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Katie Holmes Dances Along to Songs on 'Miss Meadows' Set

Katie Holmes Dances Along to Songs on 'Miss Meadows' Set

Katie Holmes moves to the beat of the music coming from her iPhone headphones while taking a break on the set of her film Miss Meadows on Wednesday (August 28) in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 34-year-old actress was seen in yet another vintage outfit for the small budget comedy film, scheduled to shoot until the end of August.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie was seen wearing two different outfits while filming scenes for the movie. She was also seen playing a game of hopscotch on set!

30+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes dancing around the set of her movie…

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katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 01
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 02
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 03
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 04
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 05
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 06
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 07
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 08
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 09
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 10
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 11
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 12
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 13
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 14
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 15
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 16
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 17
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 18
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 19
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 20
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 21
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 22
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 23
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 24
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 25
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 26
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 27
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 28
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 29
katie holmes dances along to songs on miss meadows set 30

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35 Responses to “Katie Holmes Dances Along to Songs on 'Miss Meadows' Set”

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  1. 1
    Alliana Says:

    She can’t dance worth a darn, but glad to see she is enjoying her iPod.

  2. 2
    Nathan Says:

    Katie has the best smile. Very Cute!

  3. 3
    annie Says:

    I loved all the video clips of her dancing at that benefit at the Hamptons, she was great, so entertaining and fun, she should do it more!
    She does have the cutest smile!
    these outfits are so cute on her!

    Amanda, are you around.
    Did you see Jamie Fox with his arm around Katie, did you see them holding hands and dancing, did you see him kiss her at the end, didn’t you just love the way they were jumping up and down to the music.
    did you see Ellen and Katie talking and laughing.
    Tell me Amanda if you are around what video clips did you see, because we were’nt looking at the same clips. As Ann would say……kisses!

  4. 4
    Kent Says:

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  5. 5
    Anne Says:



  6. 6
    Demira Says:

    You looks great Katie. I still love you!!!

  7. 7
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @annie: I so agree. A nice night out with good friends will put a smile on your face for the next couple of days. Unfortunately, the more she heals, the more the Cruise Machine will stalk her. Read Daily Mail. If I were Katie’s dad, I would be puttin a hurt on someone. Seriously though; she has to live with the consequences of her actions. Back in her mom’s day, (although younger) they would send the dtr’s. off and the baby would become the mom’s. POOR SURI! I’m surprised the town is not able to clamp down. That is the East side of Cleveland though. If you knew the area, this kind of media frenzy actually would be right up their ally. Over on the west side here….. We would not be so enthralled. The saying is; “On the East Side, they barbecue. On the west side, we cook out”. WTF; if you read this and turn this into some sort of racially motivated &$@”%#?!?, god love ya. Until we learn to respect each other, we just have to learn to live with nuts like you. Honestly though, I really do think that Katie’s is a bit to much of a media w$&@#*. Sorry Annie and Yassine, but Suri is the one who is going to hurt from two parents who r narcissistic to a unhealthy degree. At least, with Princess Diana, she didn’t go create the notoriety.. Don’t tell me that If they wanted to, they couldn’t barricade the media. I understand all about rights but in this high rent area (Chagrin Falls), there r lots of private property lots they could film on. In summary, my views are right between Annie’s and K flop’s.

  8. 8
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    Seriously people, she’s a walking eating disorder. Every time you see her, she is either drinking coffee, diet coke or has chewing gum. I mean I get it that the camera adds 10 Lbs. but, I saw her when she 1st came to Cleveland outside her trailer (no pun intended) when they were filming at the University circle and I thought, OMG, she looks like a walking, dressed up cotton swab with a wig on. And I’m one of the ones that tries to like her. I’m currently treating someone who is 45, a diagnosed anorexic since the age of 10. This condition is all psychiatric. Every time I leave her room, I want to go eat a hamburger. It is not pretty:(. These girls/women have common traits: overbearing, controlling moms. When I heard Katie’s mom was a devout catholic (and knowing the area where she grew up in TOLEDO – Nothing like Chagrin Falls) and read how she is “open to different beliefs, Annie”…
    It’s like MJ, they shroud themselves with unsuspecting enablers. Call me the pessimistic, sarcastic, sceptic; but I am frequently more right than I would like to be:/

  9. 9
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    I just worry about Suri

  10. 10
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: Correction; “walking, dressed up Q-tip with a wig on it”

  11. 11
    Yassine Says:

    She is seriously pretty here, such a lovely smile.

