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Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio - MTV VMAs After Party 2013 with 2 Chainz!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a photo with rapper 2 Chainz while attending an after party following the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at 1 Oak on Sunday evening (August 25) in New York City.

Earlier in the night, 35-year-old rapper was seen walking the red carpet at the show held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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“B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME will be available for pre order at midnight on iTunes! ..comes with a free song download!” 2 Chainz tweeted that night. Get it now!

10+ pictures inside of 2 Chainz and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

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Credit: Larry Busacca, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • http://@kulsuzi34 #199


    It wasn’t her though. She tweeted a pic of her and her mom in Spain on Monday. She’s not in NY. The girl I would think they are referring to is the one that was standing next to Leo in the bebe party pic??? Who knows but it’s not toni. Maybe they’re trying to stir the pot since he’s partying in NY with models and his supposed “gf” is nowhere around.

  • Lolz

    A Regular Girl’s Guide to Landing Leo DiCaprio: Tips for dating one of the world’s biggest stars via @DailyQuirkBlog

  • also…

    Lainey has an article on Bradley and his toddler. That girl looks so young and it makes it really disturbing for me to look at them. At least Toni looks older than her age so it`s somewhat better to see her with Leo. I mean compared to Bradley.
    Anyway Lainey is referring to the Page Six article and mentioned Leo clubbing with Toni. I like it how she said in a club there`s no need for conversation…

  • Drake


    Lol. Bradley going through midlife crisis I’m convince. Like I sad on the other thread Leo date tall blonde models. If he seen with one we assume its the girl he dating.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #202


    LOL that’s funny!!!

    #203 I find those pics of bradley and suki disturbing!! She looks like a child!!!

  • @200

    I’m not sure the Bellazonian Toni fans are aware of Leo partying every night since Toni isn’t around him because I noticed the Leo fans don’t post all of the sightings that were posted on jj. I think they are very well aware of all the sightings but are reluctant to post it and bet they didn’t post them on purpose because all this shatters the oh-so-cute-and-romantic-thing he has with Toni according to them. Some poster even said that Leo and Toni were ‘glued to each other’ after those biking pics in Majorca appeared.

  • ^

    But following Toni’s tweets, she usually tweets at the end of every trip even after having left the place.

    And her friend posted that picture saying she was back so Maybe Toni was with her. Just saying.

  • Zzzzzz

    @also: Actually there were times when he was dating Erin when an article would say he was surrounded by models and then it would come out a day later that Erin was with him. So I think even when he has a gf, the models still hover around him. Remember, he usually has some members of his posse with him, which could account for some of the girls.
    re Toni look alike: I think if they see any tall blonde model, they are going to mention it. But Leo always has tall blonde models around him. Again, his pal Chuck’s gf/wife is tall slender and very blonde. She often parties with Leo and in Cannes, here were pictures of Leo and her at a nightclub and people thought she was Cara D. at one point.

  • @Zzzzz 207

    Nikki Erwin is not tall nor slender.

  • Zzzzzz

    @@Zzzzz 207: I thought she was – I saw a picture of her and Erin together and she appeared to be both. Actually, I think she was more curvy than Erin

  • Missy

    Another pic from Leo and 2 Chainz. Sorry, the quality isn’t the best:

  • @207

    She says ‘hello from Spain’ in her tweet. Unlikely to say that if you have already left the place. But i agree that it could have been near the end, last day of the trip or whatever.
    209 – Nikki isn’t short, think she’s taller than average. Just not slender.

  • also…

    @^: She tweeted from Ibiza in the middle of their trip ( that photo with her friend on a boat ) and that tweet from Monday sounds like she is still there. Also Toni tweeted that she won`t be back in NYC until September. Also I think she would have let the world know if she was around Leo again. She does that. Her friend being back in NYC is one thing. The friend who was with them in Ibiza returned to the US before her. To me it seems like she was with that friend and then went to Spain with her mom and the friend returned to the US… Other than that Page Six sighting there`s no indication ( so far ) that she is in NYC.

  • also…

    @212: I agree. Even if it was the end of the trip / last day she couldn`t have been in NYC the day before the tweet. If she is back and there are Leo tweet sightings in NYC how come there`s none with Toni?
    I think Page Six is reliable but clearly they make mistakes. Like putting Margot Robbie on that private jet from Sydney to Vegas on NYE.

