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Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a photo with rapper 2 Chainz while attending an after party following the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at 1 Oak on Sunday evening (August 25) in New York City.

Earlier in the night, 35-year-old rapper was seen walking the red carpet at the show held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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“B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME will be available for pre order at midnight on iTunes! ..comes with a free song download!” 2 Chainz tweeted that night. Get it now!

10+ pictures inside of 2 Chainz and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

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Credit: Larry Busacca, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • @Well

    Nina A. is almost 4 months older than T. Garrn. Would that make Leo less of a pervert? LOL!

  • Zzzzzz

    @Well: re Nina: There was also a story of the of the same night that had Leo with a mystery blonde. I think he chose the table near Nina because it had the best view of the party. According to all the stories, he kept to his friends and wasn’t really mingling. I don’t agree about Nina being his type – she’s a brunette with brown eyes. Other that a quick fling, has Leo ever really dated a girl with brunette hair and brown eyes? Besides she just was publicly dumped by Adam L. – do you think Leo would want somebody he dumped? Also, Nina is a HUGE publicity seeker. If you think Toni and her friends were bad – Nina makes them look like angels. IMO I can’t see Leo wanting to get involved with that.
    @#60 (81) Agree with you. There are always going to be publicity seeking models that would go after Leo no matter how old he is or how he looked as long as he is rich and famous.

  • So?

    Dont speculate forever the Nina shit already! She is nothing but an eyecast, he was at a club dammit! who doesnt flirt and stuff in clubs? its what clubs are for. nobody here goes clubbin sometimes? its all about boys and girls getting giddyup, nothing SERIOUS omg.

  • Magpie

    Blondes are smarter than Brunettes. Duh


    People here need to stop dissing Leo’s Big Love religion. Which is based upon the Bible by the way.

  • pff

    “Nina makes them look like angels. ” she is a dog

  • #104


    Well I’m a red head and I think they’re the smartest!!! LOL

  • @82

    Exactly!! Judge Leo on being shallow all you want, I would agree (in some ways) but please see how by wishing he would date someone of a certain look or constantly commenting on Toni’s/Leo’s appearances, you are also being. I don’t know how else to say it without ‘appearing’ like I’m attacking. I’m not! Just sharing my opinion of some posts.

  • pff


  • @Magpie

    Hair color and eye color is not really what anyone sees in a second sight when you find a spouse , it might be at first glance, but thats all. No one really cares about such superficial things.

    There can be a lot of smart blondes, for sure, anything else is a lie. And Justin Bieber is a brunette, and not so smart… and Miley Cyrus…need we say more…

    Hair and skin and eye is nothing compared to personality.

  • @false rumour alert

    “he is free and single !!!!”: that’s wonderful!! do i have a chance??!!! lmao

  • Magpie


  • http://@kulsuzi34 He survived!!!

    ZairaZee (@ZairaZee)
    8/26/13, 2:39 PM
    At @KyochonChicken , sitting right next to Leo DiCaprio and Lukas haas

  • ^

    @HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    “so… what you say is that his next “victim” is going to be that abdal (…..what a surname yuck) girl???!!! PLEASE LEO SHOW US SOME MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  • also…

    @Zzzzz: I agree. I don`t jump on the Nina wagon just yet. I also don`t see her as his `official girlfriend` type even though she is really pretty. Nina is the face of Bebe`s new campaign so I bet she had the best table at the party and I assume Leo wanted a great table ( with view as Zzzzz said ) as well. I just don`t think he is on the hunt for a new girl quite yet. He doesn`t act single in my opinion.
    @108: I see your point and I don`t think you are attacking. You are disagreeing and that`s just fine. But if Leo is shallow and picks his girls based on their appearance how could we talk about more? If we don`t see more in his behavior? Do you see my point?

  • @110


  • Sasha
    I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Leo and Margot!

  • @82

    @also I see your point, the only thing i’m trying to get across is, yes it’s fine to point out Leo has a type, (but so do most men) do I think that’s shallow? Yes! but men and women are made very differently. I’d never comment on those who state this! It’s only when the same posters say Leo looks ugly with his beard, he’s put on weight etc Or another bland/ generic blonde. Without realising the double standards.

  • HAHA

    Ikr, looking forward to their scenes together. She said wonderful things about him so I assume she got along with him well.

    Lol Leo loves his rappers, I kind of find it hilarious. I don’t think Toni and Leo are ‘over’ just yet, we’ll probably get maybe one or 2 more candids of them before they’re done. I can’t say I’ll look that forward to it cus watch him date yet another 20 year old model after, sigh. But I don’t think its Nina, like someone said people can flirt at clubs with eachother but in a friendly way, it doesnt always mean something, especially in Leo’s case.

