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Bradley Cooper Confirmed for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Bradley Cooper Confirmed for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Bradley Cooper is confirmed to voice the role of Rocket Raccoon in the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy!

The 38-year-old actor will be joining a cast that includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Dave Bautista.

Here’s the movie’s synopsis: In the far reaches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an unlikely cast of characters including Peter Quill (Pratt), Gamora (Saldana), Drax (Bautista), Groot (Vin Diesel), and Rocket Raccoon (Cooper) must join forces to defeat a cosmic force of epic proportions.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be hitting theaters on August 1, 2014.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bradley Cooper voicing the role of Rocket Raccoon?

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Marvel
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  • kelso

    loving Guardians of the Galaxy!!!!!!

  • Ariane

    hahaha awesome he’s perfect for rocket raccoon

  • kelso

    and looks like raccoon LOL

  • DJ

    I don’t think I’ll be seeing this one because I’ve never been into comic books. He’s going to have to promote this with Zoe, which might be awkward, though.

  • Verity

    Watch out Sooki, your man will be working with his ex Saldana again.

  • taurus

    finally some positive news about Bradley!!

  • Danielle

    Very cool. The leaked trailer looked awesome.

  • Drake

    I wonder if he will be spending time with his castmates prior to promotion. This will be interesting.

  • Rachel

    He does animated films for kids so his underage baby girlfriends can be able to watch.

  • blunt talker

    This is odd casting since his voice is not that unusual like Darth Vader ‘s voice. This smells strange since I thought he wanted to be thought of as a very serious actor and leave the comedy behind for awhile. If his character falls flat with the audience, who will get the blame for it? I thought he would not want to work with his ex-Zoe Saldana because of the nasty public breakup. I think she had something to do with his casting for this movie. I hope they don’t use their relationship whether past or present to promote this movie. An audience can be very fickle and feel like they are being set-up. When you outright lie and deceive the public it can get very ugly fast. I really want him to do some serious acting to show off his thespian chops. I really loved him in Silver Linings.

  • Leaf

    I think he and Zoe are both pros so it won’t be a prob

  • supernatural

    super, the promises to tenu know

  • juicy lucy

    Seriously, David Tennent would have been a much better choice to voice Rocket Raccoon. It will be interesting to see if Bradley promotes this film with the rest of the cast.

  • DJ

    @juicy lucy: Wouldn’t he have to promote the movie with everyone else? It does seem like it would be awkward, but maybe not. By the time this movie comes out, they will have been broken up for almost 2 whole years. I saw a photo(I think it was on the Wikipedia page for the movie) of most of the cast at this year’s Comic-Con and Bradley was not there. But, I think he was in San Diego at the same time because I think that is the weekend he went to that Metallica concert with Suki. I’m guessing maybe he hadn’t been cast in the movie yet and that’s why he wasn’t with the cast at Comic-Con? I don’t know.

  • Back

    Grown ups can be professional about these things and work together. It’s only the immature or insecure people who would have difficulty coping with ex-couples working together again.

  • Milo

    Awesome news! Can’t wait!

  • TRR

    I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

  • Chris

    Bradley will not work together with his former beard Zoe in it! he will only dub the movie, and actors dub movies alone in the studio, not with other actors.
    @blunt talker: “I thought he would not want to work with his ex-Zoe Saldana because of the nasty public breakup. I think she had something to do with his casting for this movie.” – Zoe doesn’t have any power in the movie business to have something to do with Bradley being cast for this movie! he is an Oscar nominated actor, people want him in their movies, that’s all!
    And I read that Bradley will have a small part in this movie, so I don’t believe that he will promote it with Zoe and pretend they are friends, like they did it to promote that bomb called The Words faking a relationship.

  • Chris

    Name take over! The person using Chris above is not me.
    She does have the same handwriting as someone in our previous threads. I am the Chris that has been with you for many stories.

    Immy or Suki or Savannah-Call me what-Duuuh-Dan, Elisa, Daniela aka Vanenyc: Name take over is dumb.

