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Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a photo with rapper 2 Chainz while attending an after party following the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at 1 Oak on Sunday evening (August 25) in New York City.

Earlier in the night, 35-year-old rapper was seen walking the red carpet at the show held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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“B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME will be available for pre order at midnight on iTunes! ..comes with a free song download!” 2 Chainz tweeted that night. Get it now!

10+ pictures inside of 2 Chainz and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

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Credit: Larry Busacca, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • advices for Toni

    looooooool maybe Toni got a few mature words from her proper adult – her mom, and thats why she met her. She has to watch her baby, so maybe she told her to stay away from him after some random stories about him she could have passed in the supermarket? :? *whistles*

  • advices for Toni

    I know I would have, if I was the parent…
    ” be a little careful with these celebrities hun “. lol, I can actually imagine!

  • citibiking

    from Perez

    Funny title: Citi Bike Ride For Two

    Here they should have typed in “Romantic Bike Ride” replacement.

  • citibiking

    Sooo missed his smile!

    Leo you must never throw yourself around that little controlfreak german barely legal model again, you seem sooo much happier with your boys!!!!!!

    But who is the handsome guy with brown hair behind Leo to the right???? :-P

  • ^

    Here is the link
    The picture was posted yesterday but who knows if Toni was with her.

    In other… I find this pictures. Are from Aug-08 but doesn’t mention where. Ibiza?

  • That Girl

    Toni said that she wouldn’t be back in NY till september a while ago, so this was obviously a planned vacay with her mother on their part. So probably not broken up. Leo probably could have tagged along for the trip though lol

  • was he?
  • also…

    @146: Honestly I don’t really care about that comment or your explanation. No offense ( REALLY ) but this just waste of time.

  • HAHA

    @was he?:
    Wherever the models are, u know Leo will be there lol

  • @155

    she is probably still with her mom in Spain. she doesnt follow her best friends just about everywhere does she? agree Leo could have joined Toni and her mom. Maybe Toni and mom wanted some daughter/mommy-time alone in privacy, but heck.. what a perfect timing when Leo has days off, too, to introduce the relationship to her mother, why didnt they do that ?? when she has met Leos mom before, what is the difference? and even if her mom couldnt join them before, and she probably misses her, hey this is like your famous new boyfriend !!!! what is up with a day or two to say hello and shake hands?

  • That Girl

    @160 “she doesnt follow her best friends just about everywhere does she?” not gonna lie, toni does seem like one of those girls.

  • Well

    @Was he – 157
    It sure looks like he was indeed at the Bebe’s store launching….
    We can see he wore his Bcap backward.
    And as usual, he was surrounded by young women…..:):)

  • Zzzzzz

    @was he (157): I believe the picture is from the Bebe party that Nina A was at and Leo was there. That’s were all these crazy stories about him ogling Nina came from.
    @also115 & HAHA (#128): I think you might be right about Leo and relationships. I don’t think he does traditional ones, but more open casual ones like the kind you mention. I think when people, myself included, say ‘not over with Toni’, it’s more they are probably going to hook-up again. I don’t think his emotions are involved.
    @#129 re the press: I think they are going to be told not to ask questions, but you know people will. How can they not? Also, even if they don’t ask, you know comparisons are going to be made in almost all the articles about Leo VS Belfort. Leo is really going to be put in the hot seat!

  • Phony

    Toni and Leo are a sick mismatch

  • HAHA

    ‘Leo is really going to be put in the hot seat!’
    Pretty much, I didn’t expect it to happen nearly as much with Gatsby but I imagine it’ll be 10x worse with Wolf. Also, i bet people who dislike him will probably try to discredit his performance by saying he played himself , he only chose to do the movie because it mirrored his life, he’s just like Jordan, etc. Him and Marty have been trying to get it made since 2007. Thats like i said earlier, im really nervous but excited for November. I just hope the critics are kind to Leo’s performance!

  • Zzzzzz

    @HAHA: re the critics – regardless if it parallels his life, IMO what it will come down to is if he nails the performance. From what people have said – Leo has really poured his soul into the role. I remember people also said that about his Django role and look how he well did with that. He was fantastic as Calvin. So I will be crossing my fingers!

  • citibiking

    Sooo missed his smile! Leo you must never throw yourself around women again! you seem sooo much happier with your boys!!!!!! But who is the handsome guy with brown hair behind Leo to the right???? :-P I hope Leo will share him with other boys!!! :-P No fair to keep all for yourself, Leo. I haven’t had a date in years!!! Help a brotha out!!!!

  • HAHA

    Let’s hope so. So many people on IMDB are thinking he will underwhelm and not live up to expectations but I’m really hoping he atleast gets the same amount of praise he got for Django. Regardless if he wins awards or not, I think it’d give him more confidence since he did say it was his best performance supposedly.. I’m off now, night!

