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Brad Pitt & Michael Fassbender: AMPAS Party in Telluride!

Brad Pitt & Michael Fassbender: AMPAS Party in Telluride!

Brad Pitt mingles with guests while attending the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienes) Party held during the 2013 Telluride Film Festival on Saturday (August 31) in Telluride, Co.

The 49-year-old actor was joined at the event by his 12 Years a Slave co-stars Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The day before, the actors were all seen making a surprise appearance at the film’s world premiere at the festival. Director Steve McQueen has premiered all of his films at this specific festival.

12 Years a Slave, which is about a free man (Ejiofor) who is abducted and sold into slavery in pre-Civil War United States, will hit theaters in limited release on October 18. There is already a ton of Oscar buzz!

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Credit: Vivien Killilea; Photos: Getty
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  • BD

    This movie looks really good. I’m going to watch it.

  • Premalee

    Brad looks great. One more month to wait to see TYAS.

  • Premalee


    Great post. Thank you.

  • groundcontrol

    And the Oscah buzz continues . . .
    Kudos to Brad, Dee, Steve, Chiwetel, Fassy, Lupita, the rest of the magnificent cast, and everyone else involved in creating this special film.
    It’s heartening to witness those dedicated to real filmmaking. Movies that will endure and teach us about ourselves and where we’ve been.

  • Riri

    Brad without the beard is still hottt!!

  • groundcontrol

    Meant Dede not Dee.

  • sunny

    The Gravity was screened on Sat and Alfonso Cuaron was also attended AMPAS party and had chats with Chiwetel Ejiofor. It reminded me he was in Cuaron’s Children of Men, too.
    I’m happy for both12 Years A Slave and Gravity are getting great buzz.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    the day the uber hot collided Brad pitt and Michael Fassbender!

  • anustin


  • Cate

    Very very happy for Chiwetel Ejiofor and all the praise he’s received. He’s an amazing actor.

  • xx

    Fassbender is way hotter than Pitt.

  • Rose

    @Anustin, good morning my dear. I just went to check on the tattoo you mentioned to me last night over at BRANGELINA forum. I just noticed a new tattoo on Brad’s right UPPER FOREARM, on the inside close to his body and near the shirt sleeve. I never saw that tattoo until I enlarged the photo with him holding the mike. It appears to be something in writing? I’m seeing another new tattoo, different from the initials. You can check it out at BRANGELINA forum see: page 3232, 9/1/13 @ 10:36:16. you have to enlarge photo and you’ll see it, it’s very large.

    10:36:16, page 3232, 9/1/13

  • Rose

    @Observer 2, hi O2 good morning, just stopped by to thank you for giving the fans History lesson yesterday, (on the previous thread, on Brad and Angelina. Its always good to go back and remember things that we might have forgotten. You did an excellent job. Thank you.

  • Rose

    Big shout out to all the great fans of Brad and Angelina wherever you are.

    Wishing everyone a blessed day. Happy Labor Day!

  • neer

    Rose, about the pic you are referring to…. I think it’s still A MPZSKV…. except if I didn’t see any other tattoo…..

  • Rose

    @neer: Good morning ne’er. No, that’s a totally different tattoo. Look at the inside of the UPPER right arm, up by his chest area, under the arm, by the sleeve of his shirt. You have to enlarge the photo. The photo with Brad with the microphone in his hand. Look again, upper arm by his short shirt sleeve.

  • Lylian

    I’m happy for both12 Years A Slave and Gravity are getting great buzz.

  • busted

    Brad and Michael look very very hot standing there. So excited to see TYAS as well as The Counselor.

  • http://iPad Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    Brad is on fire, there is no stopping him.

  • Brad and Angie love


    Rose, i think you are right, it appears that he have something print in that upper inside arm, but it´s imperceptivel. Brad is doing the tattoos from time to time. What is interesting is the fact that he is making the tattoos about is family and the love for Angie. Every Brad Tattoo mean something about them. He want to say that they are with him forever. After 9 years is not a impulse, it´s a conscience act. He want to make a declaration of love with the tattoos. lovely,kiss

  • anustin


    Top of the morning, seeing the tats rose.

  • anustin


    Ne’er partially natakluban sa iyang t shirt sleeve..

  • anustin

    Rose,as I’m in larging the pix I end up to brads pants babbling .bahaha

  • neer

    Rose & Anustin….
    Yes!!!! I saw the pic with the unrecognizable tattoo….
    Your eyes are really something…
    I wonder what is that..

  • Martin Haro

    Mmm…the Fass. I wanna do things to the Fass.

  • BP

    JEN THE HAG Whether you agree or disagree with me it does not matter. I have an opinion.

  • BP>>>(!:(sucks

    The JOLIE/PITT Children Beautiful Indeed!!!!!!
    Kids your Daddy’s one he ll of a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The World LOVE’S HIM!!!!!!!!!!!