  • Milo

    @Chris #19 What is your problem?! Chris is a very common name why do you assume someone is trying to be you? You do not own the exclusive rights to that name and you’re not the boss of Just Jared comments. Calm down, relax. Try not to be so paranoid all the time.

  • Nina is Milo

    What is your problem? You are back here with your bad apprentice attitude, you loser. Chris is a common name but he has the right to tell us it is a different Chris. You do not own the exclusive right to come back to these boards with your arrogance since everyone went to private boards. Calm down, relax or get lost.

  • Nina is Milo

    Daniela or @Dan defended @NinaMilo and @seg76. @Nina was always looking for @Dan. Is she them too? Hahaha?@Dan said they were hardworking women in the industry. Since he lied about everything, they must be fake too.
    Paranoid @MiloNina: Go take care of your cats + computer.

  • Milo

    What the heck?! I am not named nina and I don’t have any cats. There was only one Chris in this thread until the other one showed up claiming “name takeovers” . you are right he can say he is a different chris, but instead he attacked the first Chris saying “name takeover”. why does bradley have so many paranoid fans? I have posted on other bradley stories using this name, including this one. You all are nuts. Anyway if there is anyone sane here, I will say again that I am really looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy I am very happy Bradley joined the cast

  • Milo

    If he is paranoid, he can leave this thread. He is not the first Chris. You really are nuts to support him. You all need to get a brain. Bradley has too many paranoid fans. I am happy Bradley joined the Galaxy cast! Can’t wait!

    @Milo #23 is not me. Paranoid Bradley fans.

  • Milo

    Milo 24 is a different milo. I am 16, 20, and 23. This place is nuts. I feel sorry for Bradley attracting all these crazy fans. Are all Jared posts like this?! I just wanted to talk about Bradley’s new movie, I had a sane conversation on here about his Lance Armstrong movie, without people bullying and pretending to be other people. Foolish of me to think it could happen again. People can have same first names without taking over identities.

  • Milo

    What is going on?! I am just 16. I do not write long paragraphs. All numbers after #16 are not me.

  • Milo

    I am 16, 20 and 26. Milo #23, 24 and 25 is not me. Is there anyone sane on here? All I said was Chris does not have exclusive rights to that name. Who are these paranoid Bradley fans?

  • Milo

    Does anyone know when in September Cameron Crowe movie starts filming?

  • Milo

    What is your problem !? I am just 16 and 20. Are all Bradley fans like this?

  • Milo

    26-29, get a life

  • Milo

    27 + 30, get a life

  • AFT is not posting here

    @AFT@ AFewThoughts is not posting here. I posted above on the pines story. After posting it, the Bradley consumed woman took over AFT’s name. We have to post here too as she has sadly made a racist comment against talented Zoe.

  • AFT is not posting here

    AFT is a douchebag!

  • Chris

    I’m Chris of the comment # 18. I didn’t know that someone else had the copyrights of this name and I couldn’t use it! lol
    I agree with @Milo from the commet #24, Bradley has too many paranoid fans! they get crazy on his threads here!

  • Lalalee

    CharlieB why are you pretending to be these people
    CharlieB is making all of the comments
    CharlieB is both Chris’s
    CharlieB is the fake Milos and Nina is Milo
    CharlieB is obsessed with nina

  • kelso

    am I missing something??? what the smack are you all talking about here???

  • Lalalee

    Chris #34 = Lalalee # 35 = Kelso #36=VaneNYC=Elisa=Savannah=Dan=Daniela

    = you are not fooling us new names, you are here alone speaking to yourself

    =jealous, keep making up names and sending us emails, you will never get on pmb; you were never on Suki’s pmb either

    =we are all together, somewhere far away from you

    =you are Chris #18 who said all that crap about Zoe, you are also fakeAFT who called her a black monkey. You are a racist. Get a life VaneNYCDaniela!

