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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Snuggle in Paris Park!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse spend a romantic afternoon together relaxing in a park on Sunday (August 25) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was seen laying in Suki‘s lap while reading a book and they were both spotted snuggling with each other. So cute!

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It was recently reported that Bradley was offered the voice role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, according to The Wrap. No word yet on whether he has accepted the coveted role or not!

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse‘s romantic afternoon in Paris…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse snuggle in paris park 10

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  • Hello

    @Veronique: Thanks for your answer. Makes more sense.

  • Marie

    Why do people choose a new name and say “finally decided to post”? @juicy lucy uses the same name and so do I and @AFT. What about ” I am posting under a new name because I can’t stand behind all my words?” or ” I am posting under a new name because posters do not like what I wrote” or “I am posting because I am 21 with no talent, have thin bad skin, and am not mature enough to read comments written about me clinging desperately to A-Lister Bradley Cooper?”

    @Juicy Lucy: @AFT posted several times after he had to leave for the private board. Most of the people left there were all taken to private board the day there were many takeovers. Maybe poster #94 can tell us about those childish takeovers?

    If Bradley was smitten with her or even liked her a lot, Mr. Deniro and Mrs. Hightower Deniro’s invitations were for both of them as a couple. Since there was no invitation for her, all Bradley had to say was he was bringing her. He didn’t because he likes her availability but shows is not smitten.

    The movie is ‘Serena’. I am done with this thread. See you on the next one.

    @Em: There is an email in the last story. I wish I was on that sane private board. I read they were not taking anyone else. Please post on new story if they take you.

  • TRR

    @Drake: “His other girlfriends probably didn’t want photo op every month and she does.”

    I’m not sure about this. The rumor on the internet was he dumped ZS because she called the paps.
    Over the years, the consensus was he doesn’t like being photographed with women/girlfriends.
    I’m sure he’s well aware of Suki’s pap calling. But obviously doesn’t care.

  • Drake


    Having a photo op every once in a while is okay (his other relationships) every month is desperate. Like I said maybe he know she a famewh*re who can’t manage any recongnition on her own. And okay with the photo ops. Maybe he take pride in making her famous. She not Giselle but she bigger than what she was 6 months ago. Idk how that Zoe rumour started because I’ve never heard a couple break up because someone called the paps once in a while. People will believe anything I guess.

    Whats up with the private board. They not accepting anymore?

  • Lanna

    disgusting….looks like her father =/

  • La

    They actually look very comfortable and together in these images. He obviously has more control in the relationship due to his age and experience and she strikes me as the type that likes to play to a man. she mentioned in an interview how she likes being with a man and being influenced by them. Here it looks like he is reading her Lolita, his favourite book (ironic), and in some images he looks like he is teaching her about the novel whilst she laps up the attention. He looks happy and is comfortable enough to be seen with her a lot more so than other gfs. This time last year rumours were that he was spotted with ZS however images were only of ZS and his mother whilst he seems to be with SW every week, who knows maybe it will end in marriage as both have said in interviews that is what they want. If you read SW current model interview she practically soundbites BC about wanting children, marriage and ‘being grateful’ everyday.

  • Drake


    ??? Did you wrote that or this this come from an article. The guy in the 5th pic laughing at them that says a lot about their relationship.

  • blunt talker

    I thought he was filming Cameron Crowe’s untitled movie project. I really want to see his acting chops in a strong drama. Fluff movies I don’t really care about. People are so critical about who he is dating. Keep in mind just dating. As for how young his dates are, I’ve been told by other men who like younger women, that they try to get them before they get wore out in bed. In the entertainment business that has happened to many of the starlets people that people see on screen today. Embarrassing stories come out in tabloids which causes discomfort to all parties. Starlets in their 30s’ and 40s’ 95% of them has done some things to get ahead in their career. There are people out there in the tabloid business waiting to expose celebrities and their pasts. The less milage seems to be the motto for some men dating younger women. Who wants to be caught off guard finding something out about a person they are seeing which they may not have any knowledge of. The tabloid has the goods on most entertainers, and they are just waiting to make a big payday. This is just my feeling on how hollywood and the media works to make big bucks off someone’s painful past indiscretions.

