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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Split Amidst Drug Problems

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Split Amidst Drug Problems

Khloe Kardashian has separated from her husband Lamar Odom amidst his very public battle with drug addiction, according to TMZ.

The 29-year-old reality star reportedly threw Lamar, 33, out of the house on Wednesday (August 21) after he refused her attempt at an intervention.

According to reports, Lamar has had a crack addition problem for the past two years and Khloe has been struggling to help her husband, but he has not cooperated.

Neither Khloe or Lamar have contacted divorce lawyers yet, but it is likely that they will file soon. The couple got married back in 2009 after only dating for four weeks.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Khloe Kardashian is calling it quits with Lamar Odom?

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  • Doppelganger

    I’m more surprised at Lamar’s alleged crack addiction than anything. He’s an active professional NBA player and they are subjected to many drug tests. HOW did this get passed the NBA for 2 years???

  • Patti

    To be cynical I think this is manufactured drama as Kim is out of sight for months and the ratings are not that great. Omar is probably on a beach somewhere getting a tan only to reappear to beg Khloe for one more chance. No doubt a reality series could document the struggle to save the marriage. Too cynical well what about the Kris/Bruce divorce stories this year – that backfired as everyone wanted Bruce to run and never look back.

  • Doppelganger

    *if he is in fact abusing drugs?

  • Ashleigh

    Khloe finds the man of her dreams and now its all ending how sad :-( Hope that Lamar gets help soon. Khloe is an amazing woman and will have all her family and friends there for support xxxxxxxxxx

  • ann

    I call BS on this story. Lamar’s been very visible in the NBA, but now suddenly he’s on crack? I doubt it. This sounds like either a very big publicity ploy or it’s a smear campaign in an all-out war between the Klan and Lamar.

  • kel

    Kartrashian spin.

  • laura

    I agree, how is it possible that he’s on crack?
    I think the real issue in their marriage may be the lack of long awaited children.
    Such a public struggle for years can only lead to separation.

  • laura

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  • janina

    I’m not surprised that Khloe wants to end it because this is after all a man who she married after only knowing for a couple of months, literally so that’s whatever.. meaning that she never really knew him.

    However what IS surprising is how in the hell Lamar has managed to keep this a secret for so long? He’s one of the biggest players in NBA not to mention that his wife’s side of the family (which includes him) shares everything in their lives with the World.

  • nicola

    I doubt any of this is true its prob all for ratings as the show is getting old and boring now he is a basketball player he would not get away with having a drug problem for 2 years

  • Paulie

    One thing is sure…Kris Jenner has TMZ on speed dial.

  • Denise

    This is the Kartrashians going for the kill because Lamar left Khloe. Remember what they did to Kris Humphries?

    Lamar could not keep a drug habit from the NBA, they do regular drug testing, I am told.

  • Anna

    Drug addiction? Looks like they found the truth to Lamar’s cheating and clan Kardashian are using “drugs” to cover it up.

  • bw

    Remind me again – what is it she’s done that makes her so amazing?

  • Seguros Medicos sin Copago

    Thats so sad… Kartrashian madness…

  • http://- Kate

    Poor Khloe! :-(

  • Denise

    @janina: #9

    They married 1 month after they met.

  • living in the box

    they just need one black guy on the show. either him or kanye.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh JJ I can’t believe you put this nonsense on the board. Khloe & Lamar have been “getting divorced” since they got married according to the tabloids. I also think if he had a drug problem it would have come out via the NBA.


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  • Lovely

    I just feel this is the lie they came up with to give the truth of him probably cheating on her to save face and garner sympathy for ratings. Actually, it’s a very low blow from the Kartrashian’s side because this could affect his career and future. If not true I hope he sue these h@s for defamation!

  • greghead


    Crack is pretty addictive stuff, though. Perhaps he started on cocaine, like maybe he had done in the past, but jumped up to crack because it’s cheaper and has a more intense physical effect. It’s also highly addictive. Say someone can’t get crack and they’re fiending so they settle for meth. Even worse stuff & more addictive still. It’s easy to see how it gets out of control. Just because he’s famous or a professional athlete doesn’t mean he can’t lose control to an addiction; this kind of stuff doesn’t care who you are, it will ruin you just the same.

  • dfsf

    That doesn’t make any sense. Pretty sure the NBA have random drug test though out the year. Is there any proof other than TMZ?

  • allison

    @Doppelganger: How can Lamar have a crack addtiction problem for two years and play for the Dallas Mavericks and the Clippers. NBA test for drugs and especially after his troubles with Dallas the Clippers would not have signed him without doing tests.

  • shirley krusto


  • ladyb

    Lovely (#22). I completely 1000000% agree with you. However, for others, please note that he recently (about 2 yrs ago) failed a drug test with the NBA so I believe he does have a drug problem.

  • Amy


    You’re joking, right? Who marries someone after only knowing them for four weeks??? That’s desperate and sad…

  • laura

    Of course, I understand the effect that drugs can have on people, but what I meant is that NBA players are tested for any kind of substance regularly. It would have come up sooner.

  • me

    @Amy: Everyone knows they got married after knowing each other about a month, have you been living under a rock? lmao. Their marriage has lasted four years so i can say, that for them at atleast, they’re love is true and unconditional.

  • we

    crack is whack

  • missy

    The reason he is still in the NBA is because he abuses his Legal oxycontin prescription .