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Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a photo with rapper 2 Chainz while attending an after party following the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at 1 Oak on Sunday evening (August 25) in New York City.

Earlier in the night, 35-year-old rapper was seen walking the red carpet at the show held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME will be available for pre order at midnight on iTunes! ..comes with a free song download!” 2 Chainz tweeted that night. Get it now!

10+ pictures inside of 2 Chainz and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

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609 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!”

  1. 1
    Well Says:

    Let’s face it, Leo is always willing to celebrate…. especially a the “after-parties”!
    Thanks JJ!

  2. 2
    Missy Says:

    Leo looks cute <3

  3. 3
    Bells Says:

    He doesn’t look “super drunk” to me. Just sayin’ ;)

  4. 4
    Jo Says:

    Is it just me or has Leo really nice/small hips?

  5. 5
    #4 Says:


    Yes and broad shoulders…yummy!!!

  6. 6
    Two of Leo's Fav Things!!!! Says:

    1. Models
    2. Rappers – the man loves his rap/hip hop music!!!


  7. 7
    SAY NO TO Says:


  8. 8
    also... Says:

    @Bells: He could have gotten ‘super drunk’ after the photo was taken.
    I love the tweet posted in the previous Leo thread that he might as well move into 1OAK. lol

  9. 9
    SAY NO TO Says:


  10. 10
    SAY NO TO Says:


  11. 11
    SAY NO TO Says:


  12. 12
    SAY NO TO Says:


  13. 13
    SAY NO TO Says:


  14. 14
    SAY NO TO Says:


  15. 15
    SAY NO TO Says:


  16. 16
    SAY NO TO Says:


  17. 17
    SAY NO TO Says:


  18. 18
    SAY NO TO Says:


  19. 19
    SAY NO TO Says:


  20. 20
    SAY NO TO Says:


  21. 21
    SAY NO TO Says:


  22. 22
    SAY NO TO Says:


  23. 23
    Lucy Says:

    Leo looks good! Finally… Bringing the heat. Lol

  24. 24
    SAY NO TO Says:


  25. 25
    LOL Says:

    He looks cute. Leo LOVES his hip-hop!

  26. 26
    #25 Says:


    Isn’t it amazing how he’ll smile and look relaxed in a pic with a rapper but with a gf, he looks bored and miserable!

  27. 27
    not with toni Says:

    THANK YOU JJ for the new pics!!!! Thank gosh he is not with toni his time!! :)

  28. 28
    not with toni Says:

    typo*this time ( carried away by my enthusiasm!!)

  29. 29
    @Jo Says:

    @Jo: “Maybe they broke up and her mother comforts her in spain?” : LMAO!! i’m dying to see that !

  30. 30
    Jo Says:

    Are Leo & Toni still together? Maybe they broke up and her mother comforts her in spain?

  31. 31
    LOL Says:

    @#25: Erm not really he looked quite giddy in the pics were he was tounging at Toni. But we all see things differently

  32. 32
    BIG NO Says:


  33. 33
    also... Says:

    @LOL: And you think he looked like that because of Toni? I`m not so sure but regardless I doubt they broke up. Not yet. This happened a million times before. Separated from gf for a while, breakup talk starts and then they are seen together again. Toni doesn`t seem too sad on that new tweet photo.

  34. 34
    #31 Says:


    I’m pretty sure he was still drunk from the foam party the night before and he probably hadn’t been to bed seeing as his godson commented on IG that they were there until at least 6:30 in the morning! haha….JMO

  35. 35
    Jo Says:

    And nice cheekbones:

  36. 36
    Zzzzzz Says:

    from the other thread
    @also: To me it seems like the big three-o hasn’t entered his conscioysness yet so how can we expect him to deal with turning 40 soon? LMFAO!!! Brilliant!!
    @#502 (513): I highly doubt it! I think Leo is hanging in NYC because he loves the nightclubs. Also, he’s been spending more time on the east coast.
    This Thread:
    Leo looks good. Thanks god he finally trimmed his beard to a goatee. He looks so much younger.
    @#31: Agree with you. I think Leo was probably still drunk from the night before!
    @also: Yep! This is Leo standard MO in a relationship. I would be surprised if it was already over.

  37. 37
    LOL Says:

    I’ll just add that JJ has very new post/pics of fellow modelizers Bradley and Jake with their girls. Will there be any new Leo pics to complete the triangle????? It would be epic if those 3 became trending topics here. I’ll need popcorn.

  38. 38
    @30 Says:

    I think the trip to Spain with her mom was pre-planned. She sure doesn’t look sad her last tweet pic.

  39. 39
    LEO HOT Says:

    @Jo: Leo is so damn hot! i would suck him all day.

  40. 40
    Jo Says:

    Producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff about Leo and “The Wolf of Wall Street” @ the October 2013 issue of Empire Magazine:
    “I think Leo’s performance in this movie is exceptional. He developed it, he produced it, he put his heart and soul into it … We joke that it’s Goodfellas on steroids. I would not want to speak for Marty, but he has made a wonderful, provocative, important film.”

  41. 41
    not with toni Says:

    @Jo: “he put his heart and soul into it” : Leonardo ALWAYS puts his heart and soul when he makes movies!

  42. 42
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already over but not yet. Soon though…
    @Jo: It sounds like Leo is very passionate about this movie. Parties, women and money… I wonder what attracted him towards this story… :pondering:

  43. 43
    Baby Says:

    2 chainz and leo i’m in heaven!

  44. 44
    #42 Says:


    It would be wishful thinking to think this “relationship” was over but who knows. I think you’re right though that this was a “planned separation.” Leo probably told her he was going back to NY for DeNiro’s birthday party and so she made plans with her family (Hamburg/Spain). Think it’s kind of telling too that Leo’s mom can meet her but Leo does not meet her family. Obviously it’s his MO but I think it’s funny.

    Apparently Jen Maguire tweeted a photo of her in the Hamptons so I’m assuming that the whole family is with her. I think it’s great that his close friends are in NY as well. Maybe he’s spending time with them and he’ll wake up!!!

  45. 45
    @also 42 Says:

    you’re funny!

  46. 46
    not with toni Says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already over but not yet. Soon though” let’s hope and pray ……………………………………………………………………………………………

  47. 47
    baby Leo Says:

    Leo is such a baby in these new pics <3 but he looks sad:( Why is that Leonardo my baby??

  48. 48
    Sarah Says:


    the boy always looks so much happier when he is without that 21-year-old german wannabe-Claudia!!!

    agree anyone?

  49. 49
    Jo Says:

    @baby Leo:
    Maybe he misses Toni? Just a joke ;)

  50. 50
    Mia Says:

    He looks very good here O_O

  51. 51
    @Sarah Says:

    agreed but its always the same thing. He always seems to have more fun when his gf of the moment is away. Sad.

  52. 52
    Mia Says:

    Maybe just because this isn’t a razzi pic?

  53. 53
    also... Says:

    @Sarah: Agreed! Typical Leo thing.
    @not with toni: Yeah. I didn`t see the Erin thing last long ( and it didn`t ) and I think this will be sorter. JMO.
    @44: I think there`s no reason to talk about breakup just yet. Leo is partying but the models around him are `missing` ( I mean I bet they are around but not like when he is single ) and he likes to have his space. And he picks his gf who are fine with it ( he needs his buddies, space, he doesn`t meet her family…etc ).

  54. 54
    no sad Says:

    @@Sarah: He always seems to have more fun when his gf of the moment is away. Sad. “Sad.” :ok don’t cry…

  55. 55
    Sarah Says:

    @Also : an input. I do think they are more of a benefit-thing, Toni and him were never super-close, always looked like a group-thing.

    The “kiss” he performed was just too embarrassing and did not look real deal at all. The did look drunk, but even sober hed look as if he was acting it or like some said here – joking with her (but no way it looked as he really adored her). No f*ckin kidding, it DID look extremely staged. I am not saying that just because I cant picture them together and got no interest of Toni what so ever. I really mean it!

    no matter what, her tweetings, her showoff to her friends and instagrams of him – I know he is young in mind, but not in years – deep down I bet he did not like her behavior, even if he forgave her and her girlfriends. anyone, just anyone no matter the status or fame, would be disgusted of that behavior on social media that she contributed to!

  56. 56
    #48 Says:



    @#47 I don’t think he looks sad but tired and maybe even a bit tipsy already!!! He’s been hitting the clubs and parties every night since last weekend!!! I’m sure it’s catching up to him!!! JMO

  57. 57
    Sarah Says:

    @Also … because honestly,.. if they were really just a benefit thing and regs in here got them wrong and thought this was the next he would keep along and all .. then I guess the “break-up” is not really that painful either, is it ? I mean, a two-month fling, is that “painful” to move over? Its not. Both of them are gonna work it out. Breakups are painful if the relationships come slow, but this was like she just went on his passport her whole summer vacay, right

  58. 58
    Sarah Says:

    @Mia sure he hates the paps, but dont really think because this is not a pap pic that is the only reason he looks happier. Even in the fan photos he didnt want to be seen with her, or when he was, he looked sure miserable and out of place. Its like, why the hell you allow yourself to be that miserable ,boy?

  59. 59
    #58 Says:


    I agree. There have been other pap pics from last week and he didn’t look miserable and was actually smiling! He is with his friends which obviously makes him much happier than being with Toni, sad but true.

  60. 60
    @also Says:

    OMG, how do you know him so “well” Also? your quote “Leo is partying but the models around him are `missing` ( I mean I bet they are around but not like when he is single ) and he likes to have his space. And he picks his gf who are fine with it ( he needs his buddies, space, he doesn`t meet her family…etc ).”

    How do you know this for sure ????? dont be so sure of this. Lack of women= Maybe the runnerup -models and models in general , and women in general not to mention haha, are starting to lose interest of him even, I mean.. we all read the news and get his table of escorts and serial dating vs-catalogues, so how EXCITING can this routine really be for any fresh woman looking for the great night in downtown clubbing ????

    Twitter and Facebook is exploding with normal women and girls who find him more and more disgusting in his gay model-routines, and to adjust your statement a little I am thinking he really has no real crush on any of them, he plays around and he loves the looks, but because of his celebrity status some women fall for THAT and MOST WOMEN dont even dare go closer to him these days. He so made it worse for himself to find a girl when dating this barely legal model.

    haha, who wants to be the fifth or sixth scum in a row?

  61. 61
    Paparazzi Says:

    anyhow…if Leo does not like being papped maybe he should just retire and go live on the moon because I have a feeling the pappz are not going to leave him alone anytime soon. Ask Miley, ask Halle, ask Kim, ask Beyonce, ask Rihanna, ask Lady Gaga and the list goes on…

  62. 62
    also... Says:

    @60: Calm down! I have said a million times before but here it us once again: I post my opinion. I never claimed I knew him but I said many many times before that what I post is what I think. Happy now?

  63. 63
    no sad Says:

    “Miley,” LE SIGH ! that freak miley something is ALL OVER THE PLACE what a f#cking famewh%re and the icing on the cake is that she is fugly and disgusting.There’s no way i will read something in celeb itchy without havingto endure her not-wholesome-at-all MUG…………………………………………………………………………………………………

  64. 64
    laaaa la Says:

    he’s reportedly into another model now nina agdal. he has to get through the entire VS catalog before he gets serious with his (ha) SM!

  65. 65
    #64 Says:

    @laaaa la:

    Really spill!!! :-)

    Do you have any other information that we don’t know about???

    Wouldn’t be surprised because I think she’s Toni’s age! BLAH!!!

  66. 66
    @60 Says:

    “who wants to be the fifth or sixth scum in a row?”

    Maybe Nina?

  67. 67
    also... Says:

    @64: Where did you get that he is into a new girl already? Is it based on the Page Six article? Nina is not a VS model as far as I know.

  68. 68
    not with toni Says:

    “I post my opinion. I never claimed I knew him but I said many many times before that what I post is what I think.” EXACTLY!!!! Everything here is completely SUBJECTIVE . How many times do we have to repeat the same things over and over here? I’m so sick of people who attack other posters here ,They think you are obliged to explain to these people why you have these thoughts why this and why that……… AS IF YOU OWED THEM some explanation. They are always after you and try to pick a fight here. Yesterday someone was” intelligent” enough to figure me out : he or probably she thought that i hate blondes(!!) just because i had the audacity (!) to post a comment or two .Le sigh!!! It’s getting ridiculous, seriously …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  69. 69
    false rumor alert Says:

    JUST came because Toni is absent…… he is not with another! Open your eyes, he is free and single !!!! more tweets of this “nina” would be out there, and where is the news (p-six) article , if you may?

  70. 70
    laaaa la Says:

    couple of gossip sites said he was ooogling her at a party next to her table. she’s 21 ha perfect age and it says she’s a VS model. or was one…

  71. 71
    also... Says:

    Nina is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model ( another of Leo’s favorites ) and she works for American Eagle but I don’t think she is a VS model. Or was. That site might be wrong. And it’s possible that those sites are twisting the Page Six post. It wouldn’t be the first time that some sites add their own twist. I simply don’t think Leo and Toni are over ( yet ) and I doubt he would be that obvious before the breakup news is out. JMO.

  72. 72
    #68 Says:

    @not with toni:

    Agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree….I don’t know how many more times I can say it!!!!

    I AGREE!!!! :-)

  73. 73
    @laaaa la Says:

    Doubt this. New item gossip always come when he hangs out alone, and this “source” telling he was oogling at her… rather think it was HER that was oogling at him (she is a model of 21, remember). Maybe she wished for a same thing as the german girl has got and he loved the attention.

    He is always at parties with loads of models and not-models around him. About 800 at the same time, like Lukas Haas said. She could be the new gossip just cause of her similar age to Toni as well, LOLLOL. The mags like to pair single people. Hey with this I got another idea: Maybe Leonardo was so pissed from the Aferdita and Margot- joke that ran long into April, that he just HAD to pair himself with another model to get rid of the rumors?… just speculation.

  74. 74
    @not with toni #68 Says:

    ok but she/he has good points though, imo.

  75. 75
    @75 Says:

    I agree

  76. 76
    @also and not into toni Says:

    freakin women, now you guys gotta calm down. I cant see any attacks in that post, there was “how do you know him”, but thats obvious just an observation from what also wrote was too many factors describing his tastes, wants and lusts and preferences. apart from that ONE sentence you freak out about, I totally agree with the rest of the post – the women who are older than 20 and not as famestruck might lose interest in him too quickly or afraid to be associated with his serial dating, so they are not as crowded round him anymore.

  77. 77
    #71 Says:


    Absolutely nothing against blondes but it would be nice to see him with a brunette again!! He’s been pretty much into the blondes the past few years. Time to change it up! :-)

  78. 78
    75 Says:

    whats going on here? my post was for # 76

  79. 79
    P Says:

    Nina Agdal who took Kate uptons prom date castoffs for the attention, before being very publically dumped by Adam Levine in the space of two weeks is now being ogled by Leo? Cara Delevigne pt 2. Bish probably had her agent plant this story!

  80. 80
    @76 Says:

    Oh and what difference would that make if that woman is just as young, just as stupid, and just as bland? Brunettes can really be that , too!!! Omg, some on jj here are just as shallow…….

  81. 81
    #60 Says:


    I disagree. I don’t think these models are staying away from him. He’s Leonardo Dicaprio! Any 21 year old would love to be attached to him. He gets them noticed and they basically get the Leo treatment (i.e., fancy trips, dinners, etc.).

    I don’t know what tweets you’re reading but I read nothing but tweets that say how much they love Leo. There are young girls who tweet that they would love to be with him, marry him, f— him. There are a few hater tweets but the love Leo tweets far outweigh the haters!!!

  82. 82
    @76 Says:

    @76 was meant to #71 : And what exact difference for real can a brunette make apart from different looks to a blonde? omg so shallow..
    Absolutely nothing against blondes but it would be nice to see him with a brunette again!! He’s been pretty much into the blondes the past few years. Time to change it up! :-)

  83. 83
    McLOVIN Says:

    No.79; There is no such thing as a beautiful young woman who is dumb and “bland”. For example, imagine a gorgeous coed makes an appointment to visit her professor at Brown. Because she has some test grade issues with him, or her. Who do you think is going to prevail in that one? About 90% of the time.

  84. 84
    #79 Says:


    Wow seriously…..did you just compare my hair color post to intelligence??? Nowhere in my post did I say anything about either blondes or brunettes being stupid or intelligent. My point was that his most recent girlfriends, f— buddies, whatever you want to call them have been blondes. I simply said it would be nice if he could throw a brunette in there!

    The fact that I had to go back and explain such a simple and what should have been nothing post is ridiculous! Plus this post was longer having to explain my previous post! Geez!!!

  85. 85
    also... Says:

    @76: I don`t wanna waste any more time on this. For the same reason #60 could complain about 90% of the comments here. Whoever posts here posts an opinion and what they think. Just like me. I never claimed otherwise so I find #60`s outburst annoying even though she made good points.
    @not with toni ( #68 ): I agree!!!!!
    @77: Exactly. But what`s interesting is that in between official girlfriends you often see him with brunettes. Think about that girl in white shirt in the Cannes club, or years ago that gorgeous black girl also in Cannes, the Russian girl ( whatever her position was while he was traveling in Europe ) just to bring up a few. But he never dates brunettes officially. Interesting…

  86. 86
    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    so… what you say is that his next “victim” is going to be that abdal (…..what a surname yuck) girl???!!! PLEASE LEO SHOW US SOME MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 87
    #79 Says:


    And to add to this, the post was more of a joke because I really don’t care what the hair color is of any of his girlfriends. I just would prefer the age difference to be a slightly smaller number!

  88. 88
    #84 Says:

    “My point was that his most recent girlfriends, f— buddies, whatever you want to call them have been blondes”

    well lets say the official ones :)

  89. 89
    McLOVIN Says:

    No.85. HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 90
    #88 Says:


    LOL…true! :-)

  91. 91
    Misty Says:

    It looks like Leo has 2 chains on.

  92. 92
    #91 Says:


    hahahaha….that’s funny!!! But I did notice that he was wearing two instead of his usual one. Maybe he did it in honor of 2Chainz! :-)

  93. 93
    Well Says:

    “…A witness said, “Leo chose to sit at a table directly across from Nina’s table. He sat high on a banquette, to scope out the scene…”
    It was clearly not a coincidence why Leo chose the closest available table next to Nina’s. Don’t be naive, guys.
    Besides, she fits the perfect pattern.
    Even if it’s not totally over with the German-barely-lega-model-who’s only days older than Selena Gomez, we all know how Leo has roving eyes.

  94. 94
    McLOVIN Says:

    Liking the above pop-up sunglasses too…

  95. 95
    @68 Says:

    Maybe, but if you post an opinion on a public message board, others are allowed to post one in response. Not everyone with a different opinion want to pick a fight, only share a different perspective.

  96. 96
    Well Says:

    @also (#85)
    …. what about Magdalena Ghena? She is a brunette and they did have a fling while he was working in Sydney.
    But it didn’t last long, I agree.

  97. 97
    #93 Says:


    If this were to happen….it would be disgusting because wouldn’t this be the second girl that he and Adam Levine have “shared?” Bleh…..

