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Kate Bosworth: Wedding Photos with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Wedding Photos with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth looks gorgeous while sharing a kiss with husband Michael Polish in these first photos from their wedding on Saturday (August 31) in Phillipsburg, Montana.

The 30-year-old actress’ wedding photos will be featured in the Winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings being released in December, but for now we have these teaser photos!

Kate wore two Oscar de la Renta dresses while Michael suited up in Brooks Brothers. The couple exchanged Ocappi rings.

The four-day celebration was held at The Ranch at Rock Creek and guests included her Black Rock co-star Lake Bell and her new hubby Scott Campbell, as well as Justified actor Walton Goggins.

The location of the wedding was chosen for its “privacy and rustic old-world charm.” The paternal side of Michael‘s family is also from the area.

For more details on Kate Bosworth‘s wedding, visit!

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Photos: John Dolan/Martha Stewart Weddings
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  • nika

    this guy has nothing on Alex but maybe he has a good personality???

  • gdfhsjf

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  • Suze

    @Macy: I like the idea of a belt. It would’ve given the dress…something.

  • Spotlight

    Where are her bridesmaids? I only see flower girls. Come to think about it, where are the groomsmen too? It appears the KB (or is it KP now) didn’t want to share the spotlight/stage with any other woman.

    Did you see how many people were fussing over her? She even had the Teen Vogue editor fixing her dress. So much for being effortless.

    This was her last hurrah. Now that she’s a boring, married, 30 something with not much of a career, she’ll get forgotten about quickly. The only thing keeping her relevant in the past were her BFs.

  • Macy

    The surroundings don’t look all the attractive, at least in the pap shot, but maybe they’re better closer to the resort or something. It looks like they got married in the desert and stuck a few flowers around a tarp. Not exactly high end, or even attractive. Hopefully there is something better in the magazine and that was just some kind of staging area.
    Though I have to wonder, Blake Lively didn’t leak photos ahead of time, she just waited for her magazine to come out. Looks like Bosworth didn’t have that type of patience and wanted everyone to know in advance.

  • Randall

    I wish them many happy TopShop/Jewelmint commercials together.

  • chill out

    @1950′s Good Wife:

    Good grief I think that poster was being sarcastic get a sense of humour it’s 2013

  • DailyNightly

    From the previous Kate post–
    “Guests at the wedding were supposedly given Polaroid cameras to capture moments of the occasion and post the photos on a board in the main lodge that said, “Love is…”. Such a cute idea!”

    So it’s not HER fault if her wedding pics got leaked before the Martha Stewart magazine could come out in December……………………

  • Besides


    Yeah , you are definitely old fashioned. Sounds like something a great grandma would say.

  • wake up

    So you are saying the guest took there camera’s to the sky and took pics and leak them to popsugar. LMFAO ok the I guess you don’t reside in this world.

  • Old angry spinsters in a roll

    @Besides: Most of the Kate haters are fat old jealous spinsters anyway. What would they even know about weddings or wedding dresses. Too bad that Kate hating facebook page is closed now. It was too hilarious to see those fat grannies ranting like crazy cows over Kate and everyone who was attached to her. They even stalked her twitter and then whined like “she’s everywhere” lol. They are just as crazy and obsessive than that “Big Alex’s Tiny Pee [Lil Alex]” loon. Oh maybe she’s a member too, she sure fits into the angry old fatties club perfectly ;)

  • Kate the great

    If you don’t like Kate then why are you trueblood supporters commenting on here? go to their JJ board and leave Kate alone she is married , beautiful and a fashion darling she has the right to happiness like everyone else in the world .

  • Besides

    @Old angry spinsters in a roll:
    It is not ironic that Kate would have fans that refer to other women as “fatties”. Anorexia is so chic.

  • fashion icon

    fashion icon here-
    never commented on m.kerr. just commenting on for someone who made sure every news site new she was going to “take risks” w/her gown, and considers herself a fashion icon to be studied and filmed for the met ball…LOL…that dress could have been designed from rejects from PROJECT RUNWAY : GHETTO EDITION ..that’s all imma sayin.
    oh and they have their own logo now too huh?? like the ghetto brangelina that no one cares about.
    the photo w/ them holding the dog.. I bet the dog weighs more than she does!!!

  • JEN

    wow what a disappointment. It looks like she tried to go the way of Lauren Bush but even the pony and buggy look mediocre compared to the Bush wedding. She’s surrounded by dust and weeds.

    Also correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it kind of rude to have your guests stand around while you get picture after picture taken for magazines and gossip sites. I mean there isn’t even a bar or food table out there so everyone is pretty much forced to watch her until she’s ready to move on to the next part of the festivities.

  • fashion icon

    yeah, on pop sugar there are more photos of lake bell than of kate
    like “look 1 celebrity came!! 1 whole celebrity came..10 yrs in biz and I have 1 celeb friend that would show their face @my wedding.. so sad!! “

  • I don’t hate

    @Kate the great:

    It’s not that people hate hate hate her she hasent killed a cat or done something terrible I just dislike the fact that she seem to make $$ by showing up to parties , freebies, pap calling, try hard sells out all her bf to mags by dropping tid bid hints, clinger, hops from man to man and only known for dating Orlando and Alex

    yet claiming at the same time she is private person and so are her relationships which she recently spoke out again by mentioning past is past it’s habitual WTF bla bla
    she was dam well hinting about her relationship with Alex because she wasn’t talking about Orlando or James rosseu ?

    and so is her wedding all so private

  • Chelle

    @Old angry spinsters in a roll: not old lady,not fat jealous and definitely not spinster… happily married to a wonderful and retired (finally!!! ) marine. Apparently some people don’t get sarcastic comments about a person who changes boyfriends more often than her sheets…… jeeze chill out a little.

