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Ben McKenzie: Go See Michael Cudlitz in 'Dark Tourist'!

Ben McKenzie: Go See Michael Cudlitz in 'Dark Tourist'!

Ben McKenzie steps out in a plain white tee while going shopping on Friday morning (August 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor sent out a tweet to his fans earlier in the month encouraging them to support his Southland co-star Michael Cudlitz‘s new movie Dark Tourist, which is in theaters now.

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“A twisted beauty of a film starring my buddy @Cudlitz opens today. Check it. #DarkTourist,” Ben tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Ben McKenzie out shopping in West Hollywood…

Just Jared on Facebook
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 01
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 02
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 03
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 04
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 05
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 06
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 07
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 08
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 09
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 10
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 11
ben mckenzie go see michael cudlitz in dark tourist 12

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  • lol

    He´s so handsome! you need to post about him more frecuently!

  • ocer

    Ben has always been a generous individual. If you go to his twitter, he rarely, if ever, praises himself. But he has always been extremely generous and effusive when it comes to supporting others.
    That is very rare in Hollywood.

  • megustanloslios

    Sad to see Southland go. But I’m looking forward to what Ben has in store next.
    One of the few positive things to come out of that show ending is that now, the fans of Ben and even Ben himself won’t be subject to the bullying and ridiculilng coming from a handful of people very close to one of the actors on the show, and sometimes done with the discreet knowledge of that actor.

  • slainte

    Definitely agree about how generous Ben is with his support. Nothing new there. That’s something he’s done all along with every opportunity to do his best to put the emphasis on each project and his peers and keep the focus off of himself. Very unHollywood! It’s too bad that it’s not mutual.

    Great to see Ben here and (sorry, Ben, no matter the rare tweet) I’d change the headline to “Go See Ben in the excellent “Goodbye World” and “Decoding Annie Parker” and also “Sin Bin” as soon as they’re all released very soon if you weren’t lucky enough to go to the LAFF or to see one of “Decoding Annie Parker’s” fundraiser screenings yet.

    I can’t wait to see what Ben’s next role is and hope he’s back on TV ASAP. In the meantime, I’m sure he’s busy with a variety of community, non-prof and NGO work.

  • spelunk

    Looking forward to Ben’s upcoming films, especially Goodbye World. I’ll pass on the tweet title, although I respect Ben’s gracious gesture.

    No surprise that he’s always supporting others and lets his work and actions stand on their merits. It’s refreshing not to have someone caught up in self-promos.

    Hope you have news on Ben’s next gigs soon, Jared, and I’d love that to be a good TV role. Time to get The Advocates on the air ASAP. In the meantime, how about ink on Ben’s films for the shout out instead?

  • Star

    Thank you so much for mentioning this. Those that follow Ben via several forums and social networks know exactly what/whom you are referring to. Ben is such a gracious and charming man, an excellent actor, and so gorgeous. He deserves more TV/film wok, and better recognition for his abilities.

  • 4kix

    Love Ben and how he’s all about helping and supporting others, especially with volunteering.

    How about headlines here to get the word out for Ben’s new films? I’ll be watching for the latest on everything he’s got pending, but no-go on the other old co-star’s movie.

    Please keep us posted on Ben’s movies and hopefully a new TV show. He’s too talented to be on hiatus.

  • Cammi


    Agree with everything you say here.

    Some of the comments made by a certain few constantly were appalling and with the knowledge “their” actor didn’t stop it has completely turned me off him. There was no need to belittle Ben to praise their favourite actor but yet that is exactly what happened.

    Though I loved Southland, I too am happy to leave that community behind and look forward to Ben’s future projects.

  • too2

    Well said here and by all above about Ben and the bigger picture. Not sure about being sad to see Southland go, more like I’m very sad not to have the opportunity to watch Ben on a weekly show, even if only 10 weeks. On to the next and may it be better all around.

    As much as I appreciate Ben’s graciousness, thanks but no thanks on that particular movie and how about doing what Ben wouldn’t with the lead in headline and give his films a shot instead with the tweet further down the ranks? I know I’d like updates and info for what’s up and coming.