  98. 98
    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    this man…. well i certainly do not like that toni girl but from what i see Leo is definitely DETERMINED to make me luv her lmao if it’s true that he is coveting this new sl#t……. words fail me wow it seems that this sl^tty panettone is so into sl#ts, it’s in his blood ………………………………………………………………………………………………

  99. 99
    He likes girls.. but Says:

    But he doesnt bring them all home. Its actually very good job he is doing, considering all the girls around him.

    who buys that Nina-rumor from one,simple article in a super-gossip site? not me.
    He was there and who else to entertain than willing ladies in the same room?

    Not everything always gottabe so serious, you guys…

  100. 100
    Justin Bieber's mom Says:

    ” I know who my son is and I don’t always agree with every single thing that he does but I don’t necessarily have to address that with everyone else.”

    I wonder if Leo’s mom would say that…

  101. 101
    @Well Says:

    Nina A. is almost 4 months older than T. Garrn. Would that make Leo less of a pervert? LOL!

  102. 102
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Well: re Nina: There was also a story of the of the same night that had Leo with a mystery blonde. I think he chose the table near Nina because it had the best view of the party. According to all the stories, he kept to his friends and wasn’t really mingling. I don’t agree about Nina being his type – she’s a brunette with brown eyes. Other that a quick fling, has Leo ever really dated a girl with brunette hair and brown eyes? Besides she just was publicly dumped by Adam L. – do you think Leo would want somebody he dumped? Also, Nina is a HUGE publicity seeker. If you think Toni and her friends were bad – Nina makes them look like angels. IMO I can’t see Leo wanting to get involved with that.
    @#60 (81) Agree with you. There are always going to be publicity seeking models that would go after Leo no matter how old he is or how he looked as long as he is rich and famous.

  103. 103
    So? Says:

    Dont speculate forever the Nina **** already! She is nothing but an eyecast, he was at a club dammit! who doesnt flirt and stuff in clubs? its what clubs are for. nobody here goes clubbin sometimes? its all about boys and girls getting giddyup, nothing SERIOUS omg.

  104. 104
    Magpie Says:

    Blondes are smarter than Brunettes. Duh

  105. 105
    McLOVIN Says:

    People here need to stop dissing Leo’s Big Love religion. Which is based upon the Bible by the way.

  106. 106
    pff Says:

    “Nina makes them look like angels. ” she is a dog

  107. 107
    #104 Says:


    Well I’m a red head and I think they’re the smartest!!! LOL

  108. 108
    @82 Says:

    Exactly!! Judge Leo on being shallow all you want, I would agree (in some ways) but please see how by wishing he would date someone of a certain look or constantly commenting on Toni’s/Leo’s appearances, you are also being. I don’t know how else to say it without ‘appearing’ like I’m attacking. I’m not! Just sharing my opinion of some posts.

  109. 109
    pff Says:


  110. 110
    @Magpie Says:

    Hair color and eye color is not really what anyone sees in a second sight when you find a spouse , it might be at first glance, but thats all. No one really cares about such superficial things.

    There can be a lot of smart blondes, for sure, anything else is a lie. And Justin Bieber is a brunette, and not so smart… and Miley Cyrus…need we say more…

    Hair and skin and eye is nothing compared to personality.

  111. 111
    @false rumour alert Says:

    “he is free and single !!!!”: that’s wonderful!! do i have a chance??!!! lmao

  112. 112
    Magpie Says:


  113. 113
    He survived!!! Says:

    ZairaZee (@ZairaZee)
    8/26/13, 2:39 PM
    At @KyochonChicken , sitting right next to Leo DiCaprio and Lukas haas

  114. 114
    ^ Says:

    @HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    “so… what you say is that his next “victim” is going to be that abdal (…..what a surname yuck) girl???!!! PLEASE LEO SHOW US SOME MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  115. 115
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: I agree. I don`t jump on the Nina wagon just yet. I also don`t see her as his `official girlfriend` type even though she is really pretty. Nina is the face of Bebe`s new campaign so I bet she had the best table at the party and I assume Leo wanted a great table ( with view as Zzzzz said ) as well. I just don`t think he is on the hunt for a new girl quite yet. He doesn`t act single in my opinion.
    @108: I see your point and I don`t think you are attacking. You are disagreeing and that`s just fine. But if Leo is shallow and picks his girls based on their appearance how could we talk about more? If we don`t see more in his behavior? Do you see my point?

  116. 116
    @110 Says:


  117. 117
    Sasha Says:
    I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Leo and Margot!

  118. 118
    @82 Says:

    @also I see your point, the only thing i’m trying to get across is, yes it’s fine to point out Leo has a type, (but so do most men) do I think that’s shallow? Yes! but men and women are made very differently. I’d never comment on those who state this! It’s only when the same posters say Leo looks ugly with his beard, he’s put on weight etc Or another bland/ generic blonde. Without realising the double standards.

  119. 119
    HAHA Says:

    Ikr, looking forward to their scenes together. She said wonderful things about him so I assume she got along with him well.

    Lol Leo loves his rappers, I kind of find it hilarious. I don’t think Toni and Leo are ‘over’ just yet, we’ll probably get maybe one or 2 more candids of them before they’re done. I can’t say I’ll look that forward to it cus watch him date yet another 20 year old model after, sigh. But I don’t think its Nina, like someone said people can flirt at clubs with eachother but in a friendly way, it doesnt always mean something, especially in Leo’s case.

  120. 120
    @@82 Says:

    @@82: Hi! if we exalt his charms here in jj isn’t it exactly the same ? I exalt his appearance many many times here without feeling guilty of having double standards or being shallow for that matter….

  121. 121
    no Says:

    No hair color matters.

  122. 122
    sublime Says:

    Leo and Nina would look good together

  123. 123
    So... Says:

    I think this proves that everyone (girls and guys) wants to be near Leo!

    Kristin Rapillo (@KreRapillo11)
    8/26/13, 3:00 PM
    Best part of this weekend: watching drunk fanatics trying to get near Leo DiCaprio at the club

  124. 124
    @82 Says:

    @120 erm no! Complimenting someone (on there charms) and criticising (unless its constructive and comes from a good place) are two very different things. I see you probably see that and are just trying to be clever?? I give up!

  125. 125
    This is funny!! Says:

    Devante Lawrence (@DlawrenceNYC)
    8/26/13, 3:31 PM

  126. 126
    Another one..... Says:

    Dean Peterson (@Petersoncinema)
    8/26/13, 3:46 PM
    Just saw Leonardo Dicaprio riding a Citibike. Has this replaced Ryan Gosling saving people’s lives as the top New York City cliche?

  127. 127
    Blah Says:

    no way, nina agdal is cheap and vulgar

  128. 128
    @also115 and HAHA Says:

    One commentary here. again like others this means no attacking of any of you, but some contrary to your opinions and about the differences between leo and you. I think that your expectations of him are on another love-planet than he is on. I think you live on different planets. :-) In my opinion you are imagining Leo in a far more traditional ’couple-thought’ relationship-substance than where he COULD BE.

    true no one here knows, but when you say you believe he and Toni is not ’over yet’ or ’he doesn’t look single’..just wanna add that has he ever seemed ’taken’? not to me, or to many others. I think he is not ’that into’ Toni, I think they both made their benefits of each other and the easy company for the summer, and that’s about it. I think by the way he acts, he does not act like a relationship guy. He acts like a single guy, who has temporary OR middle open relationships, where they can step in and out as they please and when ever they want to. Like, I agree with you I’d not be surprised if they were photographed once more or twice more together! But.

    Difference is, in my opinion if they came into the pap lenses again that would be only casual , and those sightings are like the day after having sex or something if you get me?:-) nothing is serious when you club like that in between, and no he did not as much with his previous longer ones. and this german girl, she was clearly dependent on her female companions on his cruises, so how ’tight’ can this be, if you get me? What I am trying to say is, that I feel if anyone here expects him to be ’taken’ he is not in his style of meeting new people all the time. But better to have one or two constant lovers than 10 randoms, right? I think they are lovers, and that’s it.

    If he gets Nina too, then that’s gonna be two lovers. :-)

  129. 129
    HAHA Says:

    I wish he wouldnt always party 24/7 and get wasted every night. I know he’s famous and its his life but its just becoming increasingly more and more sad reading such negative articles and posts and comments about him all the time now. He’s tarnishing his reputation cus of it. I hope he starts getting to back to environmental work again. or something else other than party, party, party. I’m starting to think even if him and Toni do split, he’d probably pick another model under 25 to fool around with. It could be Nina but I doubt that for some reason.
    @Zzzz You are right about WOWS. I have no doubt the press will tear him apart and he’ll probably get asked questions that make him uncomfortable. Just like with Gatsby. This is why Im excited but veryy nervous for November. Hopefully he cleans up.

  130. 130
    HAHA Says:

    @@also115 and HAHA:
    This is true, he never really seemed that in love with Toni besides the kissing pics. But even that felt a bit unnatural, a bit forced but IMO. Its just at one point isnt Leo usually predicted to be broken up with a gf for weeks until there’s new candids of them a week later? Maybe they arent seeing eachother anymore, like another poster said it’d probably be better for him to spend time with friends like Tobey which would maybe wake him up finally.

  131. 131
    #129 Says:


    I think his PR team will make sure that the press do not get to ask him questions about how his life is similar to Belfort. I would actually like to see a reporter get one in though because maybe the embarrassment of having to answer the question would open his eyes! JMO

  132. 132
    @Blah Says:

    Stop the freeeeakin Nina comments already. random 1 sighting , from a freakin table of many people in a club. Come back if he rubbed her back, okay?

    It was a coincidence she was at his table. It could have been Margot, Susan, Catherine, Harry, Betty, Katelyn, Brandy, Julia, Elizabeth, James, John, Emily, Jennifer, Debbie, Alison you name it. RANDOMS.

  133. 133
    Popcorn to the bellazonies! Says:

    hahaha, superb! I wonder what the BZ supermodel-Toni-Fans are talking about now that they are seen apart and Leo is clubbin and doesnt follow her around europe? Maybe BZ explain they got engaged just before that, as an excuse? :-P

  134. 134
    Fan Says:

    Just a tought here. Why didn’t Toni’s mom join her dauther and his boyfriend while Leo with his mom and friends were all together in Spain?
    I’m sure there was plenty of room for her?
    I don’t know but they could have set their agenda to spend time together in Ibiza or Mallorca.
    Not a big deal, but still. I read the girl’s tweets and it looks like she is having another set of vacation in Spain.

  135. 135
    @HAHA Says:

    reply “he never really seemed that in love with Toni besides the kissing pics” Not so sure. seemed too pushy to even be . like she was probably begging for it whole day, and he finally gave in. but how weird… when they stood up and smiled to the friends who saw it to be proud to do it in “public eye” for the first time? then next day no touch at all and no natural appearance days later and later. But then again his mummy was there wasnt she, too ? so i guess it must have been real then. Or who was actually there that day ? when he was underneath that towel he tried hiding with in that boat later on, it looked like toni was underneath it because she sat on the other side, but it was just his arms crawling to keep it from blowing away with the wind – clearly I studied those photos…

  136. 136
    also... Says:

    @128: Is there anything posted on these threads you are OK with? It`s interesting that only HAHA and me are getting the special attention for out opinion not many others who think like us. But whatever.

  137. 137
    @136also Says:

    What are you even talking about ??? who pays this much attention? was that post cruel to you, TOO? get real. that post was even trying to tell you it wasnt . take it for what it is. Did you even read it through? maybe you could start replying to the actual post instead?

  138. 138
    HAHA Says:

    Hopefully so, as embarrassing at it’d be to watch. I just hate seeing him ruining his reputation so badly like this. He has so much more to him than what he shows imo, but obviously no one except some on JJ will agree with that. Some complain people on JJ are too harsh on Leo but despite their negative comments, I think mostly everyone on here just wants the best for him and just wants to see him happy again and are frustrated with the way he chooses to live. He looks relaxed here, but in almost every pic with Toni besides the kiss ones he looked aged like hell, uncomfortable, and awkward around her.

    I do not Leo was himself tbh in those kissing pics with Toni, something seemed off with him. Like others said, like he was drunk or high or something. It was uncomfortable to look at.

  139. 139
    ^ Says:

    @Fan: Toni’s friend Andreea posted in her instagram she is back in Nyc.

  140. 140
    @136also Says:

    or did you even understand the point in that post? it said that you are expecting him to be a traditional type when you say things like “still together”, “not over yet”, “not looking for others acting like he is not single” blah blah blah.. and I agree 100 % because that means you clash when you find news on this guy with other women, and surprised even if it “went fast”, cause if reality is that he is an open relationship guy, then all this crashes with his reality, you get this?…. maybe not… just trying to help you out.

  141. 141
    @139 Says:

    @^ Okay…. was Andrea back, or Toni was back in nyc? I thought her mom was down in Spain with her now. what did she post on instagram?

  142. 142
    Europeans = Open Says:

    Leo descents from Germany/Europe, and then you got that hippie dad of his. So of course he has a “wider” and loose view on relationships. Like more open. They are all this way over there. Been there. Europeans are into open relationships a lot more than americans, a LOT MORE.

  143. 143
    Drake Says:


    Yeah I thought she was in Spain, get she coming down to tell at Leo playboy ways. He problem party so much because he lonely on the inside. Any update on his NYC housing search.

  144. 144
    also... Says:

    @137: Me expecting him to be a traditional type? Really? Just because I used certain expressions? For real? Have you or that other poster ever read my comments on Leo? I doubt…

  145. 145
    @138 Says:

    agree with rest but disagree with I think that kissing pic was what dropped it to what I felt was more of a fling. It did not seem passionate, and most awkward of all the photos.

  146. 146
    @also Says:

    Also, you are completely missing the whole point of that post. It was not about you. Read it over again. The poster said there was maybe nothing “over” or “started” or “commitment” or “single” if they guy all the way has intentions of remaining single with random “relationships”. gettit? that was the whole point of the post. It crashes completely asking about him traditionally wise when and if that makes sense. I give up explaining once more, you better just listen better to peoples words, too.

  147. 147
    @Drake Says:

    LOL as if she owns him, she has no power over this guy whatsoever. he does exactly what he wanna do. I bet she came because of stories about Nina LOL. Desperate woman! …. or was it Andrea that came back? or her? where is that link everybody?

  148. 148
    @Drake Says:

    oh and where did the mom go all of the sudden? was she not just vacationing there and got her mom down there, then just for a few days?? weird.
    Oh but maybe she was called for work.

    And no disagree that Leo looks lonely without her, he looks THE OPPOSITE. :–)

  149. 149
    @142 Says:

    Lol not true! But very funny and cliche to read.

  150. 150
    Awkward Says:

    I wonder what Leo’s (ex) GFS think of each other (Gisele, Bar, Erin, Blake, Toni) and especially about this new relationship.
    Bar is probably jealous and Gisele is more like “Little Toni, you’re naive”.
    Must be nice to reunite them in a room.

  151. 151
    advices for Toni Says:

    looooooool maybe Toni got a few mature words from her proper adult – her mom, and thats why she met her. She has to watch her baby, so maybe she told her to stay away from him after some random stories about him she could have passed in the supermarket? :? *whistles*

  152. 152
    advices for Toni Says:

    I know I would have, if I was the parent…
    ” be a little careful with these celebrities hun “. lol, I can actually imagine!

  153. 153
    citibiking Says:

    from Perez

    Funny title: Citi Bike Ride For Two

    Here they should have typed in “Romantic Bike Ride” replacement.

  154. 154
    citibiking Says:

    Sooo missed his smile!

    Leo you must never throw yourself around that little controlfreak german barely legal model again, you seem sooo much happier with your boys!!!!!!

    But who is the handsome guy with brown hair behind Leo to the right???? :-P

  155. 155
    ^ Says:

    Here is the link
    The picture was posted yesterday but who knows if Toni was with her.

    In other… I find this pictures. Are from Aug-08 but doesn’t mention where. Ibiza?

  156. 156
    That Girl Says:

    Toni said that she wouldn’t be back in NY till september a while ago, so this was obviously a planned vacay with her mother on their part. So probably not broken up. Leo probably could have tagged along for the trip though lol

  157. 157
    was he? Says:

    was he here, too?

  158. 158
    also... Says:

    @146: Honestly I don’t really care about that comment or your explanation. No offense ( REALLY ) but this just waste of time.

  159. 159
    HAHA Says:

    @was he?:
    Wherever the models are, u know Leo will be there lol

  160. 160
    @155 Says:

    she is probably still with her mom in Spain. she doesnt follow her best friends just about everywhere does she? agree Leo could have joined Toni and her mom. Maybe Toni and mom wanted some daughter/mommy-time alone in privacy, but heck.. what a perfect timing when Leo has days off, too, to introduce the relationship to her mother, why didnt they do that ?? when she has met Leos mom before, what is the difference? and even if her mom couldnt join them before, and she probably misses her, hey this is like your famous new boyfriend !!!! what is up with a day or two to say hello and shake hands?

  161. 161
    That Girl Says:

    @160 “she doesnt follow her best friends just about everywhere does she?” not gonna lie, toni does seem like one of those girls.

  162. 162
    Well Says:

    @Was he – 157
    It sure looks like he was indeed at the Bebe’s store launching….
    We can see he wore his Bcap backward.
    And as usual, he was surrounded by young women…..:):)

  163. 163
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @was he (157): I believe the picture is from the Bebe party that Nina A was at and Leo was there. That’s were all these crazy stories about him ogling Nina came from.
    @also115 & HAHA (#128): I think you might be right about Leo and relationships. I don’t think he does traditional ones, but more open casual ones like the kind you mention. I think when people, myself included, say ‘not over with Toni’, it’s more they are probably going to hook-up again. I don’t think his emotions are involved.
    @#129 re the press: I think they are going to be told not to ask questions, but you know people will. How can they not? Also, even if they don’t ask, you know comparisons are going to be made in almost all the articles about Leo VS Belfort. Leo is really going to be put in the hot seat!

  164. 164
    Phony Says:

    Toni and Leo are a sick mismatch

  165. 165
    HAHA Says:

    ‘Leo is really going to be put in the hot seat!’
    Pretty much, I didn’t expect it to happen nearly as much with Gatsby but I imagine it’ll be 10x worse with Wolf. Also, i bet people who dislike him will probably try to discredit his performance by saying he played himself , he only chose to do the movie because it mirrored his life, he’s just like Jordan, etc. Him and Marty have been trying to get it made since 2007. Thats like i said earlier, im really nervous but excited for November. I just hope the critics are kind to Leo’s performance!

  166. 166
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: re the critics – regardless if it parallels his life, IMO what it will come down to is if he nails the performance. From what people have said – Leo has really poured his soul into the role. I remember people also said that about his Django role and look how he well did with that. He was fantastic as Calvin. So I will be crossing my fingers!

  167. 167
    citibiking Says:

    Sooo missed his smile! Leo you must never throw yourself around women again! you seem sooo much happier with your boys!!!!!! But who is the handsome guy with brown hair behind Leo to the right???? :-P I hope Leo will share him with other boys!!! :-P No fair to keep all for yourself, Leo. I haven’t had a date in years!!! Help a brotha out!!!!

