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Jamie Foxx: Kanye West & Jay Z Should Be Next Civil Rights Leaders

Jamie Foxx: Kanye West & Jay Z Should Be Next Civil Rights Leaders

Jamie Foxx arrives for a departing flight at LAX Airport on Friday (August 30) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actor recently spoke at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

“What we need to do now is the young folks pick it up now so when we’re 87 years old, talking to the other young folks, we can say it was me, Will Smith, Jay Z, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington–the list goes on and on,” Jamie said about the older generations influencing the younger generations, naming some popular figures who he believes should take the reins.

Check out the video of Jamie‘s speech below…

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  • what??

    Yes Jamie that is what the Black Community needs.. a former drug dealer and a Nutcase speaking for us.

    Jamie please go and STFU and STFD.. you are become more and more annoying every time you open your mouth.

    I don’t care how successful these two men are. I find them both pretentious and neither is doing much for the Black community. Except selling over priced merchandise and concert tickets. Same with Beyonce. They only talk about helping the Community when it is convenient.

    There are far better role models and people working everyday on these issues to be the next Leaders.

  • xyz


  • Verity

    @what??: Agree with your every word. I don’t want them speaking for me in any way, shape or form. Why is it that celebrities feel they know what’s best for us?

  • don


    Amen to this. what exactly would they talk about? Drugs, women beings ho*s, how much money they have. Jamie STFU.

  • laly

    Yeah in other words, the most selfish self absorbed jerk…

  • yep

    Haven’t we gotten past this?

  • Not your friend

    No thnx Jamie, we can do without one. Why is it that there has to be one person representing a race/group anyways? Other races don’t have, why us? Why the martyr mentality? Go home and be with the kids and their mother, stop speaking for others

  • Lisa

    HEY Jamie , I bet King Obama is proud of his sons two black teens kill white Australian Christ Lane, shot him in the back. black teens kill white 88 year old WW2 vet Delbert Belton. black teen rape 93 year old white women Amelia Rudolf. I blame King Obama and LEFTY Hollywood Gangster rap muisc culture for this. and now it’s off to war with King Obama ” WAG THE DOG “

  • Lisa

    King Obama and the NSA is spying on YOU the innocent Americans and innocent people of the world. looking at your private e-mails and listening to your private phone calls.

  • Lisa

    HEY LEFTY if you want to know the TRUTH read THE DAILYMAILONLINE.CO.UK it will open your eyes and mind , that if you want to know the TRUTH. no U.S. newspapers will tell you the truth.

  • offtheproperty

    He’s just as irresponsible and seething with resentment as obama is. The United States became a great country by the virtue of good men lighting our way. That excludes angry blacks who can’t see anything past their own clenched fists. Stick to music and sports.

  • offtheproperty

    In case you hadn’t noticed, obama is a huge catastrophic failure — for all of us.

  • Tomax

    The next civil rights leader should be Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  • jaybee

    why don’t these celebrities stop telling other celebrities what the fvck to do. just do your part and shut up.

  • allison

    STFU Jamie. For the record I am an Obama fan. However Kanye West is crazy and Jay Z arrogant and does not like people questioning him.

  • Arvada

    So rappers and actors should be the next leaders of the black people, so no more fake men of the cloth…. if celebrities are to be leaders of Blacks, I’d go for basketball players , at least you need some hardwork and discipline to be a athlete . No wonder blacks always need someone else to pay their way , they look for losers to lead them instead looking at themselves or better yet have parents that can lead them from childhood to a adulthood, without becoming volient criminals and deadbeats that suck every penny they can get from the government.

  • jay

    If push came to shove not one of these people he mentioned including himself would ever give up their materialistic lives to really do any real good for all people and not people of color. He had the forum to say really words of wisdom to the youth that relate to him and he blew it. Why weren’t real game changers invited to be there? Had it not been for the embarrassing Cuba trip with Jay and Beyonce Obama would have those illiterates up there. It’s a shame of the missed opportunities by this President who is more impressed with entertainers rather than intellectuals that can change life for the better and not their bottom line.

  • Lauren

    @Lisa: Darling, the dailymail is one of the worst gossip sites on the internet. They don’t fact check, they post the wrong pictures for people and they make up lies. But judging by your comments, I can see you don’t care about any of those things.

  • Lauren

    @Lisa: And it seems you only notice when a black teen does something wrong. You are the one that needs to open your eyes.

  • Lisa


  • Lovely

    Sorry, Jamey nothing against entertainers however, most of them live in a different world. The only time these days you hear them speak on black issues is when a child lost his life and it made the national/worldwide news. Yet they forget about the non-publicized deaths and issues that goes on in the black communities. Plus today’s society is so different from when Dr. King and other leaders protested for equality for minorities. Today minorities have come to enjoy the fruits of “the American dream” and feel no need to bother with on going issues that still plague minorities today. Our society has become selfish instead of selfless like the men and women who gave their blood, sweat and tears for the rights we as minorities enjoy today. Work is still needed but today you have to fight your own battles.

  • 55vineyard

    @offtheproperty: I agree, my job got outsourced over to India and I never could find another job even though I have good skills. So I hate outsourcing to this day and personally think employers should be fined for outsoutcing.

  • perky

    this is why jamie foxx is a hollywood puppet bc when he speaks his mind he sounds so stupid , they have to feed him lines to say otherwise he self destructs like he just did with these comments bout kanye and hay z

  • b

    @Lisa: So where is your comment about King Bush because I’m pretty sure he started all of this. The fact that no one brings him up with their anger of the damn Patriot Act tells me they probably know nothing of what is really going on and are just spouting off “facts” from Faux News.

    As to Jamie….ummm no. If they want to talk about civil rights or sing/rap about civil rights, I’m all for that. They have every right. But to be the next civil rights leaders, talk about disrespectful to the past leaders who have spent their lives working hard for rights (and for some, died for rights). Or disrespectful to the current people who have spent their lives and continue to spend their lives working hard for the civil rights of all people.