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Vanessa Hudgens is Giving Away Signed Movie Posters!

Vanessa Hudgens is Giving Away Signed Movie Posters!

Vanessa Hudgens wheels her carry-on luggage while heading into LAX Airport for a departing flight on Wednesday afternoon (August 28) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress just announced that she started a special contest on her Tumblr page to give away signed The Frozen Ground movie posters.

“Many of you asked, sooo…. Guess what?? I’m giving away THREE movie posters signed by both Nicolas Cage and myself to 3 lucky fans!” Vanessa wrote on her page. “I’ll announce the winners on Friday. Good luck love bugs.”

Head on over to right now for your chance to win!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Rails plaid shirt.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens heading into the airport…

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vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 01
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 02
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 03
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 04
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 05
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 06
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 07
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 08
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 09
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 10
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 11
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 12
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 13
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 14
vanessa hudgens giving away signed movie posters 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • pithy

    Woopee!!!!! I could care less

  • justsaying

    @pithy: Yeah pithy-that is why you came onto the picture comment space and left one-because you don’t care…..Ha!

  • Haters Suck!

    Never understood people who say they don’t care coming on posting saying they don’t care. Obviously you care a little to come here and and make a comment. Seems contradictory. Btw $5 says she’s off to NYC to see austin.

  • Unknown

    @Haters Suck!: She might be heading to Canada since The Kitchen Sink is said to be filming there as well.

  • FYI

    Nightwish is signing up to win this contest under 350 different names. Good luck dude!

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn it I wanted to say that. Ya beat me to it.

  • Many of you?

    Or none of you?

  • fern

    lmao i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hahaha

  • fern

    adorable as usual.

  • kstewfan

    i don’t think she is going to Canada

  • Nightwish

    @pithy: lol, neither does anyone else. Poor hudgens has become totally irrelevant. But there is always her five minutes in machete kills. Maybe that will be a career changer. Go hudgens! lulz

  • Nightwish

    The kitchen sink lol. Another film straight to vod, another film hudgens is in that nobody knows even exists

  • yawning

    @Nightwish: Hudgens is irrelevant…films go straight to video…doesn’t earn enough money…attention seeking…blah blah blah blah. You say the same 4 things ad nauseum. BORING!

  • Kent

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  • Ha

    Desperate much? Ugh. Only stupid tweens (who have no idea what real talent is) can love this …thing.

  • Ha

    “3 lucky fans”…..pffffft. Who does she think she is? Ha…. delusional little High school musical nobody

  • georgina

    she is so pretty <33

  • Aryanna

    @Haters Suck!: she is not going to NYC to see her ex boyfriend Austin and she is doing her movie The Kitchen Sink in Canada so she is on her way to Canada right now

  • georgina

    i bet he is already sending tweets with his accounts! hahahahahahaha he is such a loser.

  • georgina

    nightwish changing his name again, hahaha

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    Yep, interested to where she’s headed. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Nightwish

    Hudgens is departing from lax and flying to…. Who gives a phreaking rip LMAO!!!

  • Angel

    @Ha: Than I guess Nic Cage is a “stupid little tween” too since he’s been praising her performance in TFG nonstop. Going as far as saying “I was amazed at her depth and emotional honesty. I didn’t see acting; she had all those emotions at her fingertips. It was amazing to watch her.”

  • pika

    lol u guys are hating on vanessa when i thought she was good in frozen ground. too bad it was straight to dvd. then u got selena gomez making movies that only get 0% on rotten tomatoes. LOL and hers didnt go straight to dvd its just that bad. cant wait to see selena accept her razzie

  • maria

    @pika: It opened in 10 theaters in random places. Unlikely it will go wider with no promo. I thought it was good too, and Vanessa’s performance was outstanding. It was a good thriller.

  • BO

    oh so did you miss me ? anyways , what happened with your oh-they-took-their-time-and-will-give-out-a-superb-film aka the Frozen Ground .did it go to straight DVD or something ?

  • j-ish

    love when even non-fans acknowledge her <3

    "Anyway, I was going to give The Frozen Ground a 4.3, but Hudgens’ performance and the realism of the movie elevate it to a 4.8. If you get a chance, do go check out the movie."