  168. 168
    HAHA Says:

    Let’s hope so. So many people on IMDB are thinking he will underwhelm and not live up to expectations but I’m really hoping he atleast gets the same amount of praise he got for Django. Regardless if he wins awards or not, I think it’d give him more confidence since he did say it was his best performance supposedly.. I’m off now, night!

  169. 169
    Heart and Soul Says:

    I hope he is doing something more productive with his heart and soul than putting it all into playing other people in movies.

  170. 170
    #160 Says:


    Why would Leo meet Toni’s mom when he’s not invested in the relationship?? Also everyone knows he takes his mom pretty much everywhere with him so of course she’s going to meet the flavor of the week, month, year, etc.

    And I’m pretty sure Andrea and toni vacationed last week with their moms but toni and her mom must be doing their own daughter/mom vacation right now. Toni didn’t come back with Andrea.

  171. 171
    #167 Says:


    That is Leo’s godson Milan who is 18yo.

  172. 172
    Heart and Soul Says:

    What is he supposed to say? He didn’t care? It was his worst performance yet? It’s called selling a movie. Every latest role is his best, most enjoyable. The hype will fall by the wayside and his work will speak for itself.

  173. 173
    luv ya Says:

    @Phony =probably @heart and soul :i luv ya

  174. 174
    luv ya Says:

    you know who i am….

  175. 175
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  176. 176
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  177. 177
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: Night! Talk to ya tomorrow!

  178. 178
    Toni Says:

    From professional model to professional escort. I hope it is not true. So sad. Users and abusers. Do something else Toni, please.

  179. 179
    Amanda Bynes= some from bz Says:

    Have you guys noticed that every time “Amanda Bynes” comments show up here its because some posters got extremely good points about him and this awkward “relationship” toni, so Im guessing this “Amanda Bynes” has to be hired from bz to try hiding the greatest comments ? She/he always posts 10 messages in a row with useless comments “distracting” us. Oh why are bz people so naive and pretending “model has to make babies with him”… the whole board is so controlled, its like a group of model-agency people!

  180. 180
    Environmentalist ? Says:


  181. 181
    Environmentalist ? Says:


  182. 182
    also... Says:

    Page Six has a post about a VMA after party ( it’s about Diddy ) that claims Leo was at that party surrounded by models including Toni. That party was on Sunday and Toni tweeted yesterday that she was in Spsin, right? So again there was a blonde with him ( not Toni )?

  183. 183
    Environmentalist ? Says:

    turning caps lock off ……

    Mr Actor , listen to the reality ! These women are what you think everyone look up to, but thats like 16 year old junior high girls who do that ….. Not even real MEN who loves to date women, like these type of girls. you think you are so cool dude being surrounded and always bringing the latest hot-chick home from VS, but every man I know think VS is good to look at on TV, on the runway,but NONE of these guys could dream of making “something”.

    You “man/boy/dude” seem completely BLIND.

    IS THIS TO IMPRESS YOUR RAPPER DUDES that you got all these women? If so all this is just your image impressing, why not start rapping and make music videos with hot chicks instead?

    the more VS-models you date, the more starting to assume you are gay, like really really gay……VS-models is just something to hide behind not to seem gay, like are you ashamed being gay in 20.13? thats one great slap to all gays , if this is true.

    Impressing the rappers with models, thats what you do.

    by the way, ENJOY your days with your male friends because thats refreshing to get photos from for once!

    …. oh man, can actors really get how they look from the outside, anyone?….. I guess he cant, cause he is inside a bubble.

  184. 184
    @also Says:

    “Page Six”…………..

    = stealing sources from that other mag claiming there was a girl with him, that Nina something. Again this is getting out of proportions from the mags, just cause he is single and loads o women are always around him in clubs, most of them… blonde.

    Dont take all sources for granted, mamas.

  185. 185
    Page Six Says:

    Highly , highly doubt that one is legit. at VMA party there are too many celebs not to recall whos Toni and if Toni was there, she is a name now (if she wasnt before, she is now after dating Leo). more sources from this must have shown up because almost very known celeb and model is tagged at events like that. Twitter even. and wow if she was there with him, I doubt they are not dancing and chatting in separate rooms all the time and people must have snapped them together, so She was absolutely not there for sure I guess. and yea, she would tweet it .. lOL

    at VMA there are many, many blondes and famous people, I am very sure many kept hanging around Leo cause well.. he is Leo. If one of them is said to be Toni, it could be just a quick assumption from the writer or reporter or source. They still believe they are together, so that makes sense.

  186. 186
    @Environmentalist Says:

    He is not gay he supports the cause and would come out if he was, but agree he is totally blind to his own downfall and all .

    I thought he was at his ultimate low with Toni, but if he goes for just another 21-yr-old exVS/Sports Illustrated in the crossover from his current one, he is even lower than lowest.

    Some said here he seems to like being like this, and I tend to agree this must be his greatest hobby – to be just lower than lowest with the lowest females you can ever find on earth. Did he not mention somewhere he liked waitresses and normal non – famew***es ??? LOL , such a big lie.

  187. 187
    Sasha Says:

    Thanks @also – here is the part from the latest Page Six article about Sunday’s VMA after-party.
    …”Other witnesses described it as a 3 a.m. “dust-up” that started after multiple bottles of Diddy’s Ciroc had been downed. Combs walked out of the melee and seemed untroubled, immediately making his way to the mike to welcome everyone to the VMA bash, and wished Cassie a happy birthday.

    The party carried on with DiCaprio, who was surrounded by models including his girlfriend, Toni Garrn, at his own table, sipping neat D’Ussé cognac and smoking an electronic cigarette….”

    Obviously they mistook one of the blonde models for T. Garrn.
    Likely the same “blonde” who was with him and the boys at the BEBE’s launch party ( who is said to look like T. Garrn).

  188. 188
    @Environmentalist ? Says:

    “IS THIS TO IMPRESS YOUR RAPPER DUDES that you got all these women?” : don’t worry the rappers dudes can get the models too.

  189. 189
    @182 Says:

    Wouldnt it be technically impossible for Toni to be at that after party with him if she tweeted on Monday around 12pm? That’s 6am New York time. I suppose the after parties continued until the very early hours of Monday. It’s a 9 hour flight from NY to Spain. It must have been another very tall blonde assumed to be Toni since he is dating her now. Bad journalism and what’s weird is that they didn’t do the same at that Bebe launch party. They just said it was someone who looked like his current girlfriend but that it wasn’t her.

  190. 190
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  191. 191
    WHYYY Says:

    Dear Leo,
    you said it yourselp that you very very lucky to be in a position you are in. You were put where you are by God/destiny/whatever to use your money/fame/status to help those in need! There are SO MANY LIVES YOU CAN SAVE! THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE/CHILDREN/ANIMALS DYING right now
    WITH NOONE TO SPEAK FOR THEM WHILE YOU ARE PARTYING! and we know you care for them!
    YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS! Not in the eyes of God. You will give account afterwards.
    Look at Angelina/Brad and others! They are using their positions!

  192. 192
    Amanda Bynes Says:


  193. 193
    @WHYYY Says:

    People like him are not aware of anyone or anything but materialistic women . Face it, he is superficial and blind and scared and boyish. He is not emotionally intelligent to the level of how to get the girls to bed. He doesnt care about other things.

    Brad PITT ? okay, this man could be his grand dad.

  194. 194
    @WHYYY Says:

    and I am sure he doesnt have a soulmate whats that crap . he is just a player and prefers polygamy

  195. 195
    @193 Says:

    Leo is perfectly aware of who he is dealing with. He is superficial, but he KNOWS how opportunistic these girls are. From a Gatsby interview:
    Often described by his peers as overly generous, when he landed the role in Romeo + Juliet he cashed in his business-class ticket for economy seats so his friends could accompany him to Australia to shoot the film. However, when it comes to women, he’s not one to shower them with diamonds and extravagant gifts in an effort to sweep them off their feet.

    “I think that women ultimately don’t respond to those things,” he says. “I think most importantly they have to feel comfortable with you, so I just be myself. I think there’s a lot of speculation from men as to what women are attracted to and there’s a lot of misconceptions. Women of quality don’t care about those things.”


    Emphasis on WOMEN (not girls) and OF QUALITY (no famewh*res).
    He knows. He is just too much of a coward to even dare to start something with women of quality. Because he knows they won’t put up with his sh*t. He knows he can’t control them. He knows he can’t be the one in demand all the time. Leo is scared to death of that.

  196. 196
    Ha.. Says:

    I was expecting to see yet another set of party and clubbing sightings this morning but it seems there aren’t… Seems like Mr. decided to skip last night which is great. He’s been out every night since he came back to the States.

  197. 197
    also... Says:

    If Toni was in NYC she would have made sure that people know ( tweet, instagram…etc ). I was thinking maybe her PR team is trying to put her name next to Leo`s while he is living it up in NYC. But it would be dumb to do that ( and cooperate with Page Six ) while she is tweeting about being in a different country. So I think there was a tall blonde model type with him AGAIN and the source assumed it was Toni. So was he caught with his hand in the cookie jar again? Just like with that Polish model while dating Blake minus the pap photo? This new sighting doesn`t mention him not talking to models…
    @195: I haven`t read the comment you responded to but you are absolutely right. Leo knows what these models want from him and by giving it to them he can be in control. And he feels safe, he knows what`s going on and he won`t get hurt. I like it how it was said that he is emotionally immature. Exactly. Until he grows up ( if he ever will ) you will see him with the exact same type of girlfriends in the same dysfunctional relationships.

  198. 198
    @197 Says:

    Very true all of what you wrote. I’m thinking maybe he got close with the girl they thought was Toni and maybe that’s why they thought it was her. Because like I said in the other article of the same source (Page Six) they did not say it was Toni but a girl who looked like her and they also said he didn’t chat up with any of the girls at all but maybe this time they assumed a blonde was her because they got close, just a guess though.

  199. 199
    @@197 Says:

    The article specifically mentioned Leo was “surrounded” by models incluing T. G.
    Clearly , we now know it couldn’t have been her.

  200. 200
    also... Says:

    Doesn’t it sound weird even without knowing that Toni is vacationing in Spain? That Leo, the modelizer is out partying with his girlfriend yet he is surrounded by models? Even Leo doesn’t do that! I don’t know if Oage Six is just pushing this or their spy really thought it was Toni. And this is the second time a Toni lookalike was spotted with him in a week.
    @198: Yeah, it is possible that this time they got close.
    I wonder if this will get posted on their bz threads…

  201. 201
    #199 Says:


    It wasn’t her though. She tweeted a pic of her and her mom in Spain on Monday. She’s not in NY. The girl I would think they are referring to is the one that was standing next to Leo in the bebe party pic??? Who knows but it’s not toni. Maybe they’re trying to stir the pot since he’s partying in NY with models and his supposed “gf” is nowhere around.

  202. 202
    Lolz Says:

    A Regular Girl’s Guide to Landing Leo DiCaprio: Tips for dating one of the world’s biggest stars via @DailyQuirkBlog

  203. 203
    also... Says:

    Lainey has an article on Bradley and his toddler. That girl looks so young and it makes it really disturbing for me to look at them. At least Toni looks older than her age so it`s somewhat better to see her with Leo. I mean compared to Bradley.
    Anyway Lainey is referring to the Page Six article and mentioned Leo clubbing with Toni. I like it how she said in a club there`s no need for conversation…

  204. 204
    Drake Says:


    Lol. Bradley going through midlife crisis I’m convince. Like I sad on the other thread Leo date tall blonde models. If he seen with one we assume its the girl he dating.

  205. 205
    #202 Says:


    LOL that’s funny!!!

    #203 I find those pics of bradley and suki disturbing!! She looks like a child!!!

  206. 206
    @200 Says:

    I’m not sure the Bellazonian Toni fans are aware of Leo partying every night since Toni isn’t around him because I noticed the Leo fans don’t post all of the sightings that were posted on jj. I think they are very well aware of all the sightings but are reluctant to post it and bet they didn’t post them on purpose because all this shatters the oh-so-cute-and-romantic-thing he has with Toni according to them. Some poster even said that Leo and Toni were ‘glued to each other’ after those biking pics in Majorca appeared.

  207. 207
    ^ Says:

    But following Toni’s tweets, she usually tweets at the end of every trip even after having left the place.

    And her friend posted that picture saying she was back so Maybe Toni was with her. Just saying.

  208. 208
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also: Actually there were times when he was dating Erin when an article would say he was surrounded by models and then it would come out a day later that Erin was with him. So I think even when he has a gf, the models still hover around him. Remember, he usually has some members of his posse with him, which could account for some of the girls.
    re Toni look alike: I think if they see any tall blonde model, they are going to mention it. But Leo always has tall blonde models around him. Again, his pal Chuck’s gf/wife is tall slender and very blonde. She often parties with Leo and in Cannes, here were pictures of Leo and her at a nightclub and people thought she was Cara D. at one point.

  209. 209
    @Zzzzz 207 Says:

    Nikki Erwin is not tall nor slender.

  210. 210
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@Zzzzz 207: I thought she was – I saw a picture of her and Erin together and she appeared to be both. Actually, I think she was more curvy than Erin

  211. 211
    Missy Says:

    Another pic from Leo and 2 Chainz. Sorry, the quality isn’t the best:

  212. 212
    @207 Says:

    She says ‘hello from Spain’ in her tweet. Unlikely to say that if you have already left the place. But i agree that it could have been near the end, last day of the trip or whatever.
    209 – Nikki isn’t short, think she’s taller than average. Just not slender.

  213. 213
    also... Says:

    @^: She tweeted from Ibiza in the middle of their trip ( that photo with her friend on a boat ) and that tweet from Monday sounds like she is still there. Also Toni tweeted that she won`t be back in NYC until September. Also I think she would have let the world know if she was around Leo again. She does that. Her friend being back in NYC is one thing. The friend who was with them in Ibiza returned to the US before her. To me it seems like she was with that friend and then went to Spain with her mom and the friend returned to the US… Other than that Page Six sighting there`s no indication ( so far ) that she is in NYC.

  214. 214
    also... Says:

    @212: I agree. Even if it was the end of the trip / last day she couldn`t have been in NYC the day before the tweet. If she is back and there are Leo tweet sightings in NYC how come there`s none with Toni?
    I think Page Six is reliable but clearly they make mistakes. Like putting Margot Robbie on that private jet from Sydney to Vegas on NYE.

  215. 215
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@200: The BZ thread rarely post anything that puts Leo in a bad light. re the tweets – You’re right, they didn’t post all of them, which is really odd. They are usually so on top of the tweets. I agree they probably didn’t because it makes Leo look bad. But when he was with Erin and she was in Mexico and he was partying it up in Miami with all the models, they posted all of the tweets and articles. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I think some of the regulars on BZ are not posting like they use to. I think even they are getting upset with Leo’s behavior. Since they can’t say anything negative, they just don’t post.
    I’m out of here – back later!

  216. 216
    @Zzzzz 207 Says:

    Nikki is close to 40. She is not a young chick. There were several pictures of her with Bar at the time and some readers thought she was Bar’s mom.

  217. 217
    @216 Says:

    some readers thought she was Bar’s mom….LMAO!!!

  218. 218
    Léonie Says:

    Hi all. The new WOWS article was a nice read. I’m excited to see what they made of it. Once again, after reading that article and Leo’s words, it’s so hard to believe this very well-spoken and smart actor, surrounded and obviously admired by incredible names such as Scorsese and Terrence Winter, is the same person as this douche-y, shallow and dependent person in his personal life that we see. And 2 Chainz is a lousy rapper. Lol. Kendrick Lamar is cool though. Leo said he loved his music as well so that makes up for it haha.
    Off-topic but those Bradley and Suki pics are very off-putting. Like @also I too think Suki really looks like a child next to him.

  219. 219
    Léonie Says:

    @Z: Completely off-topic but I’m guessing relevant to you as well: just discovered a way to view the comments here in the desktop version on my phone and even to be able to post from my phone like I could before! In fact just posted my previous comment from my phone lol. And I think that this way we will also be able to see comments even if it surpasses a certain amount. Here is how it works: do you use Google Chrome on your phone? If not you will have to download it. Then go to JJ on Chrome and click on the 3 horizontal striped icon on the top right of the page. Beneath you will see ‘Switch to desktop version’. Click on it et voilà! You’re viewing the comments in the desktop version and if all went right you can even post from your phone. Hope it works for you too! xo.

  220. 220
    Lifestyle Says:

    Take into consideration the Hollywood lifestyle. This is Leo’s lifestyle and has become his mindset. This is how it is and how its going to be and how Leo lives almost by default.

  221. 221
    Is this about Leo ? Says:

    This A+ list mostly movie actor got into a huge fight with his fairly new girlfriend and kicked her out of his hotel at around 2 a.m. Instead of calling an escort service, our actor went to a club in NYC and walked out with someone new about 30 minutes after he got there.

    From CDAN

  222. 222
    #211 Says:


    I think Leo has a little rapper inside of him that’s dying to break out! LOL He loves hanging with his hip hop/rapper friends. I’ve even heard at some parties he’s gotten up and rapped with them!

  223. 223
    @221 Says:

    Hmm it would have to be from over a month ago? Both haven’t been in NY at the same time recently.

  224. 224
    #221 Says:

    @Is this about Leo ?:

    I don’t think so because Toni was not in NY. She is in Spain, last week with her friend and their mothers and this week (or at least over the weekend and on Monday just she and her mom). She has indicated she won’t be back to NY until September.

    Leo has been seen hitting up all of the clubs just about every night since he came back to NY for DeNiro’s party last weekend. There’s been no report of Toni until Page Six decided to say they saw Toni in the club with him at around the same time she tweeted that she was in Spain with her mother.

    TONI IS NOT IN NY!!! If she was, we would have gotten sightings already. He’s been seen clubbing with friends, riding bikes with friends and eating with friends but never a mention of her.

  225. 225
    @221 Says:

    “kicked her out of his hotel at around 2 a.m.” : doesnt he have his own place in ny??

  226. 226
    @#207 Says:

    Toni just tweeted from Spain minutes ago…

  227. 227
    Mexico? Says:

    Found this on twitter. It was posted today on a Mexican website. The last we saw of Leo was yesterday riding a Citibike in the afternoon. There are no twitter sightings of him at any NY clubs. I’M NOT GOING TO SAY THIS IS ACCURATE BUT JUST PASSING IT ALONG. :-) Also going to say this is not the first time Leo has hung out with Mel Gibson. He hung out with him in Miami at the beginning of the year so this is plausible.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson holiday in Mexico

    Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson , in the midst of a safety device, attended the club ‘ Joy Lounge ‘located in a mall in Polanco in Mexico City, where they enjoyed good music and fun. According to the statements of those present, the actors arrived separately, however, say that once in place they met.
    Several people who were at the scene could not believe that celebrities were actors in our country and also salute to all those who approached them.
    Moments before entering the nightclub, Gibson decided to walk around in a van type Polanquito suburban sand color, in addition to walking with a woman and several security members.
    was noted that the actors visit, according to some sources, not for any reason of work, well it’s no secret that Leonardo and Mel have always presumed his taste for Mexico.