  • jazzy

    @blunt talker: I get what you are saying but this particular young lady has A LOT of past indiscretions already. She is known to be easy and sleezy. She doesn’t fall into your category.

  • Sara

    @DJ: Completely agree – nothing’s worth that. Not unless you actually like the girl. Sickening.

  • Quinn

    @Rachel: Please PLEASE stop commenting about his father… that’s disrespectful… I hate this relationship and think it’s pathetic but there’s no room to bring his dead father into this.

  • julie

    Look kinda weird.. just when jennifer lawrence and nick hoult had some park date.. just when bradley cooper and suki was all PDA in the park as well. Looks like he is trying to make her jealous.

  • Birdiesworm

    How coincidental? => Both Bradley and Suki look like they’ve had too much to drink or smoke…& is a bit raunchy for a public outing =>

  • LemonHead

    @Birdiesworm: I’m surprised they are still dating, seeing how incompatible they are. Suki isn’t much of an intellectual, since articles mention she dropped out of school at 14.

  • DillPickle

    @Birdiesworm: Looks like Bradley Cooper is helping Suki Waterhouse get a leg up. => Sad, when a persons success stems from who they’ve dated.

  • Rachel

    Bradley Charles Cooper is showing disrespect to his father by sleeping with a girl that is the same age as the daughter of some of his friends the same age as him.

    Poor Mr. Charles Cooper is rolling in his grave again and again. He was a fine Irish Catholic man. Mr. Charles Cooper might just rise from his grave if his son continues to fondle a 15 year old kid that does drugs, sleeps around and smokes.

  • margie m

    @julie: During the Oscar season Jennifer was supposidly setting Bradley up with her friends, or so she said. So is Suki one of those friends?

  • Emma

    @julie: I doubt that’s the case and if it was, I doubt she cares… I used to think they were good friends but this relationship and these new pictures make him seem so pathetic that I can’t see how she takes him seriously…

  • Francesca

    Lolita is his personal touch to these pictures and is a clear message … you have to close your eyes to see … I’m just hurt by the comments stupid and bad about dad Charles… but this is a price to pay …kiss

  • kia

    the guy is having fun and being there with lolita book he shows what he thinks about all of haters out there. one big F.U.

  • W

    @margie m: God no. Maybe she didn’t know about them or didn’t say anything on purpose, because by that point it wasn’t official.

  • Z.

    @Rachel: Yeah, but so soon after the paparazzi photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Nick Hoult ?…and those photos were sweet and natural looking because they are an ACTUAL couple! and here’s the big difference…Lawrence and Hoult didn’t call the paps they had no idea they were being photographed. (LOL!). Nope, these photos of Cooper and Waterhouse are STAGED (they called the paps for this photo session). Cooper and Waterhouse hoped that people would react positively to te photos the way they had to Lawrence and Hoult. Annnnd the people instead are grossed out by Cooper and Waterhouse’s pictures.

  • DJ

    @Em: Thanks. I’ll try that. It does seem odd that he would bring one book for both of them to read.

  • Monkey

    Look like fake photos

    Instead of Suki of wasting money hiring paparazzi photographers, to take photos of her and Bradley she better off buying some decent clothes for herself

    Probably the next thing they will get engaged or suki will have his baby (that seems to the latest trend in Hollywood)

  • VFV

    This book-pics is dedicated to all the haters. Amazing man, uses sarcasm to say “not your problem”.

  • VFW

    This guy is having fun with the book Lolita. It shows he loves her, they will get engaged this month, she will move to LA in 1 week, they will get married this fall and have a baby in a year. LOL.

    He shows by saying he is single, having more fun with Gerard Butler, not taking her to DeNiro 70th birthday and sleeping with different women in NY last week. Hahahaha.

