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Miranda Kerr Flashes Breast for 'V' Magazine Feature!

Miranda Kerr Flashes Breast for 'V' Magazine Feature!

Miranda Kerr flashes one of her breasts in this brand new feature for V magazine’s September 2013 issue, on newsstands tomorrow, August 29.

The 30-year-old supermodel posed for pictures as Cicciolina, a famous Italian adult film star from the 1970s for the brand new photo shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Cicciolina is known for having given speeches with one of her breasts exposed (evidence seen in the below pic!)

For more pics from Miranda as Cicciolina, visit

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miranda Kerr’s latest photo shoot for V magazine as Italian adult film star Cicciolina???

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miranda kerr flashes breast for v magazine feature 01
miranda kerr flashes breast for v magazine feature 02
miranda kerr flashes breast for v magazine feature 03

Credit: Sebastian Faena for V Magazine
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  • ness

    For real, I thought she was better than that, next who knows she will be appearing in Playboy.

  • hmmm that flash her breast. Very tasteless. Her husband is on broadway performing at least trying to use his talent to elevate ones mind..she’s just repeating what an original porn star has done.

  • Wow

    She actually doe not look to bad as a blonde. Surprised

  • Mike Miller

    Miranda just keeps getting better and better – and WOW does she ever do a great Ciccoilina impression :)

  • Yok


  • @2

    Yes it’s necessary! She supports her husband on that way! Didn’t you know that?

  • ?

    Worse and worse. Downhill. Poor Flynn…

  • Effy

    She’s so pretty and I understand that she’s comfortable in her own skin, but was this REALLY necessary? There’s something sexier about being a little mysterious aka not revealing your intimate body parts to the world.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Miranda looks gorgeous as a blonde!

  • ha

    Love you haters trying to pretend that you are shocked about n*dity in a fashion spread. This ed is downright puritanical compared to the eds done for Interview by Naomi and others.
    You aren’t fooling anyone with your fake concern.
    Hypocrites, the lot of you.
    She looks gorgeous, and is appearing in yet another high fashion magazine. THAT is what is REALLY bothering you idiots.

  • Diliana von Bork

    She looks pretty. I like the pics.
    And the nipple… I don’t care when models do it for fashion magazines. Sometimes it looks vulgar, but sometimes it looks very beautiful. That pic didn’t look so bad, but when I clicked on the link… I must admit, I didn’t like it so much.
    Alessandra said she never posed nude, but look at this pic. You can’t see her nipples, but but don’t like it. I don’t think this pic is very classy. Miranda’s pic is more artistic.×475.jpg

  • Greg

    The yellow dot is kind of distracting.

  • Pretty Ka

    People shouldn’t act so shocked here. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but nudity is like a must in fashion today, and has been for a few years now. Haven’t you seen girls on the runway??? Take Kate Moss for example, she is nude in most of her shoots; I’ve seen plenty of pics of her, ahem,’nest’ gracing the pages of fashion magazines; what’s more I even saw a huge photo print of her lady parts in a gallery in London; that woman is naked ALL the time, and so are many models gracing the pages of fashion mags today. I personally don’t like it too much, as I feel it’s becoming a cliche, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Perhaps it would be more impactful to post about Miranda Kerrdashain actually keeping her clothes ON. Though it is kinda fitting she was posing as a p*rn star.

  • @14

    Just curious, but do you feel the same way about any if the other models? Ones who pose n*de far more often than Miranda? Or are you happy in your hypocrisy? Oh, no need to answer. We all know that’s a rhetorical question.
    Bye, you stalker loon.

  • ok

    This woman does nudes in 99% of her eds. She takes women empowerment and feeling comfortable in ones body as an excuse but she’s a total $lut in reality and every move she does in her career is attention seeking. I can count the eds she’s done in the past 2 years where she didn’t flash her butt or her boobs. Even less successful models don’t do it like that. And surprise surpise! She’s nude in the latest Interview magazine. Everybody calls her and Alessandra famewhores but Ale has more class and dignity. Alessandra is in the same Interview ed but she at least is wearing a sheer bra and most of her body is covered with fur. Doutzen is also there but you can barely see her boobs.
    But I guess if you are not naturally and effortlesslt sexy as Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen and you want to build a sex symbol image and you are not effortlessly sexy, you have to keep showing it all to not lose people’s gaze.
    I cannot not dislike this woman…

  • @16…ok…

    Oh the JEALOUS Adriana “fan” is back obsessing about Miranda….lol.

    Still upset about her being the 2nd highest paid model in the world or on the Forbes Magazine 100 most influential celebrities list???

    What’s the EXCUSE this time???