  228. 228
    also... Says:

    It’s possible. He loves Mexico and he has questionable friends so could be legit. But not having club sightings doesn’t mean he left NYC. It happened before so we have to wait for more.
    @227: Thanks for the info. It’s clear Toni wasn’t with him at those parties.

  229. 229
    #226 Says:


    Thank you!!! Now everyone can stop with the Where is Toni? crap!!! :-)

  230. 230
    @also Says:

    “he has questionable friends”

    LOL! Mel Gibson! +1

  231. 231
    #228 Says:


    Yea that’s why I put in all caps that this may not be accurate but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. People on here are going to read one part of it that he is in Mexico and that’s what they’re going to go with! LOL

    I’ll be curious to see if he sticks around NY when Toni returns or if he’s fixing to leave sometime this week (if he is still in NY right now).

  232. 232
    heu Says:

    actually i don’t think he has questionable friends:Lukas ,Ethan, Jonah etc are they questionable??! The one whom i would consider as such is definitely that douche:THE RRRRRUSSIAN GUY(ya know….),other than that ,hopefully Leo KNOWS how to choose his chums,

  233. 233
    #232 Says:


    He has his really close tight knit circle of friends but he does have some sketchy ones…..what about that guy Helly Nahmad who got arrested earlier this year?

  234. 234
    heu Says:

    yeah but that guy is more of a “Gambling -colleague” and i would dare add that Leo is no better himself in terms of his gambling habits ….i mean it’s only because of this particular “passion” (gambling) of his that he “hangs out” with people like Nahmad. It’s kind of a necessity to him in that regard ……………………………………………………………………

  235. 235
    also... Says:

    @heu: I didn`t say all his friends are questionably. I said he has questionable friends. There is a difference.
    @231: I see your point. We have to wait and see. He gets papped in Mexico. Who knows when Toni is going to return to NYC in September?

  236. 236
    @mexico Says:

    Is this the article you mean? I think it’s from the 23rd? Maybe he went there on his way to New York? And possibly the meeting if true could be something to do with a movie/ project? Just an idea

  237. 237
    Lolz Says:

    Hugh Bonneville fails to recognise Leonardo DiCaprio

  238. 238
    #236 Says:


    Yep that’s in. The website I got it from mentioned today’s date so this proves it’s not accurate because we know Leo was not in Mexico on 8/23.

  239. 239
    Léonie Says:

    @also: If Toni is going to walk the NYFW then she has to be back in NY by the end of the first week of Sep at the latest. But I’m not sure if she will. Maybe she’ll skip this one too as she did with Paris Couture.

  240. 240
    @mexico Says:

    @238 not unless he went for the night lol but I think he’s been seen partying every night since he got to NY. Guess its some club looking for a bit of promotion.

  241. 241
    #240 Says:


    It looks like maybe Mel Gibson was there. Maybe they had a lookalike or something.

  242. 242
    @mexico Says:

    @241 oh ya, good point! Well unless he did fly down for a very short time, I guess it must of been a lookalike.

  243. 243
    Still in New York.... Says:

    Tzik NYC (@TzikNYC)
    8/27/13, 9:31 AM
    Just saw Leonardo Dicaprio at Battery Park. Watch out for him. He is just walking around.

  244. 244
    also... Says:

    The whole Page Six sighting of Leo with Toni was in a post about Diddy having some fight after the VMA. Diddy himself denied it so Page Six misfired on this one.

  245. 245
    banana Says:

    old interview

  246. 246
    #244 Says:


    Thanks for the clarification. :-)

  247. 247
    banana Says:

    “Maybe she’ll skip this one too as she did with Paris Couture.”: i’m sorry? do you think the reason was Leonardo?

  248. 248
    This is interesting..... Says:

    Read what Nina had to say about Leo!! LOL

    SI Swimsuit (@SI_Swimsuit)
    8/27/13, 7:29 AM
    Morning Swim: Nina Agdal approves of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford to trace her genealogy and more news:

  249. 249
    sheesh Says:

    why all this obsession ? Who gives a f^ck about the nina sl^t

  250. 250
    also... Says:

    Well, of course she would go out with him. She dated Adam Levigne and I guess she is not opposed to the buzz that would create for her ( career ).

  251. 251
    What Says:

    a surprise! a 21yo sl%t who approves of Leonardo Dicaprio. Next!

  252. 252
    sheesh Says:

    sorry guys if you know some link about that nina sh@t here in jj i would happily use it as a vent… alas

  253. 253
    lol Says:

    Someone just admitted an application to an upcoming job opening. It worked for Blake Lively so why not? lol Nina seems to be more than willing to score another famous boyfriend.

  254. 254
    vavi Says:

    @sheesh: LMAO!!!!!!

  255. 255
    Léonie Says:

    ”If I was f–king hot and slamming like him, I would do it if I can get away with it! Why not?!” Lmao. If these are her actual words then I guess this is a whole other level of cheap.
    @banana: No, not sure about that at all. Maybe she didn’t walk Paris because she didn’t want to or doesn’t need it.

  256. 256
    #250 Says:


    Absolutely! LOL

  257. 257
    toni girl Says:

    that toni girl was nothing but his summer companion.Now that he’s done with his exotic european vacations they will say adios to each other .I want to add that this abnormal interaction (‘cos that is what it IS ) was definitely PR for the oncoming movie.

  258. 258
    toni girl Says:

    FAUX MANCE made for the woWS

  259. 259
    not with toni Says:

    he uses his PERSONAL LIFE to promote his MOVIE which “happens” to be sponsored by his Appian Way. Weird timing,isn’t it?! A REAL ACTOR twentyfour seven …………………………………………………………………………………………

  260. 260
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    That’s interesting actually. You guys think Leo only was with Toni to promote the film? But if anything it made him look worse and more like Belfort. If he really wanted to promote WOWS, wouldn’t he have dated Margot Robbie? Especially with the interviews of them dating. But still, it’s an interesting theory. I know for sure it’ll be a hit if it gets good enough reviews.

  261. 261
    #261 Says:

    “models aren’t even that interested in him anymore and how they probably make fun of him backstage since he b^anged half of them and almost all of them either know each other or work together. Nina proves that whole perception is WRONG”

    Believe it or not but..there are models with brain and self-esteem. I think they were talking about these ones :)

  262. 262
    @#253 Says:

    ”Someone just admitted an application to an upcoming job opening.” LOL!!! Love how people say sometimes that models aren’t even that interested in him anymore and how they probably make fun of him backstage since he b^anged half of them and almost all of them either know each other or work together. Nina proves that whole perception is WRONG. They’re STILL rooting for him not to mention most would sacrifice an arm so to speak to be his official girl regardless of his gross reputation. The perks of being with him outweigh all the others so yes indeed why not Nina. Remember how Nina’s BFF and Jakey’s current jam Alyssa Miller offered Leo to touch her boobs at a private Gatsby screening. Leo knows how they’d die to be with him and how easily impressed they are. How they’d worship him. They give him the constant validation he needs because they make him feel like a god. He loves it and that’s why he always chooses these exact types.

  263. 263
    ❤ lovesick ❤ Says:

    ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  264. 264
    #262 Says:


    I think I said the same thing earlier in this thread! Totally agree!!!

  265. 265
    @toni girl Says:

    So you mean he uses the opposite sex to promote his movies?? hopefully you’re wrong.

  266. 266
    bling bang Says:

    It’s actually sad that a supposedly serious and respected actor like Leo gets to be mentioned in such a way by a 21 year-old brainless fameho. He is clearly doing it himself though. His life consists of massive contradictions. What a shame.

  267. 267
    This is hilarious!!! Says:

    Happy reading! This is pretty funny….

    DiCaprioNews (@DiCaprioNews)
    8/27/13, 1:08 PM
    A Proposal For Leonardo DiCaprio

  268. 268
    HAHA Says:

    @bling bang:
    Agreed, it shows they only care about his fame and fortunes and not him. Its sad but it’s his decision to be with them.

    @This is hilarious!!!:
    Lol, thats funny but weird!

  269. 269
    not with toni Says:

    It made him look worse yes @HAHA just as these douchey yacht -pics with Jonah during past winter = promotion for Django and he was fully aware of the backlash from the whole toni-story and that’s why he was cryptic and awkward at the beginning of his “interaction” with her.I would say that while in Cannes and “exploring” Europe probably he was testing the waters . BUT a buzz serves always as promotion in this industry and don’t you forget an important factor :the woWS is NOT by any stretch OSCAR- MATERIAL That’s why he couldn’t care less about the negativity he would get , quite the opposite. I’ve said he puts his heart & soul when he makes movies . There’s not only a positive aspect of this ,there’s a negative one ,too: he sacrifices his private life for this industry : he is an actor 24/7 ………………………………………………………………………………………

  270. 270
    #268 Says:


    Although he didn’t make fun of Leo’s modelizing, I think it’s funny that he made fun of everything else that people comment on when it comes to Leo….his hats, his cargo shorts, his bike riding….

    Obviously it would never happen but it would be cool if Leo took him up on it….LOL

  271. 271
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    Hm, you think those pics with Jonah were staged? How come, I’m wondering. I dont think that was to promote Django, which was already going to be make lots of money no matter what. Its Tarantino. But youre right WOWS is not an Oscar friendly kind of film and reactions to it will probably be very divisive due to its content, in most cases itd be a tough sell but Leo is a pretty big draw for movies, Gatsby wouldn’t have done as nearly as well if he didn’t star in it. But why would be using Toni to promote WOWS? He’s gotten a lot of backflash for being with her and it’s made more people think he is nothing but an aging and creepy modelizer and that he is just like Jordan Belfort. How is that good PR for the movie at all, especially since Leo is going to play an unlikeable scumbag in it?

  272. 272
    not with toni Says:

    “How is that good PR for the movie at all, especially since Leo is going to play an unlikeable scumbag in it?” : in this particular case it doesn’t have to be some positive buzz. Even the negative one in THIS case is perfectly what Leo needs! “But why would be using Toni to promote WOWS?” : he is not using toni necessarily:he is using his PRIVATE LIFE as always which is not the same!

  273. 273
    huh? Says:

    @This is hilarious!!!: i don’t understand a thing ! could you explain me please??

  274. 274
    #269 Says:

    @not with toni:

    I don’t think those pics of Jonah and Leo were staged. Django came out on Christmas Day (I saw it opening day) and the pics of Leo and Jonah were after all the promotion/interviews for Django. Of course they had just pretty much finished up filming of WOWS so maybe that’s what you mean?

    I don’t know anything about how the PR machine works but I don’t see Leo as one of those that would use a girl or his personal life as promotion for a movie. I think if a reporter is able to ask him about the whole Toni, Ibizi/yachting summer he had and compare his life to Belfort, Leo would be very embarrassed. It’s very obvious that he does not like to put his private life in the public eye.

  275. 275
    @#269/272 Says:

    Although I initially thought this PR-move idea was false I have to admit you make good points. Am still very unsure as we know how Leo is almost frantic about keeping his private life to himself and strictly seperates it from his professional life. Question to you: going by this theory how would you explain his discomfort when he is around her? Going into ridiculous positions in order to hide his face from the papz in those bike pics with her for example? I mean if it was all a planned PR-move…?

  276. 276
    @274 Says:

    “I don’t see Leo as one of those that would use a girl or his personal life as promotion for a movie”: of course not ! we all know saint Leo is above everything,isn’t he?

  277. 277
    #275 Says:

    …you forgot to mention the towel

  278. 278
    @#277 Says:

    LOL! How could I?! That was actually the most ridiculous of all. No but seriously, it doesn’t add up if you look at it this way. Hollywood is a huge playground and PR-moves like these are so common and normal so I’m definitely not saying it doesn’t happen or Leo didn’t do it before but it doesn’t add up in this case to be frank…

  279. 279
    HAHA Says:

    No one is saying he is a saint, but he is very media shy and always serious, he’s not like a Matt Damon or Robert Downey Jr. type who like to joke and make fun of themselves. He’d never want his personal life to overshadow his career or even admit his life is similar to Belfort’s. He’ll probably be so embarrassed if/when an interviewer does compare his life to Beflort’s. Plus hes one of the top 10 highest paid actors, most of his movies usually do well at the Box Office. I’m not sure if I believe he is with Toni to promote the film which is guaranteed to do well at the box office but it is still an interesting theory.

  280. 280
    NO PR Says:

    My theory is he needed SEX and found a companion for that.

  281. 281
    @280 Says:

    Why not hire one of the numerous available escorts? There were plenty in Cannes and there are plenty in NY, Miami, Vegas….

  282. 282
    not with toni Says:

    “how would you explain his discomfort when he is around her?” :lmao! he might have been constipated ,eaten too much broccoli . he might have forgoten to take his chill pills:( kidding…….. Now seriously what are you talking about?! I didn’t notice any discomfort at all while he was being photographed sticking out his tongue at her and sucking greedily her whole face ………………………….”Going into ridiculous positions in order to hide his face from the papz in those bike pics with her ” : yeah it’s true he goes to great lengths but NOT only when he is with her =risible Leo = ………… @274 :you are right .i was wrong about the timing . But anyway, to me yacht -pics in weird timing=PR

  283. 283
    #276 Says:


    I didn’t say Leo was above everything. I am far from being one of those people who thinks that Leo is a saint or above reproach! I was only saying that the way he gets so mad at the paps and the way he tries to hide himself makes me think that he wouldn’t use his personal life to promote a movie but I could absolutely be wrong because as I said I do not know how the PR machine works.

  284. 284
    HAHA Says:

    Did anyone else see the news pics of Bradley and Suki in a park together cuddling while he’s reading Lolita to her? Imagine if we got pics of Leo and Toni like that. Thank goodness all there was from them was a kiss, JJ would of exploded lol

  285. 285
    NO PR Says:

    @281 and why not Toni for “free” ? and.. she gets the publicity too

  286. 286
    @not with toni 282 Says:

    I think its common to wear these masks in Venice. Its not like he was doing sth weird or unusual in Venice in order to hide from the papz.

  287. 287
    oops Says:

    I think some of us find subconsciously excuses for Leo’s behavior, I dont think he does PR by the choices in his private life maybe he really likes his “girlfriends” young, VS models, loves partying on yachts etc. Personally, I believe he wanted to impress his new buddy Jonah with the yacht-partying full of models in Australia, having said it was kind of funny to see how discomfortable Jonah looked on those pics :)

  288. 288
    not with toni Says:

    @@not with toni 282: you are right! I know, but this pic is so f#cking funny! well , you don’t like it? take this one : …………

  289. 289
    cake Says:

    @not with toni ‘ he might have been constipated ,eaten too much broccoli . he might have forgoten to take his chill pills:(‘ LMAO!!!

  290. 290
    not with toni Says:

    @@not with toni 288: agree! Leo ROCKS!!!!

  291. 291
    @not with toni 288 Says:

    LOL! loved the fingers!

  292. 292
    #287 Says:


    I agree. I think Leo loves his young blonde, leggy models and it has nothing to do with promotion. If WOWS did not exist, Leo would still have a young blonde, leggy model to cavort with.

  293. 293
    @not with toni 290 Says:


  294. 294
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    LMFAO! He must be so funny to hangout with. He needs to do more comedic films

  295. 295
    NO PR Says:

    @292 EXACTLY

  296. 296
    not with toni Says:

    “I think Leo loves his young blonde, leggy models” : the whole PR story and his materialistic intentions so to speak do NOT exclude his sincere fondness for these unequivocally attractive models .Why would they?! In a previous thread i had said that probably they get intimate(YUCK!!! HELL NO!), we are talking about Leo the wolf after all :D ………………………………………………………………………………………… @HAHA: Leonardo is really lovable-adorable ,besides what is written here and there :) :) ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  297. 297
    @not with toni Says:

    @not with toni: #296 ‘the whole PR story does not exclude his sincere fondness for these models’ : good point. agreed

  298. 298
    @bling blang Says:

    “It’s actually sad that a supposedly serious and respected actor like Leo gets to be mentioned in such a way by a 21 year-old brainless fameho” IT STINKS Leonardo should take his acquaintances more seriously from now on. He definitely needs not to hang out with NOBODIES who don’t know how to conduct themselves and have absolutely no idea that they are talking about a massive talent :LEO

  299. 299
    . Says:

    my big wish is for leo to look healthy and beautiful again like in 2006 and 2007. pls get rid of the nasty beard and bloated face, iwant beautiful and happy leo back! its a damn shame i have to always see such an unflattering pic of him whenever i try to google him UGH

    nononono! plus when hes with toni looking so bad it makes him look even worse for being with her.

  300. 300
    . Says:

    its even worse zoomed in, srsly why Wikipedia pick the worst picture of him!!

  301. 301
    yes please! Says:

    “My theory is he needed SEX” : i need S-E-X too, i need L-E-O ‘cos…………………………………….LEO = SEX.I luv him <3 <3< 3 Ohh Leonardo you sexy beast!!!!!

  302. 302
    . Says:

    @yes please!:
    hes not so sexy anymore!

  303. 303
    yes please! Says:

    @.: oh gosh he is f#cking HOT.The older the sexier oh hot! His s-experiences reflect on his eyes too.. He has those eyes that pierce you ,they break you oh what they do to me! When he is walking the red carpet dapper he exudes virility! Such a stud! Leo is pure s-e-x indeed :)

  304. 304
    yes please! Says:—red-carpet/p/8618/16/ how about this?! oh those eyes!!!!

  305. 305
    . Says:

    @yes please!:
    iwould agree with u if you meant a few years ago, but ever since 2008 its like his face has increased times 2! and he styles his hair horribly and makes himself very unflattering now, all these dumb girls are moaning over the loss of ‘young leo’ and the hot leo from the titanic bc of it. i am shallow but idgaf. i want hot leo back damnit! he was lookin fine at the GG’s this year but looked dreadful in Cannes and on this vacation with toni especially. i imagine he’ll still have the ugly beard and hairstyle for wows promotion as well, why does he choose to make himself look so unattractive all the time. hes already taken seriously and a lot of his fanbase grew up, he can go back to being hot! JMO…

  306. 306
    LLCL Says:

    Regarding PR: A long time ago I got lost to another site, dont know the name, where a supposed insider spilled some tea, there he/she mentioned the whole Leo-Bar thing was nothing but an arrangement, also Leo and Tom Hanks dont come along since catch me if you can..
    I have to ask this, as ridiculous as it may sound is there any truth behind it, concerning Leo having arrangements? This way he can have fun with his official ones and have side flings behind the media’s back, as we know he doesnt succeed. I bet he lets all of his “official” girlfriends sign a strict contract that would explain why none of them speak about their relationship after they break up. Plus why do many of you think that Leo-Blake incident was due to PR?
    Even though I m not buying the PR stuff, at end of the day none of us know Leo or his motives behind his actions who knows HW can be crazy XD

  307. 307
    . Says:

    @yes please!:
    he has great eyes but i DEPISE the slicked back hair so much it makes me want to cringe. i prefer him when he looked like this!!×888/k_n/ldicaprio20_gl_17aug12_rex_b.jpg

    he needs to go back to that hairstyle instead of slicking it back so much!!!