  12. 12
    Danielle Says:

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Actually Lainey’s Gossip has a different take on the paps. She feels that Katie has surrounded Suri and herself with them (and bodyguards) to keep them safe from the Cult. This could very well be true. The cult has a vicious history of going after those that leave. Their hands are tied when it comes to their famous ex-members in terms of doing outright physical violence. But those that aren’t famous have rendered stories of being harassed emotionally, verbally, and physically with the cult trying to bribe, blackmail, and harm them into coming back or keeping their mouths shut. Look at Kidman–insiders say she loathes Tom now yet she continues to say nice things about him and has never said a bad word about the cult. She knows that they are capable of going after her family in Australia and her family in Nashville as well as herself. She also knows they cut her out Bella and Connor’s lives. Katie knows that for the rest of her life and Suri’s they will have to watch their backs. Marty Rathbourn, a high ranking defector, who audited Tom and Nicole said they went after Nicole as a suppressive. And he said they have far more subtle ways of getting to people. He mentioned both with Haggis and Remi that the cult will lay low and in a year or a couple of years stories will leak damaging news about them. It could be anything from them being mentally unstable, abusers, etc. Anything to get back at them. Same thing may happen to Katie. Depends on what is in those divorce papers. Nicole was blindsided by the divorce, but still managed to get a decent divorce out of Tom with iron clad confidentiality agreements. Tom had her followed by the now jailed PI Anthony Pellicano (sp?), the cult harassed her etc. Katie must have had something huge on Tom to have walked away from the marriage with a quick divorce. But it still doesn’t mean she has to let her guard down.

  13. 13
    Anne Says:


    Kidman, Holmes, were beards. They wanted to grow in HW. Let us conform. Scientology is just for the cruise fanatic. They were together with Tom because it was stipulated in the contract. Women are ambitious, cold, arrogant, selfish and beautiful. Just think of the career. Katie, I agree, it was a better mother. Nicole left the foster. If she wanted she had all the tools to fight in the courts. I doubt if Urban do with girls if she would accept. Tom is crazy, eccentric, narcissistic, selfish and beautiful too. Are all in the same boat. As they say here. kisses.

  14. 14
    annie Says:

    I’m not convinced about this story.
    Yesterday on one of KH facebook, there is a pic, of a guy holding an umberella over her. He looked familiar, he’s one of Toms security.
    Seen him with Tom and Katie when they were together.
    For some reason, I don’t believe that Scie would be after Katie, for the simple reason being Suri.
    They intimidate Katie, they hurt Suri, and I don’t believe that he would do that.
    They might do it to people who leave Scie, but I genuinely feel that Tom would not allow it, regardless , of what went down between them .
    Maybe he still provides security for the both of them.
    I know this sounds crazy as hell, but why do I think sometimes that it’s over and divorced, but it’s not quite over somehow!

  15. 15
    missy Says:

    I doubt that Tom is still providing security for her. With the child support she receives Katie can pay for her own security. Even if she’s not afraid of him, she wouldn’t want his staff to be around spying on her and reporting back to Tom.

  16. 16
    Just a Comment Says:

    #14 – Agree with you about the security guard. He has been seen with Katie and Suri when they were married. He was also in a video with Katie when she went to pick up some cupcakes with Suri and this bodyguard and then met up with the Beckman brothers Cruz and Romeo at an art school for children. This was the same bodyguard as in the picture below.

  17. 17
    Just a Comment Says:

    Here’s the bodyguard one of many times he drove Katie and Suri around lunch or ballet classes. All in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, but I guess he agreed to go to Cleveland.

  18. 18
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Danielle: way too much drama either way. For what. To make Suri’s life a neurotic mess?!?!

  19. 19
    Danielle Says:

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I don’t think the cult cares if Suri’s life is a mess. They have a history of abusing children. Those targeted for SeaOrg are taken away from their praents and made to work at six or seven years old. Why would they care if Suri suffers? It is a horrible cult. People often say live and let be when it comes to another’s religion, but when that religion abuses its members then as far as I’m concerned I don’t need to support it–especially by attending films that cult members do.

  20. 20
    Danielle Says:


    Why do you think the cult would not go after Katie because of Suri? It certainly didn’t stop them from kicking Nicole out of Bella and Connor’s lives. You can pretty much chart her involvement in the children’s lives by going back and looking at stories. She had physical custody and about two years after the divorce the kids wanted to live in LA. According to both Tom and Nicole he decided to relocate there permanently as a base for the kids. And that is when you can start charting the cult’s involvement in disassociating her from the kids. I personally think if Tom had a court agreed upon custodial 50-50 arrangement that Katie would be in the same boat as Nicole. Looking back I think she had been planning this for at least a year. You can go back on Jared’s site and look at the pics of Katie from meeting Tom thru the divorce and you can visually see the life sucked out of her as the relationship continued. I think she saw what the cult did to Bella and Connor and decided to win over the NYC courts by keeping Suri glued to her side and doing film/theater/endorsements in NYC. I think her dad helped arrange this. And like I said, I think she has something huge on Tom. Tom is a fighter and he doesn’t seem to care who gets hurt as long as he wins. He didn’t even fight this. It appears, if rumors are true, that Bella is escaping and has been in contact with Nicole. Connor apparently is still deep within the cult and its antics. So it should be interesting as the years go by to see how this plays out. You have to admit Annie both Tom and David Miscavage don’t take failure lightly and they both are probably absolutely furious over the way Katie handled this.

