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Big Brother 15's Aaryn Confronted for Racist Remarks by Julie Chen (Video)

Big Brother 15's Aaryn Confronted for Racist Remarks by Julie Chen (Video)


On this week’s live eviction episode of Big Brother, the moment that many people have been waiting for all season finally came when Aaryn Gries was confronted by Julie Chen for her racist remarks made during the game.

Aaryn was evicted from the house during the show and during her exit interview with Julie, she was asked to comment on the things she said.

“Being Southern, it is a stereotype and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong. I do not mean to ever come off racist. That is not me and I apologize to anyone I have offended for that,” Aaryn said. She received a ton of boos and laughs from the audience, even though they are specifically told not to react during the interview.

Julie then noted that everything said while she was in the house was streamed live on the internet and then read back some of the things Aaryn has said, including:

  • “Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the b-tch,” referring to Candice, an African-American contestant; “Shut up, go make some rice,” referring to Helen, an Asian contestant; and “Nobody is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up,” referring to Andy, a gay contestant.

“I honestly feel horrible. I feel like in Texas we say things that are sometimes… we joke and we don’t mean it,” Aaryn said in her final remarks. “I really feel bad that this is how it has been seen and how I’ve come across to people. I don’t want to seem like that person and I really do respect everyone in this game, although we have had some really hard times because we’re all fighting for our lives in the game.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Aaryn’s reaction to Julie’s questions?

Big Brother 15′s Aaryn Confronted for Racist Remarks by Julie Chen
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  • JM

    Um, I’m in Texas and I found Aaryn’s remarks disgusting, so no, it’s not something “we say in Texas.”

  • Shdnns

    So basically she’s saying that everyone from Texas talks like that. Girl bye… I’m not even from Texas and I don’t believe that. She’s racist!

  • Ashley

    The worst part about this is that she’s excusing her racism on being Southern. I’m Southern and that’s not an excuse for being a rotten person. In the end, it was still all about her. About how SHE felt bad that SHE was seen that way. Not directly apologetic about what she said, but that it was called out. I think the better thing to comment on here is how gracious Julie Chen was. Sure, she has to be, but there wasn’t a bit of frigidity from her and her final remark to Aaryn had just the right amount of shade.

  • Destiny

    She feels bad her racism was just recorded & uploaded for anyone to see. It’s funny how racism works.. you can be racist , but when your called out on it , you deny it ? using “being southern” as an excuse to be stupid is not a good enough reason . Shut up .

  • Dan



  • sdf

    I’m a Texan and don’t you dare say we joke like that. Only the bigots do!!

  • Sheyenne

    Not only does she try to deny it she comes up with the lamest excuse about it being a Southern thing. Girl please she’s just shame that everyone knows she’s a racist.

  • kathyjernigan

    @JM: I am from the South (Alabama) and cringe with disgust when I hear simply its a southern thing to say stupid rants about people. It is not a Southern thing, its horrible people who can come from anywhere at anytime.

  • essie

    julie chen’s eyes look really creepy in that picture

    aaryn got it coming, hope the other contestants are slammed by julie once they’re evicted as well

  • Justen J

    WEST COAST JARED WEST COAST! :( BB ruined tonight :(

  • allison

    Spoiler Alert? Anyone who gets Just Jared tweets will know from the title who was voted out.

  • Dave Topkins

    Julia Chen and CBS are just trying to keep the race issue going, there were things said on both sides.

  • Asha

    This was the best interview EVER!!!!!!! Aaryn got what she deserved. Julie so soooo awesome.

  • Not your friend

    You’ve ruined ittttt, it’s playing later tonight in Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • http://@melissa8313 melissa d

    There is no excuse for the things she said. She should be ashamed of herself. And how can you not remember what you said to helen, candice and andy….have you been drinking too much nail polish remover? I am not one to be-little someone but it’s right there on the internet, the things she said and the way she acted….

  • David

    Ohh’s because your from Texas I guess that is a good “excuse”. It was the way she said it to so she can’t use anymore of her excuses.