  308. 308
    mirror Says:

    “It’s actually sad that a supposedly serious and respected actor like Leo gets to be mentioned in such a way by a 21 year-old brainless fameho” IT STINKS Leonardo should take his acquaintances more seriously from now on. He definitely needs not to hang out with NOBODIES who don’t know how to conduct themselves and have absolutely no idea that they are talking about a massive talent :LEO”

    Gosh, you sound so mature and smart, and you would never go out with Leo if you had the opportunity. /endsarcasm

    It STINKS that he has immature, jealous little girls like you for fans. Go kiss your Leo posters. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to him. You’re a nobody who doesn’t know how to conduct yourself on a message board. He’d want nothing to do with you.

  309. 309
    . Says:

    u just may be right…i do not buy any of the relationships he had with any of his kittens except gisele bc he looked somewhat happy around her, and maybe bar. blake was obvious PR for unknown reasons but he did look pleased around her-she was prob lots of fun! ido think he is hiding things…he has dated many other women im sure but its only the models and blondes who get teh attention…

  310. 310
    @308 Says:

    your comment is nasty and vicious :) It mirrors how pathetic you are He’d want nothing to do with you. :) go f^ck yourself ‘cos “Go kiss your Leo posters. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to him” ……

  311. 311
    Agree with NO PR Says:

    NO PR seems right in all her/ his posts .
    and this is a man who is constantly around models, so the first one who lay herself down is probably the one he picks for the vacations – no big riddle this time this landed on Toni.

    I think some of you, that one called also and ZZZ ,are fictioning too many speculated PR-theories and even assumptions that are not adding up. No you are not weird, girls, but the theories seem to spin out of your heads more than his real life. The same thing with expecting her to show up around him in his partying. I dont think neither of you have got to the point to really look at his behavior in a light way… that meaning a light player way of living his life. He has no like… GIRL … -friend, the way I know you know he is shallow and all, but his “girlfriends” would not even in teenager life be considered as gf cause even as teenager you got more passion, more dedication of flirting with one, and not this flyboy from woman to woman catching up with all who smile at him.

    yea I know , he rejects a lot of those hundreds round him all the time, too, but when he chooses the ones he wanna get to know, it seems very likely to me that he is always very distracted and not so dedicated, and just the next day he could be with some complete else. y know what I mean? my point is, you gotta start looking at his life, not just “who is with who”, but like… I mean come on – holding on to a relationship you need depth. With these people, they party all the time, and they even stay in group hotels not even alone. How much you think they even got to know each other, right ?… not much.

  312. 312
    mirror Says:


    You reap what you sow, you vicious nasty troll. Your idol Leo wants nothing to do with rotten “fans” like you who treat his friends like sh*t.

  313. 313
    LLCL Says:

    To Bradley and his childfriend: I d rather see Leo hiding under a towel, umbrella, both or “jumping into the next trash can”, as Lainey would say, than like b coop, what the hell is he thinking? Where is his mommy? Does she approve of this?! UGH Seing these pics Im afraid Im going to force him jump into the next trash can, well someone has to. Gosh what an idiot.

  314. 314
    @308 Says:

    @mirror: lol you don’t know a thing! That was what you thought??!! I was talking about that nina model(not a Leo’s friend) .Please don’t be a bully

  315. 315
    @308 Says:

    “you would never go out with Leo if you had the opportunity. /endsarcasm” you are so stupid IT STINKS !! It’s another thing to go out with this so respected man it’s another thing to open your stupid mouth and talk sh!t (that nobody of a model) about him….you are the immature and the stupid one who does not know how to read comments here and how to make a point without sounding like a bored loser.You don’t deserve any further replies : nasty pathetic stupid and vicious poster ONLY if i keep replying to your stupid pathetic a$$ i will be immature!

  316. 316
    vici Says:


    You reap what you sow, nasty troll. Your idol Leo wants nothing to do with rotten “fans” like you who treat his friends like sh*t.

  317. 317
    presser Says:

    As much as some of you would like to believe the worst about Leo, he’s not going to go to the trouble of having a relationship for PR purposes. I’m sure he wants favourable coverage and tries control the media, but all public figures do. That’s why they employ PR teams. He and Bar probably did have an arrangement, or open relationship, from the looks of things, but he met her family, just like he met Gisele’s and Blake’s. I don’t know about Erin or Toni’s families, but his mom met both women.

  318. 318
    @presser Says:

    Agreed. Some here are so stuck in their minds about ONE thing: that he is all about himself. but he is NOT! he cares for family, true longtime friends and buddies, animals and wildlife, and then his mummy (a good man-quality). He doesnt even need extra PR like the other B-list stars, he is the most famous movie star of our time lol ! Even people in the jungle know who he is. Think about that ! the movie will do strong anyway (wows), cause he had just two very large movies in theatre before this. They function as the PR. Enough.

  319. 319
    presser Says:

    To continue, do you think he would bother involving his family and their families if he wasn’t trying to have a relationship with these women? He seems to want to have his cake and eat it too: a regular girlfriend, but the freedom to do as he pleases. Some women are willing to put up with it, and some aren’t.

  320. 320
    Bradley/Suki Says:

    Well… at least Bradley and Suki are snuggling in public.
    = they are, no matter how disturbing fact this is, a COUPLE for sure, and we need not question this in ten threads..

  321. 321
    HAHA Says:

    This is so true, its just puzzling because he has mentioned wanting family and marriage one day but hes in no rush i guess.

    Agreed-after coming off box office hits ever since 2010 excluding J. Edgar, he’s become more popular and successful than ever. WOWS will probably be a hit too with Jonah Hill and Matthew M costarring.

  322. 322
    presser Says:

    He doesn’t seem to be ALL about himself, but he does seem to be selfish and indulgent sometimes. He wants to do what he wants, when he wants. He wants the girlfriend to be there when he wants them, and go away when he doesn’t. That’s what it looks like to me.

  323. 323
    @320 Says:

    Unlike Leo, Bradley never felt the need to hide his relationships with his gfs.
    Maybe it’s because he’s more confident.

  324. 324
    huh? Says:

    mirror is the same clever poster as presser…… obviously

  325. 325
    Béret Says:

    Leo looks ridiculous and very old with his béret, someone should tell him !!

  326. 326
    well Says:

    Here is a new picture of Toni Garrn that appears in Interview Magazine – September 2013
    She gives her definition of what is sexy.
    Curtesy of BZ!

  327. 327
    . Says:

    and better looking than leo these days. geez compared to bradley in that pic from deniro’s party, leo looked so out of it! someone give him an intervention immediately!

  328. 328
    @presser319 Says:

    agree about real events and willing attitude… but disagree with family opinion: everyone gets to meet his mom. cause she is always with on vacations. every friend, and every girl. I have not yet seen is mom and Toni together chatting or interacting. With Erin I think it was a different case than Toni, cause we saw one pic of his mom holding around her at some amusement park they went to. So they obviously got ’closer’. Hence both in the current relationship he got are german too, it is strange not seeing them more interacting. and to be honest with you, Tonis BFF was with them, too, and she seemed more interacting with Toni, than mom was. And on that yacht, none of them even talked to Toni! I think that his mom knows quite alot about him already, she is not surprised he brings girls on board. she doesnt seem interested, and didnt seem interested in Bar, either. and I really dont think he went here to let them introduce to each other as the reason they got together for Europe, I absolutely think he was going with his fam, and then the small girls came along because that is soooooo exciting for them (… twenty one and young, you know) ;:-)

  329. 329
    @demented poster Says:

    @looker: “BC looks like a woman. A healthy woman, but still a woman” you GOT !!!! you are so f #cking bright, a genius!!!!!!GUYS this poster is so stupid it HURTS !!!! i bet she is the same stupid troll as @ presser @ mirror …..gosh you f^ck up the thread with your stupid remarks what an EINSTEIN Leo would be very proud of you!!

  330. 330
    Béret Says:

    Berets are for grandfathers, Leo !

  331. 331
    looker Says:

    Out of it Leo looks better than Bradley on his best day. BC looks like a woman. A healthy woman, but still a woman.

  332. 332
    looker Says:

    Berets look cool, but not on big heads. Leo looks better with his ballcaps.

  333. 333
    @well Says:


    I thought this was a thread about Leo News?

  334. 334
    Sarah Says:

    So T. Garrn is still posing in the nude.
    Even with the hours of preparation for the right light, the right makeup and the photoshop, I don’t find her sexy nor attractive.

  335. 335
    @Mirror Says:

    are you nina adgal’s fan? probably! well look honey, DiCaprio DO NOT need “fans”(lmao) like you who idolize a nobody , a thirsty fame wh ore like this one. Your role model SUCKS and it mirrors(irony indeed) what a nasty piece of work you are :zero morals and zero values apparently.I feel sorry if Leonardo has fans like you …

  336. 336
    . Says:

    i find leo at his best looking better than bradley but sadly leo has been looking worse than ever and the pics of him clubbing at cannes still haunt my mind that when isee him all i think of are of those pics :(

    judge me or not, but does anyone else agree if leo was hot and skinny like he was again in blood diamond or the departed, he wouldnt have received much backflash for dating toni??? people are shallow just like leo i tell u, so many slams against his body and head size on the internet everywhere! it makes me so sad to read such nasty comments about the man i love :(

  337. 337
    starkers Says:

    Why wouldn’t Toni still do nudes? She’s a model. Nude modeling is nothing new. I don’t find her attractive, but I don’t have to. She’s not my girlfriend. Leo obviously finds her attractive.

  338. 338
    @well@Sarah Says:

    Its called ’desperate for attention’ , this way she seems very Bar-ish.

  339. 339
    #319 Says:


    His mom meets everyone though. He seems to not have a problem bringing her around his young girlfriends but he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with meeting their parents. I don’t think he ever met Erin’s parents and we know he didn’t meet her parents because she went home for a visit and he was in NY. As much as we rag him about dating these young girls, I think he’s well aware of it enough to know they are (1) short term relationships and (2) he’s closer in age to their parents so he wants nothing to do with meeting the parents! JMO

  340. 340
    @well Says:

    i think Toni is beautiful. lovely lips and lovely tits…

  341. 341
    @starkers Says:

    Every model is pretty, but lol… no no no Gatsby obviously does not find her so. Look at his behavior! Its the same now as before he met her – he did not change. except from looking terribly miserable and SAD when around her…. how can those BZ babies even claim he is any different? Yea..more party more party, but they say things like he has never gone to this extent with any woman and such stupid crap. Whats that all about? You guys agreee ????

  342. 342
    thinner Says:

    Leo is thin. Look at his legs! He’s just out of shape. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a healthier diet, exercise, and rest.

  343. 343
    Lorelei Says:

    Do you know why she had to remove her cothes for this September issue of Interview magazine? The pose is not very flattering, I must say.

  344. 344
    @@well@sarah Says:

    Gisele also did nude photoshoots. And more than once.

  345. 345
    #340 Says:


    I have to agree and actually it seems like it belongs in a playboy instead of interview magazine the way she’s covering her hoohah!!

  346. 346
    thinner Says:

    “he’s closer in age to their parents so he wants nothing to do with meeting the parents! JMO”

    Probably true!

  347. 347
    @@Mirror Says:

    @@Mirror: gosh please that nina b!tch should not be mentioned here.I agree though she is a lowly woman and certainly a nobody as you say who wants to take advantage of hanging out with Leo!She doesn’t care about him and all she wants is to “happen” using his name Leo should be very careful with those “acquaintances” i think he needs to protect himself from these nobodies -fame wh%res .

  348. 348
    interviewer Says:

    Interview never featured Bar. It’s a high fashion mag. Men’s mag pinups and teases need not apply.

  349. 349
    Gisele Says:

    That woman had apart from nudes some dignity, too……and not to promote herself based on a super bland “relationship”

    Same whatever. Toni is just average. and very attentionseeking

  350. 350
    From Glamour magazine Says:

    Sexiest-hottest men of 2013.

    Cast your vote
    Here is how they describe Leo (lol)

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Age: 38
    Single? He’s rumoured to be dating Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, but frankly, who knows. Oh Leo, we’ll be waiting.
    See Him Next: In The Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve seen a lot of on-set pictures of Leo lounging on a yacht surrounded by blonde beauties. Life, imitating art, imitating life…!image-number=62

  351. 351
    Toni fan Says:

    Leo is bloated, unattractive, a manwh0re, and overrated actor. A doucheybag too, he looks like a lesbian catface. Only morons without eyes would diss Toni and praise him! He aint no Jack Dawson! HE’S OVERRATED

  352. 352
    Good Lord Says:

    Toni is gorgeous

  353. 353
    . Says:

    Zzzzz i always enjoy ur posts u seem very nice. do u agree with me re Leo’s looks???

  354. 354
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leonie: Thanks for the info! I am going to try it out! xoxo
    @HAHA: Hey there! There’s been some interesting discussions on the thread. I like! re Leo and marriage/children: Leo has said in interviews that he wanted marriage and a family, but just because he said, doesn’t mean it’s true. He has said a lot of thing in interviews that didn’t happen. Also, how would it look if he said – ‘no, I don’t want to get married or have kids.” Just imagine what kind of a reaction he would get. I’m not saying he doesn’t – I just talk what he says in interviews with a grain of salt.
    @@Zzzzzz 207 (216) Here is a picture of Nikki – she looks young and slender maybe this is an old photo.
    re Leo using his private life to promote a movie: IMO – I completely disagree. A person who would use their private life to promote a film is also the type of person who would be kissing ass, going out of his way to do all the talk shows and campaigning for an Oscar. Leo may be many things, but he has NEVER done that! That’s why I believe this whole romance for WOWS is bs! Again, that is my opinion
    @agree with no PR (311): I don’t recall ever having made a comment about Leo and PR (outside of this comment) and re Toni , I have always maintained that she is a summer fling (sex!) and it will end before the WOWS promo begins. Not sure how you came up with this conclusion in your comment. I have said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more photos of the two together (a la Erin and Leo). But as to any kind of emotional tie – I don’t Leo has really has really involved any of his emotions in his recent relationships. Although, I did think he liked/listed after Blake. He seemed genuinely taken with her – but it didn’t stop him from hitting on other women…

  355. 355
    @interview #348 Says:

    Do your homework before you post….
    Bar was in fact featured in Interview magazine in 2010.
    By photographer Terry Richardson and the Jersey Shore guys!

  356. 356
    Toni Says:

    Toni is too tall for Leo. Makes them both look ridiculous.

  357. 357
    --- Says:

    Yes Bar did appear in Interview magazine with The Situation boys. T. Richardson is always kind of weird or provocative …. but at least, Bar kept her clothes on.

  358. 358
    @Mirror Says:

    ““It’s actually sad that a supposedly serious and respected actor like Leo gets to be mentioned in such a way by a 21 year-old brainless fameho” IT STINKS Leonardo should take his acquaintances more seriously from now on. He definitely needs not to hang out with NOBODIES who don’t know how to conduct themselves and have absolutely no idea that they are talking about a massive talent :LEO”
    Gosh, you sound so mature and smart, and you would never go out with Leo if you had the opportunity. /endsarcasm
    It STINKS that he has immature, jealous little girls like you for fans. Go kiss your Leo posters. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to him. You’re a nobody who doesn’t know how to conduct yourself on a message board. He’d want nothing to do with you.”
    MY REPLY : gosh i bet you are besties with Leo after all you as NiNa’s fan you are a smart and very mature girl with values you are too good to be posting here talking to immature trolls like me!! i would like to take some lessons from you about how to conduct myself on a message board you are so polite,not agressive and bully at all and so spot on it’s worth it OH too bad i will never see Leo and i’ll have to kiss my posters instead as you so nicely say !! it really sucks : will you help me get an autograph since you NOT – A-NOBODY are his best friend and you know he would never ever want to do anything with me(lmao).Please i want an autograph will you ask him one for me? END OF SARCASM .btw you are nothing but a piece of SH!T.Yeah! thank gosh i’m not you :)

  359. 359
    @Mirror Says:

    @Whoa: i absolutely agree with you on this well.. some people here don’t know how to read other posters’ comments and they misunderstand everything and attack ….this is the bad thing of writing on a message board! it’s like a game with words…. ok i have to admit that Leo is a hot topic :)

  360. 360
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @. (#353): I agree with you – I thought he did look his best in Blood Diamond – yum! I actually thought the picture where he was talking to Toni at a partyin Cannes, he looked good. I do think the reason people pick on his looks is because he really let himself go this summer – especially with the big beard and the gut! (I know he’s on vacation, but still….) It doesn’t help that he dresses like a slob! The full beard made him look older/scruffier and when he stood near Toni, it really magnified the age difference. TBH, I think even if he was thinner and smooth faced, people would still bash him. I just think people are just fed up with him only dating 20ish tall, thin, blond models. He has become the butt of jokes, which is really sad for such a talented person. :(

  361. 361
    Whoa Says:

    Why all the fighting over Leo? What does he do that makes you go all become viscous to eachother on here? LOL damn.

  362. 362
    Zzzzzz Says:

    re WOW and Leo’s life comparisons: so it begins
    Glamour magazine – “In The Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve seen a lot of on-set pictures of Leo lounging on a yacht surrounded by blonde beauties. Life, imitating art, imitating life…”

  363. 363
    superficial Says:

    Leo is NOT a model and he is not supposed to be gorgeous .How shallow

  364. 364
    LLCL Says:

    @. I agree he seemed very much into Gisele but didnt they break up due to his party-lifestyle or has Leo not cheated on her? He sure likes all his exes but none of them was/is worthy to give up his bachelor lifestyle, possibly thats why Leo prefers them very young and dumps them when he gets bored or if they try to change him.
    Brad/Suki: Well everyone has a different opinion on his public snuggling with his barely legal girl..speaking for myself I am grossed out seing these candids.

  365. 365
    HAHA Says:

    Yikes. Can you just imagine the questions he will get asked, or do u think he’ll skip interviews this year again? It’ll be awkward for sure if they ask about his life versus Jordan’s. The gossip sites like Lainey and ONTD will be all against him too, it’s going to get ugly! Hopefully Leo is planning out what he will say without blatantly lying or avoiding the questions. And you may be right regarding the kids and marriage talk, but for some reason I think he really wants kids, he doesnt really want a wife tho. At least not anytime soon. And agreed regarding his looks! But I also think part of the nasty comments about his appearance lately are also from the people who wish he looked like Jack Dawson forever. People will just never let Titanic or that character go, and sometimes in a way I do feel bad for Leo because of that.They look at how bloated and boozed up he’s been lately and think the last time he was attractive ever was in 1998, but its not true. 2008 was probably his peak.

  366. 366
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Toni Fan (351): umm – so what does that say about Toni since she’s dating him and followed him around.

  367. 367
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: I don’t think he will, because as you stated – he has worked so hard to get this film made. TBH, I don’t see how they can do an article on the movie and not bring up Leo’s personal life. It’s going to get really uncomfortable for him. But hey, he gets paid something like 20 mil a film – he can suck it up and deal with it!
    re his looks – Completely agree! People are trapped in the whole ‘Jack Dawson”. Personally, I think he was too pretty when he was younger. I prefer a man who actually looks like a man! I think btwn 2006-2008 he looked great – but, there were some photos from Gatsby press where he looked mighty fine! Leo really does clean up nice!

