’ being women Bradley allegedly bangs. I said Bradley is with the friends he bangs and with her. He is seeing all of them this year. The crab filled big nosed puppy took it to mean the other 2-3 girls Bradley is banging are with Bradley and her at this moment? Big nosed puppy needs to graduate from high school.

    There is a pmb which she was never ever part of.She was told she was on an mb. People from the pmb visit that mb. I am on the pmb. The mb is other JJ stories we go to when too many nametakeovers here.If you really search, you can find those stories. I am not an insider and have never met the big nosed puppy or Bradley. @AFT and people on the pmb have met Bradley.

    # 264 Call me what you will is Suki @ 08/29/2013 at 2:38 pm
    Hahahahahahaha upset she is not on current mb. @Why was your last name.
    Bradley is with several of his ‘friends’ right now including you. At least, he liked the girls in Rio. You are part of a PR contract. You chased him and Harvey asked him to help you.”

  304. 304
    Jay Says:

    @Call me: Thanks. Fake Savannah aka Fake AFT aka Suki lies badly. Give her some medication. Girl is nuts. Tell her not to mix it with her drugs.

  305. 305
    from Abigail. Says:

    Dear Suki and Daniela:

    Please stop harassing Bradley Cooper fans. You have multiple personality disorder.

    Daniela was on the mb and never went through the survey required to enter the pmb.

    Daniela posts under many aliases on here. One of them is @ddny. We will shock you when we post her other aliases if she continues to harass us.@TLR saw right through you early on. Some of her other aliases about 4 or 5, males and female, we have not seen for a couple of stories.

    She speaks Spanish well and writes French and English with mistakes. She also posts as Vane NYC on the Spanish site. She looks 25 years older than her avatar pic. :)

    This is a message board. Please stop misrepresenting JJ and their staff. It is illegal for you to speak on behalf of JJ staff and Bradley.

    The stories she had access to where we had discussions in peace:

    We have nothing to hide..



    @Jeanna says they will go to this story today.They hope trolls don’t find us. If they do, they said they will know there is a leak from today.



    Abigail, Fiona, Lisa, Rick, TLR – Admin Team

  306. 306
    from Abigail. Says:

    Hi @DDNY:

    Yeserday, we had a leak. We got rid of it.
    We have moved to a new place. We hope you do not leak.




  307. 307
    from Abigail. Says:

    3/3/ last page of regular mb link:

    On August 23rd, her 3 aliases got this:


    @AFT = F
    @Amfr = a
    @TLR= the
    @Carol UK=Carol
    @Jules: July (if they agree)

    @Bradley’s dog: dog
    @Bradley’s bag: bag
    @Unknown Sister:sister

  308. 308
    CharlieB Says:

    Attention all REAL BCoop fans: please don’t post on this thread! Move back to the JJ Coop Leo Mom story. The more you post on a SW attached story, the more PR she will get (intenet hits, ettc). MOVE OFF THIS STORY. SW is getting too much PR being attached to BC. And when a new BC story is published, we’ll move to that. Let’s move to a career story!

  309. 309
    Vane NYC Says:

    I pass to write here, given that I have fans here and I’m very popular. Cute and I do not know who you are confusing with me?
    I’ve never posted between such madness. First time guillipollas!
    But I will satisfy your doubts personally.

    My real name is Vanessa. My nickname is “Vane” I have 27 years old.
    I speak English and Spanish, my native language. Two languages-bilingual but If you want to pay me classes of french, Aramaic, Hebrew, Italian, I accept it because I do not know any of those languages.
    I am vegetarian, single, heterosexual, (sorry about your fantasies with me).
    If you want my personal email because you seem to have a serious “crush” on me, I’ll gladly give you, you can find me in Vogue.
    I’m just a fan of Coop who does not believe in crazy things, that’s a problem? I guess that’s why you make a witch hunt. Put enough gas to your broom.

    I write here from my personal email and IP address, if your blog has so much “magic powers”, I challenge you to post my email, I have no problems. I give you permission to publish it here, in public.

    I do not like that you’re using my name to get involved in dirty things that do not interest me. It’s your problem if you confuse me with millions of persons because it’s funny, do you want the identities of a normal person? Why? I do not understand the point? Is it obsessive.

    Jeez woman, instead of being behind people who you do not know or have not taken the time to write here every hour like me, register on some couples search page or go do something productive.

    Nobody called you in Foros Vogue, you and your subordinates were sniffing around by themselves! a Spanish site affects you? Why? We write and comment on information we find on the net. Stop being lazy and search it yourself!

