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Chris Brown's 'Today' Appearance: 'I'll Continue to Work for My Fans'

Chris Brown's 'Today' Appearance: 'I'll Continue to Work for My Fans'

Chris Brown breaks out his dance moves while rocking the Today show on Friday (August 30) in New York City.

The 24-year-old entertainer performed his hits such as “Fine China,” “Love More,” and “Beat It.”

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During his interview, Matt Lauer asked about the rumor that he will be retiring from music. “It’s about the music right now. I’ll continue to work for my fans,” Chris said. He also answered what is truly in his heart. “Just my God-given talent. And my fans, you know….”

Check out Chris‘ performances on the Today show below…

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chris browns today show appearance ill keep working for my fans 01
chris browns today show appearance ill keep working for my fans 02
chris browns today show appearance ill keep working for my fans 03
chris browns today show appearance ill keep working for my fans 04
chris browns today show appearance ill keep working for my fans 05
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Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • D

    what fans?

  • Wtf?

    he looks like a drug addict.

  • SunnyAutumnn

    What an awesome performance!! Chris, you are a talented artist, singing and dancing!!. Ignore the stans. Rihanna and her cousin should grow up. She has all the money in the world and still has time to cyber bully your current girlfriend and get her hoodrat fans involved. Childish much?

  • esmeralda

    so talented !!god bless him

  • Yuck

    He sucks big time. Should’nt he collect trash?

  • Greg

    This is so mean, he said he is going to retire. We all had hope.

  • Why so many tattoos?

    Every time I see this guy, he looks like he is still getting “inked.” Enough already! He was cute/handsome at first, but now he has changed his appearance forever… and not for the better. With all those tattoos, he will always look like a thug…. even when he is old and gray and can no longer sing or dance. Too many tattoos are scary.

  • mick

    Voice was all over the place and I see when he sings live instead of lipping he has to cut way back on his dancing. I actually prefer this though. I’d rather have the artist sing live even if it means less dancing and even if the vocals aren’t perfect. I will say I much prefer the direction his new music is heading. Love the way so many artists are going back to old school music rather then this crap EDM music.

  • Margarita

    This is talent! I love him

  • Pablo

    Good show, but man gain some weight

  • Jennifer

    What talent? I don’t see a lot of talent, just a big-mouthed thug with a delusion complex.

  • no talent at all

    @Jennifer: Exactly, where is this talent he and his fans are talking about. You must be delusional like them to see it.

  • Just No

    Awful. Can this idiot actually speak properly?

  • Belle

    Ugh, he is so unattractive.

  • Shame

    Those aren’t fans. Those are PR people on your payroll, scumbag.

  • Disgusted

    Hey, Today and Matt Lauer ~ I will be spreading the word that any woman with an ounce of self respect should be boycotting your show in light of the disgusting filth you choose to give a platform.

  • cactus flower

    @Disgusted: Chris Brown is not filth. He’s had problems, sure, but look into his life and upbringing — no fairytale. He is still a human being with great potential, and I believe he is probably grasping to believe in himself again. Yes, he beat up Rihanna, but WHO went right back into his arms? She did. What matters most is not what we think… it’s what Chris Brown thinks of himself. If he grabs onto the positive and makes up his mind to go toward the light, he will love himself and be secure in who he is. I hope he knows that he CAN overcome his demons. Yes he can.

  • chianne

    Not CB’s best performance or best look, but we all have our days. Still love his music, his dancing, his personality (when he feels relaxed enuf to show it) and really resent that people pour the hate on the daily. Life and people are complicated and this guy has had a helluva a rollercoaster life.

  • chris blames always others

    He is a disgusting pig who only blames others for his failures. Its the people, its the judge, its the d.a., but the truth is ITS HIM. This jerk who always puts the blame to somebody else, never takes responsibility for his actions. How in hell can you have been making your social work hours, while being on the plane to Cancun?! Did you really think nobody will find this out? Chris Brown is a liar and a cheater. If he would really regret his actions, he would have taken his probation seriously, but he didnt this says enough about him.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Rihanna get over Chris Brown Okay! He dumped you for Karruche so stop Stalking his Facebook and you and your Goon friends Stop Harassing Karruche! Use your money to Buy a man! Loser!

  • Just No

    Hell no. Chris Brown is a walking douchebag, who will constantly blame others for his misbehaviour. He even tried to cheat on his social work.

  • Disgusted

    @cactus flower: NO. What matters most is that he abused a human being. Would you have the same attitude if that was your daughter’s face all bloodied and bruised. And don’t talk to me about upbringing, either. Many of us were raised poorly and still managed to retain our humanity and respect for other’s. Every penny he makes should go to women’s shelters. He is a spoiled, angry, lying thug and that is disgusting.

  • anon

    Brown’s habit of blaming others is typical ghetto behavior. Ghetto behavior crosses racial lines, ya know. It’s more a social class and includes people who grow up with a lot of chaos in their lives… poverty, poor parenting, drugs, no education, physical and sexual abuse. These people feel almost helpless to change their lives. In Chris’s case, I’ll bet his only hope is his fame. He should use his fame and money to grow and change, so that when it’s gone, he will be prepared to do something else constructive. Many don’t do this and they end up poor, on drugs etc and right back where they started.

  • ChrisJerkBrown

    The judge put trust in him, while giving him probation and even then Chris Brown cheated and lied.

  • cactus flower

    @Disgusted: Look, I’m not condoning Chris Brown’s actions in abusing Rihanna. If he had abused my daughter, I would hope she wouldn’t return to him. I would also hope that good somehow comes of him. You know that people aren’t all the same. People handle situations differently. If you turned out good, great!. Brown is young and I would still like for him to CHANGE. Young people especially need to know that your beginning doesn’t have to be your ending. CHANGE!

  • Disgusted

    @cactus flower: First, he has to want to change. As yet, he has shown no signs that he is truly remorseful. Giving lip service to interviewers while he is trying to sell records does not qualify. He needs to act like a man, for once, and pay the price for what he’s done. If that price is public condemnation, charitable service and financial loss, all the better.

  • Monae

    @Oh Yeah!!!: I’m sorry are you there when she does these things? You Chris Brown fans are funny still being mad at Rihanna when Chris Brown is the one who needs help. Chris to me just needs to take a vacation without anyone in his ear, no friends no girls no nothing. He just needs to have a breather & find himself & really think about his life. Because he seems to be confused as to why people hate him or is hating on him & it’s like . . . you’re the reason.

  • Monae

    @Disgusted: !!!!!!!!