  • Zzzzzz

    @@200: The BZ thread rarely post anything that puts Leo in a bad light. re the tweets – You’re right, they didn’t post all of them, which is really odd. They are usually so on top of the tweets. I agree they probably didn’t because it makes Leo look bad. But when he was with Erin and she was in Mexico and he was partying it up in Miami with all the models, they posted all of the tweets and articles. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I think some of the regulars on BZ are not posting like they use to. I think even they are getting upset with Leo’s behavior. Since they can’t say anything negative, they just don’t post.
    I’m out of here – back later!

  • @Zzzzz 207

    Nikki is close to 40. She is not a young chick. There were several pictures of her with Bar at the time and some readers thought she was Bar’s mom.

  • @216

    some readers thought she was Bar’s mom….LMAO!!!

  • Léonie

    Hi all. The new WOWS article was a nice read. I’m excited to see what they made of it. Once again, after reading that article and Leo’s words, it’s so hard to believe this very well-spoken and smart actor, surrounded and obviously admired by incredible names such as Scorsese and Terrence Winter, is the same person as this douche-y, shallow and dependent person in his personal life that we see. And 2 Chainz is a lousy rapper. Lol. Kendrick Lamar is cool though. Leo said he loved his music as well so that makes up for it haha.
    Off-topic but those Bradley and Suki pics are very off-putting. Like @also I too think Suki really looks like a child next to him.

  • Léonie

    @Z: Completely off-topic but I’m guessing relevant to you as well: just discovered a way to view the comments here in the desktop version on my phone and even to be able to post from my phone like I could before! In fact just posted my previous comment from my phone lol. And I think that this way we will also be able to see comments even if it surpasses a certain amount. Here is how it works: do you use Google Chrome on your phone? If not you will have to download it. Then go to JJ on Chrome and click on the 3 horizontal striped icon on the top right of the page. Beneath you will see ‘Switch to desktop version’. Click on it et voilà! You’re viewing the comments in the desktop version and if all went right you can even post from your phone. Hope it works for you too! xo.

  • Lifestyle

    Take into consideration the Hollywood lifestyle. This is Leo’s lifestyle and has become his mindset. This is how it is and how its going to be and how Leo lives almost by default.

  • Is this about Leo ?

    This A+ list mostly movie actor got into a huge fight with his fairly new girlfriend and kicked her out of his hotel at around 2 a.m. Instead of calling an escort service, our actor went to a club in NYC and walked out with someone new about 30 minutes after he got there.

    From CDAN

  • #211


    I think Leo has a little rapper inside of him that’s dying to break out! LOL He loves hanging with his hip hop/rapper friends. I’ve even heard at some parties he’s gotten up and rapped with them!

  • @221

    Hmm it would have to be from over a month ago? Both haven’t been in NY at the same time recently.

  • #221

    @Is this about Leo ?:

    I don’t think so because Toni was not in NY. She is in Spain, last week with her friend and their mothers and this week (or at least over the weekend and on Monday just she and her mom). She has indicated she won’t be back to NY until September.

    Leo has been seen hitting up all of the clubs just about every night since he came back to NY for DeNiro’s party last weekend. There’s been no report of Toni until Page Six decided to say they saw Toni in the club with him at around the same time she tweeted that she was in Spain with her mother.

    TONI IS NOT IN NY!!! If she was, we would have gotten sightings already. He’s been seen clubbing with friends, riding bikes with friends and eating with friends but never a mention of her.

  • @221

    “kicked her out of his hotel at around 2 a.m.” : doesnt he have his own place in ny??

  • @#207

    Toni just tweeted from Spain minutes ago…

  • Mexico?