    I never imagined being so popular so I send you kisses and hugs! And wait for you to show that you have magical powers and you post here my personal email. Cheers and carry on well. On our foro we are planning to send you a free membership for help. (psicologica-mental-traumatica para aprendiz de espias)

    You can use the traductor? Para hacer todas estas patrañas utilizas muy poco el cerebro mujer! da pena ver que se te fregaron las neuronas. eres el hazme reir de cientos de personas. y antes de que digas que soy Suki jajaja ella no me agrada para Brad, pero eso definitivamente no es mi problema, es su asunto ni tampoco haria tonterias como tu foro que se dedican a escribirle barbaridades en sus redes sociales. Estan locos, soy muy pacifista y no me presto a tanta atrocidad. Si tienes mas dudas sobre mi solo preguntamelo. Saludos y que sueñes conmigo. Esperare a que pruebes ese poder que tanto pregonas. mentira o verdad?

  310. 310
    Back in the day Says:

    PMB has my email so if you move again can you send me new JJ link? Thanks.

  311. 311
    supernatural Says:

    do not understand why Suki leaves Bradley walking with a blue shirt stained. Well worth having a guy if not deal with

  312. 312
    Helen Says:

    I agree we should move. I skipped that SavannahDDNYCVane NYC BC basher message.

    People from mb + pmb: Where are we moving to before you send us message for mb?

    @Abigail: This is so funny. Thank you for outing her.

  313. 313
    Jeanna. Says:


    Yes to move to not give her hits. BUT on Bradley Beyond Pines story with only 8 comments.

    Enough about an old lady with cats and many accounts pretending to be photographers, have a wife, be french women, be on Suki pmb, pretending to be Suki. She needs meds. Daniela Dempster is an almost 50 year old woman in NY and not even NYC. They have some tech experts on the pmb and she has many aliases. Suki is prettier.

    If Daniela aka VaneNYC or Suki PR disrupt, PMB will not send link to PMB but to an MB. I am on the other MB and @Dan or @Jack or@Rob or @Vane NYC @Savannah or @Enfield @supernatural @ Dan frenchwife Gisele (Hahaha)or @DDNY or @Elisa or @others they will not reveal yet…are not on it. Expect to see new names when we move and on next BC story.

  314. 314
    Elvira Says:

    @Abigail: Thanks for links! I read everything. Please send me link for other mb as AFT there.

    @Jeanna: Daniela is obsessed with AFT not Suki. She is the girl that insult Bradley in Spanish + @Savannah + @Dan? She wants us to hate Bradley and also Suki . I knew some of the journalists were the same person.They write exactly the same. I am going to your pines story. I just want to talk about Bradley.

  315. 315
    AFT Says:

    @Lucy and other crazy mofos: Your thought processes are seriously flawed. Were you dropped on your heads as babies? I don’t know how you come to your crazy conclusions. I’m Suki and also someone called Savannah? LMAO. It is difficult to express how stupidly insane you are. None of your posts even make sense, it’s just a bunch of rambling mumbo jumbo accusing everybody of being Suki, Suki PR or a million other users. Seriously, seek help, preferably in a place where they will place you in a straight jacket LOL. Dorks.

  316. 316
    AFT Says:

    @Jay: PMSL It’s ironic you accuse others of being nuts when you’re clearly not right in the head. I’m Savannah AND Suki? Or not. You got issues dude. For clarification, i’m male.

  317. 317
    AFT Says:

    @Helen: You’re thanking her for outing someone? She must made a bunch of stuff up LOL. My God, you lot are dumb. None of these people know Bradley or Suki or anything that even resembles inside information. Bunch of dumbos.

  318. 318
    AFT Says:

    @Call me what you will is Suki: Psst, i have something to tell you. You’re weird. And crazy.

  319. 319
    ddny Says:

    I don’t know if someone took my name over or what. I haven’t posted for a week I’ve been out of town. If you people think that I have anything to do with Suki or pr or leaks or anything else, get a life. I won’t be posting or looking at the boards anymore. It was just something to fill some time during the day. I have never posted anything against anyone by SW. Never have I addressed AFT.

  320. 320
    juicy lucy Says:

    Seriously, you people who consistently claim that names are being stolen need to get a life. It used to be that people could post their thoughts and opinions regarding BC without all of the unnecessary hostility from people who can’t handle differences in opinions. Now, when ever someone offers info or statements that contradict what one wishes to think or believe, we are using a false name to express them. Please, this is a message board, not kindergarten! If you can’t allow others to express their individual thoughts and opinions, don’t come to JJ.

  321. 321
    Ethan Says:

    I’m not a fan and I really don’t care who he dates but yeezus, the guy is reading the novel “Lolita” with this tween looking gal knowing well that he’s being papped? He’s so completely transparent that it’s ridiculous. He nows being photographed with this young girl while he’s reading “Lolita” is going to get a reaction and a lot of people talking. Sadly, he just looks like an old creeper. And who is this girl Suki? She’s supposed to be a model? Never heard of her but she looks very average with a lot of baby fat going on in the facial area. The only thing I could see her doing is catalog work..modeling pre-teen clothes from Sears. Well, whatever floats your boat.

  322. 322
    AFT never posted well Says:

    Everything is going well and as planned. Bradley’s fans will be fine. AFT never posted here. Daniela Dempster is VaneNYC is Dan is Savannah and many more people. We do not know what she has with AFT. This story is about Bradley Cooper.

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