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Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out After 'Great Gatsby' DVD Release!

Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out After 'Great Gatsby' DVD Release!

Leonardo DiCaprio sports a Popeye shirt while leaving La Squina restaurant after having dinner on Wednesday (August 28) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor’s latest film The Great Gatsby was released on Blu-ray and DVD the day before. If you missed the film in theaters, or you just loved it a lot, make sure to go pick up a copy!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Douglas Booth is playing the role of Romeo in the upcoming film version of Romeo & Juliet, a role that Leo played in the Baz Luhrmann film from 1996. Find out what Douglas had to say about stepping into the actor’s footsteps.

FYI: Leo is wearing Carrera sunglasses.

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  • HAHA

    Lol I see Lukas with him. His body is so awkward, he still has a beer belly hanging out but his legs are so skinny. He looks better than before, but the beard and hats still need to go. Expecting a spam of SAY NO TO HATS AND BUSH BEARDS soon lol.

  • Poor Leo

    Numerology says he will find ‘The One’ in the coming months.

  • Say no to Lukas


  • HAHA

    @Say no to Lukas:
    LOL! Where is Leokas?

  • Well

    We now know the tweet about the La Squina sighting (or la esquina like the tweeter spelled it) seemed to be at least accurate about the location and that he was with ‘a buddy’. Leo looks less bloated here and I would think it has to do with that he gave the hard partying a little rest since a few days. That belly though.

  • HAHA

    Agreed. It’s hard to judge from pictures but he looks a bit tense here imo. Not sad or anything, just kind of emotionless, devoid of any feeling on his face for some reason.
    His face is starting to look less chubby but yea he still has a belly.

  • Dalton

    Check out Leo’s recent comments about his ex-flame Giselle which has NFL QB Tom Brady going mad, here’s the link

  • alexandrina

    there is something off about him..

  • Zzzzzz

    Gee – could Leo be chauffeured around in a bigger car? Doesn’t he have a hybrid car he can be driven around in? Carbon footprint, Leo – Carbon footprint!
    @HAHA: Yeah – he does have skinny legs – but he needs to start doing sit-ups! He does look good. The picture I posted on the other thread must have been from today since he and Lucas are wearing the same clothes. Leo and Luka biking:×729.jpg.html

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #1


    He does still have the belly but he’s looking better! I like the way his hair flips out in the back!! :-)

    And his car is flex fuel…yay Leo!!!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #7


    That’s from a few months ago and I don’t think he bought a new house in HW and especially across from Gisele.

  • Zzzzzz

    @#1 : it is flex fuel – but it’s a suburban! It gets a whopping 11 miles to the gallon in the city!! Wow – talk about helping the environment! LOL!! Leo – Leo – Leo! You need to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #12


    Apparently baby steps for Leo….LOL

  • @Poor Leo: Hey can you tell me how that works? It sounds so interesting!

  • Zzzzzz

    @12 (13): LOL!!! It is a start! Just keep moving in the right direction!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #9


    Looking at the side view of Leo you can really tell how much weight he’s put on!! I can’t wait for him to shed the weight and he does really have skinny legs!!

  • Zzzzzz

    @9 (16): He’s always had skinny legs, but I think the extra weight really emphasis them! He not only has to hit the gym, but go on a diet and cut back on the booze to get back into shape for the premier. From what I read, he loves to eat and drink! But – he always seems to pull it off, because I’ve never seen him walk the red carpet and look like crap!

  • @SM stuff

    @SM stuff: I don’t think so. And she doesn’t look like his mother, she’s an intelligent and independant woman and I have the impression something important has happened in her life, so she’s focused on something more important that Dicaprio and I think that she passed in other thing, she made a decisive meeting and it’s all that I can say

  • @8

    @alexandrina: I think he looks fine but needs to exercise!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 #17


    I’ve heard he’s one of those that does the extreme 5 or 7 day diets…. Not sure what they’re called but where you drink liquids or something along those lines to drop like 20lbs.

  • Zzzzzz

    @17 (20): Why am I not surprised. If it is true, IMO those type of diets are so unhealthy and really hard on your body. Especially with his lifestyle and partying – that could cause some serious medical issues. Also, you might lose the weight for a little while, but you will end up putting the weight back on, if not more. Working out takes a commitment and a willing to sacrifice things, which apparently Leo isn’t willing to do. He really does need to take a step back and get his priorities straight. Having a healthy body is everything.

  • Captain

    He should eat more spinach like Popeye…

  • Leokas

    We’re here sorry to our fans!!!













  • Leokas

    Excuse me, gtfo stop trying to impersonate us!!!! We are the one and only! Nobody comes between me and my man!





  • Leokas

    Sorry bae, we are finally here for you! <3 we are glad that we get to spend more time with each other!

  • ❤ lovesick ❤

    ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alyssa Miller

    Oh Leo please give me a chance. I can give you great sex. Please Leo Please!!

  • Jo

    He looks cute. Call me crazy but I like his little belly <3


    and crunchy crocant.

  • LookAtHim

    I swear to god Leo DiCaprio has the most beautiful face on earth!!! He looks like an god dam*n angel!

  • LemonHead

    Just Jared, shouldn’t that be La Esquina Restaurant? Amazing food for the foodie. Leo looks like a foodie.

  • http://chrome vangie

    Great fans, not one bad think abt leo, i so admire this!