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    is a serious online interracial dating , please have a try. you will be surprised after you join

    it. ;)

  • luvlfe

    @Dan: Sorry but it does not take a brain scientist to know ahead of time b4 it actually happens that Aaron is next to be evicted.

  • luvlfe

    Sorry it does not take a psychic to figure out Aaryn is the next to be evicted b4 it happens next wk.

  • 815

    I don’t care if you live on a park bench, have a fabulous home, or just crawled out from under a rock, it’s NOT ok to be racist. EVER. It’s not right as a joke (who would laugh at stuff like that?), and has no place in my idea of society. Take your pathetic butt back to TX, and start praying girl.

  • Jen

    Racist b*tch!

  • Ralph Rogers

    I can’t help but wonder if Julie will be as hard on Amanda who has made even worse racist comments.

  • mttduane

    Julie let her off easy I thought. She’s said a lot worse since those initial comments the first week. She called Candice Aunt Jemima a couple of times and said she should go make some waffles and pancakes. She compared Mexicans to gorillas last night.

    Aaryn knew this was coming. She talked about it with Amanda, one of the other racists. Their conversation turned into a riff from Amanda about Asian drivers and how Asians are only good for making Chinese food.

    The other racists need to be called out too. And they should stop portraying Andy as a victim. That little instigator laughed at most of the racist jokes.

  • mttduane

    Also, no one on the US version of BB has ever been booed when they got evicted. That was a first.

  • E

    Damn i didnt know Texas was like that. Well i mean we see it in the news about the racism and stuff. But to get comfirmation is something else.

  • http://biegenci CB

    First of all, Texas isn’t ‘southern’ it’s southwest! I’m from the south, North Carolina, and we southerners hate that the people in Texas refer to themselves as ‘southern’ just because they are south of the Mason Dixon line. That’s like calling people from Illinois northern! At any rate, being from the real south, we would NEVER see her behavior as anything but racist. Unfortunately she didn’t seem to ‘get it’ when confronted as she wanted to come up with excuses rather than a flat out apology. Last evening, on the live feed, she even said that ‘my dad would say this this was being politically correct not to vote out the queer” THAT WAS JUST LAST NITE! This young woman’s problems run more deep then just being from Texas and I hope that afterwards, she will do as Julie suggested, watch all the tape and get a better perspective on her actions and hopefully learn from them.

  • martha moore

    Every chance Aaryn has had to say something negative about Candice, she has taken it. Candice has been out of the BB house for weeks, but on the after dark shows she’s still spitting darts in her direction. All of a sudden this salty b**ch got a case of amnesia tonight. She’s southern and just can’t remember a thing. I hope she remembers she doesn’t have a job anymore when she gets home.

  • Veep

    I’m willing to bet that she was paid to make rude comments. These reality tv shows need controversy. All staged.

  • Adrienne

    @Veep: I can tell you don’t watch Big Brother. It’s not that type of reality show you’re thinking of like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

    Do you honestly think that she is hurting that much for money that she was willing to be a racist? Get fired from her job then be outed on live television as a racist? Her life is ruined and America hates her, all what? For money? Please, it’s not staged.

  • Lauren

    @sdf: I was just about to say that!

  • Tomax

    Why should she kowtow to what other people want? She has nothing to apologize for. She should be like “yeah I said it and I would say it again!” Don’t let them see weakness. It will only prolong the controversy.

  • Booooo Yaaaaaa

    Tell Julie to shut here chink chank ass up!

  • Marieme

    WTF happened to Spoiler clicking? It was right there on the front page!!

  • US toUK

    I cannot believe BBUS allowed her to stay in the house after making the first racist comment. I thought it was their policy to immediately remove those who cause bodily harm or make racial remarks or suggestions, among other things. So since she was allowed to be voted out, does this mean BBUS is condoning her behavior? In the UK, the last you would have seen of her was her leaving the Diary Room after being told she had violated the contract she made with BBUK and to immediately leave out of the back door of the compound. No votes, no interviews.

  • Turth

    That is a bullish*t answer. I love the person who was laughing at her answer. Why didn’t Julie say by the way u need to look for a job because of what u said you were fired!