  • Heart and Soul

    I hope he is doing something more productive with his heart and soul than putting it all into playing other people in movies.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #160


    Why would Leo meet Toni’s mom when he’s not invested in the relationship?? Also everyone knows he takes his mom pretty much everywhere with him so of course she’s going to meet the flavor of the week, month, year, etc.

    And I’m pretty sure Andrea and toni vacationed last week with their moms but toni and her mom must be doing their own daughter/mom vacation right now. Toni didn’t come back with Andrea.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #167


    That is Leo’s godson Milan who is 18yo.

  • Heart and Soul

    What is he supposed to say? He didn’t care? It was his worst performance yet? It’s called selling a movie. Every latest role is his best, most enjoyable. The hype will fall by the wayside and his work will speak for itself.

  • luv ya

    @Phony =probably @heart and soul :i luv ya

  • luv ya

    you know who i am….

  • Amanda Bynes


  • Amanda Bynes


  • Zzzzzz

    @HAHA: Night! Talk to ya tomorrow!

  • Toni

    From professional model to professional escort. I hope it is not true. So sad. Users and abusers. Do something else Toni, please.

  • Amanda Bynes= some from bz

    Have you guys noticed that every time “Amanda Bynes” comments show up here its because some posters got extremely good points about him and this awkward “relationship” toni, so Im guessing this “Amanda Bynes” has to be hired from bz to try hiding the greatest comments ? She/he always posts 10 messages in a row with useless comments “distracting” us. Oh why are bz people so naive and pretending “model has to make babies with him”… the whole board is so controlled, its like a group of model-agency people!

  • Environmentalist ?


  • Environmentalist ?


  • also…

    Page Six has a post about a VMA after party ( it’s about Diddy ) that claims Leo was at that party surrounded by models including Toni. That party was on Sunday and Toni tweeted yesterday that she was in Spsin, right? So again there was a blonde with him ( not Toni )?

  • Environmentalist ?

    turning caps lock off ……

    Mr Actor , listen to the reality ! These women are what you think everyone look up to, but thats like 16 year old junior high girls who do that ….. Not even real MEN who loves to date women, like these type of girls. you think you are so cool dude being surrounded and always bringing the latest hot-chick home from VS, but every man I know think VS is good to look at on TV, on the runway,but NONE of these guys could dream of making “something”.

    You “man/boy/dude” seem completely BLIND.

    IS THIS TO IMPRESS YOUR RAPPER DUDES that you got all these women? If so all this is just your image impressing, why not start rapping and make music videos with hot chicks instead?

    the more VS-models you date, the more starting to assume you are gay, like really really gay……VS-models is just something to hide behind not to seem gay, like are you ashamed being gay in 20.13? thats one great slap to all gays , if this is true.

    Impressing the rappers with models, thats what you do.

    by the way, ENJOY your days with your male friends because thats refreshing to get photos from for once!

    …. oh man, can actors really get how they look from the outside, anyone?….. I guess he cant, cause he is inside a bubble.

  • @also

    “Page Six”…………..

    = stealing sources from that other mag claiming there was a girl with him, that Nina something. Again this is getting out of proportions from the mags, just cause he is single and loads o women are always around him in clubs, most of them… blonde.

    Dont take all sources for granted, mamas.

  • Page Six

    Highly , highly doubt that one is legit. at VMA party there are too many celebs not to recall whos Toni and if Toni was there, she is a name now (if she wasnt before, she is now after dating Leo). more sources from this must have shown up because almost very known celeb and model is tagged at events like that. Twitter even. and wow if she was there with him, I doubt they are not dancing and chatting in separate rooms all the time and people must have snapped them together, so She was absolutely not there for sure I guess. and yea, she would tweet it .. lOL

    at VMA there are many, many blondes and famous people, I am very sure many kept hanging around Leo cause well.. he is Leo. If one of them is said to be Toni, it could be just a quick assumption from the writer or reporter or source. They still believe they are together, so that makes sense.

  • @Environmentalist

    He is not gay he supports the cause and would come out if he was, but agree he is totally blind to his own downfall and all .

    I thought he was at his ultimate low with Toni, but if he goes for just another 21-yr-old exVS/Sports Illustrated in the crossover from his current one, he is even lower than lowest.

    Some said here he seems to like being like this, and I tend to agree this must be his greatest hobby – to be just lower than lowest with the lowest females you can ever find on earth. Did he not mention somewhere he liked waitresses and normal non – famew***es ??? LOL , such a big lie.

  • Sasha

    Thanks @also – here is the part from the latest Page Six article about Sunday’s VMA after-party.
    …”Other witnesses described it as a 3 a.m. “dust-up” that started after multiple bottles of Diddy’s Ciroc had been downed. Combs walked out of the melee and seemed untroubled, immediately making his way to the mike to welcome everyone to the VMA bash, and wished Cassie a happy birthday.

