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Kate Bosworth: Wedding Photos with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Wedding Photos with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth looks gorgeous while sharing a kiss with husband Michael Polish in these first photos from their wedding on Saturday (August 31) in Phillipsburg, Montana.

The 30-year-old actress’ wedding photos will be featured in the Winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings being released in December, but for now we have these teaser photos!

Kate wore two Oscar de la Renta dresses while Michael suited up in Brooks Brothers. The couple exchanged Ocappi rings.

The four-day celebration was held at The Ranch at Rock Creek and guests included her Black Rock co-star Lake Bell and her new hubby Scott Campbell, as well as Justified actor Walton Goggins.

The location of the wedding was chosen for its “privacy and rustic old-world charm.” The paternal side of Michael‘s family is also from the area.

For more details on Kate Bosworth‘s wedding, visit!

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Photos: John Dolan/Martha Stewart Weddings
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  • kel

    Congratulations to them!

  • russi


  • Strange


  • no

    While I am very happy for them, I hope she starts to eat more. You can see her dress pretty much falling off her.

  • Meh

    Boring and dull fits her perfectly.

  • Sticks

    So Skinny man ashame

  • Suze

    I was expecting more from her. The dress is so plain, boring. MP looks good though.



  • Tanter

    Not going to lie – I was expecting more from her wedding look – since fashion is her “thing”. She’s a surprisingly ordinary bride.

  • happy


  • Macy

    Congrats to them, although I wish her dress fit her better.

  • Paps.

    privacy and rustic old-world charm.” The paternal side of Michael‘s family is also from the area.

    Was she expecting alot of paps or maybe just a few. If she really wanted privacy maybe just maybe not twitter, sell info to mags to get attention if she really wanted privacy but she didn’t. Congrats now where are the instagram pics or is it more twit pics?

  • Madeleine

    So beautiful! Congrats to them!

  • pup

    Aw they look real sweet together.

  • yep

    Congrats and best wishes!

  • Lauren

    Hm. That dress is Oscar de la Renta?! Shockingly ordinary. I think I was expecting a little more from her. Also, it doesn’t look like it fits. It’s a little loose.

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elena

    Best wishes to them! She looks beautiful!

  • Congrats!

    Doesn’t matter how ordinary her dress is. In this case, the couple outshines anything they put on. She’s a very beautiful woman. And I like her husband’s hair — somewhat slicked back. They look classy and elegant. It reminds me of “The Great Gatsby” era. I’m happy to see her married. At one time, I felt certain that she would marry Orlando Bloom. They were a very nice-looking couple too. But Kate did good, and so did Bloom. Wishing Kate and her hubby all the happiness that married life can bring. Blessings!

  • Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]

    Look at those bones jutting out! And why did she choose a dress with a bodice when she has nothing to put in it?? I can’t believe Big Alex used to stick me in this sack of bones on a regular basis.

  • Best wishes

    Congratulations to them. Not liking the dress though. She’s beautiful but very petite so I understand she can’t wear cream cake like dresses à la Princess Diana, but this is too simple looking for a wedding gown imo.

  • Pretty Ka

    So beautiful… It’s very nice to see they are so very much in love.

  • Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]


    What about Big Alex? He’s not doing too good. He’s sure keeping ME busy though, LOL!!!!

  • Luvs

    Congratulations I hope she and him finds happiness with this union. Best of luck to them both.

  • Jamie

    Beautiful. Pure hapiness. I wish them to stay happily together.

  • @Big Alex’s Tiny Pee

    @Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]: Finally! Thank you for making it clear that the Alexander Skarsgård fans don’t hate Kate. They may not like her but they are much classier than that sad, obsessive, jealous stalker. There’s also an ugly “I hate KB” hate thread on Facebook, and most of the members are True Blood fans, but not necessary Alex’s fans. They don’t like famewh0rres but yet they love Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello. Obviously famewh0rring is allowed only for men? ;)

  • @Big Alex’s Tiny Pee

    @Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]: I forgot to say: What a classy screen name and a really mature comment from a middle aged woman like you. How I know her age? Unfortunately I’ve a “pleasure” to know her from the other Alex threads and True Blood related fan pages ;)

  • ladybug

    @Suze: MP looks so much better without the beard.
    I like the dress, though it doesn’t seem to be fitted well.


    I’m thinking Bride of Chucky, meets that White Horse Prophecy movie wherein Sienna Miller gets married in Niagra Falls.


    Oops. Sorry about the above 6:12 time-stamp. Didn’t mean anything by it…

  • Frau from Fly-Over USA

    How many goddamn times are we going to see this strapless gown look at weddings: famous right down to the midwestern tri-colored Rachel haired bride. Enough.

  • Besides

    @Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]:
    I am sure Alex is just fine. He has thousands of women and men lined up waiting for him. His problem is too much variety!

    Kate is beautiful but she seems incredibly needy and she found a match for that. MP seems totally willing to indulge her.

