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Eminem: 'Berzerk' Full Song & Lyrics- Listen Now!

Eminem: 'Berzerk' Full Song & Lyrics- Listen Now!

Have a first listen of Eminem‘s new single “Berzerk,” from his highly anticipated album The Marshall Mathers LP 2!

The 40-year-old rapper is scheduled to release the new Rick Rubin produced track on Tuesday (August 27) on iTunes!

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Mark your calendars, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was produced by Dr. Dre and Rick, will drop on Tuesday, November 5!

In case you missed it, check out Eminem‘s first trailer for his upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Click inside for the lyrics to Eminem’s new single “Berzerk.”

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  • sdf

    Time to retire, Em..

  • David

    Now this is embarrassing…

  • nick

    isn’t he tired of playing the “angry white man” yet? Give it a rest old timer..

  • Steph

    The king is baaaaack

  • Jessie

    This is corny as f*ck.


    offensive picture…FU TOO

  • Keith35

    EM is better then everyone else………

  • laura

    @Jessie: No sir, you sound corny.

  • laura

    He sounds great, hes switched up his sound and hes trying something new. So either you will like it or you wont. And I don’t appreciate these so-called journalist pointing out his age, as a way of discriminating him, when there are rappers older then him, like say…Jay Z. So stop finding a angle to get rid of the man and move on tweekers.

  • OMG

    Sounds like an old school hiphop and i love it, so now i’m really looking forward to MMLP2

  • laura

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: A Romney fan? you shouldn’t even be on this page you fascist!

  • laura

    @nick: Hes paying homage to old hip-hop this song is reminiscent of Run DMC you dope. Which is the point of Rick Ruben being on the album. Idiot! and you think your a hip hop fan? your a poser.

  • laura

    @sdf: You just showed your age. Poor thing you. Don’t worry your day will come to. How is is that sister-mother of yours doing?

  • laura

    @OMG: Thank you for pointing that out, because some of these so-called hip-hop fans don’t seem to get it. They don’t know old school rap and it shows. Even MGK and Mac Miller know their rap history.

  • NE1

    his music isn’t aging with him. it sounds like a desperate attempt to sound young. not a hit.

  • Brad

    Hahaha. I love the haters. These are the same people that were crying when Kanye came out with whatever the f that was last night….because that’s real rap right? Hate or not, this is some new level game changing stuff right here boys. Go study your hiphop. This is primo, can’t freaking wait. Haters, I know it’s tough to sing along when something has more than a 12 word chorus that repeats over a generic beat for 4 minutes, but you have to listen a couple times, you may get it. Get off the throne Jay, the King is back

  • Anon

    The beginning sounds like the Beastie Boys and he samples heavily from a song that I am familiar with (can’t remember by whom). Overall, I think it’s catchy and it’s good that he is switching it up a little. Just an FYI, it’s ironic that Em dissed Moby’s age in a past song and now here he is the “old timer.” It goes to show we all age, so take note 1&3.

  • Jangz

    This song is freaking awesome. So much energy and life in it. Love the old-school feel to the music and that it seems he’s doing his own thing rather than trying to sound like other popular rappers out there like he sorta did on his last album.

  • 326gb

    Dear Haters Check the Picture in top of this post, it’s specially for you ;)

  • Chris

    People that think this is bad also likely think Kanye is still good, when in actuality he lost it right around when Graduation dropped.

    The King is back (again). Love it.

  • Zeynep

    @Brad: I definetly agree with you! King is back!

  • qudis

    this sounds like old school rap, Shady’s back!

  • Gemz

    Ill always love eminem, bring on the new album

  • timtom

    WOWWW simply genius repeat it is

  • Thea

    Fantastic song ! Eminem is still the king !

  • tahoor


  • Big-D

    Billy Squire The Stroke is the other song he is sampling. I’ll have to hear it a few more times on better than my computer speakers but so far i like it. Hook and bridge are very eminem, verses are a lot of mash up from the other songs like Beastie Boys etc.

  • luther

    he is obviously messing around

  • lui


  • lui

    At the end of the day he’s making millions with this … AGAIN. :)


    loved it.. a lot..

  • backtothefuture

    Took two listens, but all in all I think it’s good. the hard changes were confusing cause im used to infinite loop raps that allow you to go comatose after 10 seconds. but it’s good.. rap has some good stuff in it’s future. I feel Nas’ hip-hop is dead proclamation took some time to be realized but now you can see lots of acts trying to inject some fresh life into their music. Not all attempts will be universally loved (we do hate change) but I give the people trying to change things credit. Especially someone with a reputation as (nearly) flawless as eminem’s. Encore sucked only in comparison to his best, same as Relapse. He is actually risking a potential TOTAL flop (see: Lil Wayne) by going in this direction.

  • Kevin

    Well this is certainly a new style for him… I guess he has the same basic lyrics buts rubin? Either way sounds great and i don’t see why people are hating it cause of his age? Come on…. Also you butchered the lyrics, so many mistakes…

  • anders

    The Whole album guys is already leaked with quality 320kbps
    Download it here:

  • Jarrad

    I wasnt expecting to like it when I heard the 15 second clip before.. I thought it was gonna be corny as and I was gearing up to say, time for retirement Em… dont sully your great reputation…


    Then I heard the whole track, how is anyone going to tell me they don’t like the hook on it?.. just makes me wanna do indecent things with women. haha. Lyrically, its a bit soft, the song is about having fun… and fun is what it has… I think its a hit. Hold up I think this will be one of his biggest hits… I actually think Eminems gonna give us something epic on this next album. This is a sign of great things to come and a still thriving career.

    Will the follow up to Marshall Mathers LP be of the same success as Dres follow up to the chronic? Who knows.. What I do know, is he seems to have tapped into what the fans want and I think those who disagree either dont understand this throw back to 80′s rap/rock, dont like him anyway, or have age/race prejudices against him… they could also just have a poor taste in music and consider Kendrick Lamars latest verse a big deal or something.

  • Jack

    Love the way he responded to what kendrick said in his verse Control.

  • http://AEtravisxxxz Kyle

    You guys do realize the song description is back old school and clearly no one is a eminem fan here because he has to sides he has slim shades and Marshall mathers. Until you know all about him quit hating and get a life.