    The party carried on with DiCaprio, who was surrounded by models including his girlfriend, Toni Garrn, at his own table, sipping neat D’Ussé cognac and smoking an electronic cigarette….”

    Obviously they mistook one of the blonde models for T. Garrn.
    Likely the same “blonde” who was with him and the boys at the BEBE’s launch party ( who is said to look like T. Garrn).

  • @Environmentalist ?

    “IS THIS TO IMPRESS YOUR RAPPER DUDES that you got all these women?” : don’t worry the rappers dudes can get the models too.

  • @182

    Wouldnt it be technically impossible for Toni to be at that after party with him if she tweeted on Monday around 12pm? That’s 6am New York time. I suppose the after parties continued until the very early hours of Monday. It’s a 9 hour flight from NY to Spain. It must have been another very tall blonde assumed to be Toni since he is dating her now. Bad journalism and what’s weird is that they didn’t do the same at that Bebe launch party. They just said it was someone who looked like his current girlfriend but that it wasn’t her.

  • Amanda Bynes



    Dear Leo,
    you said it yourselp that you very very lucky to be in a position you are in. You were put where you are by God/destiny/whatever to use your money/fame/status to help those in need! There are SO MANY LIVES YOU CAN SAVE! THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE/CHILDREN/ANIMALS DYING right now
    WITH NOONE TO SPEAK FOR THEM WHILE YOU ARE PARTYING! and we know you care for them!
    YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS! Not in the eyes of God. You will give account afterwards.
    Look at Angelina/Brad and others! They are using their positions!

  • Amanda Bynes


  • @WHYYY

    People like him are not aware of anyone or anything but materialistic women . Face it, he is superficial and blind and scared and boyish. He is not emotionally intelligent to the level of how to get the girls to bed. He doesnt care about other things.

    Brad PITT ? okay, this man could be his grand dad.

  • @WHYYY

    and I am sure he doesnt have a soulmate whats that crap . he is just a player and prefers polygamy

  • @193

    Leo is perfectly aware of who he is dealing with. He is superficial, but he KNOWS how opportunistic these girls are. From a Gatsby interview:
    Often described by his peers as overly generous, when he landed the role in Romeo + Juliet he cashed in his business-class ticket for economy seats so his friends could accompany him to Australia to shoot the film. However, when it comes to women, he’s not one to shower them with diamonds and extravagant gifts in an effort to sweep them off their feet.

    “I think that women ultimately don’t respond to those things,” he says. “I think most importantly they have to feel comfortable with you, so I just be myself. I think there’s a lot of speculation from men as to what women are attracted to and there’s a lot of misconceptions. Women of quality don’t care about those things.”


    Emphasis on WOMEN (not girls) and OF QUALITY (no famewh*res).
    He knows. He is just too much of a coward to even dare to start something with women of quality. Because he knows they won’t put up with his sh*t. He knows he can’t control them. He knows he can’t be the one in demand all the time. Leo is scared to death of that.

  • Ha..

    I was expecting to see yet another set of party and clubbing sightings this morning but it seems there aren’t… Seems like Mr. decided to skip last night which is great. He’s been out every night since he came back to the States.

  • also…

    If Toni was in NYC she would have made sure that people know ( tweet, instagram…etc ). I was thinking maybe her PR team is trying to put her name next to Leo`s while he is living it up in NYC. But it would be dumb to do that ( and cooperate with Page Six ) while she is tweeting about being in a different country. So I think there was a tall blonde model type with him AGAIN and the source assumed it was Toni. So was he caught with his hand in the cookie jar again? Just like with that Polish model while dating Blake minus the pap photo? This new sighting doesn`t mention him not talking to models…
    @195: I haven`t read the comment you responded to but you are absolutely right. Leo knows what these models want from him and by giving it to them he can be in control. And he feels safe, he knows what`s going on and he won`t get hurt. I like it how it was said that he is emotionally immature. Exactly. Until he grows up ( if he ever will ) you will see him with the exact same type of girlfriends in the same dysfunctional relationships.

  • @197

    Very true all of what you wrote. I’m thinking maybe he got close with the girl they thought was Toni and maybe that’s why they thought it was her. Because like I said in the other article of the same source (Page Six) they did not say it was Toni but a girl who looked like her and they also said he didn’t chat up with any of the girls at all but maybe this time they assumed a blonde was her because they got close, just a guess though.

  • @@197

    The article specifically mentioned Leo was “surrounded” by models incluing T. G.
    Clearly , we now know it couldn’t have been her.

  • also…

    Doesn’t it sound weird even without knowing that Toni is vacationing in Spain? That Leo, the modelizer is out partying with his girlfriend yet he is surrounded by models? Even Leo doesn’t do that! I don’t know if Oage Six is just pushing this or their spy really thought it was Toni. And this is the second time a Toni lookalike was spotted with him in a week.
    @198: Yeah, it is possible that this time they got close.
    I wonder if this will get posted on their bz threads…