  • Nightwish

    @j-ish: Uh.. Ok, if you say so, ill go pay 7 bucks to watch it and.. NOT! LMAO

  • Nightwish

    @BO: It was bitchy in particular, and shes real scarce lately, probably sad cause they cant get over the fact that nobody wants to pay money to see hudgens no matter how much she cries or takes her clothes off on film

  • j-ish

    Nightwish ok then child lol…

  • j-ish

    “Hudgens is really working hard to abandon her former Disney princess image, and she’s pretty damn good as Paulson, in a role that’s probably just about as prominent at Cage’s. The two play well-off each other, with them having an interesting surrogate parent-child type dynamic that gives the film a much-needed emotional current. – See more at:

  • Jr

    When are u gonna grow up?

  • truth

    @pika: yup. i dont see selenas career really sky rocketing as much as the media is making out. the critics are saying that her acting was very poor to the point where you get annoyed at her on screen. some even pointed out that the spring breakers acting probably was a fluke especially because korine kind of threw her off guard on purpose to get a real response.

  • maria

    @truth: She needs to stick with bad teen pop music. That’s where her fan base is.

  • kelly martineau

    She could be seening big lips in n.y.? Can’t get enough of big lips. has to go see him. Isn’t she surpose to be making that supied movie the kichen sick? in la or is it a different state.

  • kelly martineau

    Her hair a mess. its all over the place. And her and her supied hats.If she’s not working on that moive the kichen sink. She needs a job anywhere she can. She has to much time on her hands.

  • yets

    cute outfit.

  • Aryanna

    @kstewfan: I think she is going to Canada she is still filming and they are filming some of the scenes there

  • BB

    @truth: Selena is an A list star. She is huge. Who is Vanessa?

  • maria

    @BB: LMAO. Seriously. A-list? To Disney fans, maybe, but not in the real world.

  • ics

    Nice legs!

    @nightwish: you give more than a f*uck about what she does, you’re always around here… lol..

  • lei

    going to a vacation?

  • Ethan

    @Nightwish: Son you keep on hatin but you know damn straight that you will never have a girl as fine as Vanessa. Now run along and find your balls because it’s obvious you don’t have any.

  • BO

    ain’t this site just plain boring without me ????

  • maria

    Boring is great!!!

  • Nightwish

    Good heavens. The Frozen Ground is not even in the top 100 downloads on itunes. What a disaster. Hudgens has 2 million twitter followers, so if just half of these “fans” vod the flick, then that would qualify as at least a 5 million gross. That is some kind of fans she has lol

  • Nightwish

    Wait, doesnt hudgens have a strip scene in TFG? Oops, so much for that being a draw to the film. I knew it all along, people watched spring breakers just to see Selena in a bikini. Next, Ashley, then Rachel Korine, and i guess hudgens is in it too but everyones like ‘whatevers’. How are they gonna market gimme shelter with Hudgens looking like a fat cave woman in it? Good luck with that, lulz

  • italian mom

    In my opinion Vanessa is in a very good place in her life and in her career right now. She is capable and focused. Charming and nice. Something is special and unique about her.

  • maria

    First if all, many of Vanessa’s fans are not able to see R-rated movies. Second, if the nutcase’s theory has any validity, where were the fans of Cage and Cusack, one an Oscar winner? Please. If this movie had been promoted extensively, I would find that concerning. Vanessa had a nice performance and that’s great. No one here predicted a BO smash. None of Stewart’s saw her last bomb.

  • maria

    A surprising exception to the above issue, however, is the character of Cindy Paulson. Surprisingly well-fleshed out, the movie finds its best moments when focusing on her and allowing the audience to see the despair and fear that drives her actions. A lot of credit for this goes to actress Vanessa Hudgens’ portrayal of Cindy, as the former tween star manages to inject her performance with enough heartfelt sincerity to make her a sympathetic character who may not always make good decisions, but whose thought process is somewhat understandable. While Hudgens’ work in Harmony Korine’s subversive Spring Breakers was eye-opening to many, her performance here further proves her ability to carry grim material if given a chance.
    ‘The Frozen Ground’ is bolstered by pacing and a strong performance, but let down by its poor characterisations – Sound On Sight