  • @@82

    @@82: Hi! if we exalt his charms here in jj isn’t it exactly the same ? I exalt his appearance many many times here without feeling guilty of having double standards or being shallow for that matter….

  • no

    No hair color matters.

  • sublime

    Leo and Nina would look good together

  • http://@kulsuzi34 So…

    I think this proves that everyone (girls and guys) wants to be near Leo!

    Kristin Rapillo (@KreRapillo11)
    8/26/13, 3:00 PM
    Best part of this weekend: watching drunk fanatics trying to get near Leo DiCaprio at the club

  • @82

    @120 erm no! Complimenting someone (on there charms) and criticising (unless its constructive and comes from a good place) are two very different things. I see you probably see that and are just trying to be clever?? I give up!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 This is funny!!

    Devante Lawrence (@DlawrenceNYC)
    8/26/13, 3:31 PM

  • http://@kulsuzi34 Another one…..

    Dean Peterson (@Petersoncinema)
    8/26/13, 3:46 PM
    Just saw Leonardo Dicaprio riding a Citibike. Has this replaced Ryan Gosling saving people’s lives as the top New York City cliche?

  • Blah

    no way, nina agdal is cheap and vulgar

  • @also115 and HAHA

    One commentary here. again like others this means no attacking of any of you, but some contrary to your opinions and about the differences between leo and you. I think that your expectations of him are on another love-planet than he is on. I think you live on different planets. :-) In my opinion you are imagining Leo in a far more traditional ’couple-thought’ relationship-substance than where he COULD BE.

    true no one here knows, but when you say you believe he and Toni is not ’over yet’ or ’he doesn’t look single’..just wanna add that has he ever seemed ’taken’? not to me, or to many others. I think he is not ’that into’ Toni, I think they both made their benefits of each other and the easy company for the summer, and that’s about it. I think by the way he acts, he does not act like a relationship guy. He acts like a single guy, who has temporary OR middle open relationships, where they can step in and out as they please and when ever they want to. Like, I agree with you I’d not be surprised if they were photographed once more or twice more together! But.

    Difference is, in my opinion if they came into the pap lenses again that would be only casual , and those sightings are like the day after having sex or something if you get me?:-) nothing is serious when you club like that in between, and no he did not as much with his previous longer ones. and this german girl, she was clearly dependent on her female companions on his cruises, so how ’tight’ can this be, if you get me? What I am trying to say is, that I feel if anyone here expects him to be ’taken’ he is not in his style of meeting new people all the time. But better to have one or two constant lovers than 10 randoms, right? I think they are lovers, and that’s it.

    If he gets Nina too, then that’s gonna be two lovers. :-)

  • HAHA

    I wish he wouldnt always party 24/7 and get wasted every night. I know he’s famous and its his life but its just becoming increasingly more and more sad reading such negative articles and posts and comments about him all the time now. He’s tarnishing his reputation cus of it. I hope he starts getting to back to environmental work again. or something else other than party, party, party. I’m starting to think even if him and Toni do split, he’d probably pick another model under 25 to fool around with. It could be Nina but I doubt that for some reason.
    @Zzzz You are right about WOWS. I have no doubt the press will tear him apart and he’ll probably get asked questions that make him uncomfortable. Just like with Gatsby. This is why Im excited but veryy nervous for November. Hopefully he cleans up.

  • HAHA

    @@also115 and HAHA:
    This is true, he never really seemed that in love with Toni besides the kissing pics. But even that felt a bit unnatural, a bit forced but IMO. Its just at one point isnt Leo usually predicted to be broken up with a gf for weeks until there’s new candids of them a week later? Maybe they arent seeing eachother anymore, like another poster said it’d probably be better for him to spend time with friends like Tobey which would maybe wake him up finally.

  • #129


    I think his PR team will make sure that the press do not get to ask him questions about how his life is similar to Belfort. I would actually like to see a reporter get one in though because maybe the embarrassment of having to answer the question would open his eyes! JMO

  • @Blah

    Stop the freeeeakin Nina comments already. random 1 sighting , from a freakin table of many people in a club. Come back if he rubbed her back, okay?

    It was a coincidence she was at his table. It could have been Margot, Susan, Catherine, Harry, Betty, Katelyn, Brandy, Julia, Elizabeth, James, John, Emily, Jennifer, Debbie, Alison you name it. RANDOMS.