  • fashion icon

    I was expecting more from a “fashion icon”.
    celeb b*tchy did not bother even covering this- nuf said
    I wonder how many blogs, sites will ignore this too.
    only thing worse in celeb world is no one paying attn. to you.
    leann rimes gets more coverage today.
    oh and dress doesn’t fit, shouldn’t wear strapless
    if nothing to strap- just saying

  • Suze

    @ladybug: I agree with you about the beard. I don’t even mind the slicked back hair! I really expected more of her dress. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the whole dress, but from this picture it’s basic.

  • @33

    You’re that “LOL” freak from the Miranda Kerr posts, aren’t you? Jealous much?

  • Macy

    It is really, really plain looking from the photos. Wasn’t she just talking about taking risks lately and was going to do so with her dress. That is zero risk , none at all.

  • Suze

    @Macy: I thought she said that about her dress, too. Maybe the bottom half is spectacular? Her TPS fashion people aren’t impressed with the dress either.

  • Yeah okay

    I wonder who she hired to take and leak these. It’s like boob gate all over again.

  • Macy

    Well from that new picture the whole thing is extremely plain. Not that I’m into the entire dress being covered in rhinestones, but seriously that’s uber plain. At least wear a belt or something with it.

  • ladybug

    @Yeah okay: I do find it convenient that there just happened to be pap in the middle of nowhere Montana to get these photos.
    @Macy: It’s a nice dress. But it looks off the rack.

  • Pap calling again

    Waite the pap just happened to find them on there so private wedding ??? standing on some mountain top to take shots and leak the photos i guess Kate couldn’t Waite for Martha stewarts wedding pics december issue
    For a FASHION ICON who loves clothes, accessories the whole works the whole occasion looked boring plain , dress nothing spectacular I guess money was tight on this occasion ???? Where is Lisa and bjorn larsson no invite ?
    I give there marriage 2 years

  • mforman

    First off all, I have to say this again, 10 plus years in this business and only Lake Bell is there, nobody else that the creature has ever worked with. What does that say about her. Of course we do not know the guest list, but she would make sure JJ mentioned a director or a writer or just somebody the creature worked with, to make sure we all knew they were there; where was Krysten Ritter, remember how they were BFF’s, until KB no longer needed her to take photos on set with or have Krysten talk about AS. I mean come on already.
    Also, I know that Martha Stewart has the exclusive but don’t you think she would have her own private pap take a picture of the “new” little family, MP, Jasper and the happy bride. How obvious are these pap shots, I mean really was he just passing by, or just happen to be there, like the creature usually tries to let us believe.
    I keep looking at one of the pictures on popsugar and I think that is Cher fixing that horrible dress.
    What happened to her whole speech about embracing her inner girly, girly and really getting into the whole wedding idea and challenging herself. This has to be one of the plainest dresses I have seen in a long time and why oh why would Cher let her show off those disgusting bones in her chest, there is nothing flattering.
    Now the fun will begin first of course with “leaked” items and then we have Fashion Week, that is going to be so much fun, KB is probably counting the minutes.

  • Luvs

    @Yeah okay:

    I KNEW IT. Of course they are there, she couldn’t wait for Martha December is like a million years for her. This woman is so needy and in need of constant attention to feel worthy it is quite sad. I was wondering where the paps were I thought at least for her wedding she wouldn’t stoop so low but of course it Bosworth and she will because no one cares not unless she forces herself on you to. SO sad. That dress is beyond basic I don’t care which designer name is on it. it is it plain, and dull and boring. Haha she is so stupid for leaking these confirming so much.

  • In her head

    She is only an fashion icon in her head and when magazine uses her skinny body to sell their clothes but just like her day to day style which is boring and plain because she is boring and plain or when she doesn’t have a whole bunch of people she is just boring and plain so I guess she just bought this off the rack and no stylist was involved because it’s painful boring this dress. I have seen better dresses on TLC Yes to the Dress.

  • Chelle

    Call me old fashioned but this one should NOT be wearing white….. how did anyone keep from laughing as she walked down the isle? And from the looks of the accidentally on purpose leaked pap pictures that place looks dead and dry …like her…… lol


    Yeah I agree girl has been passed around a few times you know the mens left overs village bike , village roller coaster how ever you wanna describe her cheek and an insult to be wearing White a wedding lol .Beautiful little Virgin my ass .

  • Rustic Charm… Whatever!

    She wore two custom Oscar de la Renta dresses (one of which is a traditional ivory strapless ball gown with a 16-foot-wide train) to her RUSTIC wedding? Good grief.

    I can’t believe that she let Martha Stewart Weddings “enhance the look and feel of each of their events.” Are they footing the bill or something? Kate will sell anything, even her wedding day!

    Here’s a funny side note: the site of the wedding “extravaganza” has a gift shop called The Mercantile… the happy couple probably gets a percentage of the sales from the weekend !!! How tacky!

  • 1950′s Good Wife

    Do you believe that women who wear a white wedding dress are virgins????? Give me a break.

    It’s 2013…don’t send women back to the 1950′s with this dated WHITE STANDS FOR VIRGIN “tradition”!!

  • The Man in Grey

    @1950′s Good Wife:

    If this is Mike’s second marriage, shouldn’t he be wearing grey instead of black??!!


  • Bride in Beige

    @The Man in Grey:

    I am surprised that she didn’t show up in beige!!