    Wow, now you’re calling her a “sl*t”….Mmmm I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word, better go & google it so YOU don’t keep embarrassing yourself.

    Oh & I see you’re also SHOCKED that Miranda bared her breast depicting a famous Italian in an artistic photoshoot for high fashion V magazine.

    Do you feel the same way about Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Gisel, Doutzen etc etc who have ALL bared their breasts for photoshoots as part of their jobs???????

    Yeah of course that’s different because you’re a hypocrite & have a double standard when it comes to Miranda….Right???

    Jealous much???….lol.

  • ok

    Lo you’re a stupid imbecile if you think saying the truth makes me a fan of any model let alone adriana who is undistutably more successful than Miranda. I mean why would Adriana fans be jealous of a model yearns for attention like it’s a life necessity and do nudes like it’s fundamental? Why not address my original post instead of saying stuff that makes you sound like a deranged 90 year old?
    And yes, supermodels do nudes, that’s nothing new. They don’t however do it in al/most ofl their eds. Those models don’t even do it frequently. Far and few between is their case. Miranda’s case is every so often. So better compare Miranda to some Play Mate because as it is, she lacks class and integrity as the models you desperately want to compare her to. Tose models do it for shock value, there’s nothing shocking about seeing Miranda assets anymore as she lets them hang out every chance she gets. I swear this girl pops her boobs in the most innocent and basic of editorial.

  • @18

    “And yes, supermodels do nudes, that’s nothing new. They don’t however do it in al/most of their eds. Those models don’t even do it frequently. Far and few between is their case.”
    That statement right there invalidates your entire argument. You just proved to all of us that you have absolutely no knowledge of the fashion industry, or HF editorials. You just proved that you don’t follow the careers of any of the big name supermodels, otherwise you would know that this statement is a lie. And most importantly, since you just proved your ignorance about fashion, you revealed yourself to be the hypocritical, lying hater that you are.
    These photos (of all the models) are beautiful art. Comparing them to a “Play Mate” photo shoot proves one more thing. That you are unbelievably ignorant.

  • Yop

    Do your research and stop the self-humiliation. Adriana is Miranda’s superior in the industry. And lol at you gloating about Miranda’s forbes list appearances. Seems like you beat people when they’re down because Adriana was out of the game for more than 9 months yet still Miranda made only 1 million than her.. Lol common sense tells me it’s Adriana who is at the top of her game. Her one contact is equivalent to Miranda’s work everywhere. Miranda vanished from the list when she was pregnant. Seems like the only time she can surpass Adriana’s earnings is when Adriana is on break lmao.
    Also, do you know how many times Adriana’s been on the forbesCelebrity 100? Her first time in the list, she became one of the most powerful celebrities under 25. Meanwhile Mirabda was a no-name model still struggling. So you see how Adriana is her superior right?lol go gloat about this to models who have not been there.
    Guess what? Miranda will have to keep working overnight even after Adriana retires before she can so much as come close to Adriana’s networth. Miranda is still modeling like the next model and she expects us to believe she “left” VS and DJ becasue she wanted to model less to spend time with her family and business. Haha who’s she kidding?
    And lol girl we all know you are demented but trying to say supermodels do nudes just as often as Miranda is beneath even you.
    Lol bye girl you asked for this. Don’t expect me to post again.

  • Tired

    Show of hands who are italian guys, here in the comments….. I am!!! Trust me, aside for clothes and wig and make up…… Miranda has nothing of Cicciolina, not even for the pose…. Tastless shoot…….

  • why

    @ok: sherr bra is ok? why?

  • @20

    Uhmmm, Adriana was mentioned in a passing reference. You just proved that some of the haters here are desperate Adriana fans.
    If she’s so great, why are you so insecure that you have to constantly attack other models?
    Suuuure, you’re an Italian guy. Suuure.
    Only a delphite would call this shoot tasteless compared to a p*rn star.

  • @22

    You forgot to put on your ‘hypocrite glasses’.
    Silly girl.

  • @20

    “And lol girl we all know you are demented but trying to say supermodels do n*des just as often as Miranda is beneath even you.”
    You’re right. They do n*des MORE often than Miranda.
    In fact, Naomi, Kate, etc, have done numerous full frontal n*des, when Miranda never has. Are you going to call then sl*ts, too?
    ” Don’t expect me to post again.”
    Oh, we know you won’t. Under this particular sock, anyway. LOL!

  • why

    @@22: I am silly? I don’t understand why she thinks sheer bra is ok…. it doesn’t make sense

  • @26

    Of course it doesn’t make sense. Nothing these hypocrites say makes any sense.
    The other poster was being facetious. ;)