  • Lo

    honey, don’t blame Texas. you’re awful on your own.

  • big ole big bro fan

    In every day life when people opt to say nasty things about others, if confronted, the truth should be admitted. To be on a tv show & to say such ugly things is horrible enough BUT to deny it really shows who this girl is. At the least she should have owned her words & then made apologies! I for 1 am glad Julie asked her about what she has said! If she has a conscious what so ever, let’s hope that her stay in the jury house is spent with constant worry about what she made herself look like & how she will handle this once the show is over. I bet it never enters her mind that once she’s back in the real world, there’s a great possibility people will call her out on her ugly words! She will never see it coming that her place of employment will join in with their take on her words! If they have truely decided to disipline her as it has been said on the internet, GOOD FOR THEM!!!

  • Abby

    Everyone is racist in some way, shape, or form. It’s everywhere and I can’t believe that many are shocked about it. It’s never going to go away, I’m from the South and you hear that all the time. Where are you people from, under a rock? I do admit that some of the comments were uncalled for but some are basic stereotypes of different races. It’s never going away folks. Don’t hate this girl for her words, your just becoming racist towards her.

  • lauren

    i hope amanda gets it much worse when she finally meets julie after eviction!

  • Sarah

    @Abby: “your just becoming racist towards her.” LOOOOL do you actually know what racist means? To call her out to be a racist is just the truth.

  • Roxie

    Once again, making excuses for ones bad behavior! Take responsibility for the comments ……she is done!

  • MountainMama

    @Abby, you must be very young; it’s the only explanation for your answer and apparent misunderstanding of the word. And no, everyone is not “racist in some way.” Are you implying that her comments are ok because what she said are “basic stereotypes in some way?” You do understand that THAT in itself, is being racist, right? Well, you are right about one thing…it will “never go away” — but only if we ignore and accept hateful behavior from people like Aaryn. The only way to combat racism is to contine to expose it and hold it up to the light of day, which is what is happening right now with Aaryn. So, no, we are not hating Aaryn, we are exposing her hate. We are shocked because we SHOULD be shocked. And to excuse her behavior is INexcusable. I’m a native Texan and I abhor the fact she used her state and her regional upbringing as an excuse for her comments.

  • Texan

    Yep… I live in Texas, and it isn’t acceptable to say that here.

  • TheGiant

    If Julie is going to be a goof, she better be one to the others when they are evicted.

  • starla

    @E: i am from Texas…and not everyone is like that…but a large quantity are…and those who say they aren’t are just lying…that state has a lot of uppity white people and this is nothing new to me…I hate it and I don’t condone it, I am just tired of Texans saying it isn’t true. IT IS…I am not and I know there are plenty residents there who aren’t but the truth is it is a state that is RACIST!

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    I think Julie Chen handled that short interview really well. I was particularly impressed when she told her she hopes Aaryn gains a new perspective when she watches herself on television. Julie couldn’t say as much as she wanted to say without influencing the outcome of the game.

  • sophia

    I thought this girl was actually from Colorado and just went to school in Texas? Regardless, she’s a product of her parents and the environment that she grew up it and the people she surrounded herself with. Wouldn’t at all surprise me if her parents were racists and just casually used racist language and made jokes and comments in her home. Well, honey you’re entitled to say and believe anything you want but when you get in the real world i.e. the workplace, you may be surrounded by diversity. Everything that you say has consequences and come back to hit you in the ass twofold. Hope you learned something about tolerance but to be honest, I seriously don’t think you learned anything and you will must go on your merry little ignorant ways. Good luck with that…you’ll need it.

  • Jbo

    I can’t say she’s wrong. I live in MN and go to TX to see family and am CONSTANTLY APPAULED at the shit they spew! I get SO upset and do not buy “but I have black friends, it’s okay” BS!

    You need a passport to go to that backwards state!

  • Melanie

    I feel sorry for her, she seems like a nice person, her explanation was good enough for me.
    I hope Julie asks Amanda the same, she’s said just as many Racist things.

  • Maria

    @MountainMama: Beautifully said. You took the words right out of my mouth.