  • Popcorn to the bellazonies!

    hahaha, superb! I wonder what the BZ supermodel-Toni-Fans are talking about now that they are seen apart and Leo is clubbin and doesnt follow her around europe? Maybe BZ explain they got engaged just before that, as an excuse? :-P

  • Fan

    Just a tought here. Why didn’t Toni’s mom join her dauther and his boyfriend while Leo with his mom and friends were all together in Spain?
    I’m sure there was plenty of room for her?
    I don’t know but they could have set their agenda to spend time together in Ibiza or Mallorca.
    Not a big deal, but still. I read the girl’s tweets and it looks like she is having another set of vacation in Spain.

  • @HAHA

    reply “he never really seemed that in love with Toni besides the kissing pics” Not so sure. seemed too pushy to even be . like she was probably begging for it whole day, and he finally gave in. but how weird… when they stood up and smiled to the friends who saw it to be proud to do it in “public eye” for the first time? then next day no touch at all and no natural appearance days later and later. But then again his mummy was there wasnt she, too ? so i guess it must have been real then. Or who was actually there that day ? when he was underneath that towel he tried hiding with in that boat later on, it looked like toni was underneath it because she sat on the other side, but it was just his arms crawling to keep it from blowing away with the wind – clearly I studied those photos…

  • also…

    @128: Is there anything posted on these threads you are OK with? It`s interesting that only HAHA and me are getting the special attention for out opinion not many others who think like us. But whatever.

  • @136also

    What are you even talking about ??? who pays this much attention? was that post cruel to you, TOO? get real. that post was even trying to tell you it wasnt . take it for what it is. Did you even read it through? maybe you could start replying to the actual post instead?

  • HAHA

    Hopefully so, as embarrassing at it’d be to watch. I just hate seeing him ruining his reputation so badly like this. He has so much more to him than what he shows imo, but obviously no one except some on JJ will agree with that. Some complain people on JJ are too harsh on Leo but despite their negative comments, I think mostly everyone on here just wants the best for him and just wants to see him happy again and are frustrated with the way he chooses to live. He looks relaxed here, but in almost every pic with Toni besides the kiss ones he looked aged like hell, uncomfortable, and awkward around her.

    I do not Leo was himself tbh in those kissing pics with Toni, something seemed off with him. Like others said, like he was drunk or high or something. It was uncomfortable to look at.

  • ^

    @Fan: Toni’s friend Andreea posted in her instagram she is back in Nyc.

  • @136also

    or did you even understand the point in that post? it said that you are expecting him to be a traditional type when you say things like “still together”, “not over yet”, “not looking for others acting like he is not single” blah blah blah.. and I agree 100 % because that means you clash when you find news on this guy with other women, and surprised even if it “went fast”, cause if reality is that he is an open relationship guy, then all this crashes with his reality, you get this?…. maybe not… just trying to help you out.

  • @139

    @^ Okay…. was Andrea back, or Toni was back in nyc? I thought her mom was down in Spain with her now. what did she post on instagram?

  • Europeans = Open

    Leo descents from Germany/Europe, and then you got that hippie dad of his. So of course he has a “wider” and loose view on relationships. Like more open. They are all this way over there. Been there. Europeans are into open relationships a lot more than americans, a LOT MORE.

  • Drake


    Yeah I thought she was in Spain, get she coming down to tell at Leo playboy ways. He problem party so much because he lonely on the inside. Any update on his NYC housing search.

  • also…

    @137: Me expecting him to be a traditional type? Really? Just because I used certain expressions? For real? Have you or that other poster ever read my comments on Leo? I doubt…

  • @138

    agree with rest but disagree with I think that kissing pic was what dropped it to what I felt was more of a fling. It did not seem passionate, and most awkward of all the photos.

  • @also

    Also, you are completely missing the whole point of that post. It was not about you. Read it over again. The poster said there was maybe nothing “over” or “started” or “commitment” or “single” if they guy all the way has intentions of remaining single with random “relationships”. gettit? that was the whole point of the post. It crashes completely asking about him traditionally wise when and if that makes sense. I give up explaining once more, you better just listen better to peoples words, too.

  • @Drake

    LOL as if she owns him, she has no power over this guy whatsoever. he does exactly what he wanna do. I bet she came because of stories about Nina LOL. Desperate woman! …. or was it Andrea that came back? or her? where is that link everybody?

  • @Drake

    oh and where did the mom go all of the sudden? was she not just vacationing there and got her mom down there, then just for a few days?? weird.
    Oh but maybe she was called for work.

    And no disagree that Leo looks lonely without her, he looks THE OPPOSITE. :–)

  • @142

    Lol not true! But very funny and cliche to read.

  • Awkward

    I wonder what Leo’s (ex) GFS think of each other (Gisele, Bar, Erin, Blake, Toni) and especially about this new relationship.
    Bar is probably jealous and Gisele is more like “Little Toni, you’re naive”.
    Must be nice to reunite them in a room.