  • VFV

    And the ridiculous characters began to appear. Applause. Yaummmm

  • Drake


    That what I’m saying. Nick and jlaw are the same age both family love each other and they look great together. Don’t matter how you try to slice it or romantizie it, suki and Bradley look like father and daughter. No chemistry at all. The guy behind him is laughing at them. He a stranger mostly likely doesn’t follow their relationship he find them posing for these pic hilarious. He could be reading Lolita to be funny (since this is a photo op)

  • DJ

    I’m guessing in the initial photo of him by himself, Suki was standing off to the side. Unless they met at the park.

  • Dummies

    You people are ridiculous. He wrote his thesis in college on Lolita and says its one of his favorite books. Maybe that’s why he’s sharing it with Suki.

    The guy in the background isn’t laughing at them. He’s having a conversation with the woman next to him.

    DJ you ask the most obvious questions. Why do you even bother typing them? She probably was next to him but why would a fan want a picture of her?

  • Whodadummy Youdadummy

    @Dummies He wrote his thesis on the film adaptations of Lolita, not on the novel dummy. He would be better off showing her the movies instead of the book anyway. She’s staring at the book like she’s never seen one before.

  • Saffron

    I’m sorry, this young girl looks like she’s 15 and he looks like her father. They are just such an odd looking couple. It’s as creepy as Mary Kate Olsen and the frenchman that she is engaged to.

  • margie m

    @W: From just reading some articles and peoples comments (parties, groupie, drugs, alcohol, sex) , she really has a track record with men (toothbrush and spare underwear in a bag), and she’s only 21.

  • ueen Doreen

    Why is Sukis hair always messy and greasy? Doesn’t she bathe and shampoo her hair?

  • Drake

    @margie m:

    I know girls now a day have some miles on them. The young and tight theory isn’t as accurate as it use to especially for her. @Dummies:

    He staring straight at them. Him and his partner probably having a conversation about how dumb they look.

  • DJ

    I still remember her ex Miles’ comment about how Bradley will realize how young Suki really is.

  • Liz EEEE

    Does anyone think Bradley Cooper looks drunk? Were these pictures taken after they both had a few cocktails? I would think in order for anyone to kiss Suki, they would have to have a few cocktails in them. Suki definitely doesn’t have model shaped legs or features.

  • supernatural

    Love is beautiful.

  • Patti Cake

    @supernatural: Lust is beautiful too, but a person still has to wake up the following morning.

  • yes with Suki

    SO cute couple! LUV them together <3 <3

  • yes with Suki

    I hope their romance will last for eva!

  • lovely

    cute couple.I hope they reproduce and make loads of Suger BABIES :)

  • Lillian B

    The moral to this story is ‘money doesn’t buy brains’. Sexually based relationships never last, because the backbone or spine that holds a relationship together is woven with common interests, values, goals & trust.

  • leelee

    This looks like a photo shoot. This is almost as staged as Henry and Kaley.

  • Drake

    @Liz EEEE:

    Believable. Could explain his eyes looking watery.

    Where are the people from the private messageboard.

  • Danielle

    @leelee: I really disagree. They look like a natural couple who actually touch each other in real life. Cavill and Cuoco lasted about a week for a reason.

  • Melis

    It looks like Suki is dating Uncle Brad. The age difference is apparent on their faces. Coop is showing his age.

  • Rhonda

    Nice Photos, people usually kiss, is there ever any photos with a kiss on the mouth, that is a given during a romance with a hunk like that.

  • Kim

    I admit I am jealous but I have no idea what he sees in her. She is 18 years younger than him and average looking.

  • Glitter

    I completely agree with a lot of the comments on JJ. WTF is this?? GROSS. he looks like a complete pedophile!!! i cant believe she’s a “model”. damn! If she is considered a model why the hell haven’t i been discovered?! LOL. bradley you really need to reconsider your partner/daughter. ewwwwww. so nasty.