  • Dadadum

    @fake Lalalee 37 Great go stay far far away from here then

  • Chris

    @Lalalee: Jeez! how crazy are you?! I only left two comments here: #18 and #34 and all the craziness began after that. If I were both Chris, so why I would said “name takeover” in the comment #35? Don’t be such a moron!
    I don’t leave comments in others threads about Bradley here because of crazy people like you who keep posting over and over for weeks, and I NEVER said anything racist about Zoe! so shut your f*cking mouth!
    Who’s the f*cking idiot with multiple nicknames posting crazy things? please, get a life!
    Anyway, this is my last comment here, I won’t come back. Keep posting with your multiple nicknames! I guess it is the only thing that makes you happy, MORON!

  • Katie

    @# 137: I agree. Thank you!! I do not like leaving comments on Bradley stories anymore. I hope you got rid of those trolls attacking Chris, Anne, Milo, Charlie B, Bradley, AFT, Zoe and everybody else. Daniela Vane Nyc has to swear or speak Venetian to post.:)

  • pumicelone

    I just stumbled upon this and am confused with the bashing comments. Bradley never liked Zoe, I know this for a fact, and it was all a publicity stunt for Zoe’s benefit. Bradley desperately tried to get out of it. Many of you are correct, Zoe has NO power or respect in the industry. As far as racist comments, Zoe usually starts that. She’s self hating and brings it on herself. Regardless, it’s just a d*mn movie. You have to work in this industry or you are quickly dropped. Even with Bradley being nominated, if he didn’t continue to get work, his people would have dropped him for making them no profit. There is so much more to this industry that many of you don’t know. I am in the industry and have to hold my tongue at times. Him doing the stunt with Zoe turned a lot of people in the industry against Bradley. I kid you not, this girl is hated. I personally don’t like Zoe, or how she treated Bradley’s mother, someone very dear to me, in that very sensitive time. That bitch Zoe could gone to hell for all I care. Her narcissism is overbearing. It was a terrible publicity stunt gone wrong. I’ll smack the b*tch. Suki is the alternative stunt. Yep, not real.

  • Queenie

    @pumicelone: Pumicelone! It’s been a long time, glad to see you’re still here. :)

    I know the Zoe situation was a mess, but this latest “stunt” with Suki almost seems worse. The constant negative comments, accusations that Bradley is having a mid-life crisis and looks like a creepy old man hanging around a little girl, and the latest photos in the park increased the negativity ten-fold.

    PLEASE tell me Bradley is desperately trying to get out of this Suki situation the same way he was with Zoe. His image is taking a beating here and for what? So talentless Suki can become a celebrity? She’s bland, boring and completely average. She will NEVER be a star no matter how much Bradley poses for photos with her.

    Does Bradley think those park photos will be quickly forgotten? Unfortunately, they won’t be. He really embarrassed himself.

    Have you also noticed how exhausted he has looked for months now? In the last few months he looks like he has aged a few years. How much stress is this guy under? When will Weinstein realize that this PR stunt will never succeed and it’s time to pull the plug?

  • Serena

    So many insane and so many racist comments. Disgusting. Hop off Bradley Cooper’s junk for a second. Get lives of your own.

  • DJ

    @pumicelone: What do you do in the industry? I know you’ve mentioned that before, but you’ve never said what you do exactly. And, how did she treat Bradley’s mother? His mother was seen hanging out with Zoe on more than one occasion. I can’t imagine his mother would hang out with her if she didn’t like her. And, if he so desperately tried to get out of the publicity stunt with Zoe, why would he get into another one with Suki?

  • No, You Get A Life Serenasucky

    Is that really @Queenie? Does not sound like her. I remember @Queenie likes Zoe.She asks a lot of questions like @Dee and @Ovidie. This Queenie is different. Is it danieladanvanenyc using a name we know?

    @Serena: Why don’t you get a life? Why don’t you stop telling us what to do? We have the right to say Bradley Cooper’s PR stunt with ugly slatty stupid slimy suki is a big fail. This is a gossip site. Why are you here? Go cry on smelly sucky’s lap.

  • taurus

    @pumicestone nice to hear from you again been a long time…shock horror the trolls are back with their stupid name take over comments…isnt it past their bed time yet??

  • Back

    @pumicelone Do you know if the SW stunts will stop now she has got the Burberry ad?