  • Macy

    No, those aren’t her friends leaking photos. The shots on popsugar are all arial shots, and they’re credited to a pap agency, so yes they were told where to shoot. Paps don’t just randomly spend money to fly to remote locations in Montana in hopes of finding celebrity weddings to snoop on. They were told were the ceremony was taking place. Extra cash prior to the staged shots for Martha Stewart’s mag. Though, tons of celebs do this, so it’s not like she’s the only one but yes, she would have had some hand in telling them where to be.

  • Tita


    I agree it all seems a bit underwhelming, but I’m thinking these were after the ceremony shots. That might explain the sparse attendance, maybe the rest of the sponsors, I mean guests, have moved up to the ranch house for HH. I keep thinking ghost town when I look at the horse and buggy, dried dirt and tumbleweed. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised?

  • ladybug

    @Macy: And it’s totally not a surprise that she’d make sure there were photos that came out before MStewarts’s.
    One one hand, she’s married to a man who obviously loves/worships her-he thinks that not only is she beautiful but an artiste as well! He seems to enjoy hanging out and dealing with her fashion world.
    On the other hand, she’s still super needy and clingy and famewhoring. She’s desperate to maintain relevance. And since even though he’s a ‘respected’ director he’s not exactly even ‘d’ list famewise, she’s got to milk this wedding as much as she can.
    So she teases about the engagement, and then a month before the actual wedding makes sure that tidbits are dropped-when it’s happening, basically where it’s happening, who’s designing the dress, etc.
    And yet continues to claim that she’s private.
    As for the guest list-no Kevin Spacy? Or even her Black Rock director, Katie Aselton? What about Helena Christiansen?

  • mforman

    @ladybug—–I totally agree with you about this ridiculous guest list, because we all know JJ would have posted any one of note that was at this dust bowl of a wedding. Really, creature, you are in this business for over 10 years and only Lake Bell is there, where are all the supposed BFF’s she has mentioned in the past such as Krysten Ritter (who we stopped seeing or hearing from regarding her once KB no longer felt her necessary and where is Helena, I mean aren’t they just super close. It shows you she basically has no friends except for the hobbit.
    I really think that one person I saw on Popsugar is Cher, fixing her dress, it was hard to tell from the angle, but it looked like her. Also, @Spotlight is correct where is a bridemaid or a maid of honor, all I saw was one flower girl. You would have thought KB would have had Jasper and Cher in her wedding party and what about his twin. The creature and hobbit are going to get the most mileage they can out of this ridiculous day. The nonsense that is going to be going on during her “Fashion Week” interviews, whatever ones she can get for herself, will be hysterical, those two are going to talk to anybody that will listen.
    @DailyNightly—- The pictures we are seeing are not from cameras that guests where given, they are professional pap shots. The creature arranged it all and it is going to be very hard to explain away how the paps knew where to go, KB arranged it all. I am sorry to say but this is all her fault, this is her famewhoring, if she wanted it private as so many actresses and actors want now, then that is what could have been done, but the creature is a desparate famewhore who craves the attention, she lives for it.
    @Old angry spinsters in a roll—–Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not fat, ugly or an unemployed spinster, but I am a KB hater and have been since right after Blue Crush, and way before she “dated” AS. The creature has nothing to make anybody like her, not one good quality.

  • Abe


    According to Martha Stewart Weddings: “Jasper Polish, Michael’s 15-year-old daughter, was also part of the ceremony.”

    The website will be offering other pics/information soon, but I can’t stomach it. Help yourself, but consider yourself warned…

  • vanilla


  • Fashionista

    Kate’s wedding dress is absolutely perfect for the setting – a mountain top in MT. It’s stunning. It looks like she’s wearing a diamond band in her hair. She kept everything simple yet elegant. I love the parasols some guests are using! It’s all very “Days of Heaven”. Perfect. I can’t wait to see better pictures of her dress. I’m also anxious to see the dress she wore to the reception that sounds more embellished. Best of both worlds and each dress just right for the occasion. I wish Kate and Michael a lifetime of happiness!

  • Nana

    You can’t escape from your true love Kate. You think you can get a beautiful wedding and beautiful dress and you’re good. You’re so wrong. You are denying your true self!

  • beautiful bride

    @fashionista: Here you go:
    Kate’s very beautiful. Great shots of the dress. Elegant, iconic.

  • OMG

    OMG! Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison played at Kate and Michael’s wedding! They were nominated this year at the AMAs for best album. I love them! One of my favorite renditions of “Take Me” is Kelly with Dwight Yoakam. It’s genius!

  • mforman

    @Abe—–Yes, I found it so interesting that the Daily Mail has stated that Jasper was “involved” in the ceremony, who the heck knows what that means, I am sure whatever it was, it will make us laugh.
    I am really looking forward to reading the stupid “vows” the creature and hobbit supposedly wrote for the wedding.
    What a joke and anything for more publicity.
    Thank you so much for the warning, I will be ready.
    I know I will get sick to my stomach upon reading and see other photos, but sometimes you really need a good laugh.

  • Sydney

    Beautiful, happy couple! Congratulations Kate and Michael! All the best to you.

  • donnadew

    Should we just lay down bets now on how long this will last? I guess until the publicity a divorce would provide for an opening movie. Finally –her very own scandal sheet cover.

  • Tulip

    Kate’s the most beautiful bride! What a stunning dress. It’s perfect! The diamond earrings and diamond headband are the perfect accessories. I think it’s quite and tribute to Kate that Martha Stewart and Vogue wanted to cover her wedding. She’s definitely a Vogue bride! All the best to the happy couple!!!