  368. 368
    not with toni Says:

    “Leo using his private life to promote a movie: IMO – I completely disagree. A person who would use their private life to promote a film is also the type of person who would be kissing ass, going out of his way to do all the talk shows and campaigning for an Oscar. ” Actually , i don’t think Leo loses his sleep during the nights over an oscar .He is NOT a boot -licker by any stretch of the imagination BUT this doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t care about the buzz his movies and his personal life create,the box office and the finances of his movies.Hollywood is an industry and everything revolves around money-honey . He is not just an actor anymore. He owns the Appian Way …………………………………………………………………………………………

  369. 369
    HAHA Says:

    Lesbian catface? Lol what. Leonardo can still be very handsome when he wants to be, his looks fluctuate a lot
    I know his looks supposedly declined in 2010 but I thought he looked pretty good at the Shutter Island conference in Berlin:

  370. 370
    um Says:

    ‘A person who would use their private life to promote a film is also the type of person who would be kissing ass’ not necessarily….

  371. 371
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @not with toni: Leo company’s – Appain Way has been around at least 8 yrs if not longer (It was one of the producers of The Aviator back in 2004) – so this is not new to him. Considering how much he hates it when his personal overshadows his movies, I would honestly be surprised. But this is HW and anything is possible.

  372. 372
    HAHA Says:

    I thought he was pretty and cute when younger but the way most girls go on and on about missing ‘young Leo’ and how perfect he was and how ugly he is now gets really annoying. He looked soo much better from 2006-2007 than the 90s, and he looked his hottest in The Departed & Blood Diamond. He looked really nice at opening for Gatsby in Cannes even with the beard. And like I said before it’s going to be tricky for Leo not to promote WOWS because the film will be all about him and he is the driving force of it. He narrates 50% of it, he’s going to be in the majority of scenes. Its HIS film. I expect Jonah and Margot to promote it too but there’s no way Leo can avoid interviews. But at the same time, like u said the questions will probably make him feel really uncomfortable and I just cant imagine him answering them? And icant imagine him going on talk shows either, he seems incredibly too shy for that! And he’s such a big star at this point that he will probably like you said-suck it up and deal with it. I think he’s become more famous than ever these past few years! Its interesting that he’s reaching his 40s soon and his fame hasn’t declined one bit, talk about managing to stay relevant for a long time!

  373. 373
    Zzzzzz Says:

    typo 371 *personal life
    @HAHA: I agree it is amazing that after 20yrs – his career and fame are still going strong. Also, Gatsby introduced him to a whole new generation.

  374. 374
    not with toni Says:

    i agree with you @Zzzzzz that Leonardo hates it when his personal life overshadows his movies that’s why in his interviews he is always so discreet and sweet and modest and cute!! :) He sticks to his movies .He is very professional indeed and we all give him credit but i believe that it’s NOT HIM who wants this buzz about his personal life but the people who work with him in this industry it’s so sad.I feel very sad about the fact that he is OBLIGED somehow to sacrifice his privacy for PR Leonardo is the man who supports many people in this industry ( i’m NOT talking about friends and family of course) He is an artist but these people around him are people who deal with the finances of a movie and work to make money as everyone it’s their job and there’s nothing bad about that of course and maybe a little Leo -romance -buzz as strange as it may sounds wouldn’t hurt . Maybe Leo unfortunately does this thing( maybe sacrificing his privacy) WITHOUT WANTING TO it is against his will to create this buzz just because he is a part of this industry When you are part of this money machine you cannot do whatever you want unfortunately. But all these are conspiracy theories i know!!!! I just speculate and it is JMO! i PRAY to God Leo is free to do whatever he wants with his life.FREE WILL is what differentiates us from the animals but this is a strange world where everything revolves around money and people lose the right to be free to choose how they should live their lives! Well… i believe free will is a utopia for everyone here on this planet not just for our Leo !! :) JMO ………………………………………………………………………………

  375. 375
    HAHA Says:

    Exactly, so has Django and I think WOWS will too. I think its pretty cool he’s been super famous for almost 20 years now and is still going strong. He hasn’t been forgotten about despite younger and newer actors coming on the scene.

  376. 376
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    Do you think maybe he always chooses to be seen with models is to put up an image that he’s some hotshot or that he isnt gay? I don’t see why he would care if he was suspected to be gay, but there are a lot of rumors about him, and since he’s not married and has no kids he may use the models to his advantage. I doubt that its true however, but he is very mysterious. I guess we’ll never know really.

  377. 377
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    Bye :p

  378. 378
    not with toni Says:

    @HAHA: i will answer your questions but now i must go i have some work to do!! See ya :) <3

  379. 379
    HAHA Says:

    This is cute, found a pic of Leo and his movie daughter from WOWS

  380. 380
    #379 Says:


    That is a cute pic!

  381. 381
    Drake Says:


    Lovely. Is he clubbing again after a night off.

  382. 382
    #376 Says:


    IMO I think Leo dates models especially young ones because as much as a lot of his fans still think of him as jack Dawson, I think his mentality when it comes to dating is still that of a 22 year old. I mean obviously there’s the fact that they’re beautiful but I think he’s insecure and so he dates girls who may not be as intelligent as him or he can control (and by that I mean he controls their surroundings like where they go, what they do and who they hang out with). It’s sad that he’s like that and I don’t get why. He’s proven that he’s not dumb (successful career, good investments, environmental causes, etc.) so why does he feel like he needs a girl that’s like this? I can only imagine that maybe he was made fun of a lot for being dumb or something when he was younger and its stuck with him???

  383. 383
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA: Leo has always been into models. Ellen Barkin said that when she was filming This Boy’s Life, Leo would have a fashion magazine and point to varies models and ask if she knows them and could she introduce them to him. She said he was obsessed with tmodels. He was 18/19 at the time and he hasn’t change!
    I think @#376 (382) is dead on and I’ve said the same thing – he has a 23 yr old frat boy mentality and he wants the hottest babe, which to him is a young, tall, thin, blonde model. I also agree that he appears insecure and unsure of himself. Maybe because he barely finished high school, he is intimidated by people more educated than him – especially women. I wonder if any of his close friends (Toby, Lucas) went to college. @376 I think you’re right, something happened that affected his mental growth, maybe the sudden fame?

  384. 384
    #383 Says:


    Maybe but it could have been that he just had a tough time in high school, maybe tougher than he lets on in interviews. Also IMO I think with his impending 40th bday and the fact that he gets reminded of it constantly in mags and interviews he might be having a serious internal struggle with his 22yo mentality and the fact that he is about ready to turn 40. Obviously the farther he gets away from 22, the more he looks his age.

    i hope he gets back in shape too bc his recent over indulging ways at his age don’t help his appearance! He gets a pudgy face, a gut and I noticed he has little moobs!

  385. 385
    ieo Says:

    #383 Also some serious medical problems

  386. 386
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#383: little moobs! LMFAO!!! re high school – he admits he was terrible in high school and you are right, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was picked on growing up. He looked so young for his age and so baby faced. Teens can be cruel.
    re turning 40: agree 100%.
    re getting in shape: He always does when he has a premier – but I don’t think he realizes that it gets harder and takes longer to get back in shape the older you get. – the pudgy face IMO is from an over-indulgence of alcohol.
    re his moobs!!: even in The Departed where Leo really worked out – his pecs never got that defined – ripped look. I don’t recall his pecs every being ripped – do you?

  387. 387
    #386 Says:


    Nope. You cal tell he’s not into working out. He does the bike riding and some walking and we know he plays basketball and a bit of tennis (haha) but I think he’s even said in interviews he’s not into working out everyday.

  388. 388
    Milano Says:

    .. the comments under his last instagram pic suggest Milano is back in LA. He replied to someone asking if he was back a couple of hours ago. Could be Leo is also back then? Given the lack of sightings… I know he was last seen in Battery Park, NY Tuesday afternoon but that was about it…

  389. 389
    Sasha Says:

    That’s a cute pic of Leo with the little actress who plays his daughter! -
    With the WOWS movie release coming in November, I have the feeling Leo needs (or needed) to be around NY for a while in order to prepare all the different interviews, photoshoot sessions usually required a month or two before for the film promo. Marty and Leo must have had a couple of meetings with publicists or are still planning for the two months ahead.
    We know how he’s been spending his nights and late-nights by partying in his usual spots, but I’m sure during the day he was also busy working.
    I woudln’t be surprised he’ll still have an interview to give in L.A. for his movie when he’ll go back soon.

  390. 390
    Pic Spammer Says:

    Naomi Campbell and some other appear nude in THIS very Interview mag shoot. nudes!!!!* clutches pearls* Big F***cking Deal.
    Toni is in the September issue mag name checked along with LEGENDS of the modelling business Naomi, Stephanie, Kate, Linda, Amber e.t.c and with fellow newbies Karlie KIoss and Joan Smalls, Doutzen, Constance, Candice e.t.c. It speaks to where her career is already at in the fashion world at only the age of 21. Not forgetting her currently getting yet another Vogue cover. I suppose its classier for Toni to be performing a sex act with a sandwich for the Jersey Shore guys to a mention I mean that’s more classy *eye roll*
    Interesting the same ‘Leo’ fan always seeks out Toni pics in HF mags to s***t shame her in every Leo post like the ‘Leo’ fan did to Erin.

  391. 391
    lol Says:

    @390: who cares? you are always so worked up about people not liking his girlfriends but no issue taking a shot at his least popular ex.

  392. 392
    first language Says:

    “Maybe because he barely finished high school, he is intimidated by people more educated than him – especially women.” : if Leonardo is intimidated by cultivated women then maybe he should find a woman from a foreign country – her first language won’t be english so he won’t feel THAT insecure when with her …

  393. 393
    first language Says:

    I’ve read in an interview that Leonardo -the-baby used to have some hard time solving equations …Well i’m good at maths maybe i could give him some “private lessons “!!! <3 <3 <3

  394. 394
    Pic Spammer Says:

    Because its the fans of that ex that do this. It was the same comments, pic spamming in the Erin posts and it was called out here.
    I don’t want to derail so I’ll only say if you choose you can read for yourself. It’s not a coincidence.

  395. 395
    @pic spammer Says:

    sorry to break into this but you say the same thing over and over almost in every Leo thread and you post links in order to ” unveil” the “vicious” pic spammer. It’s getting ridiculous seriously btw the poster @LOL did what you are doing now in previous posts maybe it’s you………………………..

  396. 396
    Pic Spammer Says:

    Sexy Candice. Nude for Sept Interview Legend Issue.
    Wasnt’ Leo trying to hit at her at one point before he settled for one night standing Miranda???????? Wonder why JJ has not posted Candice’s Vogue Mexico cover but posts on the less successful Irina Shayk?

  397. 397
    Pic Spammer Says:

    The most beautiful model on the planet. IMO
    4 Vogue covers this month alone. But married and now too old for Leo

  398. 398
    @396 Says:


  399. 399
    Pic Spammer Says:

    @@pic spammer:
    Well if you know I apparently do the same in every post, then you’re as ridiculous as I am, otherwise you could simply ignore my post rather than use the tired argument of claiming one poster is another (though why would anyone bother to do that on a gossip board) which is common in Leo posts too.
    And piece de resistance another Leo ex for the Interview Issue

  400. 400
    Pic Spammer Says:

    Oh wow then pic @ 399 is going to upset you. Its just for laughs. But Doutzen @397 is beautiful no?

  401. 401
    funny people here Says:

    “I don’t want to derail ” hahaha you are funny.

  402. 402
    Pic Spammer Says:

    Oh wow then pic @ 399 is going to upset you. Its just for laughs. But Doutzen @397 is beautiful no?

  403. 403
    @pic spammer Says:

    “Well if you know I apparently do the same in every post, then you’re as ridiculous as I am” me ridiculous just as you no way!!! i have a bigger fish to fry than come here and derail the thread posting stupid and fugly pics ,posting BULLSH!T please we are not the same don’t you insult me lol !! bye now…

  404. 404
    @399 Says:

    i have nothing against nude modelling i see it all the time, but isn’t naomi campell to old for this ish? seriously?

  405. 405
    @pic spammer Says:

    “otherwise you could simply ignore my post rather than use the tired argument of claiming one poster is another” i take lessons from your demented and stupid a$$!!!

  406. 406
    funny people here Says:

    it’s risible how some Leo- “fans” idolize models just because Leonardo spends his sparetime f^cking them…. i bet if he chose a waitress as a girfriend these stupid trolls wouldn’t be obsessed with the fashion world

  407. 407
    LEO...................... Says:


  408. 408
    @406 Says:

    @funny people here: lol so true!

  409. 409
    @406 Says:

    as opposed to the stupid trolls that idolise the modelizer himself right? Or obsess on who he’s f^cking and why in his spare time? I mean that’s much more fulfilling right?

  410. 410
    @403 Says:

    LMAO some people here are truly hysterical! LOL

  411. 411
    @Pic spammer Says:

    It’ s about time you change your tune. You sound like an old record insisting on wanting to love how models should be soooo respected because they appear on VOGUE covers and it is never a big deal to pose in the nude because so many models do so….blah blah blah….

    Go back to your Bz forums where you belong.

  412. 412
    also... Says:

    @394: Well, that’s your theory and not everyone agrees with you. You are the one spamming this thread with unrelated photos but I assume that’s just fine.

  413. 413
    @406 Says:

    @LEO………………….: not true: see Mattie and Lucy:) btw these marriages where the spouses are many years apart ( over 13 years) have a bigger rate of failure Leo should take note!

  414. 414
    @411 Says:

    Mattie and Lucy is not all as it seems. Neither are Ben and Jen, Denzel and Paulette, Warren and Annette, Bon Jovi and Dorothea, Sting and Trudy in fact most of these so called happy HW marriages are not as they seem.

  415. 415
    @411 Says:

    Sorry post 414 was in response to #413 not #411. The numbers seem scrambled up so I’m not sure were this will end up

  416. 416
    @406 Says:

    @@411: i agree with you but i’m convinced Mattie and Lucy is THE EXCEPTION ‘cos we all know that every rule has its exception .I really luv this beautiful couple! I hope Leo finds a sweet woman just like LUCY <3 <3 <3

  417. 417
    "models" who are not models! Says:

    I posted one long post, but with too many swearing cheering words, so it got deleted by jj.

    Here is. Who cares about who did the cover magazines, really

    the HOTTEST girls on this planet not belonging to the model business,

    1. Scandinavian Girls (OMFG!!! look like models especially blondes)
    2. Arabians and Persians (FQ those Eyes!!! belly dancers!)
    3. Indian Girls (usually perfect!)
    4. Somalian, Kenyan and Ethiopians (tall, perfect faces)
    5. Japanese Girls (Some Geisha women here..oh my)
    6. Irish Girls (admit it… the redheads are sexy! and especially blue-eye
    7. Caribbean Girls (big butts no problem, they can shake it)
    8. Hawaiian Girls (Golden skin, long hair, amazing)

    In other words, better go check this world outside “the box”

  418. 418
    DAMON Says:

    am i asking for too much when i want Leo to be a happy husband and a cute father just like Matt Damon?

  419. 419
    Lucy Says:

    Just for the record, no marriage is ever what it seems. That goes for non-HW marriages, as well. And I am saying this as a happily married woman (well, most days! Lol). Soooo, there’s that.

  420. 420
    :) Says:

    I just want leo to have babies!!
    Married or not

  421. 421
    @DAMON Says:

    Yes, he is married to the clubs. without clubs, I wonder there even be a life for him?

  422. 422
    @417 Says:

    @“models” who are not models!: your comment is TRASH! beauty has nothing to do with ethnicity.

  423. 423
    ?????? Says:

    Enough with the model talk! This is not a thread about models and covers! Take it to a fashion thread and stop derailing the Leo thread.
    @417: WHO CARES?

  424. 424
    @"models" who are not models! Says:

    Not all models are from America, but the list is fine :-) Germans not there? I agree some german girls look really awkward, so square-faced. Not Toni necessarily, she looks cute, but some germans are REALLY manly in their faces.

  425. 425
    @411 Says:

    I bet it’s fashiondream from bz. She hated Bar and is in love with Erin and Toni. It fits pic spammer’s agenda.

  426. 426
    @421 Says:

    You dont gettit. its a general observation, no “truth”.

    Like the general observation of many TOO FAT AMERICANS because of the hamburger industry. =truth.


  427. 427
    @425 Says:

    …… Hamburgers , reality TV and soap operas

    Just like JJ, oh wow.

  428. 428


  429. 429
    @420 Says:

    “I just want leo to have babies!!
    Married or not”

    DREAM ON ! you are from Model Fan Forum Bellazon right, you think thats gonna be Erin, Toni or Bar dont you? hey look… models that young, need to stay young. Getting pregnant will destroy your whole body slim shape

  430. 430
    :) Says:

    @429 he can use surrogate

  431. 431
    Leonardo Dicaprio Says:

    boring, boring, boring, boring, boring….

  432. 432
    Leonardo Dicaprio Says:

    @Please well what do you want them to talk about besides models and clubs?

  433. 433
    Please Says:

    This is a Leo thread, not a Matt/Lucy thread or a model thread. We’re totally off track here.

    And my last comment is I didn’t realize that interview mag put nude pics of models in their pages so shows how much I know about the fashion industry! :-)

  434. 434
    @kulsuzi Says:

    “This is a Leo thread, not a Matt/Lucy thread ” : i feel bad for making you feel bad when i had the audacity to mention Luciana in a Leo thread how dare i ???….next time i’ll take your permission in order to post my comment since you are the boss here and you can dictate what should be written or not..

  435. 435
    @kulsuzi Says:

    @Leonardo Dicaprio: who gives a f^ck about what @ kulsuzi wants to written here? that kulsuzi dominates these threads and maybe now she thinks she has the right to “moderate” us LMAO

  436. 436
    lolz Says:

    @LEO………………….: your comment is nasty and it reflects what a scumbag you are. I hope no one(especially Leonardo) takes your vicious advice

  437. 437
    old article Says: did you know Leo used to live with Dana Giacchetto?!

  438. 438
    ❤ lovesick ❤ Says:

    ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  439. 439
    #434 and #435 Says:


    wow….aren’t you a piece of work! Carry on by all means…..

  440. 440
    @439 Says:

    @#434 and #435: “aren’t you a piece of work! ” it’s alright don’t cry….”Carry on by all means” sure i will! now that i have your permission!!!!!

  441. 441
    #440 Says:


    You can end this now. I won’t be commenting on your rants anymore.

  442. 442


  443. 443


  444. 444


  445. 445


  446. 446


  447. 447


  448. 448


  449. 449

    I WANNA SQUEEZE HIS CHEEKS AND BELLY<3 <3 <3 <3 oh sweetie Leo

  450. 450

    I WANNA SQUEEZE HIS CHEEKS AND BELLY<3 <3 <3 <3 oh sweetie Leo <3 luv ya

  451. 451
    @twitter Says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but you are wrong cos this thread is not about toni this time!!!