    Found this on twitter. It was posted today on a Mexican website. The last we saw of Leo was yesterday riding a Citibike in the afternoon. There are no twitter sightings of him at any NY clubs. I’M NOT GOING TO SAY THIS IS ACCURATE BUT JUST PASSING IT ALONG. :-) Also going to say this is not the first time Leo has hung out with Mel Gibson. He hung out with him in Miami at the beginning of the year so this is plausible.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson holiday in Mexico

    Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson , in the midst of a safety device, attended the club ‘ Joy Lounge ‘located in a mall in Polanco in Mexico City, where they enjoyed good music and fun. According to the statements of those present, the actors arrived separately, however, say that once in place they met.
    Several people who were at the scene could not believe that celebrities were actors in our country and also salute to all those who approached them.
    Moments before entering the nightclub, Gibson decided to walk around in a van type Polanquito suburban sand color, in addition to walking with a woman and several security members.
    was noted that the actors visit, according to some sources, not for any reason of work, well it’s no secret that Leonardo and Mel have always presumed his taste for Mexico.

  • also…

    It’s possible. He loves Mexico and he has questionable friends so could be legit. But not having club sightings doesn’t mean he left NYC. It happened before so we have to wait for more.
    @227: Thanks for the info. It’s clear Toni wasn’t with him at those parties.

  • #226


    Thank you!!! Now everyone can stop with the Where is Toni? crap!!! :-)

  • @also

    “he has questionable friends”

    LOL! Mel Gibson! +1

  • #228


    Yea that’s why I put in all caps that this may not be accurate but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. People on here are going to read one part of it that he is in Mexico and that’s what they’re going to go with! LOL

    I’ll be curious to see if he sticks around NY when Toni returns or if he’s fixing to leave sometime this week (if he is still in NY right now).

  • heu

    actually i don’t think he has questionable friends:Lukas ,Ethan, Jonah etc are they questionable??! The one whom i would consider as such is definitely that douche:THE RRRRRUSSIAN GUY(ya know….),other than that ,hopefully Leo KNOWS how to choose his chums,

  • #232


    He has his really close tight knit circle of friends but he does have some sketchy ones…..what about that guy Helly Nahmad who got arrested earlier this year?

  • heu

    yeah but that guy is more of a “Gambling -colleague” and i would dare add that Leo is no better himself in terms of his gambling habits ….i mean it’s only because of this particular “passion” (gambling) of his that he “hangs out” with people like Nahmad. It’s kind of a necessity to him in that regard ……………………………………………………………………

  • also…

    @heu: I didn`t say all his friends are questionably. I said he has questionable friends. There is a difference.
    @231: I see your point. We have to wait and see. He gets papped in Mexico. Who knows when Toni is going to return to NYC in September?

  • @mexico

    Is this the article you mean? I think it’s from the 23rd? Maybe he went there on his way to New York? And possibly the meeting if true could be something to do with a movie/ project? Just an idea

  • Lolz
  • #236


    Yep that’s in. The website I got it from mentioned today’s date so this proves it’s not accurate because we know Leo was not in Mexico on 8/23.

  • Léonie

    @also: If Toni is going to walk the NYFW then she has to be back in NY by the end of the first week of Sep at the latest. But I’m not sure if she will. Maybe she’ll skip this one too as she did with Paris Couture.

  • @mexico

    @238 not unless he went for the night lol but I think he’s been seen partying every night since he got to NY. Guess its some club looking for a bit of promotion.

  • #240


    It looks like maybe Mel Gibson was there. Maybe they had a lookalike or something.

  • @mexico

    @241 oh ya, good point! Well unless he did fly down for a very short time, I guess it must of been a lookalike.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 Still in New York….

    Tzik NYC (@TzikNYC)
    8/27/13, 9:31 AM
    Just saw Leonardo Dicaprio at Battery Park. Watch out for him. He is just walking around.

  • also…

    The whole Page Six sighting of Leo with Toni was in a post about Diddy having some fight after the VMA. Diddy himself denied it so Page Six misfired on this one.

  • banana
  • #244


    Thanks for the clarification. :-)

  • banana

    “Maybe she’ll skip this one too as she did with Paris Couture.”: i’m sorry? do you think the reason was Leonardo?

  • http://@kulsuzi34 This is interesting…..

    Read what Nina had to say about Leo!! LOL

    SI Swimsuit (@SI_Swimsuit)
    8/27/13, 7:29 AM
    Morning Swim: Nina Agdal approves of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford to trace her genealogy and more news:

  • sheesh

    why all this obsession ? Who gives a f^ck about the nina sl^t

  • also…

    Well, of course she would go out with him. She dated Adam Levigne and I guess she is not opposed to the buzz that would create for her ( career ).