  • HAHA

    LMFAO. Also I saw these tweets earlier and quickly wanted to share. Not sightings but really bad for Leo if gossip sites are starting to punches at him too now:
    tio salamanca ‏@bettydrapers 10h
    Also I read a tabloid at the hair salon this afternoon they were trashing Leo saying he’s cold, self centered and unattached to women
    tio salamanca ‏@bettydrapers 10h
    And that he broke up with Erin cause she wanted to move in with him. These boys will be the death of me tbh

  • Léonie

    I have to say despite the belly he looks much better here, esp. in the face. Less drinking I guess / hope? I guess I’m one of the few but I like the beard. It looks really good if it’s not all over his face / neck. But then again I also thought he was exceptionally sexy in Django lol.

  • HAHA

    I mean gossip mags.

  • TheChubbyTummy

    If you saw pictures of Leonardo flyboarding on his latest vacation, you may want to check out these more impressive Leonardo pics =>

  • HAHA

    I cant stand beards but I have to say he was looking weirdly hot in Django!

  • ThePonchyTummy
  • Well

    Thanks Jared!
    Like I mentioned in a previous thread, he must be quite busy in NY right now getting ready for all the several WOWS promos (interviews for magazines, newspapers, photoshoots, meetings with M. Scorsese). So he likes to relax with his good buddy Lukas.
    Speaking of hot, I noticed that People mag did “not” list LEO/TONI G. on their “hot couples – Summer sizzling romances”.

  • Leonardo = grumpy MARZIPAN
  • @@SM stuff


    YOU ARE SO NOT THE PSYCHIC. psychics said they were destined this time on earth. To the @SM stuff: Do not listen to this moron!


  • @SM stuff

    from Psychic2 description SM is 5’6 with no big breats but very sexy,
    with grey-green eyes, with reddish hair and reddish spots:

    Psychic2 @ 08/03/2013 at 6:31 am
    As of the SM, I am sensing she is very exhausted by her surroundings, too, and if you look closely at Leo he looks still very drained, too. He needed his time off work very badly. They are in synch this way, and will get in a higher energy together I feel, but I can not give you any predictions. the SM is used to urban life, I feel, but she can sometimes be exhausted by noise,by cars, by even people and people in rush. This is a very sensitive human being. I am not saying supreme, but in human world very rare spirit. She has some powers and abilities to get back into shape very quickly,though, if she gets enough ’fuel’ from positive people. That is the info I got this week. She is very thin at the moment, she used to be more hungry. The pictures of him and Toni don’t get to her in a way it gets to you here, obviously. But I can feel her deep sighs. She has something to her throat chakra that wants to speak to him about it, but she feels she doesn’t want to interrupt him. Yes, this is the sad part of SMs. They don’t call the other one ***** or the other one anything but love.
    Peace, Namaste.
    Psychic2 @ 08/04/2013 at 2:47 pm
    powers: The SM is at high frequency of the spirits, highly sensitive, to the tipping point. She would always be hurt by even a picture of a horse that is too skinny. She is THAT sensitive. But, when her heart shines through my readings, I see something else. She is sensitive also to herself, which means she knows how to distinguish his other women at another level than anyone of us can imagine. It is true she got some features from his latest friend that you all see in the news, a bit. Not as tall, but she got some same features, and she is neither too short. Just what you would need to enter a model contract. She is not _from Germany, but germanic wise in her reddish white light skin that comes through at me, when she glows she has the same smile as him or more like his mother, not blue eyes – more grey-green and darker, but we are never sure about this. Dyed blonde could be, but sure has some blondish hair and to her shoulder length. I can sense some irish background here because of the reddish spots I get? Same wavy, just-got-out-of-bed style to it. From more clear visions, she looks pretty. Could been a model if she took the offers, yes. Her smile is more ’cute’ than pretty, looks a bit like Erin there when smiles. She got some parts from all of his exes. Nose and forehead like Gisele. Eyebrows like Blake. Lips like Bar. These are things that come up if I ask for answers to the other ones. But out of all of the Victoria S-models she looks mostly like Gisele/Toni-mix,but with the body shape of Bar, means not as tall as Gisele/Toni. More Gisele/Toni-face. She could -definitely had been a model, no doubt! She got many offers. She refuses them constantly. She does not like the industry, or the people behind it or the slimy photographers and directors. She has been to auditions before, I get that message. When she was younger she was head hunted from the street, as tv host or some role in short film or something. But she got a bad experience from it. And since then she quit trying. She had a dream when she was very young, to become an actress. That was during childhood years, and I think she has been on a stage at least once or twice (more in the theatre, role play or stand up or I get some humor show, dont understand why). – I think he over-consciously saw some of the same when he met Toni, but he really misses his SM a lot, I can feel. He looks distant in photos not without reason. But both of them need to feel their bitter truths, they sometimes got ’escapist’ written on them. It wont be for too long. I sense they are somehow on the road to one another, we just do not know how or when. They are experienced souls. It’s not their first time on planet earth to have their lives rested on other’s. These are true dreamers. Both of them. If only one of them was a bit more practical than the other, things would be easier. Both have the need to ’step out’ of simple life more than once a year. That is why you see him at so many nightclubs. And she goes into her art of that some kind she is doing. Both of them know how to paint, and if they made it a profession I sense both of them could have been fine artist students in schools of like Renaissance. Talented ;-)
    Psychic2 @ 08/04/2013 at 3:04 pm
    The above were the clearest and most detailed answers I could get when I asked the spirits for getting visions of her face and body. I saw all of this as grainy, very blurry visions, nothing is complete and could tip to another vision very easily, I must add this and the SM has some feature I have not seen in any of them – that mysterious sexy . She is more sexy than she is cute and/or pretty, and her face is absolutely not perfect