    Goodday JP trolls. What brings the trolls Joy??? Trying hard to know what the ink say, and whom it for. That brings them Great pleasure . Go to church once in a why folks . Don’t washipe fols gods people.
    +++++++++Passing through started her love affair with white people at an early age, she in her middle age an still going strong, come back in 30years she still be at it . Bashing JEN and singing the praises on two people living their BEST life somewhere in the world, the OLDHAGS will be walking to they computer with walking stick..

  • Dawne

    Geezus, Carry, you ‘preach’ church and then open your racist stink bag and gas us with your disgusting hypocrisy. You are one effed up excuse for a human being.

  • Dawne

    Never mind the ‘ink’ Carry………what would bring us the greatest joy is if you hauled your crazy azz to another site and spare us your brain droppings.

  • La Jolie

  • BP

    Dawne Why are you so cruel and vicious?

  • Dawne

    Cruel and viscious? LMAO…… hens have a monopoly on that…..trolls have no boundaries, none whatsoever……so not to worry about me slamming one of them when they spew at fans who are doing what fans do……….talking about the people they admire……I don’t want some hen babbling about ‘worshiping the wrong gods” then trot out its racism that we have seen plenty off……kid bashing, calling Angie every disgusting name in the book, assigning disgusting behaviour to someone who is a real lady………constant hating on Brad who is a great Dad and husband and talent………it gets really tiresome day after day, year after year………… you already knew the answer to this, I assume your question was rhetorical……but you got an answer anyway so you don’t need to ask again.

    If y’all would go over the a thread of someone you admire rather than troll, we’d all be nicer. But you hang out here challenging the fans non stop…..what did you expect………..nice???

  • WWZ Update

    Woohoo!! If this is correct, it means WWZ is over $200M domestic!
    BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice 3m
    WORLD WAR Z: $331.6M Overseas Total / $532.1M Global Total. #WorldWarZ

  • fyi

    According to Paramont, WWZ passes $200 millon mark.

  • WWZ Update

    Thanks, fyi! Nice to have the confirmation.

  • fyi

    Wwz passes $200 million domestically.

  • cheral

    Awesome!!! Thanks, guys :-) #WWZ

  • Rose

    @neer: Hi ne’er, the funny thing is, I was not looking for another tattoo. I enlarged the photo to see what else was on the tattoo with the initial. Then the upper arm tattoo popped up right under Brad’s upper arm, lucky find.

    Just seen that WWZ has passed the $200m mark. If that’s true, more congratulations to Brad. Fans are having a very nice weekend with great news for Brad movies.

  • Pitt Fan

    Thx to double feature w/ StarTrek, WorldWarZ breaks $200M today reaching $200.3M dom. Global $532.2M. Pitt’s top hit ever.

  • Dawne

    Congrats to Brad……….what a week……TYAS a huge hit to be and WWZ topping 200ml. domestically…………yeah, hens, what a flop…..wouldn’t you love your loser idol to flop on that level instead of 9ml. domestically???????? BAWHAAAHAHAHA

  • Another Fan2

    It also helped that the # of theaters it played in went up from 239 to 1247 since the double feature wasn’t playing in my neighborhood.

  • Pitt Fan

    There should be an asterisk next to that WW number, China not included.
    Shame Paramount couldn’t get it played in China, that was easily another
    35-40M. Oh well. Still a fantastic run.

  • fyi

    TYAS tickets are sold out at TIFF.

  • Jones

    Great news for WWZ crossing $200M domestic!! Congrats to Brad and Plan B for a fantastic summer.
    Great news coming out of Telluride for TYAS. Thanks JP fans for sharing the articles and tweets from the festival. Such great news for Brad right now and fall will be just as exciting. Looking forward to award season with Brad and Angie in the mix.
    Funny OT story: Sandy B. is shooting down relationship rumors with Clooney. Seems like everyone wants to put them together after seeing them in Venice, but Sandy’s not having it. LOL…Good for Sandy.

  • BP

    Dawne I never once said Brad was not a good father and husband to Angelina. I am just not all together impress with his acting.

    When his peers speak of Brad, they never say great actor, they mention his good looks first. There is nothing with that

    Brad is a one dimensional actor and the audience really because basically they are looking directly at him throughout the movie, I mean the women.

  • Lol

    Stupid troll, Brad has 3 Oscar nods for acting, that has already proved he is a great actor. His peers recognized his acting skills too. In many people’s minds, Brads is top 5 actors. Who cares if you don’t think so. Lol

  • cassi

    If WWZ opens in China, its world wide box office will easily reach to $600 M

  • amazing

    The movie Brad did for his sons became the biggest hit in his career, Brad and Maddox both should be very proud.

  • busted


    People hear what they want to hear. Brad’s peers are always talking about his acting. younger actors want to be him and like him on screen. I never understand the need to reduce this man to his looks. Brad has made some wonderful films with really iconic characters that people still talk about years later.

    Just ignore the blah blah blah..