    I’ll be head of the line for Ben’s upcoming releases. They’d better be in theaters soon. Waiting for word on the next series.

  • eire

    Thumbs up for half the headline because Ben’s a decent, classy person. That’s reflected in social media and interviews and just RL in all he does to make a difference with minimum fuss and fanfare. I’m guilty of preferring to hear more about him and less about the message on Twitter. Raincheck on that.

    Anybody in Austin, Ben’s hometown, can see Decoding Annie Parker on Tues. That’s 9/3 for a cancer benefit screening. Then there’s Boise on 9/5 and the L.A. premiere and cancer fundraiser on 9/17. That’s from the FB. According to a friend in D.C., there’s one on 10/1 before the movie opens in theaters.

    Shout out for Adventures in the Sin Bin too with 10/18 I think as the release date. I know Goodbye World got great feedback and reviews in L.A., but I haven’t seen an update for more festivals or release. Maybe that helps anyone looking for info. If there’s TV news anyone’s got, fill us in. I’ll really be missing Ben this year if he’s not back on a new show soonest. Hello, casting directors?

  • jjtor24

    Spot-on, ocer. I don’t really follow Twitter or any forums and blogs, but I agree that you describe Ben and his M.O. Not the norm for Hollywood with so much blatant self-promoting. Someone who’s decent, thoughtful, and puts the focus on doing the best job and recognizing others is rare. The education, intelligence and quiet commitment to helping those in need, especially kids, and important causes is a plus too. I respect him for staying in the background and doing what he can.

    Thanks for the film 411, eire. I was looking for TV news in there too. Ben’s name got my attention in the headline here, but how about a do-over for the rest? It could almost come off as a way of using Ben to get attention and buzz for someone else’s movie. Raincheck on that, but I appreciate the support for Ben, Just Jared.

  • Star


    ITA with your last paragraph jjtor24, I would much prefer to see Ben on this site due to his achievements! However, the support for Ben is appreciated, so thanks JJ. I have also enjoyed reading all the support for Ben coming from these comments.

    Cammi – I don’t think you are alone in having changed your mind on a certain actor.

    Let’s just hope that Ben gets new work soon..very soon!!

  • irene

    #3 I can’t imagine Adam doing something like this to Ben or vice versa. Those two have been friends for years but I’ve never heard any stories of either guy in a similar situation. Even at the height of The OC’s popularity and you had the Seth fans and the Ryan fans there were never reports of either of them getting involved in fan drama. Both of them wisely stayed away from it.

  • Jamie

    I agree with a lot of the comments in regards to the title of this article. Ben currently has a lot of his own stuff going on – Goodbye World, hopefully The Advocates, possibly The Swimmer, and he does loads of charity work and is active volunteering in the community – so it would be nice to have a title about his own credentials and achievements. However, it is nice that Jared supports Ben and that this post emphasizes again how humble he is and how eager he is to praise his co-stars, colleagues, friends, and family whereas he rarely, if ever, praises himself. His humor is even self-deprecating, and it’s part of what makes me adore him in interviews as well as what makes him such a real actor on the screen. I wish him the best of success and hope to see him on my TV again in the near future!

  • Jamie

    Hey Jared, I forgot to mention Decoding Annie Parker. That’s a film Ben is in that brings awareness to such important issues concerning women and breast cancer. I love that you support Ben, and I hope you’ll draw attention to some of his more critical projects in the near future.

  • The Ironist

    What’s ironic is that the cop show had an episode where the heroic policeman tries to save a teen who was being bullied. But in reality, it’s the bully who gets protected.

    Speaking of the bully, she did such a thorough job that she succeeded in insulting and alienating even the Ben fans who had worked hard to get the show picked up by a new network after it was cancelled the first time. These were the same people who had been quietly contributing pictures and articles of her favorite actor(the same actor who coddled and covered up for her). How doubly ironic.

  • freetshirt

    Bullies beget bullies.
    Bullies admire bullies.
    Bullies protect bullies.

    This applies to both actors and fans.

    Guess Christie isn’t the only bully from NJ.