  452. 452
    Twitter Says:

    Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn 1h
    So I am at this incredible spa, and all I want to do is get back to work! Has my summer been too long, is that possible?! –>NYC

  453. 453
    funny Says:

    thus spoke toni : “all I want to do is get back to work!” ummm come again! what exactly is your “work” honey?!

  454. 454
    #388 Says:


    I’m not seeing any sightings of Leo in either NY or CA so I guess we’ll see.

  455. 455
    Twitter Says:

    @@twitter Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but that you aren’t interested in her tweets or what she’s up to doesn’t mean nobody here does. Bye.

  456. 456
    funny Says:

    @#388: maybe he is mexico indeed or cabo ???

  457. 457
    @@twitter Says:

    agreed garrn’s stalkers are everywhere

  458. 458
    @#452 Says:

    Translation: Now my vacation with my BF is over I’m bored to death and can’t wait to go back…
    @#454: He can keep a low profile in LA. Much less sightings when he’s in LA compared to when he’s in NY.

  459. 459
    Looks like still in NY Says:

    Juju S. Algwaiz (@Jujugwz)
    8/28/13, 8:50 AM

  460. 460
    well Says:

    Almost just met Leonardo DiCaprio #nycisamazing #thedarby

  461. 461
    #460 Says:


    haha….still hitting up the clubs! :-)

  462. 462
    well Says:

    @#460: well…this is the guy we know of !!! :)

  463. 463
    also... Says:

    lol just like we talked about the other day. When she is back to NYC / close to Leo she will let the world know. And here is the tweet. She is working hard during those 15 minutes.
    I assume Leo is getting busy with WOWS promo so we get less sightings except for his beloved clubs.

  464. 464
    #463 Says:


    I agree. I’m still wondering if he will stay in NY over the Labor Day weekend and meet up with Toni when she returns which I assume will be sometime this weekend.

    A ways back on another thread, I made a joke about someone posting a prediction that Labor Day would be the last Leo/Toni sighting like it was for Leo/Erin so it’ll be interesting to see if (1) will Leo stay in NY for the holiday weekend, (2) will Toni return to NY this weekend and (3) will we get pics of Leo/Toni together this weekend????

  465. 465
    well Says:

    funny thing is that i ‘ve read in an interview of his that he finds clubbing boring(!!!!) .That he’s fed up with the frantic clubbing over the years and all these ……

  466. 466
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @well: Now I know you, being an intelligent person, don’t believe that! I can’t believe he actually said that! Although, he might go to clubs out of habit and because he doesn’t want to be alone. I’ve read where he actually spends most of his time texting/on his phone.
    @also…: So true!

  467. 467
    SAY NO TO Says:


  468. 468
    SAY NO TO Says:


  469. 469
    SAY NO TO Says:


  470. 470
    SAY NO TO Says:


  471. 471
    SAY NO TO Says:


  472. 472
    SAY NO TO Says:


  473. 473
    well Says:

    @Zzzzzz ” Now I know you, being an intelligent person” ; should i be offended , is this an attack?

  474. 474
    @411 Says:

    @464: Him being in NYC for the holiday weekend doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for Toni. He has an upcoming movie and probably he is already doing promo, Scorsese is in NYC. So it could be work related. And even before he started dating Toni he spent a lot of time in NYC. It was noticeable how rarely he went home to LA. Don’t forget he us apartment hunting as well. I don’t think you can put a deadline to their relationship like Labor Day weekend. I don’t think it will last long but I have no prediction when.
    @465: He says a lot of things in interviews. If he finds it boring why us he clubbing so much? Music? Company or why?

  475. 475
    well Says:

    ” I can’t believe he actually said that!” HE SAID THAT

  476. 476
    #466 Says:


    I agree. He doesn’t like to be alone so he hits the clubs. We know Milan is back in LA so I wonder if Lukas has stayed behind with Leo? Not that he doesn’t have other friends in NY to hit the clubs with!

  477. 477
    Jo Says:

    Leo looked so handsome at the Gatsby premiere in NY:

  478. 478
    Jo Says:

    This smile:

  479. 479
    #475 Says:


    Clarification – my comment was not insinuating that he hits the clubs with Milan either!!! :-)

  480. 480
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @well (473): god no! I meant that you always come across as smart and observant – not like one of his mindless fans. Sorry for the misunderstanding :)

  481. 481
    Jo Says:

    Those eyes:
    Sorry for my inner fangirl *lol*

  482. 482
    well Says:

    “god no! I meant that you always come across as smart and observant ” well it’s the first time i post as “well” “not like one of his mindless fans” : i hope you are not insinuating that Leo’s fans especially in jj are mindless ‘cos that wouldn’t be alright

  483. 483
    @well Says:

    Im starting to believe he’s twisted. He contradicts himself constantly…

  484. 484
    @jo Says:

    he is so damn HOT *swoon* his “sinful” lips! are another story

  485. 485
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#463: I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of the Leo and Toni together for the Labor Day. Especially, (like also… mentioned) she basically announced that she was heading back to NYC.

  486. 486
    @Zzzzzz Says:

    no offense , but whenever someone has a totally different opinion from you and says things you “totally disagree” does not mean that they are mindless Leo fans, again no offense, actually you sound a bit condescending and i feel very offended…..

  487. 487
    well Says:

    @@well: it’s true but then again thats what he said in the interview, believe it or not…

  488. 488
    #485 Says:


    Especially now that we know he is still in NY. I was starting to question if he was still in NY yesterday/last night because of no sightings but then of course this morning we see one from last night and one from today….

    He still has a few days to book it out of NY so I guess we’ll see.

  489. 489
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @well: there is another person who posts as ‘well’ who is very observant – your comment was very similar to their style – sorry for the mistake. ‘Mindless’ as in they put Leo on a pedestal and he can do no wrong. They will always come up with an excuse for his bad behavior – somehow it’s not his fault. Hope that explains things – I have never targeted a poster and attacked them – I’m not into the negativity. If I don’t like a poster – I just skip their comment.
    @@well (483) He does do that a lot. I am surprised an interviewer hasn’t called him on it.

  490. 490
    SM stuff Says:

    Ok, asked before but got no answer. Can anybody remember which thread psychic2 taking of the soulmates appearance is on? It’s recent but I can’t seem to find it.

  491. 491
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#485 (488): Do you think he is going to do the run to LA to dodge Toni? I think he might stick around and they have one more holiday weekend together. Thoughts?

  492. 492
    @jo Says: lucky old lady!!!!!

  493. 493
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@Zzzzzz (486): Just because I say ‘I totally disagree’ with someone does not mean I think they are mindless. Not sure how you jumped to that conclusion. I’ve never called a person I was responding to ‘mindless’ because I didn’t agree with their opinion. Sorry if you feel offended – wasn’t my intention
    @Jo: thanks for posting those fab pictures of Leo. Can’t wait to see him for the WOWS premier. I am hoping that he has a little goatee, like the picture in this article and not a full on beard going down the neck… ugh!

  494. 494
    @well 487 Says:

    well i do believe it :)

  495. 495
    well Says:

    @Zzzzzz‘Mindless’ as in they put Leo on a pedestal and he can do no wrong. They will always come up with an excuse for his bad behavior : i agree , but Leo always contradicts himself . It’s not always that his fans put him on a pedestal and that’s why they don’t see his wrongdoings but i think their passion for him is the reason why they don’t see his faults and maybe it’s their character- trait to idolize people and not necessarily their “stupidity” but it’s true: i didn’t lie that he said how fed up he is when he hits the clubs.That’s what he said ….

  496. 496
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @well (495): I have no doubt that he did say it. And you are so right about him contradicting himself. I personally have not seen most of his movies, I became a fan of his through his work with endangered animals and his work with the environment. It drives me nuts when he talks about people needing to reduce their carbon footprint, then he hops on a private jet to go cruising around on a yacht! IMO the constant contradictions makes him look silly and reduces his credibility. thoughts?

  497. 497
    #491 Says:


    You know it’s just so hard to say. I gut tells me that Leo and Toni are not done but then I don’t know. I’m waiting for the next set of pics of them like everyone else!!!

    But after saying that, I do hope that they are done and that maybe the whole over-indulgent Ibiza/Mallorca trip was it for them but you just never know.

    She’s starting to tweet about getting back to NY so it’s just a wait and see at this point. I think Leonie was saying that if she was doing the NY runway that she would have to be back by next weekend…

  498. 498
    not with toni Says:

    Even if their story is over or will be soon, this will not change anything: he will continue his same old, boring , pathetic predictable and ultimately self-destructive pattern of dating only-models young enough to be his daughters .Today it’s that toni- girl tomorrow will be a girl just like her and just like all his previous girlfriends. This is one of the things about Leo that is really unbearable. Show us some mercy Leo ,show us some mercy please !!!! :(

  499. 499
    Jo Says:

    Gosh, I want just one kiss from Leo *swoon* His lips are truly… divine!!!

  500. 500
    Missy Says:

    @Tonis latest tweet: Missing NY maybe means missing Leo?

  501. 501
    #497 Says:


    Typo “My gut” not “I gut” :-)

  502. 502
    @jo Says:

    only his lips???!!! I liked him at his edgar premiere ! oh and i luv his naughty hair!!! i don’t like it when he wears those stupid hats:( Why hide your naughty s-e-x-y hair babe?? Show us your charms!!! <3 <3 here you are

  503. 503
    @jo Says: HOT

  504. 504
    WHOA seriously??? Says:

    Christopher Peterson (@sacredhands)
    8/28/13, 11:29 AM
    Leo dicaprio just left la esquina after eating lunch. He was flicking through models on his phone showing his buddy the ones he liked #uhoh

  505. 505
    @whoa Says:

    “He was flicking through models on his phone showing his buddy the ones he liked” i call bullsh!t on this . how are they supposed to KNOW …..

  506. 506
    @504 Says:

    @WHOA seriously???: toni tremble you girl!!!!

  507. 507
    well Says:

    Please, guys, brace yourselves. Leo has a major movie coming in November and the main reason he spends lots of time in NY surely has to do with all sorts of appointments for magazine and newspapers interviews, photoshoots and all the PR stuff connected to the movie release. And of course at nights, he clubs and parties. The guy is single, free.

  508. 508
    @well Says:

    yum! Leo is SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE!!! :)

  509. 509
    #505 Says:


    Why? It’s not like he’s sequestered in a room away from the public? Just like when last week he was eating lunch with Lukas and Mark Ruffaolo and someone overheard him talking about sustainable living. If he’s talking in a normal voice and someone hears what he’s talking about…..

    So I guess it’s not too far from the truth that he goes through the VS catalog and picks his next victim… I mean girlfriend??? LOL

  510. 510
    Missy Says:

    Totally out of topic I know but I miss Heath Ledger a lot. Wished he and Leo has worked together :(

  511. 511
    also... Says:

    I also don’t think they are over yet. Separating from the gf for a while is a typical Leo thing and the time of his breakup with his previous gf doesn’t mean the same thing will happen now. I hope ppl don’t get their hopes up high because if they are still on people will get angry and disappointed and will start bashing them to deal with frustration. I can’t say I don’t know the feeling… :)
    I also don’t think he will necessarily end it for WOWS promo. Tone as an ex or current gf is not gonna make a difference when it comes to the comparison btw Leo and Jordan. It’s a public knowledge that they are an item so breaking up with her for the premiere won’t make a difference. JMO.
    I personally think she might stick around for his bday, holidays, awards season ( the latest ) but I doubt they will make it to their one year anniversary.

  512. 512
    Jo Says:

    Well, yeah, now it’s too late for that, sadly.

  513. 513
    @jo Says:

    @Jo: Leo has a very naughty smile !

  514. 514
    @452 Says:

    “So I am at this incredible spa, and all I want to do is get back to work! Has my summer been too long, is that possible?! –> NYC”

    She always sounds so smug and pretentious.
    Just as tweeting “DID EXACTLY NOTHING” or “NOT TOO EXHAUSTING” from a yacht in Ibiza.

  515. 515
    I call bs too Says:

    @@whoa: exactly, how would he know that?? He might have seen Leo but he was close enough or Leo was taking so loud that he was talking about models on his phone!! Yeah right…

  516. 516
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@whoa (505): I tend to agree with you on this. Not sure if Leo would be so blatant about it in public. IMO, It’s one thing to talk about sustainable living and another thing to flip through pictures of models.
    @also…: You are right about whether he breaks up with her now or stays with her, he is going to be compared to Belfort. I do think he will be pestered more if they are together.
    re together for his b-day: I would be surprised. I can’t recall when he was in a relationship on his b-day. He wasn’t for the last 3 ones. I think he likes to be single and free on that day so he can do whatever he wants! Also, his b-day is right around the taping of the VS Show and you know how he likes to go to the after-parties and check out all the models!

  517. 517
    not with toni Says:

    Jamie -his daughter-and sweetie Leo–20 ….. his friends have daughters who are around the same age as Leo’s next lunch.This young lady under other circumstances could very well be associated “romantically” with him and it sucks! I wonder how he feels when he hangs around with his friends and their daughters… me it’s pretty disturbing when i’m thinking about his “history” and see all these pictures …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  518. 518
    @515 Says:

    He doesn’t have to be talking loud. Maybe the guy was just sitting very close or even had a glimpse on the screen of his phone. I personally think this sounds like a thing he would do, but I agree that it would be crazy do do it openly in public. That’s why I think maybe it could be the guy was very close so he heard and saw some of it.

  519. 519
    #504 Says:

    sounds very plausible to me

  520. 520
    @517 Says:

    @not with toni:
    Well Jamie Foxx has affairs with both men and women, never married Corrine’s mother and club hops like a very single man. I suspect this young lady should be more concerned with her dad than his friends.

  521. 521
    @also Says:

    …stick around for that long? That’s quite depressing. It also depends of her degree of tolrerance towards his clubbing/partying habits.
    At barely 21, I’m afraid she might prefer to play the obedient puppy for some time, right?

  522. 522
    also... Says:

    @504: Are you kidding me?
    It’s possible that the guy was close enough to hear some of the convo. And didnt he have a female costar who said he was doing the same thing while working together asking her if he could get any of the models in a magazine?
    @well: Don’t jinx it and brace yourself that you might be wrong!
    @520: That’s just a guess. He likes to have company for his bday, holidays, NYE and award show parties. Even though he was single last year…

  523. 523
    also... Says:

    Someone asked the tweeter how does he know? Maybe he will answer! He tweets a lot of celeb sightings including a Leo one last week.

  524. 524
    not with toni Says:

    @@517: clearly you don’t see my point.

  525. 525
    lalala Says:

    “He tweets a lot of celeb sightings including a Leo one last week.” yeah now this is suspicious … i will continue to call BS on the “story”

  526. 526
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: When he did that with Ellen – he was not in public – I believe they were either on set or in dressing room. IMO that is a huge difference. I have not doubt that he does it in private – just don’t think he would do it at a public restaurant for anyone to see. JMO :)

  527. 527
    @520 Says:

    @@517: however hard you try to disgust me and make Leo appear like a saint in comparison to Jamie, his shenanigans speak for themselves .Your god Leo is not better than Jamie,hun in fact ,he is even worse since he dates his daughter.

  528. 528
    @520 Says:

    “Well Jamie Foxx has affairs with both men and women, never married Corrine’s mother”

    SO WHAT?

  529. 529
    #516 Says:


    If you re-read the tweet it doesn’t say that anyone saw the pics he was showing his friend so maybe it was a comment made which could have been heard if someone was listening to the conversation which I know as a fan if I was sitting in a restaurant next to Leo I would very much listen intently to his conversation!!! Not to be stalkery or anything but just because I’m a fan and I would want to hear him talk and hear what he’s saying!!

    Who knows if it’s true or not……I just posted it as a sighting but kind of amusing at the same time. :-)

  530. 530
    Whoa Says:

    Yal act like Leo commits rapes and murders or something. He LIKES models. He screws them and usually dates them, he is a player. He is far from the only man like that, and don’t act like these models don’t use him either. For f*ck’s sake, even I find it gross he dates 20 year olds but you all act like he’s Satan. Go get laid instead of caring about who he bangs so damn much.

  531. 531
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#516 (529): the tweet said ‘He was flicking through models on his phone showing his buddy the ones he liked #uhoh’ . IMO – that statement implies that the tweeter supposedly saw him doing it. That is why I said I didn’t believe he would do it in a public restaurant it in my comment.
    I do agree if Leo was sitting next to me, I would probably lean closer to hear what he was talking about – I think just about everyone would! Don’t think it’s stalking – more like curiosity. :)

  532. 532
    lmao Says:

    @@520: @528 probably that poster @520 thinks that it is a deadly sin being a bisexual or even a gay person(! burn at the stake) ….but serial -dating you daughters is nothing but a cute preference just like when you prefer brunettes over blondes lol.. lol lol lol lol …………………………..

  533. 533
    @528 Says:

    SO WHAT? Someone was remarking on Leos lifestyle, focusing on how it gels/affects his relationship with friends and their children. The point was the famous friends who have children are not living saintly clean lifestyles either. They are no different to Leo yes, even with children. That’s SO WHAT. I understand why a counterpoint would make you ***** and pissed.

  534. 534
    @530 Says:

    The Devil wears Prada.

  535. 535
    @531 Says:

    yeah that was my point (SO WHAT?)

    Seems like this poster believe being bisexual and not into marriage is baaaaaaad. Bedding barely legal models who are same age as his friends is fiiiiiiine….

  536. 536
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: I doubt it matters if it’s public or not.
    Did anyone believe the lineup story from Sydney? Same thing.
    There was a tweet where the tweeter said she heard Leo’s conversation so I don’t find it hard to believe anyone could overhear it. I’m not saying I’m convinced its true but I don’t find it hard to believe.
    The celeb sighting are just celeb sightings, no rumor ir anything like that so why would he make up something like this now?

  537. 537
    @528 Says:

    I love how the ANGRY few here are focusing on the sexual part of my answer as opposed to the fact that Jamie did not marry Corrine’s mother and even though hes older than Leo he still clubs with the younger ones. FACT. The very things y’all tear into Leo for. I don’t believe Leo is a saint, in fact I don’t believe anyone in the showbiz world is I made a counterpoint that upset some of you. LOL. Anyone who does not constantly call Leo names or Toni a s-lut and a w-hore is not welcome here sure. but I do wonder if since you think he’s the devil incarnate why follow him so obsessively? And I guess my response to ‘not with toni’ is not what some wanted to hear. So instead brand me homophobic. I expect the next is to scream PR, Plant, Leo stan, BZ lurker, Toni PR e.t.c Hi to Zzzzz, HAHA, LOL, also, Lucy and Leonie

  538. 538
    535 Says:

    i meant #532

  539. 539
    lmao Says:

    @@531: thank gosh someone agrees, ‘cos i think i’m losing it if i keep posting my comments here :)

  540. 540
    @@528 Says:

    @537 “Hi to Zzzzz, HAHA, LOL, also, Lucy and Leonie” what a boot-licker……………………………………..