  21. 21
    annie Says:

    @just a comment
    clever you, found the security guard!. Knew I had seen him lots of times .

    Missy, yes, Katie has the money, but that security guard was with Tom and Katie, before, and I just find it strange that he’s with Katie, unless they use the same firm, don’t know really how it works, just surprised to see him, others that are with Katie now look unfamiliar.

    Yes, because she isn’t an other persons daughter, she’s Tom’s, and whatever I think about scie or himor anything else, I don’t believe he would do, or agree to anything that would be hurtful or upsetting to Suri.
    About Nicole and her kids, somehow there is 2 sides to this, but what bothers me is the fact that she didn’t do anything. People can’t be brainwashing your kids , and you’re oblivious to it?
    No changes in their actions or behaviour toward you?
    Not telling your ex husband, that you have picked something up , that doesn’t look right , and he better stop it , or else.
    She’s got millions to play with , she wasn’t your ordinary person.
    When I said that I read that TC and NK had the kids for 3 months at a time, did you believe that, or you don’t, just curious.

    Yes, I think that Katie does have something on Tom, but at the same time, I can’t disregard the fact, that his kids love him.
    I remember Bella and Connors soccer games, how loving they were towards their father, and he them, Katie and Bella as well.
    This is just my opinion, and I could be wrong.
    For the first couple of years, Tom and Katie looked really happy.
    I think that she only got into Scie, as she said, to share soething with him that he felt so strongly about….that’s as far as it went, of course she had to study it as well.
    I believe as time went on, and as Suri grew, Katie began finding Scie not too much to her liking anymore.
    I believe she didn’t like their methods of toilet training, the bottle, schooling and everything else, she went along with it, for whatever reason, maybe things were’nt bad all the time, but there came a point in her life she had to make a decision because it couln’t have gone on that way anymore.
    I think he sensed her unhappiness, but because it probably had a lot to do with Scie, for him it was unfixable, that’s how it was going to be.
    Then things got worse, more separations regarding work, she probably thought she wanted more than just folowing Tom all over the world from one film set to another, Suri was at school age.
    I also think that in between their bad times, they had some really nice in between times.
    Maybe he felt he was losing control, she wasn’t turning up on his sets as often , I think she knew people were keeping tabs on her, including Connor, because he was everywhere, Katie went.
    Katie went for coffee with Jeane Yang and her girls, there was Connor, at Katie photo shoot there was Conner, as a dj.
    Katie went out with her parents, and other family members there was Connor.
    Remember when Bella was going everywhere with Katie, everywhere, Katie no longer looked happy.
    And I believe that Tom probably did make life hell if she said something against scie, like telling her to say sorry for hours on end, isn’t that what they do?
    There were pics of Tom and the Travoltas, but no Katie, at some Scie functions as well.
    There were times when I thought she looked traumatised, almost in depression, I thought.
    When I write these things I swear , I’m happy she’s out! I just can’t believe that he would intensionally do anything that was bad to Suri, maybe I just don’t want to believe it!
    To be honest , it’s lovely to see these Katie smiles, these are the smiles that Katie used to have.
    These pics of the last few days, her face is like it was when she was in her early twenties.

    @sincerely concerned
    I think there many more actresses who look thinner than Katie.
    You seem a very religious person, I think just because Katie was brought up a certain way, I still think she’s open to different things, but she still has family values, and sfuff.

  22. 22
    annie Says:

    and Miss Meadows has wrapped up filming, and I think that’s the way things are, 2-3 weeks of making these movies is the way to go , because I don’t think she has too much of a choice, and maybe that’s why she does all different things.

    can’t see her going to different locations, and suri being in school, so I guess she does what she has to do.

  23. 23
    Anne Says:


    I am psychology student. For everything I’ve read of Tom Cruise, I’m pretty sure, that the abandonment of the father he deeply traumatized. He suffers from complex bounce and took it to all spheres of life. He lives Tom Cruise, 24 hours a day. I believe he has problems in the sexual area: gay, bi or asexual. It has an extreme insecurity in people (confidentiality agreement, have difficulty having a conversation face to face). Scientology is just an excuse for him not to take or hide his homosexuality. Will die crazy as Howard Hughes. Sad.

  24. 24
    Anne Says:


    Who informs about the breakup of relationships Tom: ..

    Marriage to Mimi Rogers: cult members who presented papers divócio her.
    Nicole Kidman: his lawyer.
    Katie Holmes: The contract stipulated that she would ask for a divorce. He in Iceland working. It was all arranged for him seem like a poor man who was away working to support the family. Katie, smart, ran the script and backfired.
    Nazanin Boniadi: cult members told her to make the bags and would leave his house, because it did not want to be bothered.

    Translating: An eccentric man and insecure.

  25. 25
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Anne: If this IS true about asexual or homo, than by all means Katie should looking for a stable mate. No need to wait until Suri is older. she will adjust. It’s one thing to be a stable figure for Suri but then another to be a complete martyr.

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