  541. 541
    bs twee Says:

    self conscious Leo I don’t think he would do this in public. I still say its BS.It reminds of the refuted story his pr team talk on about him having sex with many women over a dinner table and bragging about it and someone “over heard” that was a bs story too…bs bs bs… Leo isn’t BC he isn’t going t be THAT obvious…

  542. 542
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @lmao (538): Nah! You’re fine! Actually I find reading the comments and posting/replying mine are a great way to unwind and get a good laugh. It’s very cathartic! Also, there are some great posters that I enjoy interacting with. Now, if I start hanging outside his home, trying to get a glimpse of him, then I’d start worrying! LOL!!
    @@528 (536): Hi to you! I think people misread your comment or didn’t understand what you were trying to say so they viewed it as some kind of an attack..

  543. 543
    @537 Says:

    “he still clubs with the younger ones”

    SO WHAT?

  544. 544
    #531 Says:


    Exactly!! My only thought is that if the guy overheard a comment from Leo and/or the friend about pictures of models or anything relating to models and sees Leo flicking through his phone showing this guy “something” he could have just assumed.

    The way I look at the sighting, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but it’s probably right down the middle somewhere. :-)

    Also, the guy who tweeted the sighting, tweets sightings all the time of celebrities in NY. Don’t know if HE actually saw this or someone reported to him what they saw.

  545. 545
    bs twee Says:

    As to why people would lie…how much time do you have? They could be doing it because its so very obvious that that is the running story on Leo so why not just ad lib to make it spicier and of course people would believe…

  546. 546
    also... Says:

    @bs twee: Well, you don’t believe it. I get it. I don’t find it so hard to believe he was overheard and maybe seen at the same time pointing things out on his cell phone.
    @543: What does it matter if he saw it or someone else? Page Six or Us Weekly sightings? I doubt their stuff see all those celebs. Maybe it was the waiter who reported it?
    I guess this is going to divide ppl here so lets just agree on disagreeing! :)

  547. 547
    @bs tweet Says:

    totally AGREE . Some people here are so naive and they don’t get that human beings are capable of …YES! lying!! “oh no they can’t lie” lol “its so very obvious that that is the running story on Leo” ;SPOT ON :) btw i am #505

  548. 548
    #541 Says:

    @bs twee:

    Regarding Leo bragging about having sex with all those girls over dinner, that was a Page Six article and we know their stories are pretty much never accurate!!!

    This was just a tweeted sighting. It may not be accurate but you never know and if you look at my post earlier, I did say the truth is probably somewhere down the middle.

  549. 549
    LOL Says:

    British Actor Douglas Booth recently commenting on Leo
    “He is someone who has made interesting choices. He doesn’t make a million movies; he makes movies he wants to make with filmmakers he wants to work with. I respect him, and I respect the way he conducts himself. He’s very low-key. There was a time when all people would talk about were his looks and that he was a heartthrob and this and that, but actually, by making clever choices and delivering great performances, working hard, being in amazing films, and keeping himself out of that world, he doesn’t need it. I think that’s the way to do it.”

  550. 550
    #546 Says:


    You’re right I posted it and I keep replying to these people who are up in arms about this sighting like it’s so incredulous that he would be doing something like that.

    I’m done!!! I posted the sighting, take it as truth, BS or whatever….LOL

  551. 551
    #549 Says:


    Nice comments. :-)

  552. 552
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also: re the lineup story in Australia – the only reason I tend not to believe it is because it is so over the top! like @#531 said in her comment “maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but it’s probably right down the middle somewhere” Great line!
    @bs twee (545) agree 100%. Besides, how many times have people tweeted that they saw Leo or Leo is at their hotel and Leo would be in a completely different city. People make up tweets all the time. Why? I have no idea – maybe for the attention?

  553. 553
    @550 Says:

    “I posted the sighting” ; no one said it was wrong you posted the sighting It’s nice you did,but people here have all the rights in the world to call into question whatever they want. Why are you so worked -up about this? Wanna gag people who have different opinions here?! LOL is it like a dictatorship or what??

  554. 554
    @#552 Says:

    It seems as though you are kind of the only one here right now getting worked up about whatever it is others have to say. ”LOL is it like a dictatorship or what??’ < What are you talking about? Do you know what your talking about yourself? Just calm down. Don't be so offended by everything that's written here. You sound like a bully.

  555. 555
    #553 Says:


    Um….who said I was worked up about all of the comments??? I put an LOL at the end of my comment. It’s no big deal really but apparently my comment was to you. And you might have an LOL in your comment but your comment was just mean.

    I put it there knowing that it was going to get varying responses. And as I said, I don’t care who believes it or not. I didn’t see him so it makes no difference to me one way or the other. I was simply responding to people who were thinking the sighting was completely false and I was just giving them a different spin on what “could” have been the case about the sighting.

  556. 556
    @550 Says:

    @@#552: how do you know i am the only one?! lol you sound so sure…

  557. 557
    Tonis stupitweet is about Leo? Says:

    WTF! “Has my summer been too long” … OKay is she indicating that she did not like her summer fling/ summer holiday, just guessing, since she is complaining that it was TOO LONG and not TOO SHORT ????? maybe its true that they are not an item then…. she is replying the same way Erin did and Bar did after they were left alone, where Erin said she liked men who could be “honest with her”. whatever that means..sure it was to Leo when reporters asked how she was doing when dropped single.

  558. 558
    also... Says:

    @548: it was a Daily Nail article, not Oage Sux about him bragging. And DM was the one falsely identifying the Russian model as Toni.

  559. 559
    @SM stuff Says:

    “Ok, asked before but got no answer. Can anybody remember which thread psychic2 taking of the soulmates appearance is on? It’s recent but I can’t seem to find it.”

    - those psychics all disagreed on her looks because none of them could catch the absolute look of her, except I think they all agreed she looked abit like his mum does just taller and that she was NOT TONI. or any model. she had model abilities, especially her strong attitude , but would not accept the offers she got from agencies which the psychics told she had got many places.

  560. 560
    @#556 Says:

    It’s the particular write-up that is the same. And not only that but it’s mean, bullying and prickling and picking certain sentences and making demeaning comments about it every time. But whatever I might be wrong. It was that you accused someone (undeservingly) of getting all worked up while you seemed more so.

  561. 561
    also... Says:

    Daily News not Daily ‘nail’ or Mail…

  562. 562
    @537 Says:

    if you think some posters here believe Leo is so bad in his personal life,then why bother to reply to their comments?

  563. 563
    @#560 Says:

    @@#556: disagreeing and expressing complaints is not acting demeaning towards someone, if you have an inferiority complex(oh yeah that’s mean) it’s your business not ours

  564. 564
    @#562 Says:

    You must know the difference between arguing and ranting. And you must know damn well it’s the latter you do and obviously prefer. Sure, an inferiority complex it is.

  565. 565
    Drake Says:


    Things happen. jamie isn’t a bad person neither is Leo. They both players obviously. If Leo continue down the path he under he will have a baby mother as well.

  566. 566
    @#560 Says:

    @@#562: i don’t think i am the only one in these threads. You keep obsessing with me,now who is the bully,huh?

  567. 567
    @#560 Says:

    and something last: you play the “bully-card” in order to stop everyone here from expressing their opinions.Call me “bully” lol all you want. I bet if you truly believed that you would never want to come here and argue with the so called “bully”..

  568. 568
    @#567 Says:

    To stop everyone here from expressing there opinions? Again: what? You know what forget it. Many have already experienced it it’s a lost case to keep arguing and I guess this was my turn. I give up.

  569. 569
    @#560 Says:

    @@#567: yes i was attacked by my opinion about the poster who posted the tweets.My opininion was that she was trying so hard to convince everyone that it was probably true that Leo did what he did supposedly. I was attacked just because i said she was so worked up to and determined to convince everyone here. Ok it was MY perception. Maybe i was wrong but then again calling my comment demeaning is really dramatic and over-the-top not to mention the “bully-card”. I give up too,as it seems in these threads overstatements are a MUST lol….

  570. 570
    @#560 Says:

    typo*attacked because of my opinon

  571. 571
    557 Says:

    Dunno bout that but Tonis tweets sound annoying. I dont even hate on the girl she receives lots of senseless flack but theres something about her tweets, the way she puts things and the way she says it that makes it sound totally annoying. Shes a 21 year old pretending to sound mature or something. Or like shes grounded but somehow gives away shes totally snobbish in real. The thing to figure is have her tweets always had this annoying undertone or is this something new.

  572. 572
    not with toni Says:

    Maybe the relationship (Leo-toni) is an open one and it follows the on-off pattern just like his previous relationships . Obviously now they are “off” but the “on ” thing will come soon….there’s no point in trying to define it since there’s nothing peculiar about it, just the predictable trajectory……………

  573. 573
    Weirdo Says:

    Ya’ll are crazy…seriously. How come no one puts their moniker up?
    Oh because it’s that one person talking to herself again…carry on.

  574. 574
    SM stuff Says:

    @559 thank you for replying but I’m sure psychic2 did talk about her looks in one post.

  575. 575
    Kindergarden Says:

    Can the two people arguing of who attacked who please STOP IT and go to another room please, this is a thread and more people wanna read and have a word and last but not least read out the main person in the title and not about YOU TWO!!!!!!! what a kindergarden this had become

  576. 576
    @571 Says:

    Thanks and sort of agree but, I was referring to her words “too LONG”, that was like.. you know, you thought the summer should end soon and start working again, then meaning the summer was dull or something? or that the summer was not as expected? Like she is disappointed of something or something?

  577. 577
    not with toni Says:

    @HAHA i miss you :) where are you ?!

  578. 578
    Weirdo Says:

    Let’s see how many VS models will Leo “date” before he retires from that gig? I go to the mall and Erin and her boobs are up in my face…is Toni next? I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart in a photo anyway, they LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME.
    This is old. I just pop in to see if anything exciting is happening. Gatsby was TERRIBLE. I don’t know why I paid money to see it. I read not so good stuff about WOWS. YAWN.

  579. 579
    @not with toni Says:

    hahahahaha.. you really said “MAYBE”?? waaaaakeup welcome to reality!!! whohooo!. hello everybody, fans and non, this has only been an Open Relationship since the very “beginning” if there ever was one (he was constantly not with her), how can somebody try to implement even the I.D.E.A. of a sealed, proper relationship into something that involves private invitation of groupies to house parties, Ibiza with only the boys (for those who need a recap, the Ibiza is a party-island 24/7 and young people come there for one reason:sex), Yachts on deck with models almost naked next to him, Cannes 24/7 partying with a brunette and chatting to every new blonde in a club there is? – “Maybe the relationship (Leo-toni) is an open one”

  580. 580
    @not with toni Says:

    I am starting to believe none of you has ever been to a hardcore club of Ibiza … (those of you insisting he and Toni are sooooo together….). In there they almost have sex live in the club. well not exactly, but very close to it….. its not like any other place to party. Ibiza is like…. okay… drugs,women,rockn roll, and little girls getting drunk and throws themselves to any available man.

  581. 581
    not with toni Says:

    @Weirdo: was movie that i didn’t even bother to go and watch it just because of the trailer: it depicted this nauseating opulence and sickening lust for pleasures and i saw the scene (in the trailer ) of the two salacious “lesbians” (bash me now…) and it just turned me off….you know this” picture “was very annoying to me @580: it’s true that i personally have never been to a hardcore club in general,not only Ibiza :) but i absolutely understand what you mean :D

  582. 582
    HAHA Says:

    These words are from a producer and of course they always say good things about their films but I dont know, interpret it any way you want. Here’s what she had to say about WOWS:
    “I think Leo’s performance in this movie is exceptional. He developed it, he produced it, he put his heart and soul into it … We joke that it’s Goodfellas on steroids. I would not want to speak for Marty, but he has made a wonderful, provocative, important film.”

    @not with toni:
    Hello :p

  583. 583
    not with toni Says:

    typo* it was the movie (talking about the Gatsby)

  584. 584
    ❤ lovesick ❤ Says:

    ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  585. 585
    HAHA Says:

    @not with toni:
    Lesbians? Lol.. there were no lesbians in the Gatsby movie. The movie was mixed, but that’s mostly Baz’s fault. It was heavily flawed but enjoyable enough. I just wish he didn’t make it look so CGI and fake-ish. And WOWS is going to be extremely inappropriate and have wild sex scenes with Leo being naked in them, I bet a lot of people are going to not end up liking it, but I don’t mind the wildness and nudity so much, I;m hoping the best and for good reviews.

  586. 586
    hottie Says:

    “It was heavily flawed but enjoyable enough.” : yeah but only because of hottie Leonardo! if it wasn’t for this lovely naughty baby no one would go and watch the GATSBY <3

  587. 587
    Negativity Says:

    Is both comfortable and contagious…. Love and light to Leo and his kindreds X

  588. 588
    HAHA Says:

    Cheers to that

  589. 589
    Negativity Says:

    And to all of you…

  590. 590
    not with toni Says:

    @Negativity: It’s nice to wish beautiful things ! i think Leo needs love more than anything.I need love too :)

  591. 591
    Negativity Says:

    @not with toni.. He does! Love to you to. I hope you find everything you are looking for X

  592. 592
    not with toni Says:

    @591 Thank you so much! <3 <3 luck and health to you i wish ! xxxxxx

  593. 593
    LEO NEEDS ❤❤❤ Says:


  594. 594
    not with toni Says:

    I wish Leo all the love in the world ,true, deep,chaste and unconditional LOVE❤❤❤ the best luck and health to him! <3 Leonardo DiCaprio you are lovable xxxxxxxx

  595. 595
    ieo Says:

    lovable like a rattle snake

  596. 596
    heart Says:


  597. 597
    hit and run Says:

    In the first place, Scorpios are not naturally inclined towards being hedonists or man-whores. They become them in response to bad childhoods and innate paranoia. That isn’t to say they don’t behave this way. They do, but they aren’t enjoying themselves that much. This is because they are pessimistic to the point of being nihilistic. Cue the raging, cynicism of the RNHo whose distrust in humanity borders on a psychosis. Engaging in hedonism is the Scorpios way of both satisfying their enormous libido and their intense interest in the great mysteries of humanity; sex, death and God. And no, John Donne was not a Scorpio. He was an Aquarius. I know. I can’t believe it either.
    Even if Scorpios really aren’t having it on with anything and everything, they want you to think they are. See, what Scorpios actually get up to is far less important that the fact that they appear to be bad asses. Sound familiar? Scorpios are the authors of their own bad reputations. They will lead you to believe they spent the weekend in some 48 hour orgy, when in reality they probably spent it watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon on TNT. They want you to think the worst of them. This is on account of the fact that they are actually quite sensitive, and their poor little feelings get hurted, ever so easily. Although, any self-respecting (and they all respect themselves, most fiercely) would rather die a thousand deaths than ever let on you have hurt their feelings. In fact, registering emotions or even facial expressions is the number one sin for any Scorpio.
    In addition to being super-sensitive, Scorpios are also rabidly private and secretive. About nothing important, I might add. Banal, everyday questions are treated with the suspicion and paranoia of a CIA operative working in East Berlin during the Cold War.

  598. 598
    hit and run Says:

    Scorpios, all of “em, are the reigning King o’ the Mind Game. Although sometimes I suspect they have no idea they are playing them. This is because they are under the massive delusion that they’re emotional landscape is obvious to everyone. They actually believe . . . try not to laugh . . . that they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Bwahahahahhaha! Okay. But of course, their emotions are not all obvious to anyone ever. Even we readers sometimes get confused on that one. “Wait! Hang on! He loved her this whole time?! Even when he stole her pet chipmunk, Mr. Fribbles, and sold him to the travelling circus? Or when he tore those letters, the last things she had from her mother?! Even then? Noooooooooooo. Baaaaaaaahhhh!
    This is because Scorpios are loners and under the delusion that they are damned. This, too, is like the RNHo, who is always under that impression that: all women are whores, because Mommy Dearest was one. He can never love or be loved, because his evil uncle sexually abused him or his dog hated him or his dad sent him to school (the *******!). Take your pick. Scorpios think they are damaged goods, and they and the RNHo, will invariably have some sort of mental break-down, alone, in the library, in which a crystal decanter of claret gets thrown against the fireplace because who could ever love a Beast?

  599. 599
    hit and run Says:

    But like I said, they really love that bad reputation:

    Being “a bad seed,” he finds, has its perks, as it piques the curiosity of women who expect nothing more from him than sex, providing him with no-strings release while he continues to search for his own innocent and unsuspecting Kore [Peresphone] [ . . . ] So totally hands-off is he with these temporary sexual partners that he mightn’t do more than unzip and be serviced, say, orally, otherwise remaining utterly composed if not completely dressed (Sextrology 341).

    But like I said, Scorpios aren’t really man-whores because they are looking for The One, even when they aren’t. This is why they work so well as RNHo’s. They are eminently reformable, but only with the right gal.

    . . . he’ll fall for someone who can thus disarm him, an honest beauty who refuses to dignify anything beastly in his nature. Such a display of salt-of-the-earth character is what melts Scorpio’s cold, cold heart and is far more a factor in affecting his loving interest than is any excess of female pulchritude. (Sextrology 339)

    What Starksy and Cox mean is that hotness ranks lower than the ability to tame his beast, or make him feel less damned or lonely or you know, whatever the RNHo thinks his freakin’ problem is.

    - comparing scorpios with romantic heroes in books

  600. 600
    smoothie Says:

    <3 LEO <3

  601. 601
    HAHA Says:

    @hit and run: Wow, I found your posts very interesting! I have read Scorpios lie a lot and make themselves suffer a lot. They are mysterious but also intense that way. So you think Leo actually enjoys his bad reputation tho? I just find that part hard to believe, but then at the same time considering the pics of him looking directly at the papz when he was making out with Toni, who knows. Most of the time it seems like he hates the attention but then at other times he enjoys the attention and knows exactly what hes doing and selling(think the yacht hugging pics with Blake) I just find him so confusing lol

  602. 602
    #597-#599 Says:

    I found your posts very interesting and dead on for Leo!!!

  603. 603
    Zzzzzz Says:

    found this picture posted on BZ. Not sure when it was taken – but it looks recent – within the last few days I think. Leo looks good — so does Lucas.×729.jpg.html

  604. 604
    #603 Says:


    Nice pic! You can still see his belly…LOL. keep peddling Leo!!! :-)

  605. 605
    New Thread Says:

  606. 606
    @SM stuff Says:

    @SM stuff: I don’t think so. And she doesn’t look like his mother, she’s an intelligent and independant woman and I have the impression something important has happened in her life, so she’s focused on something more important that Dicaprio and I think that she passed in other thing, she made a decisive meeting and it’s all that I can say

  607. 607
    @606@SM stuff Says:

    YOU LOSER! You are not the psychic, so shut up !!! There are soo many fake psychics on here and you are clearly one of them, its not really polite to the fans asking serious questions.

    The last thing Psychic2 SAID, was that they are ready for each other, in some ways they could never predict their future or now, but their potential. and that she does look like his mum she also said. But more “model-like” without really being it. and I dont believe you one bit being this harsh and straight forward denying that the SM is patient. the Psychic2 told that they were destined to get together, but could never say when.

  608. 608
    @xXX Says:

    @@606@SM stuff: you really think real psychic came here, no one wh wrote is/was a real psychic, it’s the same on Butler’thread and some others

  609. 609
    @ 607 Says:


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